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Chapter 40

  The short figure was clad in mourning, and his face was covered with white. The face was painted with white. The child with androgynous eyebrows stumbled twice and almost fell down in front of people, fortunately he was followed by dozens of men also wearing mourning, one of them took two steps forward and steadily held the child, and said in a reluctant voice: "Young master ......"

  "I'm fine."

  The child said so, the movement of climbing up but a little sluggish. He is really too tired, not only under the eyes have white. The powder can not hide the blue black, under the eyes also have countless blood.

  The child is a strong and stoic. He climbed up and continued to walk forward without humbling himself, all the time walking one step at a time to the front of Dao Buguo, nabbing his head and bowing.

  "Please do it for my Feng family, Lord Dao."

  This short figure is no one else, it is Ji He. The son of Huan and Feng Changming, Feng Lingkong.

  Feng Lingkong's appearance made Xie Wei's breath choked.

  This child's father was killed by her, or in front of this child. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  The fact that Feng Lingkong did this is not wrong. The first thing you need to do is to get the information you need. The information of Huanhuan was sold to the people of the Heaven's Path Alliance, thus reaching a cooperative relationship with the Heaven's Path Alliance. But these cooperation is under the surface, the surface Feng Changming is still a modest gentleman, and Ji He. Huanhuan has a personal relationship that is inextricably intertwined.

  Everyone thinks that Feng Changming is long-suffering and infatuated, and Feng Changming will not expose himself to sell his pillow, destroying the public image he has built over the last hundred years. So the Feng family still needs a reason to be honest and clear with the Mei Zong, and everyone can accept the obvious.

  The Feng family lost its head when Xie Wei killed Feng Changming, so Feng Lingkong only needs to bring this matter to light, so that the Feng family can clear its relationship with the Mei Zong and be sympathized with by the world as a dog bitten by Lu Dongbin. Of course, with the Feng family's corroboration, the Mei Zong all demon girl scourge of the conclusion also has a stronger persuasive power. The Feng family can also justifiably propose to avenge the death of the head of the Feng, voluntarily joined the Heaven's Way Alliance. If the Feng family can intervene in the Heaven's Way Alliance, the Feng family can use this to get the shelter of the Heaven's Way Alliance. The White family looks at the death of Feng Changming, and the Heavenly Way Alliance has become the backing of the Phoenix family, will not easily move the foundation of the Phoenix family.

  Three birds with one stone, Xie Wei does not blame Feng Lingkong so choice. After all, she killed his father is true, the Feng family hundreds of people still need to live on is also true. For reason, whether it was the Feng family elders who asked Feng Lingkong to do this, or whether Feng Lingkong took the idea himself, Xie Wei thought he did the right thing.

  "You are ......"

  "I am Feng Lingkong, the son of Feng Changming, the head of the Feng family."

  Feng Lingkong knelt without getting up. People around could see large drops of tears falling from the eyelashes of this child with his head bowed. However, Feng Lingkong's voice did not carry any choking.

  --Even with the blood feud, this fatherless and motherless child did not show a bad side in front of people.

  "My father, Feng Changming, was killed by criminals, and my Feng family is unable to fight back, and is even in danger. I can only take the liberty to come here and ask Lord Dao to do justice for my Feng family."


  Dao Buguo raised his eyebrows, as if he had some interest. Feng Lingkong also spoke in detail, saying, "My Feng family has been hostile to the Bai family for a long time, I think everyone here knows this. Although I am young, I am not ignorant of the rivalry between the two families."

  "However, I never expected that the Bai Family would not only want my Feng Family's store and my Feng Family's territory, but also my father's life!"

  At the end of the sentence, Feng Lingkong's voice had unconsciously sharpened. He hatefully beckoned his hand, and immediately behind him, a man in mourning presented a white brocade box.

  Feng Lingkong, who had been suppressing his emotions, gritted his teeth as soon as he saw the box. At only eight years old, he only had hatred engraved in his eyes at this time.

  The box opened to reveal the dagger in it. The crowd's divine sense swept away, immediately found that the dagger is a high-level heavenly magic weapon, and there is a unique driving spell formation of the Bai family.

  Countless cultivators sucked in a breath of cold air at this moment.

  Xie Wei was stunned for a moment, she really did not expect Feng Lingkong's neither reported her. The name, nor the sword pointing to the Mei Zong, he instead said the Bai family's . The name.

  The heart is full of doubts, but Xie Wei did not let go of this opportunity to focus everyone's attention on Feng Lingkong.

  Qing Yu was squeezed to the side by the Feng family line and had to temporarily put away the dagger in her hand. Before she could find a chance to bypass the Feng family, she was pulled aside by one person.

  Qing Yu subconsciously wanted to fight back, but she didn't expect that the person coming was not alone, there was another person besides the one pulling her. The person is faster than her, almost as soon as she opened her mouth, she moved.

  A piece of dried meat was stuffed into Qing Yu's mouth.

  In the past, when Xie Wei was at Mei Zong, she used Qing Yu's favorite dried meat to seal her mouth to keep her quiet for a while when she was too noisy. This time the mouth was stuffed with jerky Qing Yu froze, and then look at the back of the stuffed jerky pulling her to run, the eyes immediately moistened.

  When Xie Wei turned around and came to a secret entrance, she looked around and saw that there was really no one else around to notice herself, the monk and Qingyu, then a dodge opened the secret entrance, first the monk and Qingyu into the secret passage, and then enter the secret passage.

  The day of the destruction of the Mei Sect, Xie Wei did not enter the secret passage because her head in addition to a Jindan stage sword cultivator, but also fell a Texas chainsaw killer like the YuanYing sword cultivator.

  The secret passages of the Mei clan do not have many organs, the formations are also relatively simple. Trapped Qi refining stage, foundation stage cultivator is okay, want to trap the YuanYing powerhouse that is a dream.

  Xie Wei knows that the two sword cultivators chasing her are powerful, how can she take these two sword cultivators to the secret passage where other sisters may have hidden in first?

  Today, after entering the secret passage, Xie Wei flicked her finger and lit a flame to ignite a stone lamp on the wall. When she was a dan cultivator, she often needed to precisely adjust the temperature inside the pot, and this ability to light a fire with her bare hands was a small technique she had learned at that time in order to easily control the temperature of the potion refining.

  When the stone lamp was lit up, Xie Wei cut her finger again. She squeezed out a few beads of blood and wiped them on the back of a rock wall, and when the formation behind the rock wall glowed slightly, she used her divine sense to probe into the formation of the secret passage. These master the overall situation of the secret passage of the spell formation general Mei Zong disciples do not know, even if they know also do not know how to use. So these formations have not been destroyed.

  According to the spell formation, the secret passages of the Mei Sect have been destroyed and sealed more than 80%, leaving two secret passages, one of which only the first half can be used, and the other only a stone room and a stone room inside an undiscovered underground pathway can still pass.

  Fortunately this underground pathway is very hidden and leads to the belly of the mountain. By following this pathway, it should be possible to leave the sect by avoiding the prohibitions set up by the Heavenly Daoist Alliance on the ruins of the Mei Sect. Unfortunately, the reason why this pathway is hidden is because it can only accommodate a thin woman at a time, and the air in this pathway is not enough, the interval of people going down is too dense, and will soon be unable to breathe because of lack of oxygen.

  Xie Wei three people are located in this secret passage has been destroyed inside, three people later from where to come in also have to go out from where.

  The dried meat in Qingyu's mouth fell out when he was running earlier, and with the stone lamp lit by Xie Wei, Qingyu really saw Xie Wei's face.

  "Master uncle ......?"

  Qing Yu's tone carried three parts of uncertainty, two parts of trepidation, and one part of concealment.

  Pulling her divine sense out of the spell formation, Xie Wei didn't get rid of the beeswax used to disguise her face, but just replied with no rise and fall in her voice: "...... it's me."

  "You really, are Zhiwei senior uncle?"

  Xie Wei sighed slightly and nodded towards Qing Yu: "It's really me."

  Qing Yu's thin lips slightly opened, two lines of hot tears instantly snaked down from the corners of his eyes. Pain, joy, sorrow, doubt, anger ...... surfaced on her face one after another, Qing Yu seemed to have swallowed a hundred flavors of life, sweet and sour, bitter and spicy, in an instant.

  "Master uncle, Zhiwei master uncle ......"

  Qing Yu pounced towards Xie Wei, however just at the moment to touch Xie Wei, all the expressions on Qing Yu's face turned into bitter painful hatred.

  "Master uncle since you are alive! Since you are living so well!!! Why don't you go and save the sisters of the Mei Sect!?"

  The monk who thought that Qingyu was going to be excited to hug Xie Wei froze in place, never expecting that Qingyu's first reaction after determining that the person in front of him was Xie Wei would be to open his teeth and claws.

  "Why why why why why!!! Master uncle ......! I trust you so much! I so trust you and the master master uncle! There are so many sisters outside, why don't you save them, Master Uncle-"

  "Why can you watch the sisters suffer without any concern for yourself! What's the point of saving me now? What's the use!

  Xie Wei dodged, but she couldn't completely avoid Qing Yu's attack. She was tickled by Qing Yu's nails and three finger marks were instantly gouged on her left cheek.

  "The Mei Clan has been destroyed! The Mei Sect has been extinguished! The Mei Sect no longer exists ......!!! ...... might as well kill me ......!!!"

  "Yes!!! Kill me!!! Kill me!!! You do not kill me today will certainly kill you!!! Ruo Liu ah ah ah I must kill you!!!"

  Qing Yu's speech was upside down and illogical. Her face was full of tears, and she looked like a madman.

  It was all a matter of words, Xie Wei could not explain, and somehow heard Ruo Liu's . Name. She does not want to hurt Qing Yu, can only desperately dodge. Qing Yu is not relenting, the bottom of his eyes are so red that they seem to drip blood, the depths of the pupils are flashing with ghostly fire-like demon light.


  The monk slapped his hands combined with ten seals, a violent cry from his mouth clear and righteous and majestic, as if like a giant bell of an ancient temple slapped his head to Qing Yu.

  Qing Yu's head was hit by this violent drink, immediately as if hit by a stick. She fell to the ground, still prostrating and struggling to get up like she wanted to tear Xie Wei. The monk then approached her and again struck his palm in combination with the ten seals, and issued a second violent bellow at Qingyu.

  Qing Yu "poof" mouth and nose spraying blood, Xie Wei rushed forward to try to hold her.

  But the monk pulled Xie Wei, he seriously shook his head at Xie Wei.