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Chapter 4

  In a previous life, even if it was medicine, being forced to eat bitter to the mouth numb to the stomach stuff, Xie Wei is sure to bar tears. But now she is no longer that unhappy can go home to mom and dad to cry about the complaint little male, but a half-dead demon cultivator. So she held back a bout of retching and ate one bite of the wild fruit that the bald hunter brought back to her.

  Sour, numb and bitter rushed straight to the brain, shocked Xie Wei blurred consciousness. Mechanical swallowing comparable to torture, Xie Wei gradually to this unpalatable to disgusting taste a touch of strange familiarity.

  ...... right, this is the fruit of elderberry, also known as "bitter fruit". The bitter fruit infusion can be applied externally to invigorate the blood and remove blood stasis, and taken internally to treat bone injuries and warm the meridians. It is a rare and good medicine.

  Her body bones are all broken, bitter solid for her is indeed the right medicine. But the bitter real is difficult to eat, usually to be crushed into honey, starch, and other medicinal herbs powder rubbed into pills before eating. She took the bitter fruit into the medicine instead of blending it with honey, but took the juice and removed the dregs, supplemented with two coins of licorice marinated overnight, the next day to remove the licorice, adding a drop of moon spirit honey dew and then kneaded into pills. The pills made in this way are not only not bitter, but also have a refreshing taste and fragrance. Even children are happy to eat it.

  A memory from the Dan Cultivation period suddenly appeared in her brain, and Xie Wei forgot that she had something in her mouth without paying attention, and was immediately choked by the bitter reality.

  She had an idea of her previous life, similar to a person with amnesia who saw her biography and learned what profession she had been in. But I can't recall half of the relevant expertise, is to know their former occupation and what is the use? When she first regained her memory from her previous life, Xie Wei had to scream in her heart: this? That's it? Can you make something useful?

  I didn't expect her memories of the Dan cultivation period to come online at this time ...... remembered that she had a previous life and a previous life because she failed to form a Dan, and remembered that the bitter truth was that the bitter truth had made her extra sick to her stomach. This means that her memory has to rely on misery to stimulate recovery?

  Coughing touched the wounds of the whole body, Xie Wei's eyes were in tears.

  The monk hurriedly put down the cloth towel in his hand, and held Xie Wei to his chest. The back was gently stroked in front of him.

  He took care of Xie Wei a few days, has long found that this body for sharp weapons, the bones are also all broken little fox is open to the spirit - fear of pain is the nature of the creature. Tigers and leopards have to howl and growl when they break their legs, this little fox without a piece of good flesh is in his bandage for it when not even a grunt, just with a human gaze at him.

  Such a strong creature, ate their own back to the wild fruit is teary-eyed. This makes the monk suspect that he brought back the wild fruit has a problem, and quickly also took a black bitter solid into the mouth.

  Like a ball of light almost weightless small cotton was held by strong and powerful arms, leaning on the seemingly hard, actually soft and bouncy pectoral muscles, Xie Wei easily stopped coughing, and saw the bald hunter with an extremely serious expression in carefully chewing the bitter solid.

  Well uh ......! Xie Wei a black line, just want to take a claw to cover the mouth.

  This bald-headed brother's sense of taste is not broken! The bitter solid swallowed whole can kill her half. If so chewed slowly, she would have to spit it out!

  After eating a bitter fruit, the monk once again confirmed that the wild fruit he brought back is non-toxic and good for the body. The monk was stunned by Xie Wei's monster look, and only then did it dawn on him that it was a matter of taste.

  "That's an oversight on my part ......"

  The monk honestly apologized to Xie Wei in his arms, "It was my fault."

  After recuperating for so many days, Xie Wei's arms and legs were still not well, but her tail could already move. So she wrapped her tail around the monk's arm.

  The long, smooth, fluffy hair is so soft and tight that it tickles a little on the human skin. Watching the tip of the little fox's tail cock up on his elbow and move slightly, the monk's serious face eased off. He showed a light smile, lowered his eyes to Xie Wei seemed brimming with incomparable, as if ...... an old mother who is sucking a cat.

  The body can not move, the mind is more thoughts. The tail that was sucked in Xie Wei's mind, the tail that was wrapped around the arm of the person in front of him also followed dishonestly attached to the arm of the person ambiguous. The tail is also attached to the arm of the person ambiguously.

  The hunter is a flamboyant-looking, and has an incendiary body. When not smiling always with a solemn ascetic temperament, smiling and full of divinity and motherhood, with a gentle and loving aura.

  I don't know why he's so obsessed with baldness, always getting up every day to shave his head again. ...... hard not to want to prevent head lice? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

  The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

  The furry tail is at the closest point to the monk's hand, and the towel, soaked in hot water and wrung out, naturally wiped on Xie Wei's tail first. By the warm touch ironed to the body, Xie Wei comfortable to shiver.

  Can not take a bath is too abusive. Especially her body has been blood sticky for several days, not only hair are stained together, the smell of blood also always to her nose.

  Being so meticulously wiped with a wet warm towel, it really felt so much fresher all of a sudden, even the fox head seems to be three points lighter.

  The tail unconsciously swaying comfortably, Xie Wei is not shameful to enjoy the service from others. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. The fox is now a fox with fur, a beast. The beast. The beast. The beast does not need the human reserve, cool!

  Whether it is a cat or a dog, animals will only give their most tender and vulnerable belly to their wholeheartedly trusted people to see. Seeing the little fox in his arms trying to turn out a piece of belly, with eyes expectantly waiting for him to give it a body rub, the monk inadvertently smiled again. He put the little fox in his arms on the earthen platform, re-rubbed towel in hot water before turning over the little fox's belly, carefully wipe its furry fur.

  The heart of how to let go of the self, really be posed four feet to the sky Xie Wei's face is still hot hot. The good thing is that her face is full of white hair, and no one will see her blush.

  Milking whimpers flowed out of Xie Wei's mouth. She really can't help it.

  This hunter's hands are wide and large, with long, bony fingers, that is, through the cloth towel she can feel the rough thick calluses on his hands. Her body has been practicing the double cultivation method of the Mei Sect for years, and is more sensitive than ordinary women. Many senses, even if she has desperately hypnotized herself that she is not a human being but a silly dog, Xie Wei's body still unconsciously reacted, the body temperature rose higher and higher, the eyes are also dense with a layer of watery fog with charm.

  The line of sight can not stop to the person's naked. The naked upper body swept Xie Wei licked his lips.

  People do not have a few pieces of clothing but also tear the clothes one by one washed and boiled to her as a change of bandages, she is good, do not care about people walking around so naked every day cold, will not catch a cold, a pair of eyes eating bean curd did not feel full at the time.

  ...... mom. The dog is really different from the human. The real dog is treated well by people will only return to each other one hundred and twenty percent of the trust and love. The people are treated well will only gluttonous body, only gluttonous body of that heart is really dog.

  Take the dog to describe people, insulting the dog.

  The monk knew nothing of the changes in Xie Wei's body. He lifted the little fox's limbs as gently as possible, with a force that would not hurt the little fox wipe off its body dried blood clots.

  So wiping, of course, can not be all the blood clots on the fox to wipe a clean. Instead, the hot water from the towel quickly turned red.

  Looking at the basin of blood, the monk shook his head in his heart. People have to be twisted to what extent to abuse a small creature like this? This little fox was lucky to survive, but its internal injuries are so severe that it is likely to be paralyzed in the future.

  If it is paralyzed, not to mention the fierce beasts, it is ordinary beasts of prey can bite it to death and swallow it. Although the little fox has spiritual intelligence, should be able to avoid most dangers, but can not hunt prey, it will eventually weaken and die.

  That's all. Meet is fate, as long as the little fox is willing, in the future he took the little fox walking is.

  Thinking of this, the monk touched the head of the little fox that had quickly closed its eyes and shrunk into a ball on the earthen platform after rubbing its body.

  Xie Wei's body is still numb and hot, cold was a touch of the head to kill, almost forced out of the physiological reaction. Fortunately, she is now a cripple, the heart of the activities of the nasty again Teddy can not do anything. She was a month ago, the hunter will not only be dried up by her, I'm afraid she will be brought back to the Mei Zong, invite a good sister to share the meat of the Tang monk ten or eight.

  The monk did not notice Xie Wei's eyes, his attention was all attracted away by the little fox's reddish ears.

  The long ear is thin like a layer of paper, white soft hair covering less than the edge and the inside. So when the thin flesh. The membrane is filled with blood, it is visible to the naked eye into a pink piece.

  Seeing the blood on the edge of Xie Wei's ear, the monk subconsciously touched it.

  Xie Wei was the rough fingers along the ear contour, overcharge like from the tip of the ear numb to the tailbone. Staring hatefully at the man in front of her who knew nothing, she opened her mouth and bit the bald head.

  Then he let go of his mouth and licked the big hand that he had bitten out of his teeth.

  The author has something to say: not to be a human being is cool! .jpg