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Chapter 37

  Xie Wei crouched on the monk's chest and panted slightly.

  The cultivation was sucked away by the golden bell 80% at once, she was not only dizzy and dazzled, her feet were also light like stepping on two balls of cotton.

  Normally, the magic weapon will only be effective after the cultivation is injected. So once the magic weapon within the cultivation is exhausted, the magic weapon will lose its effect. Some magic weapon even as long as the master out of control, immediately will become a pile of scrap metal, even if the magic weapon still has the owner's cultivation is useless.

  But this gold bell is obviously different. This gold bell not only the effect of domineering, itself also carries some evil. At first Xie Wei can control the amount of cultivation flowing to the golden bell, and then dance to the dance of the four devils in the four devils surrounded by her and the monk, even if Xie Wei gritted her teeth and desperately not to let her cultivation continue to flow into the golden bell, the golden bell is still a long whale sucking her cultivation.

  Xie Wei is not good enough also is the early Jindan cultivation, the golden bell sucked away 80% of her cultivation, but like a bottomless pit is not filled half.

  The female cultivators of the Mei Sect rely on the method of dual cultivation to accumulate cultivation. Xie Wei cultivation suddenly lowered, the instinct of the female cultivator of the Mei sect raised her head, breathing between she only felt a sweet and pleasant smell coming along with the wind, could not help but moist eyes towards the place where the sweet smell was emitted came together.

  The monk saw Xie Wei's unsteady footsteps, and in turn held Xie Wei's arms. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for. The front.

  The nostrils opened and closed, and Xie Wei felt she could smell the strong burning. Hot essence with the evaporation of sweat in the air. The aroma compelled, the brain a chaos of Xie Wei slightly open mouth, stretching out half a small tongue to lick the sweat seeping in front of the honey color.

  Xie Wei's behavior at this time is completely similar to her previous life when low blood sugar to see the chocolate will not hesitate to send chocolate into the mouth. There is no thinking in between.

  The first thing is, in the second before the mouth, Xie Wei subconsciously raised his eyes. This time, Xie Wei raised his eyes, just look into the monk's eyes. The monk's confused and doubtful eyes were hot and jumped, Xie Wei pushed away the monk who was holding himself and regained his senses.

  "Hug, sorry ...... sorry master."

  Under the mask Xie Wei face hot to dig a hole in the ground. She are how old foxes? How could she still smell the monk's smell and nearly lose control nowadays? She was not like this before ......

  Standing with her back to the monk, Xie Wei half wondered how she could explain her behavior just now. The more time she spent looking for excuses for herself, the more she felt that the excuses she made were unlike any other. The broken mentality of Xie Wei simply do not find excuses, she just so eyes wandering to look elsewhere, forcing themselves to forget their own disorder, so as to reduce the temperature of the face.

  The company has not yet noticed the momentary opening of Xie Wei's mouth, only when Xie Wei is apologizing for her failure to stand still. He saw that Xie Wei's figure was still a bit swaying, so he held her waist and whispered, "Nothing."

  When a hot hand was suddenly attached to her waist, Xie Wei's heart was about to pop out of her mouth. Instinctively, she was very concerned about the hand on her waist, but rationally she felt that she did not need to make such a fuss and panic.

  Sensual: Come on, you are not an innocent and shy heroine in a girl's comic, you are a woman of Meizong eh. But it is just being held up, this small scene you panic what? Is it uncomfortable to be held or this person you hate ah?

  Rational: You do not hate the bald head, two also really weak feet need a handrail. Besides, you and the bald man are already double-cultivated fellow disciples, right? He touched you you have no reason to overreact. You squirm like this will lead to unnecessary suspicion.

  Reason said a push on the bridge of the nose glasses, stall: Besides you know this bald head is a male mother, right? Look at the expression on his face, this is just a mother in holding their little daughter who ran too fast and fell.

  Sensibility and rationality are very reasonable, Xie Wei's eyes swirled away from the monk's calm and relaxed side face.

  Indeed, she was the one who overreacted. ...... It's not the first time she coveted his essence. After the last time she coveted his essence qi came to light, remember how this male mother treated her then? Yes, he had a request, and fed her directly until she was almost burst.

  Even just now she really licked up, I think the male mother will only with a face in the nursing mother expression let her continue to feed it.

  The idea is that Xie Wei's guilt is immediately gone - what guilt can there be in pampering your mother?

  The monk's support will not let her fall from the treasure plate, Xie Wei relaxed her whole body strength, so lazily leaned on the monk's body.

  For Xie Wei's snuggling, the monk did not feel anything.

  In his impression, the little fox who often clings to his arms has never been only a petulant little creature. Even if her current appearance is not a small fox, but a woman, she is still her, there is no difference.

  This little interlude on the four-toothed white elephant did not go unnoticed, for as soon as the Dale Four Demon Dance ended, Buddha Mother Durga's group interposed itself between the Haotian Sword and the ungainly mountain of Wushan.

  "How? I, Bomutita, have the Four Demons Dance of Great Bliss. Are all of you now interested in comprehending the realm of the four joys with the poor nun?"

  "...... bah bah! Blah blah blah! Who the hell wants to enlighten what realm with you old demon woman!"

  Wushan old monster cursing, but the line of sight is unnaturally turned from Xie Wei to his own feet - words on the refusal no more fierce can not erase the fact that just now Wushan old monster looking at the Dale four devil dance look at the eyes did not blink. Wushan old monster is also found that he actually fell into the way of this Dale four devil dance, and then see Duerjia that a thousand years ...... no, is more young and beautiful face than a thousand years ago, which is more and more angry.

  "Four happy realm I have little interest, this dance is indeed good."

  Once Shangqing true man said this, the old monsters of Wushan pointed at him and hurled a tirade.

  "Old dog Nangong! You are shameless! I told you that you are a sultry. You don't even admit it! Now you have proof, right?"

  Shang Qing Zhen Ren did not pay attention to the bleeping of the old monster of Wushan. He stroked the neatly trimmed goatee on his chin and said to Durga in an artistic tone, "I have heard that Buddhists are more proficient in all theories besides Buddhism. Today, even though it was only a short dance, I can see that Bomutita's knowledge in dance and music is really not bad."

  "You are too kind, Master Shangqing. It's surprising that such a famous swordman as Shang Qing Zhenren, who is known throughout the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud, has also studied dance and music ......."

  Shangqing true master movement a meal, face turned sober. But this look only stayed on him for a moment.

  "It is not that I have studied dance music. It's just that one of my former friends is good at dancing and music."

  "So that's how it is."

  Durga nodded his head and did not pursue the question. The old monsters of Wushan who were ignored next to the two bounced around and continued to bicker.

  "Three, Dao Buguo has missed a long welcome -"

  Suddenly, a majestic voice inserted out of nowhere. Duerjia, Wushan old monster and Shangqing true man raised their eyes slightly, the owner of that mellow voice had already arrived in front of the three parties.

  A body of Xuan-colored brocade robe, a jade belt. Half of the braid black as ink, half of the long hair gray like lead. The person who came was none other than Dao Bugu, the alliance leader of the Heavenly Dao Alliance.

  "Hmph, what to say sorry to welcome ...... you obviously came a long time ago! Come on, come on, tell me what you just stopped at the halfway point? I think you are just watching the fun!"

  Wushan old monster glared and scolded. He is like this, even if Dao Buguo is now the substantial head of the righteousness in the cultivation world, he still wants to curse. What stinks is what.

  Being pointed out the truth, Dao Buguo face with embarrassment. He touched his nose and said, "I was just watching the dance of Bomutita. Buddha Mother, I haven't seen you for a long time, how are you?"

  "Oh, with the alliance master present, how can the poor nun be bad?"

  "Three of you, it is better to make pleasantries when you arrive at Tian Lin Mountain."

  As soon as True Master Shangqing raised his broad sleeve, the crowd followed the direction he pointed and saw the clans coming behind on various colored magic weapons, even immortal weapons.

  Everyone from the Emotionless Clan came on a black soul-stirring streamer. The building boat of the Green Feather Temple tore through the clouds. The South Sea Danqing was marshaled by the South Sea Fairy, or riding on clam-shell shaped magic weapons, or on lotus leaf shaped magic weapons, or on flower basket shaped magic weapons, comparable to the Eight Immortals crossing the sea. Flying Flower Immortal House, Ten Absolute View, Piaomiao Immortal Sect, Chongxiao Pavilion, Pear Blossom Garden, Purple Sun Academy, Green Underworld Pantheon, Bright Moon Palace ...... the world's top ranked sects almost all came to people.

  Line in the last, is a flying boat. This flying boat hanging white cloth, with white lanterns and size of white flowers, paper people as decoration, its cultivators on everyone wearing mourning all white, and even painted their faces and paper people as dead white, looks more than the merciless clan and the cultivators of the Green Medieval House more treacherous two points.

  And the flag raised high on this flying boat, the word embroidered on it is actually "phoenix".

  Xie Wei swallowed his saliva.

  Feng family's flying boat did not play mourning music, but more than the playing of mourning music to make people's skin tingling is the Feng family's flying boat silent, no matter how everyone is standing and lying all without a sound, even the people to and from the order is also just holding a small white flag, even than with the Chinese.

  Such a mysterious silence makes the Phoenix family's flying boat look like it's not taking a living person.

  "-- Nangong brother is right, it's not too late to stay in the cold pleasantries to Tianlin Mountain."

  Dao Buguo waved his hand, and the disciples of the Heavenly Dao Alliance in a flash waved their flying swords towards the clans, ready to act as ushers for the clans.


  The four-tusked white elephant followed behind the six-tusked white elephant and set foot on the land of Tian Lin Mountain. The first time I went back to the Mei clan, where I was familiar with every flower and every tree, Xie Wei's legs couldn't control themselves and trembled slightly. The trembling.

  It was here that she spent the longest girlhood of her life. It was also here that she saw the pavilion filled with corpses where countless sisters from the same school once shuttled and laughed.

  The Meizong, which had been engulfed in flames once, was scorched black everywhere, and the stench of burning could still be smelled in the air. But even so, because a big shot is coming here, this must have been the scene after a great effort to clean up.

  So, what kind of ugly purgatory was this place before it was cleaned?

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