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Chapter 34

  The monk's consternation was within Xie Wei's expectation. She pretended not to see the expression on the monk's face, and solemnly told the monk about the major key points of the Dale Four Demon Dance, and made the phantom possess the monk's body, carrying the monk to dance.

  The monk was a little stiff at first, but he soon eased his eyebrows and looked solemn as the phantom moved.

  Xie Wei teaching method is to extract all the key movements from the dance first, and then teach the monk to connect the movements after he has done the key movements one by one. The monk learning speed is not slow, Xie Wei also in the process of teaching the monk repeatedly review, the two this toss, soon tossed to the next day Mao time.

  The air still smelled of dew. The curfew in Duyi County had just ended, and there were already disciples of the Heavenly Way Alliance busy in twos and threes on the aisle outside Duyi County towards Tianlin Mountain. Rumor has it that the roads leading to Tianlin Mountain from other directions have been blocked by the Heavenly Dao Alliance.

  The cold wind blew, in one of the entrances and exits of Duoyi County and Xiangwan rendezvous Xie Wei a jolt, feel a lot of brain clarity.

  "Master Xiangyan, what did you say just now ......?"

  Xiang wish looked askance at Xie Wei.

  The Buddha mother is really different to this demon cultivator. Not only to help her up the mountain, but also want her to dance Dale four demons dance. ...... this demon cultivator to just want to go to the Tianlin Mountain to get a lively is just. But she is obviously going to make trouble, right? Although there is the Buddha mother in, there is not orphaned like the giants of the righteous way in, this just into the Golden Dan stage of the small shrimp simply can not make any waves. But if Dao Bugu misunderstood this demon cultivator is a person of Bomutita, this demon cultivator made things is Bomutita's declaration of war against the Heavenly Way Alliance -

  "Xiangwan master?"

  Xie Wei's urging voice made Xiang wish wrinkle his eyebrows fiercely.

  It's just. Buddha Mother has her own considerations, this is not something he can interfere with.

  "I said, later on you and this nameless and nameless will go to this treasure plate to dance the great music four demons dance."

  Xie Wei's face full of written: I shit I really just heard right ......

  Xiang wish finger pointed to the direction of a long elephant sound. Yes, Xie Wei said the treasure plate is on the back of this white elephant. This white elephant is not six tusks but four tusks, but the body is also quite huge, and the treasure plate carried on its back is enough for two adults to stand side by side.

  "But this, there will be bumps when going up the mountain, right?"

  "That's natural."

  Xiang wish understood Xie Wei's meaning, but he was not moved by it.

  The Dale Four Magic Dance is equivalent to human acrobatics. Performing acrobatics in a flat place is difficult enough, performing acrobatics that require two-person collaboration on a stage that will have irregular bumps is even more difficult.

  "Shouldn't you have thought of this beforehand?"

  Xiang wish was nonchalant and his words were aggressive.

  "Buddha Mother wants you to dance just for people to see. You have seen the procession of my Bomutita trip. If you don't dance on the treasure plate, where do you think you will dance?"

  Thinking of the Buddha Mother's travels that she saw in the monk's consciousness, Xie Wei tried, "...... the front of the procession?"

  Xiang wish sneered out, "Then how do you want the people behind you to see you dance? If you walk slowly, what about the team at the back? Moreover, you and the nameless and nameless wearing my Bomutita vestments, barefoot on the ground, walking in front of people, vestments stained with dirt what should you do?"


  Xiang wish is right, every word is right. It was his attitude that upset Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei had not invited him nor had she ever messed with him. For nothing, she was disliked face to face like this, Xie Wei is really a face of confusion. If you have to beg, Xie Wei is naturally inferior to others. She did not even bother to argue with Xiang Xin, so she pursed her lips and did not answer a word.

  "Master Shi."

  The monk who went to change into his vestments first came back. As soon as he walked, there was a fine ringing around him.

  Xie Wei, who had a bad face, looked back and saw the monk wearing a skeleton five Buddha crown on his head and his upper body was naked. Naked, both arms are wearing a three-ring arm bracelets, wrists and ankles also have a pair of three-finger wide gold wheel.

  Monk under the ivory celluloid clothing, the key parts of the front and back of the two bad color silk cloth to cover. The bad-colored belt of the celluloid clothes wrapped around the monk's abdomen, and does not cover his solid abs, and therefore the monk's eight abs perfect lines all exposed in the air.

  Ivory celluloid clothes on the bone beads grain round, flooded with tooth white luster. The same ivory carved from the pestle, the wheel of the law, auspicious knot, double fish, wonderful lotus pendant is very detailed and gorgeous, mixed with the bone beads in series, neatly arranged. At the bottom of the celluloid garment are small gold bells. Whenever the monk walks, the golden bell will emit a soft rustling sound.

  Xie Wei's eyes stared like copper bells and her throat rolled up and down.

  She remembered the star-struck girls often hang on the mouth, to describe can not stand male idol sex. The four words: sit on the ground row ○.

  In her previous life, she was quite repulsed by these four words, but now she wonderfully understands the feelings of those star-struck girls - her female hormones are wildly secreted under the visual stimulation, flowing from the brain throughout the body.

  She was sure as well as certain that if the monk was a modern man, his appearance was photographed and posted on the Internet, and the following comments were bound to be a string of.

  --The male bodhisattva is huge! Really big! Too big!

  --Thank the male bodhisattva I am well!

  --The living male Bodhisattva!

  --I want a male mother! I want a male mother!

  -- male bodhisattva is so awesome that tears flowed from the corners of my mouth ......

  -- I first [snake.jpg] for respect.

  This side of Xie Wei's brain real-time update on the dynamic praise of the male bodhisattva, over there Xiang wish towards the monk threw a small bottle.

  "Take this and apply it to your upper body."

  The monk took it, uncorked the bottle without question, and poured out the contents.

  Light amber oil-like liquid with a strange fragrance flowed out, is sandalwood oil.

  Xie Wei watched as the monk poured his hands full of sandalwood oil and put it toward his chest. The first thing you need to do is wipe it away.

  The monk seriously for their own oil, from the pectoral muscles wipe to the abdominal muscles. It seems hard, but soft honey-colored pectoral muscles almost to flow from the monk's fingers, that overflowing fullness let Xie Wei originally crazy pop-ups of the mind like a blank as cleared comments.

  Xiang wish glanced at the dumbfounded Xie Wei, and then glanced at the monk who wiped to the neck before realizing that one could not wipe the back. To be honest, he was disdainful of Xie Wei's appearance of being charmed by the monk's flesh, but, he could understand.

  Empty is color, color is empty. That said, not everyone in the world has the wisdom to see through the color of the flesh and see the color as empty. What ordinary people can see is only color. It is human nature to be fascinated by color.

  Besides, the body is connected to the mind. If the heart is fixed, and then how the best color is only a red powder skeleton, white skin and bones. If the heart is moved -

  "Master, can you help the poor monk a hand?"

  "Oh ...... oh oh, good!"

  Xie Wei stepped forward and took the sandalwood oil in the monk's hand. The monk turned around, revealing his lean back.

  Xie Wei gulped her saliva.

  The monk's waistline is beautiful, not exaggerated at all, it is the kind of concave S-shaped. The silk cloth wrapped around his waist is light and soft, there is no way to completely cover his buttocks line, but also against the muscle outline strong and powerful and beautiful smooth muscle lines to.

  From the side of the silk cloth exposed thighs. Legs long and straight, than the monk's honey-colored upper body to white on a color. The strength and beauty of the monk's body at the same time, he is a male flesh. The body is really impeccable.

  The excessive visual contrast stimulated Xie Wei's dry mouth, heart beating. Obviously Xie Wei is also considered to be experienced and knowledgeable, but to the monk's back, she is like the usual mouth of the picture, see the real but bashful little girl.

  Calm down Xie Wei, what world you have not seen? At least is also in the MeiZong stay two hundred years of the fox, a leg of the clam. Toads and three-legged immortals you have seen less, but two-legged men what is rare?

  The first thing you need to do is to take a breath and exhale slowly. Thinking of the two hundred years that have passed in a hurry, thinking of the two hundred years of the men who have seen and gotten along, Xie Wei's body heat has faded.

  This flesh in front of you. The body in front of you is really eye catching, but that's all she can think about.

  The hot palm touching the flesh, the body of the monk under Xie Wei bounced slightly. He could feel Xie Wei's slight nostrils behind him, with the heat brought by that nostrils.

  Amitabha Buddha, men and women are different, but he should not because Xie Shiyi is a woman will make some strange reaction to Xie Shiyi.

  So thinking, the monk himself with some introspection to adjust the breathing, let his tense body relaxed.

  Xie Wei three or two times to the monk's back well coated with sandalwood oil, a wave of Mukti Tani monk handed her a wet handkerchief to wipe her hands. After she wiped her hands clean then wear her to change into her share of vestments.

  The upper body of Xie Wei's vestment was made of ivory celluloid, and the lower body was made of dozens of silk ties. The bottom is a colorful skirt made of dozens of silk cloth tied and knotted, like the clothes worn by the flying heaven on the Dunhuang fresco.

  The nun monks moved quickly, one person stripped all the clothes on Xie Wei's body, one person put on Xie Wei's crown, one person put on Xie Wei's face. The other two tied up Xie Wei's silk dress, and when Xie Wei's dress was finished, the monk who had previously put on Xie Wei's crown put on Xie Wei's ivory celluloid dress.

  The celluloid clothes hit the skin, bringing a slight coolness. In her previous life, Xie Wei longed for a bikini, but didn't have the guts to wear it because she didn't have a good enough body. The celluloid dress is much more daring than a bikini, but Xie Wei wore it without much feeling.

  Wrists, arms, ankles set on the arm bracelets and gold rings with gold bells, gold rings on the gold bells and Xie Wei celluloid clothes on the gold bells are obviously larger than the monk celluloid clothes falling on the gold bells. These gold bells are suspended upside down in a leaf of bodhi, whenever Xie Wei moves, the bodhi leaf will hit the bell body, emitting a tinkling bell.

  "Please bow your head."

  Xie Wei did as she was told, and the nun who offered her the mask put on a half-face mask for her.

  Xie Wei's mask only covered the lower half of her face, with her eyes and nose exposed. Her pair of foxy eyes looked righteous because of the red eye makeup she had painted on. When Xie Wei's eyebrows were painted with a red lotus Buddha seal and dotted with a golden vermilion, Xie Wei looked like a demonic nun of Bomutita in any way.

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