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Chapter 33

  The monk's sea of consciousness again, Xie Wei unexpectedly saw the monk's sea of consciousness changed, the surrounding scenery is very different from the last time she entered.

  The last time the monk's sea of consciousness was only a vacuum of white. Although this is because Xie Wei took advantage of the monk's sleep to invade his sea of consciousness without permission, the sea of consciousness will be reduced to its most primitive form when the Lord of the sea of consciousness is not conscious. But only those who have no obsessions, no thoughts can have that pure white sea of consciousness.

  Heaven and earth like a mirror, clean and clear and without a trace of haze reflecting each other. Xie Wei landing place is in the blue transparent mirror lake above. Her toes in the smooth mirror-like water ripple circles at the same time, her feet also felt the unique buoyancy of the water.

  The bare feet on the water walking without falling into the water. This experience is too rare and too rare, Xie Wei unconsciously use their own feet to feel the magic of standing on top of the water.

  In the center of the mirror lake, there sat the meditating monk. The monk was not wearing a monk's robe, he was barefoot and bare-armed, only a magnolia-colored silk cloth on his body as an Aman suit.

  Behind the monk, where a giant tree was born. The dense shade of the giant tree cut the warm sun into fine patches of light, and the fragrant fragrance came with the breeze.

  "This is the ...... Bodhi tree?"

  Xie Wei asked the question to himself, and did not think to ask for an answer. However, the monk's eyelids moved, he quickly opened his eyes and said mildly towards Xie Wei: "It's the holy tree."

  "The halo tree ......"

  Xie Wei murmured and repeated,while the monk got up. A golden leaf whirled and fell on Xie Wei's toes, Xie Wei moved, this leaf fell in the mirror lake, swirling a small ripple.

  Xie Wei looked at the leaf in a new way. If the monk had not come towards her, she might have crouched down. The body picked up the yellow leaf to watch it carefully.

  "What do you want to discuss with the poor monk?"

  The monk's expression was confused, as if he did not understand why Xie Wei had to enter his sea of consciousness before he would tell him what she wanted to discuss with him.

  The guilty feeling in the heart is even stronger, Xie Wei had to silently cover her heart in her own heart.

  "Just a little something I want to ask you for help ......"

  Xie Wei snorted, "How is the master doing these days?"

  Xie Wei glued to the monk's body quite a lot of time, but and the monk's communication is not much.

  When she first met the monk, she was there to pretend to be a dog, and after the monk read her memory, she met the two brothers who came to search for the remnants of the Mei Sect. On the way from Tianlin Mountain to Duyi County, Xie Wei was busy digging for medicine and asking the monk to help her dig for medicine. When she arrived at Duyi County, she left the monk and ran to Feng's house. On the day she came out of the Feng house, Xie Wei fell asleep without saying a few words to the monk. Then she soon entered the session of meditation breakthrough because of the fullness of her cultivation.

  To follow the modern way to count, Xie Wei and the monk can be called "effective social" interaction is really only a handful.

  Of course, there will be this result is also Xie Wei's own choice - people and people once the interaction more, either will be a deep hatred of each other, or will establish a good feeling for each other. Xie Wei does not want to have a deep friendship with the monk, do not want to have a good feeling about the monk.

  Because you see, let go of their own no feelings and let go of their own feelings of things, it is always the latter more sad, right?

  Xie Wei does not want to be unnecessarily sad.


  The monk's confusion is written on his face, the mouth of the word "good" syllables also turned a few turns. It seems that he did not understand the meaning of Xie Wei so ask him, he also did not think about his own life is good, or bad. Even he was thinking about what it means to have a good time, and what is considered a bad time.

  Because it was in the monk's sea of consciousness, Xie Wei clearly sensed the monk's philosophical confusion. She immediately raised her hands in surrender: she was wrong, she should not ask the monk such questions.

  "So ...... how about Master tell us what you've done these days?"

  "Poor monk--"

  The monk's sea of consciousness was very honest, what he thought of, his sea of consciousness responded truthfully. So Xie Wei saw the monk honestly picking up what she said, and walking through the straw shoes to find her all over Duyi County.

  The so-called hundred on the catty but so. Xie Wei heart that the left side of the conscience and guilt, the right side of the purpose of the scales were the side of the conscience and guilt, she wanted to cover her heart mouth "Well! On a sound.

  The monk also did not expect his own sea of consciousness can so truthfully respond to his thoughts and memories. His honey-colored face slightly floated a layer of heat to.

  Xie Wei could not see the heat on the monk's face, only his discomfort. She opened her mouth, then pursed her lips again, but finally said nothing, just put on a look at the artificial saccharin smile and said: "Thank you, master. Master's compassion is remembered in my heart."

  At the words of the monk also wanted to say something. But he opened his mouth and realized that he had no clue what he wanted to say.

  This kind of confusion in his throat made the monk frown.

  "I'm not going to hide it from you, master, actually what I want to discuss with master is not something else, it's exactly that great music four devil dance that Buddha Mother asked me to dance."

  When Xie Wei talked about Durga, the monk stopped thinking about what he was sticking in his throat just now.

  "Do you know the Buddha's mother? Listening to your conversation, you seem to be a disciple of Bomutita?"

  Xie Wei smiled bitterly: "Sort of."

  She had indeed been taught by the Buddha Mother in the Sea of Knowledge, so it seemed okay to say that she was an outer disciple of Bomutita. ...... Well, provided that Bomutita has an outer disciple.

  "Buddha Mother and I--"

  Xie Wei pondered her choice of wording.

  She had to explain to the monk that she and Buddha Mother had never met in the past and that the party was just meeting for the first time. But she and Buddha Mother had an understanding and trust in the sea of consciousness that would take an ordinary person decades, or even centuries, to build up through the power of his Heart Pass, and she wasn't sure the monk would believe it.

  After all, if Xie Wei were not the one speaking but the one listening, she simply would not believe that the world could be such a thing.

  Spend a second to get along with others in consciousness for hundreds or thousands of years, what invincible cheating skills this ah? Put on the main character of the crossing article readers are afraid not a second to scold the bald author - a real - physical sense of a glance of a million years, which also fight what monster to level up what? Directly at the final BOSS a glance will not be finished?

  However, Xie Wei knows that his heart pass is flawed.

  The use of his mind requires a large amount of cultivation, and if the person who has been cast his mind pass does not cooperate, the chance of failure will increase with the strength of the opponent's resistance. Therefore, Durga often takes advantage of people's unpreparedness and preempts them before they can react.

  Not only that, he Heart Pass cannot be used by a cultivator whose cultivation level is two small realms stronger than his own. If a cultivator with a higher cultivation level than himself uses it and fails, the user of his Heart Pass will be devastated by his Heart Pass and will have the most painful, angry, sorrowful and powerless memories evoked. The result is that no mind demon will give birth to a mind demon, a mind demon will possess the body, or directly separated from the body, to get their own flesh. Body.

  Duerjia naturally will not tell Xie Wei about the defects of his heart pass, Xie Wei learned this, it is because she also reverse read some of Duerjia's memories. It's just that she was completely different from the efficiency of Durga who used his mind pass. Durga read through her memories of three lifetimes and thoroughly figured out her thoughts and emotions, and that's all she knew about Durga.

  "- The Buddha Mother is willing to take me up to Heavenly Advent Mountain, but she needs verbiage that will disguise my identity."

  "When Dao Buguo sent out the invitation, she also wrote that the invited clans needed to record the cultivators of the trip beforehand. Name, write a name book and hand it to the Heavenly Dao Alliance. It is convenient for the Heaven's Way Alliance to verify the identity."

  "So we were set to sneak down the mountain before Bomutita finished the name book, and Buddha Mother was planning to find us after the inquisition of the Mei Sect was over, but we didn't want to be bumped into by Buddha Mother directly in Duyi County. In order to punish us both, Buddha Mother will give us both a major task, which is this dance. Buddha Mother, in turn, will try to get the Heavenly Daoist Alliance to change Bomutita's . name book to add the two of us."

  The monk nodded his head to show his understanding.

  "The poor monk has no objection. Then this Dale Four Devil Dance-"

  Thinking of the dance that was comparable to ...... no, it was more fragrant than a spring palace textbook. The luscious dance, Xie Wei gulped her saliva.

  She really did not expect that people can be twisted into that kind of shape, with that kind of movement, that kind of posture to "Dale".

  This can really learn the posture.

  "This dance, a little difficult ......"

  "Well, predictable."

  Xie Wei did not dare to look at the monk's face.

  To her to learn to pole dance, she will be able to in a minute: I am the most wavy sister tonight!

  To say "please dance with me" to the monk, she stammered: "a little, no, some ......"

  The monk's voice floated above Xie Wei's head, full of incomprehension.


  Heart crossed, Xie Wei lifted her head.

  Buddha, please forgive your disciple. He really didn't mean to destroy the clear rules and precepts you set, he just helped me with good intentions. If you want to punish, please punish me.

  "The action is not very elegant."

  As Xie Wei lightly waved her hand and fingers, a series of vain shadows without five senses, but with figures resembling her and the monk, flew out.

  Some of the shadows are women Guanyin sitting on the lotus, some shadows are women prostrate on the ground, cat-like bow, and some shadows are women tailless bear-like hanging in mid-air ......

  The woman appears to have a lighter share, the man has to spend how much strength to support the woman. Even if the action seems to be simple and purely physical work, Xie Wei can also imagine how difficult it is for the monk to dance this Dale Four Devils dance.

  "I'm sorry, master, really, I'm sorry ......"

  Xie Wei's stomach hurt badly. At this moment, there is nothing else she can do but apologize.

  But even if her heart's apology to the monk was higher than a mountain, she would not give up the opportunity to be able to go up to Tian Lin Mountain.

  --Durga was making the monk's life difficult for her. But if she didn't even have the determination and means to overcome this small difficulty, what could she do if she went up to Tianlin Mountain?

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