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Chapter 32

  "Oh? Really?"

  She Wei began to act, Duerjia also accompanied her to act. The actual fact is that she's a monk and not delusional.

  "Really, really! I really know I'm wrong!"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  The empty wine jar holding Xiao Er was Xiang Wan took a wine jar kicked to Xie Wei and then could not help but look at Xie Wei, when he noticed Duerjia sitting opposite Xie Wei, his eyes were like self-awareness directly glued to Duerjia's body, tear can not be torn off.

  The appearance of Durga is really too outstanding, her body dress is even hot. Hot. The ordinary cultivator more than one look at Durga are prone to become the captive of the Buddha mother, not to mention the second is just a mortal, or a mortal who has not married, is at the age of love.

  The man did not see the second back to the kitchen for half a day, and came out to see really half of the life.

  This fool even with the harrumphs are going to flow out of the expression shameless face staring at the customer! The customer was none other than the Buddha's mother of Bomutita!

  "You don't want to die!"

  "You're not going to die! The man lowered his voice and scolded him, and then nodded towards Durga with an ingratiating smile before dragging him back to the back kitchen.

  The second is fond of the direction of the Duerjia looked a few eyes, until you can not see Duerjia brain also began to slowly turn.

  ...... Huh? The extremely beautiful person is the Buddha's mother of what wave, right? The girl who called herself "disciple" in front of the Buddha's mother, is she also a Buddha cultivator? But shouldn't she be a dan cultivator?

  But alchemy and Buddhist cultivation are not in conflict. It's not surprising that there are Dan cultivators among Buddhist cultivators.

  Xiao Er convinced himself. The guy next to him saw that he actually had the ability to recall the beauty of the Buddha's mother and couldn't help but curse - the Buddha's mother is both good and evil, and at will. Rumor has it that whenever she meets a man to her liking, she will force him to practice joyful meditation with her. It is said that not ten but eight men have died in her bed because of the joyful meditation, and instead of feeling that she was hurting people's lives, the Buddha Mother said she was leading them to the pinnacle of bliss, the realm of the four joys.

  He is next to this product stupid is a bit stupid, but he does not want him to die early. So he hopes that this idiot can have some self-awareness, can be as far away from the mother of Buddha as possible to go as far as possible. And save being dried up into bone scraps, by the wind a blow even crumbs are not left.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking at. She had a good idea of how people looked at her.

  It is true that Durga did not seldom practice joyful meditation, but she was not willing to practice with anyone. After all, the Buddha does not pass through the simple ...... Buddha does not pass through the people without wisdom. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  Because of the Heavenly Way Alliance and the Tao is not alone, Mei Zong's sin in the eyes of the people is the nail in the coffin. With this "proof" of the Mei Zong, when the rumors of Durga and Bomutita spread, this series of rumors mixed with fragrance. The rumors of the luscious and treacherous seem to have considerable credibility. The rumors were not only about Bomutita, but also about the... The jade-faced true monarch Mei Zongping, the patriarch of the Huanhuan Sect, is also concerned about the rumors of the Huanhuan Sect. The rumors of the Huanhuan Sect are causing headaches.

  Bomutita, H... The Huanhuan clan and the Mei clan had no dealings in the past, but in the eyes of the general public, these clans that use the method of dual cultivation for cultivation are all one hill of beans. Duerjia could understand that some people were suspicious of Bomutita and H. Huan Clan after they were on the reward list of the Heavenly Way League. But the current situation has gone beyond the usual suspicion, three originally unconnected sects in your word and my word of mouth are bound together, there has been a loss of both the precursors.

  Xie Wei wants to save her fellow clan members, and Durga as the mother of Buddha also wants to preserve Bomutita. Under this premise, Durga was willing to help Xie Wei to muddy the waters.

  She was prepared to let Xie Wei mix with Bomutita's group to go to the mountain. In order to avoid suspicion, Xie Wei began to pretend to be a disciple of Bomutita from this time on.

  The first time I saw the film was in the middle of the world, and I didn't know what Durga had shown Xie Wei, so I didn't say anything when I heard Xie Wei confess to Durga.

  The monk was the only one present who was most confused. But he is not the kind of person who will break the sand pot to the end of everything, confused to confused, but closed his mouth. He believed that if Xie Wei felt the need, she would explain to him at the right time and the right place. After all, that's what Xie Wei had done before.

  "In that case, then the party has taught you a lesson, get up."

  Durga lifted her white tender calf, took her right foot barefoot and patted Xie Wei's left cheek. Her action other people do, that must be extremely insulting, but by her to do is charming and tantalizing, see people blush heartbeat mouth dry.


  This is Ji Li Ji Qi, right?

  The first thing you need to do is to get up.

  "By the way, the dance you were taught before you can completely memorized? Tomorrow morning we will go up to Tianlin Mountain. At that time, you will have to demonstrate the Dale Four Demons Dance in front of people."

  "Yes, disciple understands."

  Probably because he felt that it was too bad to help someone for no reason, or maybe because he saw her as a difficult and interesting person, Durga was willing to take Xie Wei for a ride so that she could arrive at Tian Lin Mountain without being suspected. The condition is that Xie Wei has to dance all the way up the mountain.

  The dance all the way up the mountain is not some kind of metaphor, it is purely literal, dancing up the mountain.

  The fact that Durga likes to be flamboyant and ostentatious is evident from the procession she travels in. This time, at the invitation of the Tao, Duerjia did not allow herself to be left behind. According to her, the Buddha needs to respond to the expectations of believers. She as the mother of Buddha gorgeous spread is not for herself, but to meet the devotees' imagination of God and Buddha.

  Xie Wei through the connection with the divine sense of Durga, a little bit of Buddhist inculcation. But when it comes to a little bit of inculcation, it's really just a little bit of inculcation. Besides, Bomutita does not belong to the Mahayana Buddhism that Xie Wei is relatively familiar with, and his research and understanding of the Buddhist path is likely to be different from, or even contrary to, the mainstream Buddhism. It is impossible for Xie Wei to use Buddhism to defeat Durga, who is the mother of Buddha.

  Of course, to use logic and philosophy other than Buddhism to defeat Durga, that is also impossible for Xie Wei. Xie Wei's three reincarnations are not as long as Durga's lifetime. Xie Wei simply does not have the amount of knowledge needed to refute Durga.

  To fight, Xie Wei is no match for Durga. In terms of strength alone, Durga can crush Xie Wei with just one finger. Xie Wei has no room to bargain, not to mention that Durga is to Xie Wei dancing on the mountain, is Durga to Xie Wei upside down on the mountain, Xie Wei can only do.

  The good thing is that for the Mei Zong origin of Xie Wei, dancing is not a difficult task. That's it ......

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  What Durga arranged for Xie Wei was a duet dance.

  "The Four Demons of Great Joy dance is a symbolic performance dance of my bomutita, there must be no slip-ups."

  "Yes, Buddha Mother."

  Xie Wei face calm, stomach actually a burst of burning pain.

  In Bomutita, observing and practicing dalai has the same value as actually doing it physically. The Dance of the Four Devas of Dara is a dance that is given to others who are preaching the teachings of Bomudita and to Bomudita disciples who have not yet practiced dual practice and who have doubts, fears, and other uncertainties about joyful meditation.

  The dance depicts the story of a man and a woman practicing Bomudita meditation together, and on the way to practice, they are hindered by four demons: the demon of the five skandhas, the demon of worries, the demon of death, and the demon of the other-incarnated self-realized heaven, and finally they work together to break through the obstacles and reach the state of four happinesses.

  To put it bluntly, this is a lap dance. Or a protagonist a man and a woman, have to dance in four groups surrounded by two people dancing together lap dance.

  Duerjia do so, one is the meaning of provocation, want to provoke people who look at her displeasure to fight. The second is to clearly tell everyone, including Dao Buguo: Pomutida will carry out their own teachings, will not be because of the spearhead pointed to Dao Buguo flattering, to bow down to the Heavenly Alliance. She, Durga, would not be able to do her job with her tail between her legs. You want to pinch her, dream on!

  These reasons Xie Wei understand, Duerjia's test of her intention is also self-explanatory. The problem was that she didn't understand why the Buddha Mother had to involve the monk as well.

  Buddha mother can let her and her followers Xiang wish to dance this big music four devil dance ah! This would not only save her the trouble of asking the monk for help, discussing with him and teaching him to dance, but she could also just leave him in Duyi County and not take him to the dangerous Tianlin Mountain. What need did Buddha Mother have for the monk to accompany her to risk his life?

  "That is so. Tomorrow at dawn, I will have Xiang Wan send over the clothes and accessories. Xiang wish--"

  "Yes, Buddha Mother."

  Picked up Durga and let Durga sit on her left arm. Xiang wish stood with his right hand on his palm, nodded slightly towards Xie Wei and the monk then left with big steps.

  Xie Wei rubbed her face with both hands and moaned under her breath. Moaning.

  "Pain in your stomach?"

  The monk's warm care made Xie Wei's stomach hurt even more. Putting down her hands to look at the monk mournfully, Xie Wei felt the guilt of having to coax her own mother to do something bad.

  "Mmm. It hurts in my stomach."

  "Then don't eat the cake, poor monk to give the owner a bowl of porridge."

  Xie Wei shook her head: "No. I can't eat now either. ...... Are you free? I have something that I want to discuss with you."


  The power that she used to seal the monk's consciousness had been destroyed, and hearing the monk say that Durga had entered his world of consciousness, Xie Wei had two big heads.

  She had a way to give the monk a more powerful spirit seal again after she broke through to the Golden Dan stage. However, the "homework" assigned to her by Durga is still out there.

  Dale four magic dance is not a dance that can be learned in one night, the monk is smart, from the most basic posture to learn to integrate at least half a month. This is still in the monk can give up all the shame of the premise.

  Want a night speed, in addition to entering the monk's sea of knowledge again, Xie Wei has no other way.