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Chapter 31

  The monk turned back to the time, Duerjia has collected his heart through the Avatar, hooked red. Lips eyes flashing full of interest light up.

  Three lives of reincarnation, once the bottom of the cultivation world of Danxiu, and one life was born and grew up in a world where cultivation is only a fiction, the whole society relies on "science and technology" to develop and promote. Moral concepts, values, social concepts are very different from the ordinary people, such a demon cultivator is actually a MeiZong remnant party, this is not really too interesting?

  Unlike the face of the colorful Duerjia, Xie Wei face blue, she covered her mouth, her stomach turned upside down.

  The first time I entered the inn, I knew that the Buddha's mother was using her heart pass on people again. He had a slight headache and saw that the innkeeper was packing up a bunch of empty wine jars to the back kitchen, so he immediately took an empty wine jar from the arms of the second, and in the second "eh eh! In the voice of Xiao Er's "eh eh!" a foot to the empty wine altar stomped to Xie Wei.

  Forced to look through the memories of three lives, forced to directly exchange an excessive amount of information with the brain and people, Xie Wei is like a six-hour bus ride, as soon as he left the control of the heart immediately want to spit rainbow.

  The empty wine jar flew to her with a swish, and she knelt down to support the edge of the jar and vomited a lot.

  "Buddha mother--"

  The low voice alone was enough for Durga to understand that Xiangwan was angry, and Durga did not make excuses for herself this time - even Durga felt that she had gone a little too far this time.

  The demon cultivators are not infamous in the 13 states of the immortal clouds, but along with the demon civil unrest, the weak and kind, lack of fighting ability of the demon cultivators were almost slaughtered clean, the few survivors were also reduced to slaves or playthings.

  The human cultivators believe that if it is not my race, their hearts will be different, most of the demon cultivators have little good feeling. The demons only consider demon cultivators as vassals and resources. Not to say that the demon cultivators who have been reduced to refugees, slaves and playthings cannot still maintain a pure heart, forced by circumstances, demon cultivators can only become ruthless, cunning and vicious to avoid extinction. Can live in the moment with ease, not subject to the constraints of the forces of the demon cultivators, there is a count one, each at least a few thousand blood debts.

  Once Durga saw Xie Wei together with the monk, immediately recognized this is a demon cultivator. So she did not say preemptively, regardless of whether it will have a negative impact on Xie Wei's mental state, directly forced to open her memory, peeked.

  The result of this is that Xie Wei was forced to recall all of her life so far in a very short period of time, re-feeling all of the memories of her life distinctly sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

  At this moment Xie Wei just hold the wine altar vomit a vomit instead of mental disorder, consciousness collapse, that is already because her mind and consciousness are beyond the ordinary people's fortitude.

  When Xie Wei kneeled down, the monk moved. Looking at him like an old hen protecting her cubs like protecting in front of Xie Wei, using his tall body to block his sight to Xie Wei, Duerjia lost some laugh.

  ...... nameless and nameless does not know that he has cultivation, and certainly will not use the Avatar. With his and Xie Wei's current state, he is much weaker than Xie Wei. To protect is also Xie Wei to protect him.

  "Amitabha Buddha, Buddha Mother, you-"

  Xie Wei grabbed the monk's sleeve to stop him from saying more. Her trembling fingers were hard, so hard that her knuckles flushed white, causing the monk to feel a slight pain.

  "Amitabha Buddha."

  Durga also pronounced Buddha, but she did not apologize to Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei's forehead was covered with sweat, and her back was moistened with cold sweat. She vomited up her bile, but kept a firm grip on the monk's arm, forbidding him to speak again.

  The monk sighed, the body taut muscle lines relaxed. Xie Wei felt the change in the muscles under his hand, which shook his hand slightly loosened him. The monk also re-poured a bowl of tea and handed it to Xie Wei to rinse her mouth.

  Xie Wei's brain was like a piece of tofu being crushed into a tofu flower. Her ears kept buzzing and even her tongue was numb. But she quickly forced down her body's discomfort and knelt towards Durga as soon as she had rinsed her mouth.

  "...... disciple will never dare again, disciple will never go down the mountain behind Buddha's mother's back without permission just to see what's going on, disciple begs Buddha's mother for forgiveness."

  Xie Wei and Durga did not know each other and had not even met each other before. She said this to the monk is confused, Xiang wish but a look of expectation.

  What is hexin tong? He Xin Tong is beyond words, beyond words, directly to the divine consciousness to connect the divine consciousness of the great divine power. Duerjia is not a day or two, often see a favorite cultivator and mortal will use his heart pass directly into the other side of the sea of consciousness, in the sea of consciousness to make each other submissive.

  Xiang wish in the past is other sects of physical cultivation. It was by chance that he won the eyes of Durga, and after seeing the great path that Durga showed him in the sea of consciousness, he willingly joined Bomutita's discipline.

  He was so used to Durga's whims and the instantaneous prostration of those who were given his heart pass by Durga that he was accustomed to it.

  However, the situation between Xie Wei and Durga was not what Xiang Wang thought it would be.

  The reason for this is that he didn't use his Heart Pass on Xie Wei because he liked her. Naturally, in the world of consciousness, Durga did not show Xie Wei the great path she was pursuing, trying to absorb Xie Wei as a part of Bomutita. The reason why Xie Wei knelt towards Durga was because the two had already negotiated in the Sea of Knowledge.

  Yes, negotiation.

  In front of Durga's terrifying cultivation, Xie Wei was not immediately crushed by the mighty pressure that Durga exuded to the point that her soul was scattered. On the contrary, Xie Wei instantly took advantage of being the Lord of the Sea of Consciousness and began to interfere with the two people's Sea of Consciousness.

  --The difference between Xie Wei entering another person's sea of consciousness to tamper with their memories and Durga using his Heart Pass to make them submissive is that both are essentially the act of entering another person's sea of consciousness and changing their perception in their sea of consciousness.

  The difference between the two is that Durga can substitute other people's divine consciousness into his own sea of consciousness, switching from an away battle to a home battle. He can also inject his own divine consciousness into other people's sea of consciousness, temporarily establishing a small piece of his own home field under his full control in other people's sea of consciousness.

  On the contrary, Xie Wei's cultivation level is not enough to allow her to switch home and away fields as she wishes like Durga. She is to temporarily overlap her own sea of consciousness on top of the other's sea of consciousness, which is equivalent to temporarily merging the two seas of consciousness into one, using her own influence on her own sea of consciousness to tamper with the other's sea of consciousness.

  Xie Wei this method is very unstable compared to Durga's method. Because the initiative in her hands will fluctuate with the changes in the other person's sea of consciousness. However, Xie Wei's method can also do things that Durga's his heart pass can't do.

  Xie Wei can tamper with other people's memories like editing, but Durga cannot. The person who sees the illusion created by Durga will immediately realize that what he just saw is an illusion after being liberated by his telepathy. Xie Wei's ability is different, the memories she has tampered with will not give people a sense of dissonance.

  The reason for this is that Durga creates illusions when the sea of consciousness should be whose is still whose. Just like two rooms with doors facing each other, you always know that these are two rooms, this is your house and this is my house. Xie Wei manufacturing illusion is the wall separating the two rooms directly to knock out. Where is your home, where is my home this matter also became blurred.

  Discovering Xie Wei trying to influence himself with the sea of consciousness, Durga made an interesting sound.

  Xie Wei's sea of consciousness is too big for words. Looking at her sea of consciousness alone, Durga wouldn't even think she only had an early Jindan cultivation level.

  From Xie Wei's memory, he learned that her wide sea of consciousness was due to the Mei Sect's gongfu, and Durga became interested in the Mei Sect - the Mei Sect's gongfu was not outstanding, neither did it contain Buddhist divine powers like the Huanxi Zen, nor did it have the Huan. The effect of the Huanhuan Sect is to refine the skin and bones, and to nourish the face. The first thing you need to do is to get to know the Mei Zong, which she could not see before.

  This time Duerjia came interested, but also to see how long Xie Wei can resist under his own mighty light, so directly into Xie Wei's sea of consciousness, and then saw her three lives of experience.

  The strength of Xie Wei's physical body is just about the same as an ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator, but the divine sense is terribly strong. It seems that the experience of the three reincarnations is not useless to her, at least the degree to which she is able to meet under Durga is much higher than other cultivators of her one or two realms.

  The company's main goal was to provide a solution to the problem of the problem.

  Also good at using divine sense to interfere with others, Xie Wei and Durga did not need to communicate in the form of words at all. The two of them read each other's divine sense back and forth, and their communication efficiency was terrifyingly good.

  Durga was a princess of a small country before she became a Buddhist mother, and became a prisoner after her country was overthrown. She is as beautiful as a prisoner will encounter what kind of treatment needless to say, in short Durga has lived the life of a human being, but also lived a life worse than death. She is not so concerned about things like identity, and can empathize with Xie Wei's experience.

  Xie Wei and Durga's empathy is twofold. While Durga learned about Xie Wei, Xie Wei also learned about Durga.

  The pain of the death of the family, the revenge of the death of friends and partners. The two are almost on par with each other.

  The two are almost on par with each other, and when Durga has collected the Avatar, she and Xie Wei have been friends for hundreds of years, and they know each other's roots and are like-minded at the same time.

  --Xie Wei is worried about his nephew Qing Yu blind recklessness, failed to save the Mei Zong still alive sisters not to mention, but also lost his life. Duerjia, on the other hand, was worried about the death of his lips and teeth, and did not want to let Dao Buguo successfully incriminate the Mei Clan, so that the clan, which cultivates with the dual cultivation method, would become an evil clan in the image of others.

  The two of them hit it off and reached a consensus right away.

  Xie Wei's ability to improvise and make a show is not ordinary strong. Just a moment's work, she has started her performance.

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