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Chapter 3

  Xie Wei has never felt so cold.

  The bone-chilling coldness stretches on and on, like ice crystals seeping into the cracks of the bones, so Xie Wei can't stop shivering.

  Only gradually, Xie Wei did not even have the strength to shiver. Her consciousness in the darkness without a trace of temperature can not stop lax, like a handful of fine salt is about to dissolve in water.

  Is it finally over? Xie Wei has a trace of relief.

  A warm, rough hand slowly stretched out, from the boundless darkness to pick Xie Wei up, gently and steadily hold her.

  She Wei drowsily thought, she has always had bad luck, but her character seems to be okay. It's not bad to be on the road with such a dream.

  So Xie Wei accepted the dream, she limply limp in that big hand, fully enjoying the warmth it gave her, and even greedily wanting more.

  The man who doesn't know who his name is, where he is, and what he's doing here is holding Xie Wei, who is shrunken into a tiny ball, and gently breathing a sigh of relief.

  Although slight, but this little fox still move. It is not dead yet.

  He entered the empty door as a teenager to find the way to save the world. He wanted to save all the things that could be saved in front of him, wanted to save all the people that could be saved. Since this little fox still has a chance of survival, he will do his best to save it.

  ...... into the empty door? So he is a monk?

  There is no obstacle to accept their own identity, the monk while holding Xie Wei to his chest warm with one hand, while thinking that he can accept his own monk identity without any doubts should be able to show that he is indeed a monk.


  The warm environment let Xie Wei this sleep for a long, long time. If not for the increasing pain in the body, pain Xie Wei began to grimace, Xie Wei suspected that he could sleep even longer.

  Dazed and confused, Xie Wei lifted the curtain, Xie Wei to a honey color in front of her eyes, the tip of her nose smelled a hint of smoke and fire she had smelled in the temple in her previous life.

  Don't ask her how it was in her last life. In her last life, she was only interested in two things when she was a dan cultivator, one is picking medicine, and the other is alchemy. Other than that, she has no memory of anything. This life well ......

  It is true that there are a few proud and beautiful sisters of the Mei Clan who vow to hook up with Buddhist disciples to taste the essence of monks, and to see how much self-control the Buddhists pride themselves on being able to cut off greed and anger. But more Mei Zong sisters bear in mind that "rather move a thousand rivers of water, not to disturb the hearts of the Tao." The first thing you need to do is to think of a thousand people sleeping and tasting their own temples, and when you meet a Buddhist disciple, it's as far away as you can get.

  Xie Wei belongs to the latter before recalling the events of her first two lives, when her inferiority complex can be serious. The first thing you need to do is to drop a few tears because you are "dirty", but you don't dare to ask the other sisters to see it, for fear of making them sad.

  Thinking of the sisters of the Mei Zong, Xie Wei mouth bitter, the heart is both fine and dense pain, but also fire. Spicy hate.

  Who is it that wants to destroy the Mei Zong for what? The Mei Zong...

  Xie Wei is thinking about it, coldly realized a problem.

  This honey-colored, what is it?

  It looks like pectoral muscles. ...... like, pectoral muscles?

  Xie Wei almost jumped straight out of the monk's arms. The reason why she did not jump up that is because her body bones are broken, the whole fox was wrapped up with the mummy almost. Even after such a shock, her body only slightly bounced a little.

  Feeling the movement in his arms, the monk sleepily lifted his eyes. He moved his body with Xie Wei on his side, and the surging pectoral muscles were presented in high definition without a hint of cover in front of Xie Wei's eyes.

  Then Xie Wei dream of that familiar big hand swept her over, holding her waist back buttocks, and by the way also jerked her tail, disliking her nose to the tip of the breast ...... cough, muscle . The middle of the groove. Let her front feet on his pectoral muscles, hind feet against his abs.


  Xie Wei heard herself inhale. 3D...... not, 4D with thermostatic full range of flesh. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. If not for her blood loss, I'm afraid nosebleeds are going to spurt out.

  ...... dream. This must be your own dream, you are not awake.

  Xie Wei was stiff and forced herself to close her eyes.

  She just dreamed of a fierce half pecs bigger than her face. The man held himself to his chest. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. The fierce. The man also has a very good-looking face, high nose and deep eyes, thick eyebrows like a sword, the lower lip is slightly thick, naturally emitting a tempting nibble temperament. To say that the beauty of the shortcomings, it is fierce. The man has no hair. But the bald face is still so able to fight, this fierce. The man's face can be said to be flawless. If placed in the network era, I'm afraid he will be crowned "face genius" crown, fire all over the network.




  Fuck! How can there be such a realistic dream with so many details in this world!

  She Wei opened her eyes violently, not surprisingly the large honey-colored pectoral muscles are still close at hand, but also with the heavy asleep again fierce. The man's breathing rose and fell slightly.

  If you're looking for a new one, you'll be able to get a new one. What's worse -

  Good smell ......

  The demon cultivator's nose moved unconsciously. Xie Wei discerned that the person in front of him was not only full of essence, but also had the original Yang. This tickled her instincts and caused her throat to roll twice.

  From the point of view of modern people who know common sense in health care, Xie Wei knows that the "Yuan Yang" thing is very bullshit. If the definition of the first time, at least 80% of the boy's "yuan yang" should be given to the quilt bed sheet. But the yuan yang in this world is real, and the yuan yang on the female cultivators of the Mei Zong has the effect of ten full tonic. The female cultivators of the Mei clan but who took the yuan yang, even if the quality of this yuan yang is not high enough, cultivation can soar by a large margin.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  If you can take his yuan yang, she can not only accelerate the speed of flesh repair, may also be able to cultivate a second tail, the formation of the golden pellet. It's just that the matter of taking people's yuanyang is something ...... she still resists a bit.

  Xie Wei did not hesitate for a long time. She does not have to put "stain people's innocence" and "find out the truth about the destruction of the Mingmei Sect. The "phase" on the two ends of the scale carefully measured also clear for their own which is more important.

  If you want to take a person's Yang, it is the same as forcing him to be in love with you. Afterwards she patted her ass. The stock is gone at best is considered a scum girl.

  She heard the sisters in the door said, said the mountain moved to a number of celibate hunters. These hunters are greedy for the prey in the surrounding forest, and the second is greedy for the fairies on the mountain.

  --Mei Zong female cultivators are busy cultivating all day long, no one has a fetish for hunting and gathering, the Mei Zong land beasts and raptors flourish unattended, prey is naturally sufficient. Also because the Mei Zong female cultivators are busy cultivating, the Mei Zong female cultivators love men and casual things that are known to the world. Although the Mei Zong in the cultivation world is not much, but for mortals as usual, or high above the "fairy". In the past, the Mei Zong did have female cultivators who were willing to marry mortals, and one after another, the hunters who felt they had a chance to be seen by fairies also settled down under the Mei Zong mountain one after another.

  This small and dilapidated house looks like a hunter's residence, so this person is a hunter, right? The hunter originally came with that idea, then she rounded up the dream of the fairy in front of this person, she took some yuan yang and essence is also considered a quid pro quo.

  Right, when it comes to a "fox fairy to repay the favor" it. Throughout history, whether you are a hunter or a scholar, there is no not love this set.

  Make up your mind, Xie Wei closed his eyes again and forced himself to sleep. She has to get well as soon as possible to the point where she can move her body in order to reshape into a human.


  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do, but her injuries can't be healed in a day or two. Xie Wei heart is anxious to die, the whole fox cranky want to jump up straight scratching the wall. She can't move, she can't even raise her little paws to do it.


  The simple wooden door made a toothsome sound of opening. Xie Wei, who was nestled on a dirt platform, lifted her eyelids lazily at the sound.

  The hunter's shack is not even a complete house, the place to sleep is either a bed, or a small earthen platform. To be honest, Xie Wei really can not understand how the hunter as tall and sturdy body is able to endure every day crowded in so a small dirt platform. Or is it that this hunter likes to torture himself like an ascetic?

  It's no wonder he couldn't find a wife ...... with such a strange fetish, and the good-looking people would be avoided by the simple villagers as cattle, ghosts and snakes.

  "You're awake?"

  The monk could not hear the countless spittle in Xie Wei's heart. He came back with boiling water, first poured out half a bowl to let it cool down for Xie Wei to drink, and then took a clean towel ready to wipe Xie Wei's soft hair.

  The little fox is too badly injured, he did not dare to move it before. These days the little fox some strength, at least will open his eyes to see him, he thought it was time to wipe its hair. The blood paste on the body rustling off all day, who will be uncomfortable, right?

  Sitting on the small earthen platform, see Xie Wei again did not move the wild fruit he placed beside it, the monk sighed, as if to reproach: "Why are you not eating again? How can you get better without eating?"

  The monk's words instantly pulled Xie Wei back to the memories of her previous life. In her previous life, Xie Wei was very delicate. She had an epidemic. The first time I saw her, I felt like I couldn't swallow anything, so I didn't eat anything and slept under the covers.

  When her mother came back from work, she saw that she was still asleep, and the shredded chicken congee and steamed eggs on the bedside table had melted. When she saw that she was still asleep, she saw that the stewed chicken porridge and the steamed eggs on the bedside table had not been touched, so she sat by her bedside and gently touched her forehead, saying, half in pain and half in complaint, "Weiwei, why aren't you eating again? How can you get better if you don't eat?"

  Suddenly her nose was sore and Xie Wei's eyes were red. But I saw the person in front of me squatting down in front of the earthen platform, coaxing towards her: "Just eat a bite, okay?"

  ...... Please ask if you are my mother? The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of the same things that my mother said.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into.

  The taste of bitterness that made Xie Wei's eyes black quickly diffused in Xie Wei's entire mouth, before the smile and kindness of the person but pinched the fox turned Xie Wei's mouth to prevent her from spitting out.

  "Good medicine is bitter. This is good for your body."

  Whoops! How come even this kind of forceful place is exactly the same as her own mother?

  If he doesn't let go, she will really call him. Mom!