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Chapter 29

  "Amitabha Buddha. The Buddha's face is not the same as the one of the Buddha.

  Under the Buddha's face, three futons, three cups of tea.

  The scent of tea mixed with the fragrance of bamboo leaves diffused around, Hataran night held the tea ordered by Cihang, first respectfully sipped a mouthful, and then spoke: "Yes, I do have an important matter."

  Put down the wooden tea bowl, Hatan night hands on the ground, with a rare serious expression towards Cixihang worship.

  "Thank you for your help, Venerable Cixihang. I am a demon, I have no chance to be a demon emperor. If it weren't for you, I'm afraid I'd be in the middle of a chaotic battle today, hovering on the edge of life and death."

  Although Hataran night is thanking Cihang, Lianhua's frown is tighter and tighter, even tea can not swallow.

  The matter of Hat Lan night to Sumeru Mountain is not a secret, his carriage from the devil's domain to the Buddha's country, the way countless cultivators witnessed.

  And today Hat Lan night in the Golden Glazed Tower said what, what did, Cixihang how to respond, including his current face will be spread word for word - now the Buddha is not ironclad. Since the death of Venerable Garan, there are Buddhist disciples of Cixihang anger. There are even Buddha disciples eat inside and outside, lost the heart of the Tao.

  Evil people put down the butcher's knife can be regarded as the Buddha, the Buddha's country if there is a flaw in the venerable will be ten million humiliated ten thousand spiteful. The outside world has always been harsh in examining the Buddha's kingdom, and if Cihang is caught, it will undoubtedly be rendered into a shocking conspiracy by adding oil and vinegar, and rumors will spread for hundreds of years.

  Hatched Lan night knew this, but still chose this wording. Lianhua did not believe he was unintentional.

  The words of Hatarani are like saying that Cixihang deliberately intervened in the internal affairs of the Devil's Domain, apparently by giving up his golden body to reform the devil, but in fact, in exchange for his own cultivation, he got a devil emperor who was willing to listen to his orders. And he Hatan night by the kindness of Cixi Navigation, can not defy Cixi Navigation.

  Deeper thought, Hataran night this speech is equivalent to a prior affirmation. In the future, if he does something that causes the devils to be very angry, he can say that it is not his own intention, he has no choice but to do it.

  The devils do not necessarily have the courage to disobey the Hatched Night, who has gained nearly a thousand years of cultivation from Cihang for nothing, but it is possible to scold two vultures and transfer the hatred to Cihang and to the Buddha.

  How despicable!

  Lianhua cast a disgusted glance at Hatarani, who looked back as if he had a sense and gave a friendly smile towards Lianhua.

  Lianhua looked even more uncomfortable at Hatarani.

  "Master Hatan has spoken too highly."

  Lianhua's emotions did not affect Cihang, who had a calm and unruffled brow. His left hand held the Buddha beads lightly twisted, his right hand stood palm, closed his eyes and said: "monks have the virtue of good life, poor monk assisted the master is only to hope that the strife in the demon domain will end soon, the demon race and demon cultivation can rest and coexist peacefully."

  "Your Holiness is really a great virtue."

  Hatched Lan night smiling again, but Cixiang as if nothing ripples, did not open his eyes.

  Flattery and courtesy are useless, Cixihang this kind of oil and salt, Hat Lan night will no longer praise Cixihang: "The truth is not to hide, your Holiness. I came here for another thing."

  "What is it?"

  "I wish to worship Your Holiness as my teacher."

  Lianhua choked on the tea in his mouth and coughed.

  Hatched Orchid Night was thinking that there weren't enough handles on Cixi's words!


  "Your Holiness has really moved me with his body to ferry people. I would like to follow your example and practice Buddhist doctrine and Buddhism. I also hope that Your Holiness will accept me as your disciple."

  Hatarani said, and bowed lightly towards Cihang with seeming devotion.

  His bowing posture was always so elegant and graceful, with an indescribable sense of meandering. However, his heart was so dark that Lianhua felt that ink was not even a tenth as good as describing it.

  Fortunately, Cichang is not a naive person, will not be able to hear the Hatran night outside the string. Lotus is not afraid that Cihang will fall into the trap of Hat Lan night's words.

  Cixihang finally opened his eyes: "Is Master Hatched serious?"

  "Naturally, I am serious."

  Hatan Night nodded his head in a calm manner, with a relaxed demeanor and a warm expression, one could not tell how much of the "seriousness" in his mouth was really true.

  "The poor monk cannot accept Master Hatched as his disciple."

  Lianhua was relieved.

  "But Master Hatake has a heart for Buddhism, which is a blessing for our sect. Mount Sumeru will not reject any person who aspires to Buddhahood."

  Lianhua's heart lifted up again.

  "Amitabha Buddha. Now that you are an emperor of the demonic realm, it is not reasonable for you to join the poor monk's school. I am also afraid that if you are accused of colluding with the poor monk in the future."

  "Therefore, if you are sincere in your desire for Buddha, why don't you bring your hair to cultivate in the devil domain? It is just as well that the poor monk is recuperating in the Golden Glazed Pagoda these days and has nothing to do so he has copied a few volumes of scriptures. If you don't mind, you can take these scriptures."

  "But as far as the poor monk is concerned, as long as Master Hatake is bent on pacifying the strife in the devil domain, he is already a Bodhisattva's good deed. It does not matter whether you practice Buddhism or not."

  Cihang frankly said, between the eyebrows clear and majestic. Even if the golden body has been lost, the body also has the Buddha's light is vast.

  "Buddha is in the heart, Buddha is in the line, the master has Buddha in his heart, he can go to Buddha."

  "Amitabha Buddha."

  Hearing Cixihang proclaim Buddha, Lianhua also hung her head and proclaimed Buddha.

  Hatched Orchid Night had calculated a thousand things, but still could not calculate Cixihang. His smile was slightly distorted, and his fingers holding the fan were white from the force of the bones.

  But he quickly relieved himself and followed the example of Cihang Lianhua and pronounced the Buddha, then said as if he was having a casual conversation: "Your Holiness has great compassion and really treats all beings in the Devil's Domain equally with the beings in the 13 Immortal Cloud States. By the way, do you know that a big event has happened recently in the Thirteen Immortal Cloud States?"

  "A big event?"

  Cihang glanced at Lianhua, who just shook her head.

  So Hatan Night spread his fan to cover his lips and said, "Mei Zong ...... is a small clan in Yanzhou that uses the method of dual cultivation to cultivate and injured the dragon prince. The dragon clan was enraged and commissioned the Heavenly Dao Alliance to offer a reward to the Mei Zong. Mei Zong then overthrown."

  Said Hat Lan night slightly tilted his head: "Did not the Sumeru Mountain received the invitation of the Heaven's Way Alliance? Heaven's Way Alliance is for this matter to invite the world's sects, to the original site of the Mei Zong Tian Lin Mountain to ask for the remnants of the Mei Zong it."

  Yanzhou! Tianlin Mountain!

  The shock rolled across the eyes of Cihang.

  The place he sent his avatar to is not somewhere else, it is the Yanzhou Tianlin Mountain.

  All living things have weaknesses. The human race is profit-oriented, human cultivation is easily seduced by profit. The demon race is heavy on desire, the demons will do anything to fill their own desire. And the weakness of the demon race ......

  is love.

  Demons are naturally amorous, and long-suffering. Want to drive the demon cultivation, use the word love can be.

  Demon cultivation can be love crazy, can be love stupid, can be love crazy, can be love crazy.

  When he sent his avatar down the mountain, he did not think much about why the Heavenly Fox appeared in Yanzhou and why he could find it under Tianlin Mountain. Now it seems--

  The fingers under the monk's robe were squeezed so that the bones creaked, and the Buddha beads were almost crushed into pieces. Cihang realized that he had made a great mistake.

  -- The Heavenly Fox did not come into existence for no reason. The destruction of the Mei Sect was probably the cause of the Heavenly Fox's appearance.

  He clearly foresaw the appearance of the Heavenly Fox in advance, but only thought about stopping the Heavenly Fox from killing, and did not think about why the Heavenly Fox killed.

  Cihang lips . The petals moved slightly: "...... Mei Sect, when was it overthrown?"

  "Less than two months ago."

  Hatched Lan night did not let go of the flicker of faltering in Cixihang's expression. The line of sight traveled around Cixi's face, Hatran Night said: "Why is your Holiness so sad? Ah, yes. Your Holiness treats all beings in the three realms equally, and the female cultivators of the Mei Sect are also living beings' lives in Your Holiness' eyes, so Your Holiness must be very sad not to be able to save so many living beings' lives, right?"

  "However, is it true that Your Holiness does not know about this matter?"

  "I have heard that Your Holiness has cultivated the Heavenly Eye Tongue. As long as Your Holiness wishes, all the phenomena in the world will be in your eyes."

  Hatsu Ranye's prying made Lianhua unhappy. Although he did not know the cause and effect of the matter, nor did he understand what Cihang was thinking, he could not sit back and watch Hatsu Rangyi dig into someone's sore spot.

  "Master Hatched, it is already late today, you should go back."

  "Aiya, Venerable Lianhua is about to drive me away here?"

  Hatched Orchid Night glanced at Cixihang with a hurt face.

  Cixihang gave a beat and spoke, "Monk Hatake does not need to test the poor monk."

  "The Heavenly Eye is a great divine ability of the Buddha, which can view the present, the past, the future, the six paths of reincarnation, the universe and beyond. For tens of thousands of years, there is no disciple of my Sumeru Mountain who has cultivated the Heaven's Eye, and the poor monk does not have the divine ability to monitor Master Hatake's movement at all times. You can rest assured, Master Hatake."

  No one else, but Cixihang was able to peep into the heavenly dao in the meditation, because Cixihang cultivated the heavenly eye pass.

  Just Cixihang also did not lie to Hatched Lan night. Mount Sumeru and even the entire Buddhist kingdom for tens of thousands of years and no disciple has cultivated the heavenly eye pass, Cixihang's "eye" is far from the degree of the heavenly eye, but only to a higher level than the ordinary wisdom eye, considered a high-level wisdom eye.

  Hatan Night said a lot of things, each sentence almost all let Cixihang four two to a thousand jin to defuse. But there is a sentence, Hat Lan night is really an accidental poke Cixihang's sore spot.

  He really did not know that the Mei Zong will be destroyed?

  He really can not stop the destruction of the Mei Zong?


  But if he had checked a little and thought more, he would have come up with the connection between the Heavenly Fox and the Mei Clan.

  Yes, he had the opportunity to stop the destruction of the Mei Sect.

  But, he only sent his avatar to intercept the Heavenly Fox. He had no intention of going there to understand the cause and effect of that fox.

  When he saw through what he was trying to find out, Hatarani was not embarrassed. He smilingly exchanged pleasantries with Cihang Lianhua for a while, before bidding farewell to Cihang and Lianhua.

  When he came, no one dared to stop the Buddha disciples. When he left, he also went with great pomp and circumstance, without losing any of his prestige. Hatran night this come and go like a rainstorm through, let the Buddha disciples sigh.

  Golden Light Glazed Tower closed again. Close the door of the lotus flower not unexpectedly heard behind the sound of heavy objects falling to the ground.

  With a painful head sigh, Lian Hua paced up and down to Cixi who was half-kneeling on the ground and helped Cixi back onto the futon.

  "Thanks to you for holding on."

  Lian Hua took out the treasure bottle and wanted to feed Cixihang to drink the manna. However Cixihang shook his head, followed by turning his head sideways to let Lianhua to see his ring scar at the back of his head.

  Lianhua was stunned, and then stunned.

  "How can ......!"

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