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Chapter 28

  Thinking too much about brain pain, and it does not help, Xie Wei simply do not want. She once again began to meditate, extracting the drug power in the body into cultivation.

  The rain outside the window stopped at some point, and a line of golden light in the cold air tore through the leaden gray obscurity before dawn. The sun is coming out.

  Xie Wei concentrated on her own cultivation, and felt nothing outside her body. The monk saw her meditate, and did not bother her, and gently got out of bed.

  For several days, Xie Wei did not open her eyes again. She can feel her container of cultivation is about to be full, so she little by little to fill the container needed to send the last bit of cultivation into their own container.

  Xie Wei was too focused to feel the passage of time, until this day, Du Yi County is very busy, even to stay at the Peaceful Inn cultivators are nearly three times more than usual, Xie Wei eyelashes moved slightly lifted the eyelids.

  The freshly awakened Xie Wei was fresh. If someone were to use their consciousness to check her cultivation at this time, they would find that she had a small, fingernail-sized golden pellet in her sea of consciousness.

  Yes, Xie Wei has broken through from the Fusion stage to the Golden Dan stage.

  "The Heavenly Dao Alliance is worthy of being the Heavenly Dao Alliance! That flying boat is almost as big as four or five of the others, right?"

  "I think it's more than that!"

  "I've also heard that the Heaven's Path Alliance's flying boats are not only big, but also particularly luxurious inside!"

  The noise came from downstairs, and Xie Wei heard many people talking.

  "It's a pity we didn't get a glimpse of Senior Dao Buguo."

  "It can't be helped. On our status, can be outside a little look at the Heaven's Way Alliance's flying boat is good, want to see Dao Buguo senior himself, can only wait for the time when the seniors publicly asked the remaining sins of the Mei Sect, right?"

  "I am afraid that at that time we can only look outside. I listened to my seventh uncle grandfather into the soul of the pavilion his son said, this will be at least hundreds of sects are in that day Linshan put a good place. Unless you are Kunlun, Wushan, Tianwu Sect, a sword Lingxiao Temple such top sects of disciples, otherwise no one will be willing to move for you."

  So a group of people are all sorts of sighs and smacking their lips.

  Xie Wei calmed down a bit. Try to restrain themselves from a series of words such as "inquisition Mei Zong", "Mei Zong remaining sins" and so on.

  "But this hundred doors gathered in the event, Sumeru Mountain monks did not come. And none of them came! This is too disgraceful!"

  "Why, the matter of the venerable Cixihang has become a furore, this immortal clouds on the thirteen states there are people who do not know that matter? Mount Sumeru must be on alert now, for fear that any unscrupulous person will take advantage of the loss of the golden body of Venerable Cixihang to seek provocation. They do not come is also justifiable."

  "Justifiable also not to not even greet a bar? There are people who say what monks compassionate, may be unable to see blood or something ...... is the same Buddhist country, the Temple of Light, Bodhi Temple, Vajra Temple and Brahma Gate are coming people, right? On his Sumeru Mountain even a disciple is not sent! This is not take Joe is what?"

  "Hahahaha don't say so don't say so, maybe which monk in Mount Sumeru is the love head of the demon girl of the Mei Sect? Can not see their own little love. People are being executed, that is not also a common feeling?"

  The flirtatious sound led to loud laughter, the self-colored laughter Xie Wei went through the monk's luggage prepared.

  The monk had bought a large bag of dried yams as rations for the journey. Yams are common in the villages around Duyi County and are sold at very low prices. Dried yams are easy to carry, easy to store, and very filling. You can make a thick soup by just simmering it in hot water for a quarter of an hour, so it's a good value for money as a road food.

  The disadvantage of dried yams is that this stuff is tasteless, it is not as sweet and delicious as sweet potatoes, and not as easy to digest as potatoes. Dry yams and bloated stomach and no taste, eat more than easy to stomach pain abdominal pain.

  Monk and Xie Wei all the way, the monk did not eat less yams. He is clear since what is the taste of yams and what are the drawbacks. Xie Wei let him buy dry food, but he still bought dry yams.

  Xie Wei lost her smile, after finding herself laughing she quickly patted her face. The dried yams are useful to her, so she picked up a few dried yams out, threw the dried yams into the stone mortar replaced on the road, and slightly injected cultivation in the stone mortar to crush the dried yams into powder.

  The laughter continues downstairs. Xie Wei raised the stone mortar in his hand towards the window, followed by a breeze that allowed the yam powder to float into the downstairs window with the breeze.

  Downstairs in the lobby, sitting by the window laughing and talking cultivators did not notice the difference. However, a few moments later, someone's face itchy, there is an itchy, painful numbness in the mouth, talking with a big tongue so that people can not understand what he is saying.

  Yam has a drawback, that is, contains a very strong alkaline mucus. Dried yams without water, alkaline heavier. Strong alkaline irritation, so eating more yams can lead to stomach pain and abdominal pain. Finely ground dry yam powder paste a face, downstairs cultivators will be red and itchy skin is really normal.

  But this pain and itching does not last long, as long as the timely rinse off the itchy yam flour symptoms will disappear. Meet the strong alkali allergic to the monk, it is purely the monk's bad luck, have to suffer more.

  But the cultivator is different from mortals, there is always the cultivation of body protection. A little bit of yam powder is not enough to kill the cultivator, at most, the cultivator can suffer for three, two days only.

  Xie Wei clapped her hands and put the stone mortar to the side.

  In the past, the sisters did not seldom call each other demon girl, Xie Wei himself did not joke that he was a demon girl. But the same is true, she just hates it when someone with deep malice calls the sisters of the Mei Zong "demon girl".

  Since these people are so fond of beeping demon girl this demon girl that, then do not let them taste the means of demon girl how can?


  Buddha's country, Sumeru Mountain, in front of the Golden Glazed Pagoda.

  "Master, please stop."

  Hearing the Buddha disciple's report, Lian Hua rushed to the Golden Light Glazed Pagoda at the first opportunity. He held one hundred and eight sapless Buddha beads and stopped in front of the visitor.

  Lian Hua was dressed in white monk clothes, even his monk shoes were snow white. The visitor, however, was in raven black, with long black hair like splashed ink hanging casually on the ground, wearing an ebony gold knight's bent on his head, his collar adorned with magnificent fur.

  "I'm really ashamed to welcome you personally, Venerable Lotus."

  One hand behind his back, the other hand holding a golden fan. The person's voice is warm and lazy, with a slight smile and frivolous carelessness. His appearance is slender and soft, quite like a male body and female appearance, but also the temperament of the princes and nobles.

  It is this man who speaks well, but his attitude is not as respectful as his words. He had obviously been asked to stop, yet he still walked forward again with a big prick.

  "If Master Hatake doesn't stop again, don't blame the poor monk for asking you to stop."

  Lianhua's gaze was like a torch, his usual non-smoking temperament was replaced by an aggressive wariness. The visitor, however, was not afraid of the power he carried, but instead narrowed his eyes and smiled with a hundred charm.

  "Your Holiness why this need to be so defensive?"

  The visitor, Hataran Night, laughed lightly, and his gaze crossed over Lianhua and looked at the open bronze door of the Golden Glazed Tower behind Lianhua.

  "Look, even the owner of this Golden Light Glazed Tower is inviting my humble servant to enter."

  Lianhua frowned and turned around to see that the Golden Glazed Tower really had its doors wide open, and his face was even more unhappy.

  "Your Holiness is still frozen for what? Venerable Cihang are already inviting us inside. Or is it ......"

  Hatched Lan night eyes turn, black gold fan fan handle against smiling thin lips: "Your Holiness does not intend to go with me, ready to wait for me to leave and then visit the Venerable Cihang?"

  A flip of the Buddha beads in his hand, as if to shake off his own irritable mood, Lianhua put away his attack stance. He was too lazy to talk with Hatran night mouth skin lawsuit, also clear Cixihang so put the golden light glazed tower tower door once open, will not listen to him only in the tower to transmit the voice out.

  What exactly is the need to put such a cunning and treacherous demon like Hatarani into the Golden Glazed Tower, exposing himself to the risk that he might be attacked by Hatarani at any time? --The first thing he wanted to do was to ask Cixi, but the one he had to watch out for was Hatarani, so he could only follow Hatarani with a frown.

  Hatarani seemed to be unable to feel the invisible pressure emanating from Lianhua behind him. He dragged his long embroidered cloak towards the Golden Glazed Tower, as if he was half afraid of being lured into the forbidden system and then being attacked from behind by Lianhua.

  In the quiet room at the center of the Golden Light Glazed Pagoda, the gray-robed Buddha heard the footsteps and slowly turned around from in front of the Buddha's phase.

  "Master Hatched."

  When Hatched Orchid Night saw the Buddha monk, he bowed with his head hanging in an elegant posture.

  "Your Holiness, it has been a while since I have seen you."

  "It has been a while."

  Cihang's eyebrows were soft and peaceful, and there was the usual subdued kindness between his eyebrows. Hatched Lan night can clearly feel that the cultivation of Cihang has fallen by at least one big realm, but can not see from Cihang's undulating face even half a faltering or scare.

  The heart sneers, Hatran night only: Cixihang is still the same Cixihang.

  Even without the golden body, he is still the unpredictable, indestructible, the venerable fool. A foolish monk who tries to ferry all the people in the world.

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