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Chapter 27

  How could a monk with no sect, no name and no name attract so many attacks? Durga was puzzled by this.

  Is there a connection between this and the monk's strange cultivation status?

  In general, the cultivation level of monks and the physical. The state of the body is synchronized. Because too weak flesh. The body can not withstand too strong cultivation, no spiritual roots of mortals to get the cultivation of the great golden immortal will only explode and die rather than daylight immortality.

  So even the most dragged down in combat power of the cultivator Dan cultivator, will also rely on pills to forcibly enhance the cultivation at the same time use drugs to quench their own flesh. Body, to achieve the effect of refining skin and bone.

  The monk with no name is very strange. His flesh. The body is strong and fit, but also still belongs to the realm of mortals, at most can be compared with the qi refining stage cultivators. But Durga in the monk's body with his heart pass, after entering the monk's sea of consciousness will find that the monk's body is also hidden a very powerful cultivation.

  Cultivation is stronger than the physical. The body is strong to a certain extent will begin to break away from the flesh. Body control, the cultivation of the master's divine sense is strong enough to be able to force down the cultivation of the riot. Chaos. But if it is forcibly infused cultivation, forcibly absorbed from him to cultivation, want to forcibly suppress the more will be attacked by cultivation and backlash.

  The monk's body latent cultivation but very obedient. This cultivation is not so much hidden too deep, but rather in order not to affect the flesh. The body, so lurking in the monk's body. If there is no out-of-body cultivation, and there is no scouting magic treasures and magical powers. General cultivators will never detect the existence of this cultivation.

  That repeatedly tried to snipe the monk's "people" is also very strange.

  With Durga's cultivation level, coupled with the augmentation of wisdom eyes, she could not see through what "person" it was. No, that can be seen as a "person" Durga have to put a question mark.

  The Heavenly Ear can hear the sound of a thousand miles around. As long as you open your mouth to speak, Durga can hear the sound. The things that stabbed the monk appeared to be human, but they did not communicate with each other in any language before. They are like a line of ants from the shadow, noiselessly pounced on the monk.

  Durga simply named them "human ants".

  Human ants, as the name suggests, is weak to Durga and a finger can crush ants as well. Durga has blocked four sets of human ants for the monk in the past few days. And the monk knows nothing.

  Miraculously, the ants that Durga thought would appear tonight did not appear tonight.

  If the Buddha's mother was behind Nameless and Nameless, the man who manipulated the ants should have stopped when the first set of ants died out. But that person sent another three groups of ants to follow.

  The day she talked to the monk in the street, countless people have seen it. Her interest in the nameless and nameless speaks for itself. If someone is drunk, seemingly wanting to assassinate nameless and surnameless, actually testing her bottom line, wanting to use nameless and surnameless to consume her is not impossible ......

  But this is also not right.

  "Xiang wish ah, you are sure that the day before I talk to that nameless and surname, there will be someone ant attack nameless and surname?"

  The first thing I did was to ask for the help of a friend. Although I don't know if the disciples below killed the human ants that Buddha Mother mentioned. But on that day, someone misunderstood that nameless and surname was my disciple, and the disciples below thought that someone was taking advantage of the name of our Boddhidharma. So they went to investigate. The disciples happened to break through the strange man to sneak attack that nameless and nameless, so they directly fought with the strange man."

  Durga sniffed and pondered.

  Bomutita disciples were wounded seven people, although they are only flesh wounds, but can hurt the vajra protection of Bomutita disciples, human ants may not be as weak as she thought.

  Xiang wish's face was painted half bright and half somber by the wavering shadows of the candle flame. He didn't like the fact that Durga put his whole mind on the monk, so he said, "After losing dozens of men with some cultivation skills and not being able to hurt that nameless and surname a single hair, knowing that Buddha Mother is determined to protect that nameless and surname, it is normal for the person behind this curtain to stop."

  Duerjia from the nasal cavity issued a hooked light hum, she leaned on the snow cheeks with one hand, if thoughtful said: "If it is really like this is good."

  The rain fell more heavily. There were occasional flashes of lightning and thunder. The whole county is closed, and there is not a single person on the road.

  The candle lamps on the table had already burned out, and the guest room where Xie Wei and the monk were staying was pitch black.

  A bed, two people, a man and a woman.

  The woman is beautiful, her features are dynamic, the corners of her eyes and eyebrows with a seductive charm. The man is sturdy and brave, with a high nose and deep eyes. Because the clothes on the body all wet, thrown aside to dry, at this time only a monk pants, honey-colored pectoral muscles, tight abs and a full back all exposed outside.

  The man closed his eyes and stood palm. His palm is very large, so large that a palm will be able to be next to the woman's peach cheeks into the palm of the pink face to play. The woman was lined by the man to the delicate. The small and soft, clothes under the hair of the neck white as if it will be in the dark faintly glowing, the waist is also slender as if it will be in the man's hands a rub to break.

  The actual fact is that the actual person who is in the position to carry the ambiguous. The bed, which is supposed to carry ambiguous. The bed, this man and a woman did not ambiguous. The man and woman are not ambiguous, not to mention entangled.

  Xie Wei and the monk are meditating. Not the kind of face to face can open your eyes to peek at me, I send a few dark waves towards you meditation, but two people sitting on one side of the bed, even fingers can not touch the end of sitting.

  A female cultivator in the Mei Sect is also considered a bit of a senior, sitting next to a man who is beautiful and still has his Yang. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Xie Wei seems to see the Mei Zong sisters applauding for themselves to send the trophy engraved with the four words "shame of the Mei Zong", and let her go on stage to give a speech about winning the award.

  --The monk's faith can't I respect?

  I feel like I really want to say so will be sisters with watermelon rind, rotten tomatoes to serve. Wait, Xie Wei shoulders shake, opened his eyes.

  Accustomed to the dark eyes silently cast a glance toward the monk, Xie Wei mixed feelings.

  Saying that she can rely on the Danxiu cultivation method to heal herself and improve her cultivation because she has the memory of her previous previous life, so she no longer Xiaozhao monk's yuan yang ...... that is definitely a lie.

  Good things who will be too much?

  The yuan yang is a tenfold tonic. Letting go of such an excellent yuan yang, simply only rely on pills to heal injuries to improve cultivation, Xie Wei has to spend out dozens or even hundreds of times the effort to get the same level of effect.

  This is not the peaceful world she lived in in her previous life, to do things can choose the means. After this village there is no such store, Xie Wei is very clear that she will not meet the second monk such kindness and generosity to her not to be wary of the man who is also carrying the highest quality yuan yang.


  She has to admit that this monk made her unable to do it.

  It is Xie Wei's credo to return the favor. The monk's sincerity and kindness in treating Xie Wei made Xie Wei want to return the same sincerity and kindness to him. She did not want to harm the monk who genuinely wanted to help her and Mei Zong.

  In the past, Xie Wei was most uncomfortable with hypocrites who pretended to be benevolent, but at this point Xie Wei hoped that the monk was only superficially compassionate. That way she will not only not hesitate to pick the monk's yuan yang this matter, afterwards will not have any guilt and guilt.

  In order to force out the monk's evil words, in order to feel bad for the monk, Xie Wei asked the monk full of malice to stop her from taking revenge, why not stop others from exterminating her clan.

  If the poor monk knew that someone was going to destroy the monk's clan, the poor monk would have done his best to stop it.

  If she could, Xie Wei wished she had never heard the monk say that.

  When the monk said this, she had a vision of the monk protecting hundreds of sisters of the Mei Clan with one person behind him.

  --She knew that the monk was serious when he said that. She knew that if there was really such a moment, the monk would really go to do that.

  Sweet words Xie Wei has heard a lot, and said a lot.

  On top of the bed, with people when the neck, many male cultivators like to hug her and say that the heart pleased her, love her, will give her the best life, will protect her.

  Xie Wei relies on people cultivation, ushered in as daily work, it is also always good to put on a sweet and intoxicated look, shyly replied: slave also pleased you ah, slave also love you ah, slave only to you is sincere ah.

  But these words are just words.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  That's why the Mei Sect was overthrown.

  The female cultivators of the Mei Zong's love head, even if only one can inform their love head before the Mei Zong's great disaster a word, the Mei Zong will not be one. The night was uprooted.

  Xie Wei has seen too many men and heard too many sweet words. She knows too well what the eyes of people who talk casually and those who have a mouth but not a heart are.

  So she merely looked at the monk and knew that he was really willing to lay down his life for Mei Zong.

  Not for personal love, not for fame, not for right or wrong. Not for her.

  Only for the Buddhist path in his heart.

  The farmer and the snake, the monk has done the farmer, but Xie Wei does not want to do the snake.

  But if she is not bent on revenge for the sisters, is not the monk placed in front of the sisters?

  Is this not a betrayal of the sisters who died in vain?