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Chapter 26


  The monk gathered his eyebrows and pondered, not saying a word.

  Xie Wei's eyes involuntarily strayed over his taut lips, full of malice wondering if the monk was pondering how to refute himself by brooding like this.

  But he can refute her words are just a few. The most important thing is that you can't stop the Mei Zong from being destroyed because he doesn't know that the Mei Zong will be destroyed, how can you stop something that you don't know?

  "The poor monk ...... did not know that the sect of the master would be destroyed."

  See, she thought nothing wrong, right? Next the monk should say -

  "If the poor monk knows that someone is going to destroy your clan, the poor monk will do his best to stop it."

  Xie Wei's eyelids jumped.

  The monk folded his hands in front of her and lowered his eyebrows: "Please don't misunderstand. The poor monk is not saying this to comfort you so that you can give up your hatred and stop killing."

  "In fact, if the poor monk can really prevent the destruction of your clan, it will not be for your sake, for the sake of your clan, for the sake of the living beings in the world, or for the sake of those who destroyed your clan not to commit sins."

  "The poor monk must be for himself."

  It is clear that the voice is so warm and generous, to Xie Wei's ears but carries a sacred nobility unattainable by ordinary people.

  The faint Buddha power came out from the monk's body, forming some Buddha light with compassion and enlightenment.

  "Life and death are ordinary, like foam in water. The more greed, the more anger, and the more suffering, the heavier the three poisons become. The only way to transcend is to let go, and to let others go is to let yourself go. --If it were in the past, the poor monk would have advised the monk to do so."

  The monk shook his head: "But this is wrong."

  What is Buddha? What is Buddha? What is precept? What are the precepts?

  The same question, the monk realized an answer in the presence of the Buddha's mother. He thought this answer was the whole story.

  However, after hearing Xie Wei's words, he at first realized the next realm.

  "A disciple of the Buddha abstains from greed and anger and foolishness, and that is for the purpose of elevating himself. However, the precepts given to oneself should not be given to others."

  Xie Wei: "?"

  Master, we are all adults now, can you speak more directly?

  Perhaps from Xie Wei's eyes read her mind, the monk slightly softened his eyebrows, towards her a faint smile.

  "The Buddha should have compassion for the world and all things in the world. The anger and rage of the monk come from the love for friends and family. If we were to assume that your anger is wrong, wouldn't that negate your love for your friends and family?"

  "We, the disciples of Buddha, advise people to go upward and relieve their worries in order to ferry all beings to the other side without suffering. If you cannot understand the love of others, but only condescendingly determine who is 'right' and who is 'wrong', and want to eliminate all 'wrongs' that are not to your liking, how can you How can this be called 'Buddha'?"

  "The monk is right. Not to pity the suffering of others and to demand generosity from those who suffer is not compassion. It is false compassion."

  Xie Wei: "......"

  This is the first time she's heard a monk say so much!!! This fucking speech added up to be longer than all the words she had heard from the monk's mouth before combined, right!

  She had always thought that monks were the type that spoke little!

  "I didn't expect you to be quite a good person, Master ......"

  "'The Way'? The poor monk's path is still far from 'up'."

  Seeing the monk bowing low towards himself again, Xie Wei cried and laughed.

  Probably poisoned by the TV series novels, as soon as the word monk Xie Wei thought of the king's scriptures do not listen to do not listen. She also when the monk is also that do not know how to love the Fahai, do things are "to the old son prevail" all kinds of unreasonable. She said she wanted revenge, the monk jumped out on the moral high ground to her gun, towards her beep what benevolence and morality.

  But benevolence and morality are reserved for people. Xie Wei can not be benevolent and moral to the beast that does not speak of benevolence and morality.

  She is not the kind of material to die with a smile, even if the reincarnation of three lifetimes can not be the Virgin. If the monk wants to stop her from taking revenge 100%, he will have to kill her.

  She also intended to tell the monk directly so.

  God knows the monk said so many Buddhist verses to her as soon as he opened his mouth ...... wait is this a Buddhist verse?

  Just, and the monk said is not a Buddhist verse does not matter. The monk in her eyes is a real high monk, his body all seem to be glowing, that should be like the warm sun general Buddha light.

  By so bright, open and vast things shining into the heart, even she such a twisted mind dark bones also a little humble people will feel ...... slightly redeemed.

  "-- This means that the master will not stop me from seeking revenge anymore?"


  The monk's demeanor is frank, his gaze is broad and gentle: "The poor monk means that the monk can act according to his own heart."

  "Only, so does the poor monk. I believe that the poor monk can find a way to resolve the grievances in your heart other than revenge."


  Xie Wei vaguely felt bad. Specific bad in where ......

   Although now she and the monk's gender reversed, but the internal flavor has been there, but also getting heavier ......

  "Uh, hmm. Then master you take your time to find. Take your time."

  The two words "slowly" bite heavy sound, but also dragged a particularly long. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  The monk Xiangwan saw his own Buddha mother sitting without sitting on the lotus flower treasure plate covering his stomach and laughing, no good: "Buddha mother, you eavesdrop on people again!

  "It's so easy to cultivate the Heavenly Ear Tong but it's not used as a decoration, isn't it a waste of my Heavenly Ear Tong?"

  Durga kicked her two long legs, which were smooth and delicate like sheep's white jade, towards Xiang Xin. Xiang Xin, who was almost greeted by Buddha's mother with her nose, had no choice but to reach out with both hands and hold both of Durga's ankles. He was standing in front of Durga's lotus flower treasure plate with a fierce look on his face, lifting Durga in an almost inverted position.

  Half of her body was lifted upside down, and Durga was not angry. She half squinted her eyebrows and smiled, "Besides, if you don't use it now, you may not have the chance to use it in the future."


  A single word unloaded the strength of Xiangwan's entire body.

  With a gentle movement that did not match his appearance, he put Durga back on top of the lotus flower tray, and Xiang Xin mumbled, "Buddha Mother is the head of my Bomutita, don't say such words that are sure to shake the foundation of Bomutita. It is nothing to be heard by me, but if it is heard by the Buddha's disciples below ......"

  "That is also the fate."

  Durga's words caused Xiangwan to bow his head.

  "It won't be. Fate will not be so. Fate is on the side of Buddha Mother, it is on the side of me, Bhoomutita."

  "Buddha Mother will surely survive the great tribulation, and I, Bomutita, will surely be stronger."

  Durga smiled, and she neither nodded nor agreed with Xiang-wen's words.

  Durga knew that Xiang wish was not actually blindly optimistic, nor was she trusting herself to the point of blindness. The only thing that Xiang wishes is unwilling to admit is that she is weakening, admitting that her decline is as irreversible as the five declines of a celestial being.

  If you look at the sects on the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud, but all of the Mei Sect, the Hop. The Huan Zong and Bomutita such as the dual cultivation method of cultivation sects, more or less will have the self-awareness of a corner, not afraid of things but also do not take the initiative to provoke trouble.

  Because of the late stage of the divine division and the cultivation of the Buddha's mother who has cultivated the heavenly ear, his heart and the wisdom of the eye, the status of Bomutita, not to mention the Mei Zong, is generally second-rate sects can only look at its back.

  Even though Dao Buguang is the head of the Heavenly Dao Alliance, he is not qualified to call out to Bomutita. There was no need for Bomutita to come to Yanzhou at the invitation of Dao Buguo to see the chicken of the Mei Zong have its throat cut and bled.

  But Pomutita still came, or Duerjia personally brought people.


  Because Duerjia is "rejuvenated" at an alarming rate, her cultivation keeps dissipating, and I'm afraid it won't be long before her heavenly ear pass and his heart pass of divine ability will be reduced to nothing. And her appearance will also degenerate from the eternal two-eight girls into loli, young girls or even babies.

  Cultivation fall can still hide one or two, but the change in appearance can not be completely concealed. The world of cultivation is not a peaceful world where no one comes to kill you if you don't make enemies, just for the sake of making a name for yourself, there will be countless people eyeing the famous but fallen cultivation of Durga for many years.

  If Durga dies, Bomutita's prestige will also fall to the bottom. Even if Durga does not die, once he is without the care of the Buddha's mother, Bomutita will probably become the next Mei Zong.

  Xiang wish was so anxious that he asked Durga to go into seclusion. It was hoped that the retreat would slow down Durga's degradation and also allow Durga to take a break from the limelight and not be known that she was weakening.

  Durga's thoughts were different from Xiang Xinghuang.

  As the saying goes, it's a blessing not a curse, it's a curse that can't be avoided. Durga decided to make the best use of the Avatar before it completely disappeared, which is why she brought someone to Dao Buguang's invitation.

  --She would like to use her heavenly ears to hear who dares to take Bomutita as the next prey.

  Of course, this is also a good opportunity to lure the snake out of the hole. If Durga's "rejuvenation" was caused by someone or other, then they must know that she was weak inside at this time. She traveled with such fanfare is just a bluff, intended to support the scene for Bomutita, so that people have three points of fear of Bomutita.

  Taking advantage of a person's illness. To send Durga on the road to death, it is necessary to take advantage of now. Otherwise, once Durr is in seclusion, it will be difficult for outsiders to know her whereabouts. Even if a thousand ways to inquire about Durga's trail, ordinary experts may not be able to break into Durga's closed forbidden place. If you let Durga meet any great opportunity ...... once Durga broke through the bottleneck of the divine transformation stage, the cultivation will only increase not decrease. If you want to kill her again, then you can only dream.

  The body as bait, Duerjia old God in the. She did not want to tie her hands and meekly wait for death, there is a chance to catch the fox tail, she will not hide and wait for death.

  "But I didn't expect no one to assassinate me for so many days,"

  Durga's gaze was cast to the rain curtain outside the window.

  "That nameless and nameless has been assassinated several times."

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