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Chapter 25

  "Snort ...... also 'lotus', look at your head full of bags, might as well be called 'lotus'!"

  "You also ah, also 'Zhiwei',you 'know' a fart!"

  The two of them were punished for fighting and fought again during the punishment.

  Hearing the noise downstairs, know that the two young apprentices again fought, Mei Zong patriarch a head two big, simply rolled his eyes and waved his hand pretending that he did not know this matter, ready to let the two young fight to happy.

  The female practitioners of the Mei Sect next to each other are covering their lips and laughing, and the good ones are taking out three or two spiritual fruits to place bets on winning or losing.

  The bottom of Xie Wei and lotus found themselves upstairs sisters as a bet, grabbed each other's collar pulled each other's hands awkwardly stopped in the air, is not to fight, not to fight is not - this does not fight it both have gas in their hearts, this fight it both with monkeys like people watched the hilarious. The two of them are both disturbed.

  "Go to the back of the mountain?"

  Xie Wei raised his chin.

  "Go! I'll go and fight!"

  The two girls are not in the same boat.

  The two young girls took a break from fighting and ran to the back of the mountain with a huff and a puff. The two of them were fast, but their sisters were even faster. When they both arrived at the back of the hill, the sisters small bench and melon peanuts are set up.

  This damn who still can fight down wow!

  Looked at Xie Wei and lotus face like eating sour dates, the monk could not help, eyes and lips out of some smiles to.

  The fight can not go on, the heart of the anger that has nowhere to put also dissipated.

  The fairy-like beautiful and fragrant sisters around pinching cheeks and flirting with a few, Xie Wei and lotus are a bit ashamed. The two of them were too busy to escape from the siege of their sisters, and have not fought since then.

  "It's my fault for fighting with you."

  It's not clear which day it was a few months later, but a day when the moon was particularly big and bright, Lotus and Xie Wei sat on the roof with a plate of birthday peach buns between them. The two of them are sitting in the middle of a plate of longevity peach buns, and they take a bite out of it, licking their lips and fingers, not letting go of any of the bean filling.

  "I don't tell you why I'm angry, how do you know why I'm angry?"

  Xie Wei also took the birthday peach bag, but she did not eat. She is a snow fox, she has never been interested in vegetarian food like longevity peach buns.

  "I am angry ah because I used to stay in that village is too poor, not the kind of poor food and clothing poor, is the kind of poor who do not treat people as human beings."

  "People in the village eat children, eat the elderly, eat dirt, eat rocks, eat everything. My parents took me in exchange for the neighboring mother-in-law, the mother-in-law's son temporarily could not eat me, I was raised in the neighbor's sheep pen. My parents split the mother-in-law's arm that night and stewed the soup, which smelled so good that the village people had red eyes. I saw my mother-in-law alive through a crack in the wall and just hoped she would die soon."

  "Not dead, the mother-in-law will have to be split alive the other arm to. ...... dead meat can not be put, vegetable people have to try to keep alive, so that the meat can be laid out for a few more days."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Xie Wei is green face, looks like immediately will spit out.

  "Coming here I would think from time to time, if at that time, I had a longevity peach bag in my hand ...... no, just a piece of ash noodles or not, is it that the mother-in-law would not be missing that arm."

  "I also think, if I could have a small pocket of beans, my parents would not have sold me out as a vegetable man."

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. I was only angry with you to fight with you, this is my fault."

  Xie Wei was silent for two seconds, she opened her mouth and stuffed the birthday peach bun in her hand with a mouth full.

  Chew hard and swallow. Xie Wei who finished eating the longevity peach bun took a deep breath before she went to look at Lotus' face, "You're right, I shouldn't take it out on the food. This bun, delicious."

  Lotus was stunned, and smiled again. She smiled with bright eyes and sweet little pear swirls on her cheeks. This is much better than when she tickles people.

  So Xie Wei also smiled.

  The name of the lotus flower was changed to Hop. The first thing that happened was that it was not long after that.

  "The name of the company is a very popular one. How come you're not happy that I changed my name?"

  "I am not unhappy? I'm just ...... a little uncomfortable with it."

  In private, Xie Wei actually feels that compared to the Hop. The name of the tree is more suitable for the lotus than the acacia tree. But the lotus itself likes the name Hap. The name "Huanhuan", she always bad to defeat the lotus ...... no, is the Huan. The interest of the cheerful.

  "Sisters! Look what my sister has got for you this time?"

  Three rolls of raw silk tossed in the air, looking at the treasures that Uncle got back from the head of the love, Xie Wei and Hop. The mouths of both Xie Wei and Huanhuan opened wide.

  "This, this is the raw silk that can accelerate cultivation when worn on the body! One roll of raw silk is worth tens of thousands of spirit stones, how much is it worth here!

  Uncle Xie saw Xie Wei and Hop. The earrings on the ear and the bracelet on the wrist. Huan and the bracelet was given to Xie Wei.

  "Hahahaha, you little ones don't care about that! Today despite the lively is!"

  The hands are heavy, Xie Wei and Hep. Huan glanced at each other, where do not understand how much these exquisite artifacts jewelry and that is worth ten thousand gold shark silk need to pay for the senior uncle.

  The most valuable thing about the female cultivators of the Mei Zong is that they are all beautiful bones and a pair of skin. Thousands of people up and down the clan use things, none of them are used in exchange for the bones and skin.

  Yes, the Mei clan up and down the thousands of female infants, girls, young girls, women, crone who were picked up by the Mei clan female cultivators, rescued. And every woman here, and have to eat and wear life.

  The female cultivators of the Mei Sect did not deliberately save only women. The truth is that the incense is precious, the baby boy is abandoned and there are always people to pick up and raise, young teenagers and old people as long as they are willing to work and not unable to find a bite to eat. If a girl is not born in a wealthier family, she will basically be treated as a burden.

  Almost all of the female practitioners of the Mei Zong are picked up and rescued. Because of this, the female cultivators of the Mei Clan, who know how difficult it is for their kind to survive until now, treat every one of them with the utmost kindness.

  Whether or not there are spiritual roots, whether or not the material for immortal cultivation. Mei Zong female cultivator pick up children to save people never look at these.

  Willing to follow the Mei Zong female cultivator back to the Mei Zong, Mei Zong female cultivator will take, not willing to Mei Zong, Mei Zong female cultivator also never forced. To the Mei Zong women, have spiritual roots can choose to enter the Mei Zong under the door, do not want to enter the Mei Zong can also be the same as other women without spiritual roots to serve. The woman who does not want to join the sect can also serve the female cultivators of the Mei Zong, by contributing points to the sect to live a stable life.

  Why doesn't the Mei Sect teach the most basic dust clearing, body clearing and water avoidance techniques? The reason is that every female cultivator of the Mei Clan knows very well that the Mei Clan has one less female cultivator who can serve. The women who depend on the sect's contribution points to live will have one less source of income.

  In order to let these women who have no power, can't kill magical beasts and can't write talismans to earn contribution points, in order not to hurt the self-esteem of these women, the Mei Clan female cultivators all life and living to others to serve. Waiting, their own ten fingers do not touch the spring water.

  In place of that, the female cultivators of the Mei Zong can squeeze as much as they can from the love head.

  This is an unspoken tacit agreement.

  The cultivation world is strong. In order to have sisters in the future to become the top of the cultivation world only by hard strength, ruthless role, whether it is slavish or to serve others with sex, the female cultivators of the Mei sect will do.

  And, no regrets.

  The Mei Zong in the eyes of the world is unbearable kiln, but in the eyes of the sisters, the Mei Zong is home, is a home with family.

  It is the only place for their wandering souls to return to.

  Following Xie Wei's divine consciousness, the monk who saw in Xie Wei's sea of consciousness how she stabbed Feng Changming in front of Feng Lingkong folded his hands and closed his eyes.

  "Amitabha Buddha."

  Things in the world are layered with cause and effect, little fox, no, Xie Shiyi killing is evil, Feng Changming who participated in the overthrow of the Mei Sect but is also the cause of his own evil to suffer its consequences.


  Hearing the monk's voice proclaiming Buddha, Xie Wei suddenly returned to his senses. Realizing that she was dreaming, she opened her eyes with a jerk, but the tip of her nose just disliked the monk's chest. In the front of the groove.

  Damn it!

  The monk was sleeping on the outward facing side, Xie Wei was stopped from jumping out of bed. She was so shocked that she jumped up and hit her head on the top of the bed, the top of the bed "thud" very firm. The head of Xie Wei is swollen with a large bag. It seems that the decoration of the Peaceful Inn is quite real material.

  The monk also woke up after being bounced out of her consciousness by Xie Wei. He sat up to face Xie Wei cross-legged, hands together and asked, "Master, what does the poor monk have to do before you are willing to give up revenge?"

  Xie Wei choked and put on a fake smile to pretend to be confused: "What is the master saying? My cultivation is so low, how dare I think of revenge?"

  "Master, you don't have to hide it from me, I saw it all just now."

  Xie Wei smiling face stiffened, straight want to stab Feng Changming who poisoned himself again ten or eight knives.

  "...... Master, do not look at the truth you do not understand, right?"

  "Master Shiyi don't digress."

  To the oil and salt monk, Xie Wei momentarily speechless.

  Want her to give up revenge? Unless all the culprits who caused the destruction of the Mei Sect were dead.

  The Mei Clan was her second home in her life. If not for this second home, she would not have been able to retain her humanity when her first home was broken. She and Hop. When Huan was still under the wings of her master and uncles, she vowed to guard the clan even at the risk of her life.

  However, she was unable to guard either the Mei Clan or H. Huan. Huanhuan. If she does not take revenge ...... what is the point of her living?

  But can she say such big truths to the monk blindly?

  "...... Master, since you have seen it, tell me if I am treacherous and ungrateful if I do not take revenge?"

  Sorry, she can.

  The monk is not what she is, so why should she care what the monk thinks?

  She had intended to go her separate way with the monk, which could not be the way, a shot in the dark is just as much a way.

  "Monks are not about karma? The destruction of my clan is the cause, I retaliate but the legitimate result. The living cannot and should not forgive the dead for those who harmed them, generous at the expense of others is just a knife not stabbed in their own body they do not feel the pain of false compassion."

  "Master, you want me not to take revenge, then why don't you stop those people from destroying my clan?"