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Chapter 24

  The southernmost of the thirteen states of the Immortal Cloud, the Red State has turned from a verdant green into a sea of red lotus fire. Countless demon cultivators are wailing and screaming, everywhere you can see missing arms and legs of demon cultivators crawling on the ground struggling.

  The little fox whose tail was on fire rolled all over the ground in mud, and at least extinguished the flames that scorched his tail. It fled in fear, shouting as it ran: "Father! Auntie! Where are you!?"

  The lead-gray net came down on the little fox, and the little fox was unable to dodge, so he tried to bite the net with his teeth. I did not expect that the net is not a mundane object, but a magic weapon. The little fox so a bite, extremely strong lightning will be released from the net, straight electric fox wailing, twitching more than.

  A rhinoceros demon took away the net, lifting the little fox, disappointed smacking his lips: "Tch, so is a red fox? This side of the Qingqiu should not live is the snow fox clan? Where is the promised snow fox?"

  "Why, the snow fox is all white, do clothes look good, those who like to get a personal cultivation of white, what cold and noble. The size of the snow fox skin has to be a human cultivator willing to spend a lot of money to buy. Immortal cloud thirteen states who do not know Qingqiu snow fox most, this is not a devil are catching snow fox well. We are just a nobody who cleans up the battlefield to pick up some leftovers, you still expect to find snow foxes in Qingqiu at this time?"

  The companion's heckling made the rhinoceros demon spit a bubble of spit on the ground. He carried the tiny red fox and scolded: "The same devil is still divided into three, six, nine levels! Those devils are just lucky to be a devil out of the womb! To compare strength, they are better than us! I can beat ten of them with one hand if I'm really fierce!"

  "Hahahaha, still talking in your sleep, brother? Recognize the reality early, we demons have strength, but our brains are no match for natural demons. When you fight with a natural demon, you will not survive. I don't want you to die, so I'm willing to give you a little help, you must understand my heart ah."

  "Understand your mother!"

  The rhinoceros demon cursed and fought with his companion. The two demons did not notice that the fox in the hands of the rhinoceros demon opened his eyes and was looking for help towards a dark, scorched hole under the tree.

  In the scorched hole, almost rushed out to help his childhood friend's red fox out of the trap Xie Wei was caught back by his father, by the breathless mother tightly covered the mouth.

  The tears of Xie Wei flowed over his cheeks and moistened his mother's hands. The mother, who is usually happy to see Xie Wei and her childhood friend having a good relationship, is holding Xie Wei's mouth with a deadly, painful force.

  After the demon elder who provoked the war between the cultivation world and the demon and demon sides was killed by the venerable Cihang, the demon tribe began a civil war because the group had no leader. Unlike human cultivators, demon cultivators are divided into three, six or nine classes centered on sects, and unlike the demons, they do not listen to anyone who is strong. Different demon cultivators or loyalty, or dependence on the demon race, or with different demon interests to see who gives more benefits to help who works. Since the internal warfare of the demon race, demon cultivators can hardly be left alone.

  In the past, the demon cultivators on the red state, people do not offend me, I do not offend, basically can still say that the peaceful coexistence. This time the red state directly into the main battlefield of the demon generals kill, the group of demons dance to kill the darkness of the sky. More demons take advantage of the chaos to attack demon cultivators to enrich themselves.

  Qingqiu snow fox is good at illusion and charm, in the force of nothing to see. And because of its beautiful and elegant fur, male and female foxes eyes into a pair of left and right will have the opportunity to refine the secret medicine "Qingqiu eyes" that allows people to transform into a variety of skin at will and be hunted like crazy.

  The Xie Wei family is the last nest of snow foxes in Qingqiu that has not been ended. But this luck seems to end here.

  The red fox's survival gaze exposed the cave where Xie Wei's family was hiding, and the rhinoceros devil and his companion looked at each other with a wicked smile and picked up the machete in their hands and headed for the scorched cave.

  The monk has not yet understood the situation, see the situation instinctively grabbed forward, but failed to prevent the rhinoceros demon a knife cut open the scorched hole under the dead tree, then Xie Wei from the hole to pull out.


  Xie Wei's mother saw her daughter captured, transformed into her original form and rushed up to hold the rhinoceros demon's arm on a bite.

  The rhinoceros devil has thick skin and flesh, and the fox's bite is not painful. He slapped Xie Wei's mother to the ground, before Xie Wei's father was about to cast an illusion and kicked the light formation gathered in Xie Wei's father's hand, grabbed Xie Wei's father's head and knocked it to the ground.


  The bones that landed on the ground made a crunching sound, and Xie Wei's miserable scream rang out all around. There were more demons attracted by Xie Wei's thin scream. The rhinoceros devil spat and cursed at Xie Wei: "Little bitch still dare to scream! You are satisfied with attracting so many demons over here? I'd like to see how many pieces your family of three will be torn into before you have enough to share!"

  The monk frowned and struck again toward the rhinoceros demon, which remained unnoticed, and the monk's fist went through the rhinoceros demon's body and swung straight into the air.

  "No, stop ......! Father, mother--! Little feather--"

  Three snow foxes, the skin alone is worth thousands of top quality spirit stones. What's more, the three snow foxes happen to be a couple of snow foxes, four eyes are able to do twice "Qingqiu eyes" of the spirit material.

  The red fox little feather could not sell much money was broken neck and thrown aside. The rhinoceros devil threw Xie Wei to his companion, himself grabbed Xie Wei parents to pull out the couple's eyes.

  --Trying to leave from Qingqiu without a dime is no longer possible. He was ready to take the "Qingqiu eyes" that could fetch the highest price and leave. The rest of the demons saw two adult snow foxes that could be skinned and boned, and they wouldn't all come after him and his companions at once.

  Blood splattered everywhere, Xie Wei screamed like crazy. That scream was quickly blocked by the rhinoceros devil with a piece of dirty rags to. Xie Wei even swallowed the dirty cloth, it seems to want to let themselves suffocate.

  The monk went after him with a single arrow step. He vaguely perceived that he was in a place that was not reality, he could not shake the scene, but he could not do nothing about it.

  Little Xiewei's suicide was not successful, not being able to die became the biggest mistake of her life.

  It was a long, long darkness, where she was subjected to violence at three meals a day in order to convince her, to make her afraid, to make her unable to escape. Xie Wei wanted to die, and listened to that rhinoceros demon said her parents were only blind, and seemed to be alive.

  Father, mother.

  Mother, father.

  Repeatedly chanting these two words, Xie Wei completely relied on these two syllables to survive the dark days.

  When Xie Wei saw her parents again, she was already a young girl who had grown up.

  She wore heavy handcuffs and shackles and was put on the stage for auction, and her parents were worn as part of the decoration.

  Xie Wei regretted it.

  She regretted that she met the eyes of Little Feather, regretted that she even thought for a moment that she could bite the bad guy and save Little Feather.

  She regrets that she dragged her parents into this, regrets listening to the rhinoceros devil when her parents were still alive.

  She regretted not dying.

  Her regret is both thick as if substantial, wrapped in that regret, even the monk felt hard to breathe.

  Poignant regret overshadowed all, behind a period of time Xie Wei lost all feelings other than regret.

  The monk, who could not stand firm, fell to his knees, and he almost drowned in Xie Wei's regret.

  Just as the monk was about to lose consciousness, the appearance of a figure broke the suffocation.

  "Come on, just eat a little! How can you be hungry?"

  The pretty girl, who was not more than a few years older than Xie Wei, smiled and handed the sweet-smelling birthday peach packet to Xie Wei. Softly coaxing the numb Xie Wei.

  This is the Mei Zong, the Mei Zong of two hundred years ago. At that time, Xie Wei was bought by the previous patriarch of the Mei Clan with tens of thousands of spirit stones and brought back to the Mei Clan.

  The young lady is the disciple of the sect leader, she volunteered to take care of Xie Wei, these days, pestering Xie Wei moment by moment.

  Xie Wei annoyed her, glared at her, she also ignored. It's like being born unable to read eyes.

  Today, the girl was not stopped by Xie Wei, but even more so, she was a nose-in-the-air. She directly from the plate out of a stuffed red bean paste honey filling birthday peach bag stuffed to Xie Wei mouth, rubbing Xie Wei lips and said: "This is very sweet, especially delicious. If you eat something delicious, you won't be sad."

  The young girl's words stirred Xie Wei's sensitive nerves. Her sadness can't be cured by eating a few longevity peach buns! What did this person take her grief and self-blame for! The first thing you can do is to take it as a cheap thing like a birthday peach bun!

  Xie Wei rose up, a hand pushed the girl to the ground, and even in front of the girl's eyes a foot flattened a birthday peach bun, straight to the birthday peach bun of the honey filling stepped twisted all over the foot.

  "Get out! You get the hell out of here! I do not need your care! I don't need your fake kindness! What do you know about me! Love to eat longevity peach bag you get out and eat until you choke to death!!!"


  Gasping for breath and glaring with bloodshot eyes, the irritable Xie Wei was punched crooked in the face.

  "You have a big anger at me is! Don't trample with the food! You think rice flour bean filling do not want money!

  The softness of the young girl's demeanor is gone, and instead her entire body is written with spunk.

  Xie Wei is not willing to show weakness, was slapped by a person will jump up to ride on people to pull the bald man's stance to pull people's hair.

  "Money? How much money?" Self-deprecating smile, Xie Wei reveals a mouthful of white teeth: "I'm worth more than this shit!"

  The young girl is also angry. She kicked Xie Wei on the chin and cursed: "You're worth money? You are worth nothing! Just your three taels of flesh, you think you can exchange for a few handfuls of rice in the village where the children are easy to eat!"

  Her jaw was kicked and Xie Wei bit her tongue. She reflexively shed some tears, and the young girl on the floor scratching, knocked over the table, knocked over the chair, making a mess in the room.

  The monk had never seen Xie Wei so spirited look. He first froze, and then his shoulders slackened.

  There is strength to fight and spill, it is better than thinking about dying. The monk didn't know who the girl was who fought with Xie Wei and was punished by the Mei Zong patriarch to stand with Xie Wei against the bucket and almost fought with Xie Wei, but it was clear that the girl must be someone Xie Wei cherished.