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Chapter 21

  Feng Changming invited the Feng family elders to come to a gathering in the name of discussing how to deal with the Bai family. In the name of this, he invited the elders of the Feng family to come to a gathering. In the past, Feng Changming never supported a head-on conflict with the Bai family, so he took the initiative to strike back at the Bai family, and of course the Feng family elders were happy to go to the invitation.

  In the meantime, Feng Changming closed all the doors and windows of the main hall of the Feng family on the pretext that the news should not leak out, and ordered the guards and guards to keep watch over the area, and the guards kept patrolling. When everything was ready, Feng Changming seriously discussed with the elders and pretended to forget the time after nightfall, asking the elders to wait while he ordered his subordinates to prepare the banquet.

  The elders have been working hard all day, and several of them are also dry-mouthed. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing.

  As soon as Feng Changming left, the maid disguised as "Zhiwei" entered the hall. The elders were not prepared, so they all looked at "Zhiwei" and dazzled, and were coaxed by "Zhiwei" to drink the tea laced with medicine.

  The massacre began.

  "Zhiwei" holding a dagger magic weapon killed all the Feng family elders in the room. She was breathing heavily, her head and face were scarlet.

  Feng Changming was outside the hall, hands behind his back, he listened with satisfaction to the screams coming from the house, every time a figure fell, his face added a glow of anticipation.

  The stumbling blocks were gone one by one. Soon, he, as the head of the Feng family, would no longer have to look at the faces of the Feng family elders. He will no longer be held hostage to people who chant that he can't do this or that. He finally had complete dominion over the entire Feng family. He was finally the true head of the Feng family.

  The sound of killing was like immortal music to Feng Changming's ears, and when the immortal music finally stopped, Feng Changming also removed the ban in the main hall and reopened the door to the main hall.

  The fishy wind wrapped with the smell of rust brushed Feng Changming's face, he stepped on the ground blood, into the main hall.

  As soon as she saw Feng Changming, the high grade Heavenly magic weapon that Feng Changming had lent her fell to the ground with a clang.

  "Zhiwei, you're hurt."

  Feng Changming lovingly took "Zhiwei's" hand and gently wiped away the blood on "Zhiwei's" face. The "Zhiwei" buried in Feng Changming's chest, crying.

  Xie Wei looked at Feng Changming indifferently as he picked up the magic weapon on the ground. To be honest, at this time, even if Feng Changming backhandedly stabbed the magic weapon into the chest of "Zhiwei", she would not be very surprised.

  However, Feng Changming just put the magic weapon away and hugged "Zhiwei" and said with affection: "Don't be afraid, it's all over. After that, I'll leave it to big brother Feng."

  The magic weapon that Feng Changming took to "Zhiwei" to kill her came from the hand of the Bai family's refiner. The magic weapon was imprinted with a unique driving spell formation that could not be tampered with by the Bai family.

  With this magic weapon, Feng Changming went to see Dao Buguo, who asked the Heavenly Dao Alliance to do justice to the Feng family. In his mouth, he was assassinated during a meeting with the Feng family elders. The elders all escaped death in order to cover the family head, but fortunately he barely escaped with his life.

  High-grade heavenly magic weapons rarely reach the market, partly because they are expensive, and partly because any cultivation. The family will try to keep the best resources at home, so that the family's children can use the best resources. Feng Changming took out the Bai family's high-level heavenly magic weapon to frame the Bai family, the Bai family is really a hundred mouths to defend.

  People with normal brains know that such things as assassination is to leave no handle. White family and the Feng family feud has long been everyone, the Feng family out of the question who does not first go to suspect the White family? This time the assassin with a magic weapon from the White family to assassinate the Phoenix family head and the Phoenix family elders, how it looks like a frame-up. However, Dao Buguo and the Heavenly Dao Alliance did not seem to notice the fishy situation and naturally sided with the Feng family.

  With the backing of the Heavenly Dao Alliance, the Feng family became aggressive. Although the Bai family insisted that the assassination of the Feng family's elders was not the work of the Bai family, they could not help but be affected by the rumors and became a street rat that everyone shouted at.

  But in a few days, the matter of the Mei Zong has become old news. No one is concerned about what happened to the remnants of the Mei Zong, and no one to find out why the Mei Zong female cultivators can be so heartless as to harm the dragon prince who has no enmity with the Mei Zong. The Mei Zong set off the ripples was thus drawn to a close. Next the entire cultivation world in the target is to take advantage of the danger of falling on the white family.

  "Wei'er, you're playing with Ling'er again."

  The proud Feng Changming returned to the courtyard and picked up his son Feng Lingkong, who was jumping towards him, and then paced in front of "Wei'er".

  After the Mei Clan was destroyed, "Zhi Wei" assumed the name "Wei'er" and lived in the main courtyard of the Feng family, becoming Feng Chang Ming's concubine.

  --To protect his beloved one from outsiders, he could not let her become his wife. But his love for her is true, so to prove it, he will continue to vacate the position of the main wife. Within the mansion of the Feng family, she was the only mistress.

  "Why do you look bad?"

  Feng Changming carefully rubbed "Zhiwei's" cheeks, but "Zhiwei", whose eyes were blue and black, trembled in fear and smiled perfunctorily: "I just didn't sleep well... ..."

  "Mother always sleeps badly lately. Father, you should think of something."

  Feng Lingkong's mouth pouted as high as the sky, he really regarded Zhiwei as his own mother.

  The reason is very simple, the elders do not allow Ji He. The reason is simple, the elders do not allow Ji Hep. From time to time, Zhiwei would show up in front of Feng Lingkong, bringing him delicious food and fun things to do. He would also accompany him and teach him to read and write, and watch him punish him by copying qualitative texts. He will also coax him to cultivate and hold him for naps.

  Feng Lingkong had more or less heard why he had "no" birth mother and why no one would tell him who his birth mother was. So he used his clever little brain to find his birth mother by elimination, and finally locked in Zhiwei.

  I don't know or have seen Jihe. Huan's Feng Lingkong mouth does not say, the actual has been wishful thinking that Zhiwei is his biological mother. Zhiwei closed for a few years, the boy because of his mother's cruelty not to see him hiding in the nest chewing on the quilt secretly crying.

  Feng Changming accidentally bumped into his son crying secretly, and learned the reason why he was crying secretly and cried with laughter. But he did not go to correct his son's thoughts, nor did he tell him that there is actually a Ji Heping in the world. Huan.

  After "Zhiwei" became Feng Changming's concubine, Feng Changming reunited the "family of three". Since then, Feng Lingkong directly called "Zhiwei" mother, and the elders who would hold him in place were no longer there.

  Breaking away from his father's embrace, Feng Lingkong jumped to the ground and gestured towards his father: "Father, look! Mother has lost weight! She has lost so much weight!"

  Feng Changming put his fist against his lips and laughed lightly, and finally picked up "Zhiwei" and laughed: "Yes, your mother has lost a lot of weight. She's almost as light as a little bird."

  "Changming ......!"

  "Zhiwei" was so ashamed that she first hammered Feng Changming's chest twice without pain, and then covered her red face with both hands.

  Feng Changming was so relieved to have a beautiful woman in his arms, so he sent Feng Lingkong away with the words "Let your mother rest well" and carried "Zhiwei" back to his room.

  The red tent on the robed bed, embroidery charming. Feng Changming got up after having enough, and was about to call the servants to change clothes and wash up when he heard rustling sounds coming from the bed.

  "Don't ...... sister, don't--"

  "I did not mean to steal your man, no ......! Senior sister, listen to my explanation, solve, ah ......!!!"

  The nightmare "Zhiwei" woke up from the bed and almost rolled to the ground.

  Feng Changming hurriedly a hand to hold "Zhiwei", "Zhiwei" but waved away his hand, tears flowing long, face ashen.

  "Brother Feng, really, I still can't stay by your side ......"

  Feng Changming frowned. The death of the elder of the Feng family and the frame-up of the Bai family, Zhiwei knew too many of his secrets, he did not put Zhiwei on his side to watch, do we have to let Zhiwei out and let Zhiwei become his broken?

  Ling'er is still young and loves his mother. If you let Zhiwei "die of illness" now, Ling'er will definitely be suspicious. The disagreement between father and son is not a situation he would like to see. For now, it is better to hold Zhiwei back and let her die in a haggard state in another three to five years.

  "What are you talking about?"

  "My sister is not necessarily dead! I didn't see Hopeful die the night of the Mei Zong's accident. Huan died! Hep... She is so much higher than me, she may not die in the tower even if someone set fire to it! Besides, what if there are traps and secret passages in the tower? What if there is a secret passage in the tower? Huan knew I was with Brother Feng ......"

  "Zhiwei" choked, already refused to lift his head to look at Feng Changming.

  "H... Huan will not let me go! She will definitely kill me with her own hands! ...... No, maybe Hopeful. The company is now on its way to kill me!"

  The "Zhiwei" is about to jump off the bed, she has no care to leave from Feng Changming's side.


  "What ......?"

  "Zhiwei" was pressed back into bed by Feng Changming.

  "Don't worry Wei'er, Hop. Huan won't come to kill you."

  "Zhiwei" was first confused, and then indignant: "Brother Feng, you can't predict what will happen! How can you be sure that Hopeful won't come to kill me? How can you be sure that Huan won't come to kill me?"

  Feng Changming increased his strength, pinned the struggling "Zhiwei" in his arms, and said calmly, "I can determine."

  "I told the people of the Heavenly Dao Alliance that Hop. Huan is in the tower for retreat, Huan. The tower where Huan is in seclusion should not only be set on fire. Don't say that H... The first time I saw her, I was able to see that she had only the peak strength of the firstborn, and even if she broke through to the orbital stage, she would definitely die."

  Seeing the "Zhiwei" in his arms does not say not move, Feng Changming smiled and asked: "Now you are relieved? Wei'er."

  "Well, relieved."

  Feng Changming froze, but saw the surrounding scenery dissipated, he also had an additional object in his mouth.

  That was the magic weapon. It was a dagger magic weapon that he had spent a large amount of spirit stones and used various means to get. That magic weapon came from the hand of the Bai family refiner, which was branded with the untamperable, unique Bai family drive spell formation.

  Yes, this is the dagger that killed all the elders of the Feng family and should be taken away as evidence by the Heavenly Dao Alliance.

  But this dagger, why did it appear in his mouth?

  Holding the dagger, Xie Wei Shu eyebrows and soft eyes, long eyelashes cast a light circle of gray on her eyes, she smiled brightly and charmingly.

  "Now I won't be afraid that I've killed the wrong person."

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