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Chapter 20

  Five days, the monk found nothing, could not find Xie Wei anywhere.

  This day the monk paid for a day's accommodation, after nightfall there is a curfew in Duyi County, the monk can not go out to look for people, so discuss with the second before closing are sitting in the lobby waiting for people.

  When he saw the higher ranking man coming, he went over to him and asked, "Brother Wang, where do you think that Danxiu girl can go?"

  The man smiled and poked the second head with his right index finger: "What does this have to do with you? Just do your job, don't worry about this and that! You think your life is too long?"

  "Oh, it hurts! Hey, brother Wang, you can be merciful! I'm just looking at that master's pity ...... he's been walking all over the nooks and crannies of Duyi County in the past five days, and I've seen his straw shoes are worn out. Also heard that he actually wanted to enter the Feng family to see ......"

  The fellow surnamed Wang hummed, moved a little compassionate he no longer poke Xiao Er head, just towards the monk who was sitting in the lobby again looking towards the door.

  "In fact, this kind of thing is not uncommon. Some people, ah, companions do not return once they go that is most likely this."

  Buddy took a hand in the neck to indicate a beheading action. Then said: "But it may be that his companion, from the beginning of the fight does not intend to return. ...... that day I saw clearly, the monk's body spirit stones are given by the woman Danxiu. I see that the woman Danxiu also does not look like a big-spending lady ...... you think about it, not spend money like a flowing lady, who buy some dry food and straw can give so many spiritual stones ah?"

  "So that--" Xiao Er followed the fellow's eyes, could not help but sympathize with the monk: "This master is left behind, right? Alas ...... is also, a good female cultivator, with a monk together where there is no future to speak of? It is better to separate as soon as possible."

  The man heard the words of the second, and began to poke his head with his index finger: "You know again? What do you know again? You are the most knowledgeable person in the world!"

  "Eh eh! It hurts, Brother Wang! Don't poke, don't poke ......!"

  The monk sitting in the lobby naturally couldn't have missed the sound of Xiao Er and the fellow making a scene. He silently chewed on the casual words of the junior and recalled seeing a scene during the day.

  "Fellow townspeople and neighbors of Duyi County, today my Bai family asks you all to be witnesses."

  The Bai family's gatekeeper clasped his fist to the surroundings, followed by a dead dog-like thin cultivator who was dragged up by the Bai family's clerks.

  "Spare your life! Spare my life! This immortal friend, no, this great immortal! Spare your life!"

  The skinny cultivator's face was covered in dirt and grime, and his whole body was in a terrible mess. In the face of death, he did not care about any face, crying with tears and snot. Ordinary people about can not be this thin monk and he is the landscape when the face together, the monk is able to see from his bones on the phase that he is the person he has seen.

  This wretched thin monk is no one else, it is that day with the five big brother went to the valley to search for the remaining sins of the Mei Zong oil head powder face. His a spit up foul language to unscrupulous mouth let the monk impressed by him.

  The White family's disciples did not pay attention to the man's pleas for mercy, and the White family's family man even kicked him hard in the back in public, making him cough and shut his mouth.

  "A few days ago this man killed his own blood brothers, and after my family arrived and seriously injured a dozen of my family members, and also injured the disciples of the Heavenly Way Alliance! In the past few days, my family has found out that this person killed his own brother just because he had a verbal dispute with his own brother, not because of any deep hatred. He killed his own brothers over such a trivial matter. It is shameful and hateful!"

  "No, it's not like that ......!"

  The skinny monk still wanted to struggle, he cried out in pain and argued loudly, "It was my elder brother who tried to kill me first, and I only fought back!"

  Some of the White family members rolled their eyes: "Just to fight back you need to cut your brother into pieces alive?" Someone else went up and took off his dirty shoes and shoved them into the monk's mouth, cursing, "You cut your brother up on impulse! Then what are you doing by seriously injuring the disciples of the Heavenly Dao Alliance and my family?"

  The White Family disciple didn't even bother to look at the skinny monk, he just said with great righteousness: "There is a saying: 'Killing to pay for life, paying for debts. So here, I not only want to collect the debts of the dozens of people who injured my family, but also want to pay for heaven. To do the right thing, this man's life to pay for the death of his innocent brother!"

  Said, the white family disciple said from the waist knife sheath pulled out the golden ring large knife. The monks outside the crowd noticed that he had moved to kill and immediately went forward to try to stop the monk from killing.

  But how could a monk who could not use divine powers compete with the speed of a monk? When he parted the tide of people in front of him, the Bai family disciple's sword had long been cleaved down, and a human head rolled on the ground with a grunt, but not many people around were afraid. Instead, there were many people applauding and shouting.

  To the human head that can not close the pair of eyes still soaked with tears, the monk half squatted down, he wiped down the skinny monk's eyelids.

  "Amitabha Buddha."

  The monk had only met with the greasy head and his brother, the bearded man, once. But he had a strong hunch that the matter of Oil Head Pink Face killing the bearded man was not as simple as a mere brother's quarrel.

  --When the monk and Xie Wei met the two brothers, the relationship between the two brothers was never so bad that you die and I live. Their relationship deteriorated after they left from the front of the wooden house.

  I've edited their memories a little.

  The image of Little Fox running his fingers through the air came back to the monk's eyes again and again. Even if the monk erased the fox's appearance from his mind, the fox's appearance would take shape in the monk's mind again in a short while.

  It was like some kind of magic barrier.

  The monk's mouth lips opened slightly and exhaled a foul breath. His eyelashes opened and closed, he suddenly found himself opposite an additional person.

  Durga hand on the cheek, a long white leg on top of another long leg. The monk did not have time to blink once more before Durga brought him into the sea of consciousness again with the divine power of his heart pass.

  The monk was stunned, but he quickly accepted the status quo. He stood with his right hand on his palm and bowed his head toward Durga and said, "Buddha Mother."

  Durga casually waved his hand, indicating that his false salute could be dispensed with, and then cut to the chase: "You are looking for someone. I can help you find the person you are looking for."

  Durga's words were an affirmation.

  She has the divine power of the heavenly ear, as long as you want to listen, a thousand miles around there is really no sound can escape her ears. She already knew about the monk's search.

  But the monk shook his head: "No need for Buddha's mother."


  "'There is nothing in the world more expensive than free.'"

  The tilted-headed Durga was stunned, then burst out laughing: "Who taught you that? Is that the person you are looking for?"

  The monk did not hide: "Exactly."

  Then Durga laughed aloud several times before saying, "What a great saying, 'Nothing in the world is more expensive than free'! Indeed, everything has a price. If you had answered yes, I would have asked you to join me, Bomutita, in exchange for finding someone for you. But since you refused, does that mean that you already have an idea of where that person is?"

  "Not so."


  Durga raised his eyebrows, then looked straight into the monk's eyes until the monk averted his gaze.

  "So that's how it is." Durga's lips hooked into a smile, golden lotus petals blooming in his eyes: "You yourself are confused about whether to continue looking for that person. ...... No, your biggest confusion is what you are looking for that person for."

  "Are you looking for her because you sympathize with her, pity her, want to protect her, want to do something for her, or do you want to question her, condemn her, and stop her from doing something that takes people's lives again. Is that right?"

  The monk was astonished and speechless.

  In front of the divine power of his Heart Passage, his heart was like a thin piece of paper, and the Buddha Mother of Bomutita was able to easily see through what was hidden behind that thin piece of paper, while he did not know what he had to do to hide his wretchedness in front of the Buddha Mother.

  Looking at the monk who looked three or four times similar to Venerable Cihang, Durga felt a novelty: Where was that Venerable Cihang ever confused? From the time she heard his. From the time she heard his name, that one was a more determined and more thorough being than anyone else in anyone's mouth.

  He never regretted what he had done, let alone tormented by the choice before him.

  Because that one has already decided the path he will take and always follow it. His path is the ultimate in purity, and the ultimate in defiance. No one can stop him from carrying out his path, even if that person is himself.

  It was because she met that one that she became the Buddha Mother she is today.

  "You want to find her, it's because you want to save her. You don't want to find her because you're afraid that if you save her she'll recreate the sin of killing."

  "You are afraid that you, the cause, will bear the fruit of evil through her. You are afraid that your own way indirectly harms people, that your own thought of goodness makes you indirectly break the commandment."

  The charm disappeared from Durga, and what surfaced in its place was maternal kindness and the Buddha nature as awareness.

  At this moment, there was no "Durga" in front of the monk, but only the "Buddha Mother of Bomutita.

  "Amitabha Buddha. What is Buddha? What is Buddha? What are the precepts? What are the precepts?"

  "Buddhism has precepts in order to make people behave properly and be able to do good. A person who keeps the precepts properly can become a Buddha, but he is not a Buddha. The Buddha cut down the devil in anger and yet he was still a Buddha, do you understand why this is?"

  Durga could have told the monk all the answers, but instead she only said half of the words.

  The most important thing in the Buddhist tradition is not the scriptures, not the artifacts, but the invisible enlightenment. Back then, Durga had an enlightenment from Venerable Cihang, and now Durga was trying to pass on what she had enlightened to the next person who had a destiny.

  The monk's eyelashes twitched slightly, and he quickly folded his hands and made a joint salute to Durga.

  "The disciple understands."

  The precepts are a guide, and following the guidance may lead to the path of Buddhahood. But if one does not do good for the sake of keeping the precepts, one is putting the cart before the horse.

  For the sake of the living beings, for the world, for joy, for goodness; death without regret, fall into infinity without turning back, only then is Buddha.

  Putting away the Buddha mother's mighty light, Durga smiled and sighed: "A little bit of it is clear. You and I really have a Buddha's destiny, how about it? How about joining me, Bomutita?"

  The monk, who felt a sense of peace and tranquility in his heart, also slightly curved his stiff lips and said with a standing palm, "Buddha Mother, please forgive me."

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