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Chapter 2

  The blue sky is high and far away. Two lines of myriad birds were attracted by the solemn chanting of scripture on Mount Sumeru, spreading their wings to break through the oncoming clouds, hovering above the square outside the Buddha's temple, with the chanting of scripture cries.

  Hearing the clear cry, some young Buddhist disciples could not help but open one eye to peek at the black-winged, red-beaked divine bird. Unfortunately, the elder brother who supervised the morning class was not far behind him, and the Buddhist disciple was caught in the act.

  The brother didn't say anything, but just waved the stick in his hand. The Buddhist disciple received a light and heavy stick on his back, and hastily closed his eyes and recited the sutra honestly.

  In addition to the disciples of the precepts hall, the rest of the Buddhist disciples must practice morning and evening classes, regardless of whether it is sunny or rainy.

  Listening to the constant chanting on the mountain, two disciples of the Precepts Hall, who had just been rotated down from the foot of the mountain, walked heavily with vague black circles under their eyes.

  There were 10,800 steps from the foot of the mountain to the gate, and the disciples had to walk up the mountain. The two disciples, in order to lift their spirits, chatted casually along the way. As they chatted, they talked about Venerable Cihang, who had recently suffered a serious injury.

  "I don't know what His Holiness was thinking, but he really let that demon devour his golden body!"

  The tall and strong Buddha disciple said with some indignation, but the thin and dark Buddha disciple beside him only said, "Didn't His Holiness say so? That demon general made an appointment with him and was willing to stop hurting other people's lives as long as he could devour his golden body. Amitabha Buddha, His Holiness deserves admiration for using his body to cross the devil."

  "That's a devil!!!"

  The tall and strong Buddhist disciple roared out, his eyes red with anger.

  "Can the words of the evil-doing devil be believed!"

  "Your Holiness eight hundred years to cultivate the golden body, the loss of the golden body is equivalent to lose half of the cultivation! Not to mention that the devil will break the agreement, while the power of the sneak attack on the venerable is bound to be his opponent, is that the devil will comply with the agreement from now on to put down the butcher's knife, he under the devil can also be the same as him? When the time comes, the big devil and small devil together to kill the door, your Holiness also want to let them go? Your Holiness has really lost his head this time!"

  Frozen by the raging companion's roar, the thin and dark Buddha disciple was speechless for a while.

  Everyone knows that Venerable Cihang of the Buddha Kingdom is the most benevolent Buddha in the world, and privately there are countless people who say that Venerable Cihang is the most demented person in the world.

  Venerable Cihang's idiocy began thousands of years ago. At that time, he made a great wish, saying that he wanted to ferry all beings in the three worlds; this word spread, not only the demons and demon cultivators laughed so hard that they could not straighten their backs, the cultivators of various sects and schools also took Cixihang's great wish as a joke.

  At that time, the cultivation world was not calm. Demon elders usurped power and seized the throne assassinated the then demon emperor, and then framed the cultivation sects, and then attacked several major sects with demon cultivators, setting off a war between the two sides.

  Cixihang tried to mediate, but the venerable Galan was tired of the fierce battle, fell in a big battle.

  Cixihang's peace vajra fork open for the first time into a wrath vajra, who all thought that Cixihang this is because of the death of Jalan anger and abandoned the great wish. Do not want to hold the vajra pestle first retreat devil army, behead the devil elders in front of the crowd; after stopping the monks allied forces, so that the sects had to stop, no longer pursue.

  With his feet on the eight-horned wheel. Pan seal, holding the wrathful vajra pestle, surrounded by the vast Buddhist Qi drumming robe straight to the sky. Carrying the head of the demon elders from the sky, the Buddha told both sides of the war: everything has its cause and effect. The devil elder started a bloody storm, causing countless people to die, which is planted the cause of evil. So the fruit of his death came back to him.

  Killing is the evil cause, killing is the evil karma. He, Cihang, still created bad karma by killing to stop the war. However, those who practice Buddhism are for the joy of all sentient beings. So if you can't persuade people to put down the butcher's knife and become Buddha, he would like to bear the evil cause of the three worlds of sentient beings, to kill to stop killing, to kill as a ferry.

  Cixihang said this is clearly a little naughty, logic is a round and unhindered. Demons and demon cultivators fear Cixihang force, the sects and schools of cultivators in the name of righteousness and can not say Cixihang. A would have stretched for several years, the vicious battle of millions of corpses had to end in this scribble.

  Since then, everyone knows that there is a venerable Cixihang on Mount Sumeru, this venerable person is a fool, vowed to ferry all beings in the three worlds.

  "I think the people of the Hall of Light are right! Venerable Cihang is all about greed, anger and dementedness!"


  The appearance of a cold voice made the tall and strong Buddhist disciple who was blabbering like he was choking on a stone in his throat. The cool, white-clothed monk, clad in dew, walked down the mountain path with the vague fragrance of lotus flowers.

  "Your Holiness!"

  Seeing Venerable Lotus, the thin and dark Buddhist disciple hastily lowered his head with his right hand standing palm toward Venerable Lotus and bowed over to meet him.

  Venerable Lotus nodded towards the thin and dark disciple, then looked at the tall and strong disciple and said, "Mouth karma is also karma, from now on you will cultivate your mouth for five years."

  The tall and strong Buddhist disciple then came back to his senses and replied with a cold heart: "Yes ......"

  The long, slender, phoenix-shaped eyes were unruffled, and when Lotus heard the disciple say yes, he did not move or become angry: "One more year."

  The Buddhist disciple's back was cold, feeling that Venerable Lotus had seen through his own heart's disobedience, and this time he completely shut his mouth and made no more noise, only bowing his head and standing on his palm to show that he understood.

  The cold figure left a little fragrance behind and was soon blown away by the mountain wind.

  Recently Lianhua has heard that kind of talk more than once. Lotus knows that Cixihang's desire to cross all beings in the three worlds is true, but he also understands why a disciple who has just been initiated for only a few decades cannot look at Cixihang's words and actions outside of worldly reasoning.

  --He also felt that Cixihang was willing to trust a demon and take his own golden body in exchange for the demon to stop killing people is unbelievable. You know that the golden body is devoured, the pain is like being torn open by ten thousand parasites skin, inch by inch swallowed flesh and blood. Without the golden body of Cixihang is as fragile as a mortal, an inadvertent re-traumatization, he is going to die.

  The Great Venerable Bodhi did not condemn the recklessness of Cixihang's action, but also allowed Lotus to go to get the treasure bottle of magic, with the sweet dew for Cixihang healing. But at the same time, Bodhi also ordered Cixihang in the golden light glazed tower to re-cultivate the golden body. Cixihang one day not re-cultivate the golden body, Bodhi will not agree to him out of the tower.

  Pushing open the door of the quiet room in the center of the Golden Glazed Pagoda, Lianhua, who came with the treasure vase, saw Cixihang, who was unconscious on the ground, at a glance.


  Lotus Hua was startled and hurriedly went forward to help Cixihang, but saw that Cixihang's face was two shades grayer than the plain monk's robe he was wearing.

  "It's Lianhua ah ......"

  Cixihang's eyes have no focus, five senses in the vision was completely cut off, hearing is also impaired he is smell Lianhua's body of a light fragrance to identify the person.

  Seeing that Cixihang was still alive, Lianhua put his mind down a little, but then he frowned again and asked, "Cixihang, what are you--"

  Cixihang smiled bitterly, knowing that his following words would annoy Lianhua: "My incarnation, was attacked."

  "Incarnation? You haven't even repaired your golden body and you've separated into avatars? Do you know that the incarnation can also affect the main body? If your incarnation has a shortcoming, without the golden body to protect your body, you-"

  "I know."

  "Know that you still ......!"

  "I said that I want to ferry all the beings in the three worlds. As long as it is for the ferry, I can do anything."

  Cihang was still smiling, his only hang-up now was not how he was doing. Rather, it was whether the incarnation with which he had lost contact would be able to complete his task properly.

  --The heavenly fox comes out of the world, the world will have a disaster. In the celestial machine he saw, the fox demon cultivation to restore the revenge of the destruction of the family slaughter around. Blood flowed wherever the enchanting figure went, and millions of dried bodies of men were piled up at her feet.

  Cihang could not let this happen. So despite the hardship, he could not leave from the Golden Glazed Pagoda, he still separated his incarnation and sent it to find the demon cultivator.

  The incarnation traveled smoothly, but was attacked when it reached the valley where the demon cultivator was bound to appear. Before the incarnation of Cixi could see who had attacked him, the incarnation made of lotus roots was meticulously shredded into mush.

  The other party was so careful that they even used a handful of samsara to burn Cixi's incarnation clean, raising the ash in the valley's stream.

  Cixihang cultivation is extremely high, lotus ash met water, from death to life. Cixihang did not control the incarnation to chase his attacker, just send the incarnation again to wait for the demon cultivator. This time his incarnation was waiting for the demon cultivator he was looking for, but the demon cultivator fell from the air, directly to the will be resurrected Cixiang incarnation smashed into something unnameable.

  Before the last link between Cihang and the incarnation was forcibly torn, Cihang injected a lot of cultivation into the incarnation. Now that the connection had been broken, Cixihang could no longer tell what the condition of his incarnation was.

  Cixihang wanted to re-establish the connection with his incarnation immediately, but his golden body was broken and he had suffered repeated severe injuries. Now not only was his physical body depleted of cultivation, but his sea of consciousness was also muddy and chaotic.

  With a long sigh, Lianhua took out a treasure bottle and fed the manna into Cixihang's mouth.

  The manna could help Cixihang's repaired flesh and restore his cultivation, but it could not affect Cixihang's sea of consciousness. When Cixihang became conscious again, his consciousness had fallen into the purgatory of the sea of consciousness.

  At this moment, in the valley under the Mei Zong Mountain, a very hunting picture appeared. All kinds of broken limbs like self-awareness that wriggled and put together on their own, first a hand, then a foot, then half the body, a pile of internal organs.

  It is also fortunate that Xie Wei is still unconscious, otherwise she saw the SAN value of this wildly falling picture is afraid to be scared directly to the braid.

  About half an hour later, the man with deep contours and handsome features opened his eyes violently. His deep black pupils contracted slightly after the sense of light, which also seems to condense a little gold-red color.

  The man who had been burned to ashes by the Samadhi fire was not clothed. His well-defined pectoral and abdominal muscles were incendiary exposed to the air like that.

  With a little bewilderment looked at his raised hand, and looked at his long legs stomped on the ground, the man followed the stretches of blood under his body saw the arms because of serious injuries and the original shape of Xie Wei.

  The fluffy snow fox was covered in blood, the soft white fur was dyed red, and some of the blood on the top had coagulated into small blood clots.

  The man froze for a second, and suddenly knew what he should do.