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Chapter 18

  With Durga's late-stage cultivation of the split god, it was not difficult for her to discover that there was a power that sealed the monk's divine sense. Only that power was too weak, and when Durga realized the presence of that power, that power was also like straw being burned up by Durga's divine sense instantly without leaving a trace.

  Buddha disciples to reach a certain level of cultivation can be based on personal opportunities to cultivate the Buddha's five eyes and six divine powers. At the age of 400, Durga cultivated the Heavenly Ear, which can hear the sound of everything in the world; at the age of 600, he cultivated the Wisdom Eye, which can tell whether a person has wisdom and can achieve enlightenment; at the age of 900, he cultivated the Other Mind, which can sense and connect with the human mind.

  At this moment, Durga's divine sense pierced into the monk's sea of consciousness, and the power of his heart pass began to play. In front of the monk's eyes flashed the red lotus blazing hell, and in his ears he heard the sorrowful howls of all living beings in hell. He also saw the Buddha Mother descending from the sky and shooting an arrow with a flower vine bow and arrow toward the Abhinaya Hell. This arrow broke the dome of Abhinaya and enabled the Buddha Mother to descend on top of the hell.

  The Buddha Mother, in her benevolence, led the charred corpse-like beings to fly over the hells and into the realm of the four joys constructed with her mother's body.

  She transforms herself into a vessel for the soul, and as a mother, she embraces all beings in the world, holding in her all-embracing love and hatred.

  Once the soul enters the Buddha's mother's womb, the mother bears the soul's karma and gives the soul peace in death and joy in life. Only when the soul forgets its suffering and gives up its obsessions in joy can the soul become a Buddha. The Buddha Mother is also the Buddha Mother because she gave birth to the Buddha.

  The Buddha Mother is also a Buddha because she gives up her body to bring people to Buddhahood.

  "Amitabha Buddha."

  The monk folded his hands, closed his eyes and bowed his head to combine the ten seals in front of his chest. He was not compelled by the realm of the four joys transformed by the Buddha Mother, who therefore did not incarnate to compel the heavenly demons, but instead was surrounded by auspicious clouds and a thousand paths of Buddha light behind him.

  "Good man has wisdom roots. Poor nun would like to enlighten you, give you a supreme Buddha fate."

  The corners of the lips smile like joy and sadness, eyes loving compassion. Towards the monk's hand palm born a wisdom eye. Duerjia smiled and asked, "How?"

  The monk did not open his eyes and did not raise his head, reverently made a seal: "Poor monk has no sect, no name, no name, thanks to the bhikkhus to enlighten, poor monk was able to realize the theory of giving up his body to cross people thanks to the bhikkhus."

  Durga was stunned, and then smiled.

  "Really have the root of wisdom."

  Obviously being politely rejected, Durga was in a good mood. She collected the divine power of his heart pass, and at once hell or the realm of four joys, all the illusions disappeared.

  The monk slowly opened his eyes, only to see a martial monk dressed as a monk from the six-teeth white elephant next to the fast walk, some vigilance after measuring himself frowned at the Buddha mother pulled a long face: "Buddha mother -"


  Durga nodded slightly, signaling his right and left hand of Xiang wish need not say more.

  Xiang wish to see the green day in the public caused a commotion Durga willing to obediently go back with himself, slightly relieved, also closed his mouth. However--

  "No clan, no sect, no name, no name, right?"

  Durga looked back towards the monk and smiled: "Poor nun took note of it. If you have time later, you and I can discuss Zen like this again."

  "Discussing meditation? Did the Buddha Mother speak just now?"

  "Didn't she just ask the monk what his name was and which school he came from? This is also called discussing Zen?"

  "Staring at a person's face for a while is called discussing Zen, so I can also discuss Zen."

  "This Bomutita's theory of Zen is really weird!"

  "Hey, maybe they mean to look at the face..."

  The frivolous monk who smiled and elbowed his companion in the face received a fierce glare from Xiang Xin before he finished his sentence. This glare contains Buddha's qi and has the power of a vajra lion's roar. The frivolous monk seems to have received a bruising blow to the head, his eyes rolled upwards and he fell to the ground with his face directly shaking twice.

  The surrounding crowd of spectators did not expect the Xiang wish cultivation to be so dominant, have taken a step back. From the side of Duerjia and Xiang wish to make a circle to. Duerjia is not interested in trivial matters, the air to re-enter the treasure plate. Xiang wish also walked back to the white elephant with six teeth, looking back at the monk with a deep look.

  The monk didn't care how the Buddha Mother or Xiang Wang was. He went against the luxurious procession of the Buddha Mother and her party, still looking around for Xie Wei.

  --If he hadn't seen the heavenly gods and Buddhas shown to him by Little Fox in the sea of consciousness, perhaps he would have been willing to join Bomutita's discipline after the Buddha Mother had used his Heart Pass to show him Bomutita's quest.

  But now, he only wanted to find Little Fox.


  The room was forbidden, so he couldn't see how things were going outside, and there wasn't any timekeeping tool in the room to tell Xie Wei the current time. Being fed a bunch of messy cartilage, soothing tendons and other stuff, the invalid Xie Wei who could not take care of himself did not know that he had been under house arrest by Feng Changming for a few days.

  It may be that when one's back is turned to the extreme, one starts to get lucky, and as the medicinal forces in Xie Wei's body run amok, torturing her to the point of death, Xie Wei recovers a memory from her Dan Cultivation days.

  This time it was a memory about cultivation.

  The reason why Dan Xiu will go to be a Dan Xiu is mostly because they have no choice. As we all know, the single spiritual root cultivation speed is the fastest, the sects are scrambling to grab. On the contrary, more than three spiritual roots is a waste of material, how to repair is difficult to upgrade from Qi refining to the foundation, even if forced to build the foundation, the result is often due to the lack of longevity directly lost in the cultivation of immortality.

  Dan cultivation speed is very unstable, enhance the realm basically rely on pills to force up. In other words, even if you are no sect to three, four spiritual roots of the scum, as long as you are not afraid to waste life, willing to eat that suffering willing to waste that heart to do Danxiu, can endure Danxiu than their own lower than their own weight, or even two major realms of other cultivators to be weak, it is not impossible to take the road to immortality.

  Medicine is three points of poison, Shennong tasted a hundred herbs and petrified. Take more pills, there are inevitably residual drug power in the body of the Danxiu, due to residual drug power and suffer from various diseases Danxiu too many to count.

  Xie Wei's hobby in her previous life was researching elixirs, and her specialty was making elixirs. Her body also has a considerable mix of medicinal power, but also often tortured by the medicinal power of the body in severe pain.

  Problems have to find a way to solve the problem. Tormented by severe pain, Xie Wei in a previous life turned to study the body's medicinal power, and eventually found that the medicinal power can be divided into different categories through the tendons and veins to guide the absorption of acupuncture points.

  This method sounds simple, but the operation is extremely difficult, need to have the researcher's patience and meticulous, the slightest mistake will have the possibility of delirium into the fire.

  In this life, Xie Wei's life-saving techniques are illusionary enchantment, using illusionary enchantment must be better than normal people to distinguish between reality and illusion in order not to be devastated by the sea of consciousness and become crazy. Xie Wei's divine sense was refined to be stronger than in her previous life, and because of the experience of her previous life to draw on, she quickly became comfortable with absorbing the medicinal power.

  In just a few days, Xie Wei's cultivation level has risen to the late stage of fusion, with vague signs of reaching the peak.

  The sound of footsteps came from outside the door, Xie Wei distinguished the person was Feng Changming. The cultivation operation, so that his forehead issued a thin layer of sweat. Xie Wei made a weak appearance, sickly on the bed.


  Feng Changming came towards Xie Wei as soon as he entered the door, he picked up Xie Wei, only to see Xie Wei looking towards him with sad, distant and complex eyes with hidden affection.

  The words on Feng Changming's lips struck a chord.

  "Sorry, Zhiwei, these days to keep you here. Big brother ...... does not want you to be impulsive."

  Xie Wei was not sure what image she had in Feng Changming's heart, and all she could assert was that she was definitely not the same as Feng Changming thought.

  She inwardly indifferently watched Feng Changming's performance, pondering that Feng Changming must have used these days to set up a lot of things. I just don't know what Feng Changming is trying to do with her as a knife.

  "I have been operating in secret these days, trying to find out where Ling'er has been hidden by the elders. I can no longer let the elders take Ling'er as a hostage ...... Zhiwei, you take Ling'er and escape."

  Seeing that Xie Wei didn't answer half-heartedly, Feng Changming wasn't annoyed. He lowered his eyelashes like a mumble and said softly, "No, let's forget it. I know you are being chased and still want to sneak back to see me and Ling'er to see if we are doing okay, this is already the most benevolent. I have no reason to let you take Ling'er with you and let him drag you down."

  Feng Changming said and took out a bottle of antidote, this time he did not indiscriminately give it to Xie Wei, but placed the medicine by Xie Wei's hand.

  "I have already prepared a spell for you to escape. After your body recovers, you can follow the secret passage behind my bookshelf and leave. At the end of the secret passage, I have prepared a small flying boat."

  "This ...... how can this ...... work!"

  Xie Wei shakily leaned up: "The flying boat is even smaller one is also worth tens of thousands of top quality spirit stones, I-"

  Feng Changming's right index finger tapped Xie Wei's lips, stopping her following words: "As long as you can be safe and sound, it is worth it."

  As if he hated himself for revealing his deepest hidden feelings, Feng Changming hurriedly stood up and hid the hand that had touched Xie Wei under his red robe. He turned his back on Xie Wei and said with determination and bitterness, "Today is the last time you and I will see each other. Zhiwei, I've been thinking, if I met you first, instead of Hohan ......"

  The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. The first thing you need to do is to take the antidote and pour it into your mouth, followed by rushing out of the room and hugging Feng Changming's arm.

  "Brother Feng, I do not want! I don't want this to be the last time we see each other!"

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  "I can't help it for Brother Feng, I can't help it for Brother Feng ......! I know that Brother Feng is the master sister's man, but also can not stop thinking ...... if, if the person in Brother Feng's arms is not sister, if Ling's mother is not sister ......"

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