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Chapter 16

  The moment the lips touched the rim of the cup, Xie Wei froze for a moment.

  The memory belonging to Dan Xiu from her previous past life told her: something had been added to it. Although she could not recall what it was for a moment, but there is no doubt that it was definitely not something good.

  The Feng family head who has always been clothed and fed has never served. He did not find that the tea he poured to Xie Wei had already been cold. And Xie Wei, she touched the cold wall of the cup, feeling the cold as if to seep into the heart of the person's hand, force the cup of tea into the palm of your hand.

  Feng Changming poured to her this cup of tea, she drank.

  The first thing you need to do is to drink a drop.

  "- Zhiwei, do you also think I'm stupid?"

  Sitting gracefully on the parapet, Hop. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  Look at Hep. Huan's careless look, Zhiwei was very angry. She snatched the branch out of Huan's hand. The white magnolia branch in Huan's hand, hatred and irony to crush the top of the flower blooming just right.

  "You're not just stupid, you're stupid! Hap. Huan, have you really thought it through? You and Feng Changming together, it is the same as giving up your immortal path ah! Feng Changming's cultivation level is not high, and the essence you can get from him is already limited! You still care for him and refuse to take more for fear of his essence exhaustion ...... If this continues, when will you be able to break through to the next major realm?"

  Hep. Huan innocently opened big eyes, flattened his mouth and said, "Then I can't follow someone else and still do that with another man, right?"

  "That thing? Since when do you call cultivation 'that thing'? Since when are you ashamed to even say the word 'cultivation'?"

  The voice was raised again, and Zhiwei knitted her slender eyebrows and said pointedly, "Everything is fine now that you are in love with each other, but together. The man will get tired of the joy - you have seen so many men, do you still do not understand? When Feng Changming doesn't like you anymore and doesn't want you, it's you who will be sad!"

  Zhiwei said so nonchalantly, Hep. But Huan only lowered her eyes, long eyelashes fluttered twice like butterfly wings.

  "I know. How can I not know? But what can I do? I liked him, I liked him from the first moment I saw him."

  "He's not like other men. The way he looked at me was different. His eyes were so clean, so deep, there was neither contempt nor lust in them. Lust. He just looked at me, at me in front of him. Look at me as a person, look at me properly."

  "Zhiwei, I want to cherish him. Cherish Chang Ming who will treat me as a person and not as a plaything. ...... Can you understand me?"

  Zhiwei was speechless.

  How could she who hadn't loved anyone since her parents' death understand Hop. The feeling of happiness? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. Hap... Huan was imposing herself on others.

  However, Zhiwei nodded against her will. She was silent for a long time and squeezed out a sentence: "If you think you won't regret it, then let it be."

  The... The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. ...... It doesn't matter if others don't understand me, as long as you understand me, that's enough."

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  The first thing you need to do is to get your own personalized, personalized, and personalized products. The first thing you need to do is to support the company to the end. The first thing you need to do is to get your own personalized product. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of the situation.

  Both Zhiwei and H... The last Mei Sect Patriarch, their mentor, fell along with several of the Mei Sect's distinguished elders within a few years after that.

  The first time I saw her, she was a little bit of a nerd. The two of them had been in the same boat for three hundred years, so not only was their seniority higher than Zhiwei's, their cultivation was also much higher. The chaotic Mei Clan needed someone to take charge, so Hep. Huan became the "Ji Huan. Huanhuan".

  The "Ji He. Huan" is the new pillar of the Mei clan, is also the new face of the Mei clan. Hap. Huan can be afraid to hug Zhiwei and cry all night the night before inheriting the position of patriarch, Ji He... Huan but can not drop even just one tear in front of people.

  "Tears are a woman's weapon, we usually have to save some flow."

  This kind of words Ji He. The woman's smile is bad and charming and sly, Zhiwei looked at her but only felt pain in her heart with a knife stirring.

  Hap. Huan is not so smile.

  Hap. Huan is no longer there.

  The only one left in the world is Ji Hefei, who had to be merciless and merciless for the sake of the Mei Zong. Huanhuan.

  "Cough cough ......!!!"

  Xie Wei, who was tied to the chair by Feng Changming with the immortal lock, kept spasming, convulsing, and coughing incessantly.

  Feng Changming is not the usual medicine and poison cultivator, he gave Xie Wei medicine without proportion, is the ring in as much medicine as possible.

  The excessive amount of vomiting medicine tortured Xie Wei, she was like a fish thrown on the shore, struggling and fluttering but could not return to the water.

  Feng Changming couldn't stop biting his fingers, he didn't expect this vomiting medicine to be too much not only to make Xie Wei answer his questions properly, but even make it difficult for Xie Wei to even speak.

  Xie Wei was dying of pain, she rolled her eyes and twitched while foaming at the mouth, but her consciousness was clear, free from the shackles of the flesh. The shackles of the body on the sidelines watching all this from above.

  Feng Changming still took out the antidote in the end. He stuffed five or six pills into Xie Wei's mouth, see Xie Wei to vomit out, and directly dislike the entire mouth of the bottle into Xie Wei's mouth.

  The actual fact is that you really want to save people or you just want me to die faster?

  If it wasn't for the fact that divine sense can't hit people, Xie Wei guaranteed that she would have jumped up and given Feng Changming a few big ears this second.

  The first time I saw that my body was going to be drugged to death by Feng Changming, Xie Wei let out a sigh and had no choice but to return to the flesh. The body.

  Thanks to the memory of her previous life, Xie Wei had already distinguished that Feng Changming had given her a vomiting medicine when she drank the first mouthful of residual tea. This medicine can affect the practitioner's spirit from the physical level, making the practitioner unable to control his words and actions. Overdosing can cause spasms, convulsions, and even death in those who take it.

  Feng Changming tried to dig information out of her mouth, which means that Feng Changming did not mean to kill her, at least for the current stage, she is still useful to Feng Changming.

  On the other hand, if she is still useful, she will be a headache for Feng Changming if she breathes her last on the spot.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. But all in all, not to let Feng Changming get the information he wants so that she can survive.

  Xie Wei weighed the pros and cons of the risks in the moment of drinking the tea, and only then decided to drink the remnants of the tea that Feng Changming had drugged in one go.

  "Feng, big brother ......"

  Swallowed a mouthful of medicine, Chu Chu pitifully red eyes, Xie Wei hoarse voice whispered softly shouted Feng Changming's . The name, tears fall like rain.

  The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the tears, and Feng Changming shrank back, showing his face in shame.

  However, Xie Wei did not scold, nor blame. She just before losing consciousness, desperately, as hard as she could, as if in the end of the wish as seriously, with her little finger hooked Feng Changming's hand back.

  Feng Changming's shoulders shook sharply and he looked at Xie Wei. But he saw Xie Wei with tears on her face, smiling and closing her eyes.


  The heartstrings were plucked and a long resounding sound was made. Feng Changming felt like an ancient zither that had fallen into dust and suddenly found its own tone.

  He thought back: Zhiwei always visited him and Ling'er every now and then before she closed her door. She always said it was Jihe. The first time I saw her, she said she could not leave, so she came to see. She always said it was Jihe. The first time I saw it, it was a string of beads, and the next day it was a stick of incense.

  Jihe. Would Huan really let another woman visit him and Ling'er? Jihe. The first thing you need to do is to get a lot of sandalwood.

  In the past, he only thought that Zhiwei and Jihe. The only reason why she was so frequent with herself was because she was on good terms.

  So this is what happened?


  Xie Wei woke up on Feng Changming's bed. Her head was dizzy and aching, and her body was as heavy as a two hundred kilogram child.

  Two different medicines, two very different medicinal properties, this amount of less can still two offset, the amount of more will become a thousand armies in her body two armies against each other.

  This time it was Xie Wei's cultivation that strongly suppressed the two medicinal properties, and only then did Xie Wei wake up from her coma.

  "Zhiwei, you're awake?"

  Feng Changming held Xie Wei's hand as soon as he realized she was awake.

  Xie Wei goose bumps from the soles of her feet to the sky. But she still held back, the face of a do not know what day it is hazy.

  "Feng ...... big brother ......? I, how can ...... I am not ......?"

  "It is big brother Feng sorry you! Forgive big brother, big brother can't help it!"

  Feng Changming wrinkled his brow, a face of hidden bitterness and obvious exhaustion.

  "Big brother Feng, what exactly is wrong?"

  Xie Wei's face was miserably white and even a little blue.

  "Could it be little Ling'er? It's little Ling'er something happened right?"

  Excuses have been given to you, to make up a better story oh.

  It's best to tell Jihe. The child's whereabouts are also told.

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