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Chapter 14

  In his previous life, Xie Wei was a strict tutor, not to mention lying, is ambiguous, will also be grandmother's big ears. In this life, Xie Wei was talking nonsense with her eyes open, not even a thump.

  The Feng family pharmacy owner who brought Xie Wei to the back of the store was stunned at the words: "Thirty percent ......"

  This is indeed too much.

  Scattered cultivators can not rely on the clan, a single force, the store picked a soft persimmon pinch, to the scattered cultivators low income high price to sell things is not uncommon. But even so, only give people 30% of the market price is too much.

  Cultivating medicinal herbs and spiritual plants is costly. For a good elixir, the cost of seed selection and seedlings alone will account for 30% of the cost of the elixir. Not to mention the time, effort and supplies needed to take care of the delicate spiritual plants.

  Only give 30% of the market price to take away the elixir in the hands of the casual immortals, that and direct robbery has almost no difference.

  Scattered cultivators are already more difficult than the average cultivator, so the practice is even worse. White family shameless he knew, just did not expect the white family can actually shameless to this point.

  Feng family medicine store boss heart has angry, to Xie Wei more amiable: "the white family so do, sooner or later will have retribution! By the way, I don't know what kind of pills you have to sell? If there is a shortage in my store, I will buy it at the market price."

  Xie Wei was overjoyed and thanked the shopkeeper repeatedly. She took out the gourds on her belt one by one and reintroduced them to the shopkeeper of the Feng family medicine store.

  "What are this Yi Longevity Pill and Spring Return Pill for?"

  The shopkeeper was somewhat curious as he picked up Xie Wei's gourd and sniffed towards the mouth of the gourd.

  A cool and slightly bitter aroma wafted out of the gourd containing the longevity pills, and just by smelling this smell, the boss felt his mind cleared and his whole body cleared up. He then sniffed the gourd containing the spring return, and was immediately burrowed into his nostrils by a pungent smell, his body was hot and baked up.

  "I'm sure you can see that this spring return to the San ah ...... is something that can make you well your wife better."

  Xie Wei face rose red, but also a coy smile, the shopkeeper immediately comprehended her meaning.

  The boss of the young also cultivated a few years of true, but his family is not a rich family, and he has limited natural talent, in the Dan cultivation sect as an external disciple for more than ten years then no longer cultivate the true, but into the Feng family under the door, as a medicine store boss. The shopkeeper has been doing it for more than 100 years.

  The shopkeeper has been immersed in pharmacology for many years and can roughly distinguish the medicinal materials used for pills just by the smell of the pills. Although his cultivation at the tenth level of the Qi refining stage is low, but it is enough to identify the primary intermediate level elixir.

  The spring return of the powder contains Epimedium, locking Yang, yellow essence, Xian Mao, also added the spiritual plant Hibiscus buds, think the efficacy of not only the spleen and kidney, but also to nourish the essence of qi and strengthen. The Yang. This medicine is called "spring back", really appropriate.

  "Also, there are also benefit life pills ......"

  Xie Wei stammered, looking like she was shy, so she was eager to change the subject.

  "Yi Longevity Pill can relieve anxiety and distress, and can cure headaches..."

  Before Xie Wei's words fell, the shopkeeper had turned his head "ooh" and looked at Xie Wei with wide eyes.

  "You said, this medicine can cure headaches?"

  "Yes, yes?"

  The casual cultivator's eyes were clear, filled with awe and uncertainty. This look made the shopkeeper cough and hastily cover up his disorder.

  "Immortal friend, if you don't mind, can you let me take a look at this Beneficial Life Pill of yours with a magic treasure?"

  Xie Wei nodded: "Since it is possible."

  Outsiders do not know that Feng Changming has a headache disease. Every summer, when the weather is dry and hot Feng Changming's headache will attack. When Feng Changming has a headache, it can often hurt for more than two months. Even if the winter day is cold, Feng Changming can not bake a fire, for fear that he feels a heat, headache again to attack.

  Ji He. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Even for Feng Changming to Wushan old monster to ask a personal favor.

  The company's main goal was to find a way to get the best out of the company. Ji He. He did not go to the appointment and also insisted that he was not sick, which made the old monster like a hot face to a cold butt. The old monster has been annoyed by the old monster of Wushan.

  With the passage of time, Feng Changming's headache is also getting more and more powerful. Ji He. Seeing that he could not persuade Feng Changming, he also did not persuade. But when hanging out with other lovers, they always reveal, intentionally or unintentionally, that they love the cool, bitter and sweet Purple Buddha Sandalwood, which is valuable to the soul and will be sent to Feng Changming when they get it.

  Jihe. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The company has a lot of experience in the field of headaches, which is why Xie Wei knows a lot about Feng Changming's headache.

  The boss himself identified the pills, not counting, but also used to identify the pills of the magic treasure again identified a time. The result of the appraisal is exactly the same as what he thought. Nine is not far from the truth, immediately have a happy face: "This immortal friendly life powerful, see your age is not young, did not think you are not small ability. The future is boundless, the future is boundless ah!"

  "Where where ......"

  Xie Wei coyly lowered his head, but the smile has a point can not hide the joy and pride.

  The shopkeeper saw that he seemed to have patted his own horse's ass in the right place, and praised Xie Wei a lot.

  The weather in Duyi County has dried up in the past few days. I think in another ten days and a half months, the heat and high temperature will fill every inch of the land in Duyi County. The headache of Feng Changming is about to strike again.

  Xie Wei was bragging about blushing, the shopkeeper thought it should be almost done, so he took the words to try to set out the method of making the Beneficial Life Pill.

  "This ...... I will not be able to say."

  Xie Wei a difficult face.

  Seeing that Xie Wei was suspicious, the shopkeeper hastily changed his strategy and apologized: "I was too happy to see the hunt, I couldn't help but ask the exit. Immortal friend do not blame. I don't know if you have the will to negotiate a business deal with our medicine store ...... no, with the Feng family?"

  "Ah ......?"

  Long eyelashes fluttered twice, Xie Wei looked flattered and the whole person was a little dumbfounded.

  "It's not easy for Immortal Friend to refine this Beneficial Life Pill every time, right? Instead of refining the pills to sell again and again, how about selling the prescription directly to the Feng family? My Feng family is not deceived, and will definitely give you a suitable price. Think about it, with a few hundred top quality spirit stones in hand, you can at least break through a big realm! After the breakthrough, you can make more and better pills. When the time comes, the Life Benefit Pill will be nothing to you, right?"

  "Hundreds and hundreds of top-grade spirit stones?"

  Xie Wei gulped: "But ...... the Feng family will really be willing to negotiate this deal with me?"

  "That's natural!"

  To be able to cure Feng Changming's headache, not to mention a few hundred top grade spirit stones, even tens or hundreds of thousands of top grade spirit stones the Feng family would be willing to pay. What's more, the world's people with headaches are far more than just Feng Changming. Once the Life Benefit Pill is mass produced, it can bring huge revenue to the Feng family.

  If he can use only a few hundred top-grade spirit stones to buy out this loose prescription for the Feng family ...... as a wise and meritorious referral of the subordinate, he will not only be rewarded, more likely to be strongly promoted.

  How do you want to maximize your benefits? The shopkeeper thought beautifully, but saw Xie Wei with a frightened face.

  The shopkeeper was silent and stunned when he heard the noise outside. It was the apprentice of the Feng family's pharmacy and the fellow of the Bai family's pharmacy who were facing each other head on and directly quarreled.

  A slap on his own head, the boss only then remembered that there is also the White family that the matter to. White family shameless, used to love to take advantage of people's danger. The Feng family is implicated by the Mei Zong, the white family will be the Feng family nose is not nose, eyes are not eyes up. The medicine of the casual cultivator is at least medium-grade heavenly quality, but they only give people 30% of the market price. People are not willing to sell, they are still chasing after them, really shameless!

  The owner of the shop took Xie Wei and slipped out of the back door of the pharmacy, after greeting all the people in the pharmacy with dirty words, even the watchdog.

  "It's better to choose a day than to crash. You might as well go with me to the Feng family. Today the matter is settled, and lest those shameless things of the Bai family come back to immortal friend in the future."

  The sooner the matter is done, the fewer variables. The boss is so anxious to buy out the prescription of the life pills, is afraid that Xie Wei turn around and backtrack, and voted for the White family - not that he does not trust Xie Wei's character, is the White family business does not only rely on sweetness, but also on fists. This soft can not, the white family does not mind to hard.

  As a casual cultivator, Xie Wei is obviously also a knowledge of the times, she bowed towards the shopkeeper and said, "You're right, I'll listen to all your arrangements!"


  The Feng family was in the north of Eup County, and more than 80% of the land in the north of Duoyi County was owned by the Feng family. The shopkeeper called for a car and brought Xie Wei to the Feng family in less than half a quarter of an hour, informing the Feng family's housekeeper of the purpose of his visit.

  The Feng family is heavily guarded, the family courtyard six people for a small team, three small teams for a large team, every two hours two teams alternate patrol a return. The worst cultivation in the guard yard is also foundation, up there are cultivation profound gatekeepers and offerings.

  If you want to break into the Feng family, it is no different from trying to break into a fortress. Xie Wei in order to enter the door of the Feng family rounded a large circle, it is helpless.

  The housekeeper allowed the shopkeeper and Xie Wei to enter the door, but only called away the shopkeeper after entering the door. Xie Wei, whose identity is unknown and whose cultivation level is not high or a casual cultivator, was left waiting at the corner door.

  The Feng family's hospitality will not be used on idle people, Xie Wei stood at the corner door, and no one even gave her a bench. She stood at a loss for half a day, next to the drooping eyelids leaning on the long stick standing dozing courtiers did not even open their eyes.

  This routine is familiar to Xie Wei. Hanging her out to let her see the might of the Feng family but understand that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the Feng family's strength, this is to give her a horse. If she really came to do business with the Feng family's casual cultivator, I'm afraid that later should be trembling to the Feng family's words, afraid to provoke the Feng family displeasure.

  Of course, the Feng family such a large family, the rules are also really more. The medicine store owner was called by the housekeeper to report to the housekeeper, who then had to take the shopkeeper to wait for the Feng family elder to pass on. When the Feng family elder wants to see these subordinates, it may be a few hours later.

  If you can enter the Feng family, the plan is half complete. Xie Wei patiently encouraged himself, telling himself: don't panic, don't panic, it's useless to panic.

  "Big, big brother, this big brother--"

  After another half an hour, Xie Wei timidly woke up a guard, she reddened a showy face and said, "I want to facilitate ...... whether I can ask big brother to make it easy?"

  The courtyard's divine sense swept away, only to see Xie Wei carrying a packet of pastries in her arms, could not help but laugh twice.

  The original is a not even open valley. It is also true that Dan cultivators rely on pills to raise their realm by force. It is the fusion stage cultivation, but also far weaker than the foundation stage sword cultivation weapon cultivation on too much. The mid-fusion stage is still unable to open up, only recently to take pills to forcibly raise the realm.

  "Looking for a cottage, right?"

  Hearing the word "cottage", the redness on Xie Wei's face shot up to the tips of her ears and dyed her neck red. She was silent for a while, before she gathered the courage to finally nod her head.

  Seeing her in this state, the nursing home is not sleepy.

  They showed Xie Wei the way and joked with her after she left. The nursing home simply do not know that Xie Wei into a large Feng family only a thatched room after people have no shadow.

  The Feng family Xie Wei also do not know how many times they have come. She breezed through the path, more than the house maids know where there are dog holes, where there is a ban.

  Jihe. Huan and Feng Changming's son was named Feng Lingkong by the Feng family elders, nicknamed Ling'er. Ji He. When she couldn't meet with Ling'er, she asked Xie Wei to look at the child for her.

  Whenever Xie Wei came back to Feng Changming to deliver purple Buddha sandalwood, she would always play with little Ling'er who looked like his mother. The little Ling'er played a little. Ji He. When she was free to come down from the mountain to find Feng Changming, Xie Wei would also come to play with little Ling'er, and play all day, so that little Ling'er did not go to pester his father.

  The last time she came little Ling'er is only five years old, good spirits Feng Changming a head two big. This time little Ling'er should be seven or eight years old, Xie Wei is also curious to see the wind on the growth of the child in the past two or three years what has grown into.

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