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Chapter 13

  "If the master's sister is not in--"

  "I still have to go to the Feng family as well."

  Previously, for the sake of dan formation, Xie Wei had closed the door for quite a long time. Feng Bai two families dispute developed to what point Xie Wei is not clear specific, just from that scene on the street just now, the Feng family most likely did not have the upper hand.

  Ji He. The matter of Huan and Feng Changming have a son is a secret, Feng Changming is Ji He. Huan's love head thing is not a secret. The Mei Zong patriarch's love head list is similar to the list of European and American actresses' male gods to harvest, the actress herself how to hide, there is always someone to collect the traces of the world.

  This time the Mei Zong because of the Heavenly Way Alliance a paper bounty, become and magical girl hunting in the magical girl no difference. Don't say Feng Changming is Ji He. The child's father, just Feng Changming and Ji He. Huan had slept in a bed gives him reason to be besieged.

  If the Feng family is in the wind, give Feng Changming and the Feng family a black pot of collusion with the Mei Zong, framing the Feng family as an accessory to the Mei Zong will be able to end the Feng family openly and without consequences. Such a good opportunity, not to mention the Bai family will be foolish, the other two are likely to sit still.

  Just for the sake of Ji He. Huan, Xie Wei also have to go to the Feng family to see.

  In the worst case, she may have to help Feng Changming father and son escape. ...... If Feng Changming is not willing to escape, then she is drugged and also have to kidnap Feng Changming and the child together.

  Of course if no one takes advantage of the danger, the Feng family has a way to protect themselves that better.

  The Mei Zong disciples who were not at Tianlin Mountain on the day of the Mei Zong's extermination as well as the disciples who were lucky enough to escape from Tianlin Mountain were there. On the way Xie Wei heard that the demon girls who escaped from the Mei Sect were caught back on Tianlin Mountain, and were said to be waiting for the Lord of the Heavenly Dao Alliance to personally come and ask for punishment.

  Xie Wei's nephew Qing Yu took several other disciples to the secret realm in Zhangzhou three months ago. Counting time Qing Yu should be on the way back.

  Other people heard that the Mei Sect was destroyed, the Mei Sect demon girl was detained in the Mei Sect's original prison what will do Xie Wei is not sure, but Qing Yu will do what Xie Wei think with his feet also know clearly.

  --Qing Yu will definitely go to rescue people. Even if you know that Tianlin Mountain is a trap waiting for a rabbit, she will go to the trap to break through.

  Alas ...... others are not seeing the Yellow River, but Qing Yu is scratching the itch in the coffin and does not know how to live. Think of their own never listen to advice especially head iron naive nephew, Xie Wei hooked lips bitter smile. The only good fortune in the misfortune is that Qing Yu does not look like a person from the Mei Zong, but rather like a female bandit female bandit from nowhere. The cultivators outside searching for the disciples of the Mei Zong should not associate Qing Yu with the Mei Zong. As long as they don't meet anyone who knows Qing Yu's identity, Qing Yu is still safe.

  If the Feng family has the ability to protect itself, then the Feng family must have drawn a clear line with the Mei Zong. If this boundary is not drawn by Feng Changming himself, then there is a high probability that Feng Changming has been secluded by the elders of the Feng family. If this boundary is Feng Changming himself, then the vast majority of sects, including the Heaven's Path Alliance, will not easily believe his words. After all, there is no proof of what you say.

  The first thing that I want to do is to prove that I am no longer involved with the Mei Zong, and that I will not harbor the Mei Zong for my own personal feelings. The Heaven's Path Alliance will be coming soon to question the remaining villains of the Mei Zong, right? Feng Changming no matter whether it is a superficial show or really want to clear the line with the Mei Zong, he must go to Tian Lin Mountain to pay a visit to the Lord of the Heavenly Dao Alliance.

  When the Heaven's Way Alliance Lord "Ten Thousand Sword Immortal" Dao Bugu will naturally come out and tell Feng Changming what he can do to clear the line with the Mei Clan.

  If Feng Changming and his children are secluded, depending on how he and his children are treated, Xie Wei will consider whether to take them away or leave them in the Feng family to live in seclusion. If Feng Changming goes to see Dao Bugu, Xie Wei will take a ride back to Mei Zong.

  The best way to stop Qing Yu, the iron-headed simpleton, before she challenges the prestige of Dao Buguo, is to stop Qing Yu and find an opportunity to save her and run. The monk said he intended to clear her name, but there is no evidence, how easy it is to clear the name? If Dao Buguang had listened to the monk recite two sutras to re-investigate the matter of the Mei Zong, the Mei Zong would not have fallen to this point today - the reward list of the Heavenly Way Alliance itself represents the attitude of Dao Buguang.

  In Dao Buguo, he has already determined that the Mei Zong is guilty, the Mei Zong deserved to be destroyed.

  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the fellow coming with food, Xie Wei no longer explained to the monk. She smiled and laughed and casually talked to the monk about which pills were made from the spiritual plants dug yesterday, and said she had to go to the pharmacy later to see if she could sell the pills she made.

  The monk nodded at the words and calmly listened to Xie Wei assign tasks.

  "There's not much grass left in the car, we have to make up some."


  "And buy some rations too. If you can't eat dried meat, buy some other dry food that is convenient to bring."


  Xie Wei was able to break the grain, but the monk could not. After taking a bag of spirit stones to the monk, Xie Wei said, "There is a lot of stuff in the South Market, everything is available. See what else you want to buy and make up for it all together."

  The first thing you should do is lick the crumbs of the cakes on the corner of your mouth.

  The Ping'an Inn is not low in consumption, but the food at the inn is also worth the spirit stones it charges. The actual food is also worthy of the spiritual stone. Whether it's a vegetarian cake or a daily meal, all of them are made with spiritual plants and fruits, and the color and aroma are excellent.

  Although there are many cultivators who refrain from eating, spiritual plants are beneficial to cultivation. Under the pretext of cultivation, but in fact to satisfy the appetite of the cultivators are also many. Xie Wei is very faithful to his persona of a country bumpkin Dan Cultivator, holding the cakes and biscuits to eat sweet and fragrant, ate half a plate and more.

  The monk saw Xie Wei eat anxiously, so he poured tea to Xie Wei to moisten her throat. Xie Wei finished the tea in one gulp and got up satisfied: "Then I'll go sell medicine!"


  The monk took a handkerchief out and wrapped Xie Wei's favorite cakes one by one into a pile, then handed it to Xie Wei.

  "Take them to eat on the way."

  In her hand because the cakes sank, Xie Wei couldn't help but smile.

  Ah, mother, my old mother.

  Putting the cake into her arms, Xie Wei waved her hand with a smile, and then jumped out.

  Xie Wei is also not ashamed. The actual fact is that the actual world's benchmark, less than 500 years old, is green and watery. The young age? She jumped and jumped as a matter of course.

  Xie Wei has not been down from the mountain for two to three years, and many stores in Duoyi County have changed their fronts in these two to three years. However, the general structure of Duyi County had not changed, so Xie Wei found the Feng family's pharmacy without any problems.

  However, Xie Wei did not immediately go to sell medicine after entering the Feng family's store, and she did not immediately go to the shopkeeper to say she wanted to see Feng Changming. She just strolled around and left the door, going to the Bai Family Pharmacy across the street.

  "Yo, this immortal friend, what do you want to buy today?"

  The Bai Family Pharmacy's staff was happy to see Xie Wei coming from the opposite door, and the service attitude was too good to say.

  Xie Wei smiled, and said that the Ping An Inn and Xin Long Inn seem to be not alone in stealing business. The white family is eyeing the Feng family, trying to snatch every guest from the Feng family's hands.

  "I'm not trying to buy, I'm trying to sell. This gentleman, I think you can see that I am a Dan cultivator."

  Xie Wei said, taking off the gourds on her waist one by one and placing them in front of the fellow.

  "You can see that I have Blood Returning Pill, Recycle Pill, Yang Returning Pill, and Beneficial Life Pill and Spring Returning Pill here."

  Hearing that Xie Wei is here to do business, the enthusiasm on the face of the mate but thin two points, but not so much as to say that it is rude.

  "This well ...... I am just a fellow, how can I make the decision? Immortal friend why not find our family boss to talk about. It's just unfortunate that our boss is not in, why don't you come back another day?"

  "I can come back tomorrow and see your boss? Then what time should I come tomorrow?"

  Xie Wei asked with starry eyes.

  "This ......"

  The man scratched his head and thought that Xie Wei, who could not hear his words as a pretext, was a bit insensitive: "My boss's business is busy, and he may not be at the store tomorrow ......"

  The two of them have been going back and forth, Xie Wei seems to be unable to hear the words of the man is a pretext, the man is also more and more disturbed short of breath.

  After dwelling on it for a while, Xie Wei looked disappointed and sighed as he stuffed the gourd back onto his belt.

  "Alas ...... I saw that the Bai family was in the ascendancy and thought that the Bai family would be a little more discerning. It seems that sir does not understand the value of these medicines. ...... just, I sold it to the Feng family as well."

  The fellow of the Bai family medicine hall was stimulated by Ye Tong's eyelids jumped. It wasn't that he didn't understand what the Blood Returning Pill, Rejuvenation Pill and Returning Sun Pill were, it was just that they were all very common in the cultivation world and were available in any medicine store medicine hall. He had never heard of the name of the Life Benefit Pill and Spring Return Pill, but these two medicines and the Blood Restoration Pill, Recycle Pill, Yang Return Pill and other medicines side by side, it sounds like it's not worth anything.

  This Danxiu mentioned the Feng family.

  White family elders to the lower head of the instruction is the Feng family before they breathe their last breath, but anyone who can and the Feng family against the Feng family, against the Feng family.

  "This immortal friend, stay!"

  Thinking of the orders from the top, the man hurriedly chased Xie Wei out. However, Xie Wei's footsteps are very fast, obviously not walking a few steps, but people have already arrived at the entrance of the Feng family's pharmacy.

  The apprentice of the Feng Family Pharmacy noticed Xie Wei as soon as she left the Feng Family Pharmacy and went straight to the Bai Family Pharmacy. Now see the lost and found customer chased after the white family fellows, the apprentice hurriedly out to welcome Xie Wei in, but also in front of the chasing white family fellows fiercely slammed the door, cursing: "white family wild dogs do not have to barge in!"

  This closed door almost let the white family fellows eat on the nose. The white family man was angry, and kicked the door of the Feng family pharmacy several times, kicking the door of the Feng family pharmacy clanging.

  "What a dog like its master!"

  The Bai family targeted the Feng family, so how could the Feng family still be pleasant to the Bai family? The Feng family would not be absent from anything that could go against the Bai family.

  The head of the Feng family medicine store came out from behind the cabinet and spat. While letting his own apprentice go out to shoo people away, he personally greeted up to speak with Xie Wei whose small face was miserable and pale.

  "This immortal friend don't be afraid, you are in the Feng family's territory, the Bai family doesn't dare to touch you."

  "Then, that's really thanks ......"

  Xie Wei, whose eyes were in a panic, looked innocent and pitiful, almost like a harmless little animal. The shopkeeper of the Feng family medicine store looked her up and down for a few moments and asked in as amiable a tone as possible, "Dare I ask you, fairy friend, why did the Bai family fellows want to make things difficult for you?"

  Xie Wei smiled, her eyelids closed and opened, and there were tears turning crystalline in her eyes.

  "The sin of harboring. I wanted to sell pills to the Bai family, and the Bai family saw that the pills I made were of good quality and intended to buy them. But just because I am a casual cultivator, the Bai family is only willing to pay 30% of the market price for my medicine ......"

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