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Chapter 12

  Immortal cloud thirteen states, Yanzhou ranked thirteenth before the demon cultivators gathered in the red state turned into a scorched earth, is the thinnest place on the thirteen states spiritual energy.

  The founding ancestor of the Mei Zong's milk did not want to fight with people, of course, the main reason is that the fight can not beat the other big brothers, so they went to Yanzhou and set up the Mei Zong's mountain gate on the only mountain in Yanzhou that has a spiritual vein, Tian Lin Mountain.

  The thirteen states are different from the earth where Xie Wei stayed in her last life, the land here is not on a plane. Thirteen states are more similar to floating islands, and outside the state borders is an empty void, called the Void Sea. If you want to go from one state to another, you either have to have the ability to cross the Void Sea, or you have to have an immortal artifact that can leap over the Void Sea. If you don't have both, you have to spend money to buy a "boat ticket" or "plane ticket", to take the cultivation. The family's flying boat or borrow the great sects of the transmission array.

  Whether entering Yanzhou or leaving from Yanzhou, Duyi County is the place to go through. This is a place where spiritual energy is scarce and cannot be built into a transmission array, but the cultivation. The family's flying boats travel daily, there is no difficulty in traveling.

  There are many cultivators traveling to and from the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud, and there are not a few cultivators with peculiar appearance and eccentricities. There are also other Buddhist schools outside the Buddhist kingdom, such as the Bomutita, a monk who specializes in joyful meditation, and Xie Wei, a woman, are not conspicuous.

  Xie Wei cultivation is not high, in order to hide the identity of the Mei sect disciples to disguise too much with the original appearance is tantamount to here and there. The remaining points are all based on makeup and temperament changes.

  In order to cater to the general hobby of male cultivators, Xie Wei in the Mei Zong grows a raven feather-like black knee-length hair, and always wears a thin gauze dress that is not transparent, as if it is layered with flower petals, and her head, hands and even ankles are ringed with pendants, and her gracefulness is no less than that of the harem concubines in the feudal dynasty.

  Compared with the master's sister, Xie Wei has not reached the degree of moving when the steps are lotus, quiet when the flowers shine water, but the long life of the Mei Zong also allows her to develop a curvy style of unlimited temperament.

  At this moment, Xie Wei's hair is still less than the waist, she took a most unusual blue cloth belt tied up and coiled at the back of the head. Her waist is straight, her footsteps are crisp, a linen suit does not show shabby, but set her temperament simple and sharp.

  Most of the monks waist are pinned with magic weapons hanging weapons, Xie Wei belt is a slip of gourd. These gourds are not large, but each one is heavy, very weighty. If a particularly sensitive sense of smell cultivator, without divine sense peeping can also smell the gourd blood and muscle medicine smell. And Xie Wei's body along with hair emits a very light drug bitter fragrance, which is a long-term contact with medicinal herbs and spiritual plants will have the smell of people. Any cultivator who sees Xie Wei at first glance will definitely take her for a Dan cultivator.

  Xie Wei strolled around the county seemingly casually and finally stopped at the South Market.

  The South City of Duyi County is near the port where the Feng family's flying boats travel, and people flow incessantly here, surrounded by three- and four-story inns, vendors yelling and selling in the streets and alleys, as well as peddlers pushing carts around.

  It was busy and crowded, lively and noisy, this is the South Market of Duoyi County.

  "Is this immortal friend looking for a place to stay? Come and see my inn!"

  As soon as they saw Xie Wei who was looking around, several innkeepers enthusiastically gathered around. They could see that Xie Wei was not familiar with the area, so they knew that Xie Wei most likely had not decided on a place to eat and stay, and was still looking around.

  "We only charge five lower grade spirit stones for one night at the Fushun Inn! The next day's breakfast is also included! The guest will not come to see?"

  "Immortal friend, immortal friend! Is this your first time to come to Duoyi County? Have you ever heard of our Inn of Peace? The name? We are the number one luxury inn in Duyi County! It's backed by the Feng family! We have a chain of inns all over the 13 states of Immortal Cloud!"

  "You liar, who doesn't know that the Feng family is about to fall? You still have a chain of inns. ...... Listen to me! Ping An Inn is big, but the store is big to bully customers ah! We Xin Long Inn in addition to the place is smaller than the Ping An Inn, other services can be better value than the Ping An Inn!"

  "F**k you! Your Xinlong betrayed the Feng family and joined the Bai family, and you still have the nerve to say that!"

  "A good bird chooses the wood to live in! Only you unenlightened fools would follow that incompetent Feng Changming! Your father and I are going to make a fortune and earn enough money to go to Kunlun to worship our master!"

  "How can you deserve it with that talent? I think you are dreaming! You can even come up with a hundred pieces of top-grade spiritual stones to Kunlun will not let you go to carry shoes!"

  The fellow of Xinlong Inn and the fellow of Ping'an Inn got into a fight in the street. The people around them were not surprised and had a tacit agreement to walk around, it seems they are used to it.

  The man of the Fushun Inn took advantage of the fact that the man of the Xinlong Inn and the man of the Ping'an Inn were fighting in the street, and came together in front of Xie Wei and the monk.

  "Two guests are together?"

  The little fellow's eyes were like those of an oil-stealing mouse, thieving and shining. He kept surveying the monk whose sturdy body, even the monk's robe could hardly cover his muscular curves, and kept tracing back and forth with ambiguous eyes. The ambiguous line of sight back and forth tracing Xie Wei point freckles can not hide its delicate face. Look at his eyes, Xie Wei suspected that this moment he had written one or two books in his heart, "I shared with the master of spring. Night", "bad bad monk will me pain" such as the words of the book.

  "If the guests are together, how about I give you an upper room? The two of you stay together, or a night only charge five lower spiritual stones to include a breakfast, never increase the price. What do you think?"

  The monk did not answer, but only looked at Xie Wei. He had no past memories and sometimes reacted slowly when he encountered things. He was used to leaving everything to Xie Wei's decision.

  Before Xie Wei could answer, the two fellows who were pinching their faces with blood crashed through the Fushun Inn fellows who wanted to steal their homes together.

  "Immortal friend! Don't listen to him! The Fushun Inn is cheap, but the rooms are not soundproof and the beds are particularly thin! This master wants to sleep on it--"

  The fellow of Ping An Inn gulped, apparently brainstorming how the nine-foot monk and the five-foot Xie Wei yellow violence: "The bed board will definitely collapse!"

  The fellow of Xin Long Inn was holding the collar of the fellow of Ping An Inn, but his mouth was helping: "That's right! If you go to the Fushun Inn, you will regret it tomorrow!"

  The three fellows quarreled, attracting sideways glances from the surrounding cultivators, Xie Wei listened thoughtfully for a while, and only then pretended to make a difficult choice: "I have only heard of the Feng family and the Ping An Inn. Name ......"

  The fellow of Ping An Inn instantly smiled with his eyebrows, while the fellow of Xin Long Inn spat and cursed, "Ignorant frog at the bottom of the well!"

  "Chen Erdog you ungrateful thing knows nothing!"

  The fellow of Ping An Inn turned around and cursed at the fellow of Xin Long Inn, followed by a flattering face to smile at Xie Wei and the monk: "Two immortal friends do not mind, the dog's mouth can not spit out the ivory, why care about a dog's barking?"

  Said also ignore the Xinlong inn mate's scolding, led Xie Wei and the monk to quickly leave the street, into the six-story inn.

  The red-backed black-bordered banner of the Peaceful Inn really has the first inn in Duoyi County, but unfortunately, the door can be sparrowed, in which the tip of the cultivator to stay in the store is not much. The reason is ...... needless to say, naturally the Feng family and the White family dispute.

  Immortal cloud 13 states on the four major cultivation. Family, the Feng family is one of them.

  From a white hand to a party of wealthy, the Feng family has been passed down for more than a hundred generations. The Feng family first established their properties in Xinzhou, and later developed them to Tangzhou, Huazhou and Yanzhou. In the past, more than 90% of the stores on these four continents were the Feng family's properties.

  However, the temple is small, the demon wind is big, the pond is shallow and the king is full. Phoenix family has not yet become the first cultivation. Family family it began an internal struggle. Infighting makes the Feng family talent withered, to this generation, the family head Feng Changming has been the only son in the family.

  Feng Changming quite literary temperament, soft personality, love of flowers and birds, landscape, good at poetry and music, spiritual roots are also easy to cultivate the water and wood double spiritual roots, the only thing is the lack of a little bit of business talent. He took over the burden of the Phoenix family after the Phoenix family is worse than a year.

  The same is the four major cultivation. One of the four families, the White Family, took the lead in extending its hand to the Phoenix family's industry, and then the other two also divided and ate up part of the old Phoenix family, both explicitly and implicitly. The Feng family retreated again and again, Feng Changming had to move to Yanzhou, reduced to the point of guarding the last three acres of land in Yanzhou to live.

  The Bai family is not ready to stop here. This is not, this time even the Duoyi County stores are flagged clearly divided into two factions. The same as the Peaceful Inn hanging red background black border flag is the Feng family's property. The one with the white background and gold border flag is the property of the Bai family.

  Xie Wei ordered a few food items and sat down with the monk at a random table in the lobby.

  The monk did not know how to transmit sound, and could not communicate with Xie Wei with his divine sense after it was sealed, so he lowered his head, bowed his back and lowered his voice and asked Xie Wei: "Master, are we here for ......?"

  "Looking for my senior sister."

  Xie Wei's lips did not move, only unilaterally with divine sense to the monk said, "If my senior sister is still alive, the first thing she did after escaping from life is bound to come to find Feng Changming."

  Monk face puzzled, Xie Wei then hooked up his little finger towards him and waved: "Feng Changming is her this."

  "...... little thumb?"

  "It's the love head la."

  Mei Zong patriarch Ji He. Huan and Feng family head Feng Changming from a hundred years ago, mutual love, love set three lives. But the Feng family can not accept a female cultivator of the Mei sect, or do not know how many men have slept with the Mei sect leader into the door?

  Even if the Feng family has fallen into decline, Feng Changming's parents have been immortalized for many years can not manage Feng Changming's life events, as long as the elders of the Feng family is still alive one, the Feng family will never be able to accommodate a Ji Hep. Huan.

  Feng Changming has a deep love for Ji Hefei. The fact that he couldn't give Ji He Huan the rightful name of his wife has made him a very happy man. He is still not married because he cannot give Ji He Huan a proper wife. The elders of the Feng family saw that Feng Changming refused to start a family, and feared that the Feng family would be extinguished, so they finally relented and allowed Feng Changming and Ji He. The family is afraid that the Feng family will be extinct. Huan has given birth to children for Feng Changming.

  However, the elder of the Feng family also explicitly said: the Feng family will never recognize Ji He. The relationship between Huan and Feng Changming, Ji He. If she gives birth to a child, the child will be kept in the Feng family as an "unknown mother" and will not be allowed to touch Ji He. Huan. And no one is allowed to tell the children that Ji Hep. Huan is their biological mother.

  Jihe. Huan was heartbroken, but accepted this condition for the sake of her beloved, and often met with Feng Changming out of sight and out of mind.

  Xie Wei only told the monk that Feng Changming was Ji He. The monk was not told that Ji He Huan was his lover. Huan and Feng Changming also have a young son. Jihe. Huan again is anxious to run to the ends of the earth, before leaving will certainly come to see Feng Changming and the child.

  Only a few people in the Mei clan know Ji He. The secret of Huanhuan. When Ye Tong first joined the Mei Sect, she and her sister Ji He. The two hundred years of living together since then has made Xie Wei and Ji Hep. The two hundred years since then have made Xie Wei and Ji H. Huan become close friends.

  Xie Wei, together with other female practitioners of the Mei Clan, concealed from Ji He. Huan went down to the mountain to buy dried meat to eat things in fact Ji He. Huan is aware of it. But she always turned a blind eye to Xie Wei. Xie Wei also accounted for the favor of the head sister as much as the lead to do some "bad things".

  Now think about it, those days of laughter and anger are like a dream, Xie Wei has almost not find the traces of this dream remains.