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Chapter 11

  Xie Wei did not think of taking the monk with her.

  She a Mei Zong demon cultivator can and the Buddha bald is not the same way. Monks compassionate, must not see the killing of life. But even if she just to protect herself hands are not clean.

  Do not wear the golden hoop is the Great Sage of Qi Tian, wearing a horse is a pawn to follow Sun Wukong. Not to mention that she also does not have Sun Da Sheng that magic power, with a monk in their own side of the hands and feet this kind of self-inflicted things Xie Wei thankfully not.

  So this side of the bearded and greasy-headed two brothers quarreled away, the other side of Xie Wei draped in the monk gave a scarf in the vicinity of the wooden house around, pulled a handful of wild grass. The hand choke, with cultivation will be the wild grass refining into thread, and then the thread will be woven into cloth, tailoring into clothes.

  The disciples of the Mei Sect have people to serve them on a daily basis. The people of the Mei clan are served daily. The Mei clan does not teach such cultivators as body-cleaning techniques, wind skills and other essential life techniques, and Mei clan disciples do not take the initiative to learn these. Take the plant fibers unarmed thread is her previous life's skills.

  Dan cultivation period Xie Wei is about the same as a researcher in the laboratory, in addition to cleanliness is also particularly demanding rigor. Before making pills, you have to mix pills, mixing pills naturally can not be without containers and tools. Outside the sale of ready-made apparatus she does not look dirty, not only the stone mortar mill research bowl ...... every apparatus she wants to use is she personally polished out one by one, even small things like filter screens she also have to pick the material, control mesh size and mesh thickness. At the end of the day, the strainer as a disposable item, used and not used a second time.

  Tailoring is a skill tree that Xie Wei lit up in her past life. When she was in junior high school, she fell in love with hanbok. In high school, she followed her sister who liked to do handicrafts and made simple hairpin earrings and incense bag pendants, and in college, she joined the Hanbok Cultural Research Club and learned to make hanbok with the encouragement of fellow students. At the request of her friends who liked to play cosplay in college, Xie Wei also made several Western fantasy dresses with particularly complicated designs.

  After working, Xie Wei couldn't find the time to touch the sewing machine and fabric pieces, and her craft went to waste. God knows she can actually be reincarnated and have another day to use this craft again.

  After putting on the linen dress made of wild grass, Xie Wei glanced at the naked monk. Naked monk, and then went to pull two weeds.

  The monk was smashed by her memory loss after holding her seriously injured in the valley looking around for a doctor. The doctor was not found, but found an empty wooden house that was abandoned. The owner of the cabin should have left in a hurry, and there were several patches of torn clothes on the floor of the cabin. The monk should not pick up the pieces, but so exposed bird walking was seen when the denizens, the monk is a hundred long mouth also can not say clearly. So he picked up those torn clothes.

  According to the situation seen in the monk's consciousness, Xie Wei presumed that the previous owner of the wooden house is indeed a hunter. The hunter most likely saw the Mei Zong is located in the sky on the mountain of the fire, fearing that the gods fight the kids suffer in the first time slipped away.

  Look at the furnishings of the hunter's home, Xie Wei inferred that the hunter's body size is not too short. However, his pants on the monk's body is similar to low-waisted seven-part pants. Can not cover the monk's mermaid line is not to say, but also reveals the monk's lines tight calves.

  With two weeds refined out of the line woven into cloth, Xie Wei took the cloth than the monk's figure, and silently pulled grass to go.

  Three lives are average figure of her once she thought she would soon have to part ways with the monk, inevitably a little reluctant.

  So big a self walking infinite essence bag ah! The body is still so top! Even if she can only eat his tofu with her eyes, that is also a top enjoyment!

  Thinking of the monk's broad chest as well as motherly warmth, Xie Wei pulled a few more straws. She simply made the monk's clothes into a monk's robe.

  "Put it on. It should fit."

  With the mood of giving a gift to her laborious old mother, Xie Wei shoved the monk's robe in her hand into the monk's arms.

  "Master Shi-"

  "You saved my life, and I only returned a monk's robe to you, so it's your loss, and more. If you don't even want the monk's robe, it's me who knows the kindness but lacks virtue." Xie Wei's eyes, which did not smile, also contained affection and charm, turned slightly: "Master does not want me to lack of virtue?"

  The monk choked, "poor monk can not accept" words also disappeared in the throat.

  Without waiting for the monk's reaction, Xie Wei took two steps forward, and two auras like turquoise snakes floated up from her fingertips. She stood on tiptoe and raised her hand, fingertips pointing to the monk's brow, the turquoise aura immediately swam into the monk's brow, causing the monk's head to tingle.

  Holding the monk with a headache, Xie Wei calmly said: "Master, it is not wise to let people enter and exit the sea of consciousness at will. If you run into someone with a wrong heart, you will probably go crazy and die."

  You may also be made into a meat puppet, a living doll, or even a tripod for people to. For fun, life is worse than death.

  Speaking of which, Xie Wei is a bit vain.

  Essence Qi is not like cultivation, can be passed around by the will of the cultivator. The essence is like toothpaste that comes out only after squeezing, the female cultivators of the Mei Zong squeeze toothpaste mostly by double movement and multiplayer movement. She can't exercise by going into the monk's sea of consciousness every day to press the switch to squeeze toothpaste, the whole fox hanging on the monk all day long to suck his essence.

  But the sea of consciousness this thing, it was not supposed to let people just enter. Once the sea of consciousness adapted to be the Lord of the sea of consciousness outside the people to enter, the sea of consciousness of the defensive measures will fail, and then lead to this sea of consciousness is very easy to be invaded.

  The cultivator's divine consciousness is damaged can be raised back in the sea of consciousness. The sea of consciousness is damaged, the light is unable to advance, the heavy becomes stupid, into a vegetable, but also may die a violent death on the spot.

  Xie Wei in order to use the monk's essence to repair their own physical body, has not told the monk he used to her into his sea of consciousness is a matter of how endless consequences. This time Xie Wei is not want to be separated from the monk and his own pit, which said the truth, and do a little better than nothing remedial measures.

  But in the end, Xie Wei is still doing the same thing to the detriment of others.

  "I have temporarily sealed the master's consciousness, until the master cultivation to fusion stage can be unlocked. If you think back to the past, you can also find someone you trust to unlock it for you."

  When the divine sense is sealed, the sea of consciousness is stagnant. The stagnant sea of consciousness is not only impossible for outsiders to interfere, but also difficult for the master of the sea of consciousness to enter. This is undoubtedly an evil act for cultivators to cut off people's hands and feet. However, the monk forgot how to call the cultivation, the usual actions and mortals are no different. The consciousness is sealed to him, but no big problem. Xie Wei no longer go to the monk's sea of consciousness day after day, the monk's sea of consciousness defense measures will be repaired.

  With Xie Wei's fusion stage cultivation, this is the maximum she can do to mend the fold.

  "Then, Master, this is goodbye. See you later."

  Xie Wei bowed down and said that she was about to leave.

  "Hold on, Master."

  Xie Wei does not have magic talismans, and her feet are not fast, so of course she must cherish every second to escape. But the one who shouted at her was not someone else, but the monk who gave his life to save hers, so Xie Wei stopped even though she was in a hurry.

  "What else does the master want?"

  "The poor monk would like to walk with the monk."


  Xie Wei blinked her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttered twice, and her heart was slightly surprised.

  Could it be that she was being presumptuous? The great monk didn't look at her and feel nothing, he had already started to think and began to not want to leave her?

  "The monk's injuries have not yet healed, and it seems that he is still being chased. The poor monk sees that you don't look like a bad person, and you are kind-hearted and seem to have Buddha's destiny. Although I do not know where you are going, I cannot do nothing knowing that you are going to be in danger."

  Xie Wei maintained a sweet smile on her face, but her heart spurted blood. ...... fuck, dare to say or old mother can not let go of the little daughter ah? She really has to lose confidence in her own charm.

  "Walking with me is not good for the master."

  "Hmm?" Monk confused: "Poor monk does not need any benefits."

  This monk can be really ...... dull and straight.

  Silent sigh, Xie Wei said: "Then I tell the master one more thing. Just now I saw in those two consciousness sea Mei Zong on the reward list of the Heavenly Dao League. Once this list is released, the cultivators of the entire Immortal Cloud 13 states will do their best to eradicate the Mei Zong. Master already knows that I am a demon cultivator of the Mei Sect, and demons and devils are already incompatible with the Buddha Kingdom, not to mention that the Mei Sect has become a street rat due to wrongful conviction. If you join me, you will not only be hunted down and killed, you will also be stigmatized as a compassionate person with a lustful heart. If you want to be a traitor, you will be seen as a traitor to the Buddha kingdom."

  Xie Wei is sincere to drive people away, naturally picking up the worst developments to say. The monk's face did not change after listening to her, even the pair of eyes looking at Xie Wei were not different from a moment ago, still as gentle and compassionate, clear and clean.

  "Then the poor monk will join with the monk."

  Xie Wei took a big deep breath. Does this bald head not understand human words? She has given him an analysis of the pros and cons, how come he still ......! Do not need the benefits, always have to avoid the bad, right? She is now a scourge, and rushing to keep the scourge around, he is too long for his own life?

  The monk lowered his head and lowered his eyes, his right hand stood palm: "The monk also said that you are unjustly implicated. Since the poor monk knows that you are unjustly accused, how can you turn a blind eye to it?"

  "The poor monk is willing to clear the injustice for the monk."


  He believed whatever she said, did the monk not think she could lie?

  Xie Wei laughed at the thought. Her smile is not like the old days, eyebrows and eyes are calculated to hook the arc, but like swallowing a mouth of bitter real, some hard to see. She is now really worried that this monk will not be sold to count the money for people still think they were sold to save people is not a bad thing.


  What is the nature of people? Is true fragrance.

  Xie Wei in the end still took the monk together on the road.

  There is a monk walking, Xie Wei most of the time or in recuperation, just recuperation she also did not forget to release the divine sense.

  This move was intended to guard against pursuers, but as the technical experience of the Dan cultivation period continued to pour into Xie Wei's head, the greed of being a Dan cultivator also revived in her body. Xie Wei how can not control themselves, this road is found spiritual plants want to dig, found the best medicinal herbs want to pick.

  The monk several times to see Xie Wei suddenly woke up, green with a pair of ghost fire glittering eyes from his sash, a dash forward, followed by a sudden emergency brake to stop, like a dog shaving bones shaved all kinds of spiritual plants and herbs after the monk began to get used to Xie Wei woke up and asked her direction geometry, and then he met Xie Wei to dig Xie Wei want spiritual plants and herbs.

  The monk rushed during the day and rested at night. Xie Wei broke through the big realm to the fusion stage does not need to sleep, at night she will pound those daytime digging herbs, take the roadside gourd vine on the gourd as equipment, practice hand nature to knead some medicine for bruises, wind and cold.

  Xie Wei and the monk passed the first village, Xie Wei let the monk take the pills to exchange a pickaxe back. After the next village, Xie Wei asked the monk to change the shovel back.

  When the two arrived at the nearest town, Xie Wei also rubbed out the pills that can make people "good for him and me". This time Xie Wei did not let the monk take the medicine to exchange things, but their own mud in the face spotted freckles, and the monk split up their own peddling small pills to go.

  Xie Wei's beautiful voice is sweet, and then the freckles still stand out. This makes her small pills sold a few copies of the day, the next day the day before bought her small pills a few men directly hate Xie Wei's small pills are wrapped round not to give others.

  The home remedies for bruises, cold and wind are not sold. Brother let Xie Wei a bit of a hard time, but looking at the small pills for the carriage and pack horse Xie Wei is still very satisfied. At least this time she and the monk do not have to sleep on the ground in the middle of nowhere.

  The carriage was rocking, Xie Wei and the monk walked unhurriedly for ten days, and the two arrived in Duyi County.