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Chapter 100

  "...... no ......!!! ...... no ...... not like that ......!!!"

  Xie Wei's voice couldn't reach out. Even though she had already used the soul-holding bell, Beginning Source Heavenly Father's sea of consciousness still fiercely bounced her probing divine sense out.

  Seven orifices instantly bleeding, Xie Wei's head almost burst. A wipe of nosebleed to try again, Xie Wei did not want to just let it go.

  Unfortunately, it was too late, the white light bursting out from the sky-extinguishing and earth-breaking formation pressed down on the head, only one shot to break a layer of the vajra unbreakable formation.

  And this shot touches the white light of the vajra does not break the formation also did not eliminate, it is only by the vajra does not break the formation slightly bent the angle of the burst, "miso" a hit outside the Sumeru Mountain less than five miles, the rolling hills into a sea of fire.

  Behind the white light one after another, falling like rain. Half a second later, the second layer of vajra unbreakable formation will be completely shattered. At that time, Cixi Xiewei or other present cultivators, all of them will die.

  Ringing bell--

  In this last moment, Xie Wei entered her sea of consciousness. She did not want to prolong the less than half a second before dying, but only felt that if she was going to die, she wanted to meet with that person again before she died.

  Unexpectedly, that person has long been in Xie Wei's sea of consciousness.

  The cloak on the body of Cihang dipped into the lake water, swaying out of the circle of ripples. Xie Wei feet swept across the lake, point out the ripples at the same time people also pounced on Cixihang.

  Cihang embraced Xie Wei who threw herself into his arms, and the two fell into the water together.

  Sunlight penetrated into the water, scattering out the sparkling light. Warm lake water wrapped around the two, the silk in the water is like a swinging fish tail.

  Xie Wei met the line of sight of Cixi, the two slowly approach, followed by close together.

  Air bubbles floated up from both sides. Xie Wei wrapped her arms around Cichang's neck, closed her eyes and felt Cichang's warmth, Cichang also caressed Xie Wei's cheek, hands deep into Xie Wei's long hair.

  Mirror Lake above, the central place is still born two trees. One of the two trees is the Saara tree, the other is the Bodhi tree.

  Bodhi tree faded full of withered yellow, evergreen upright. Saura tree is also beautiful and straight, bathed in sunlight branches flourishing leaves.

  From the lake to the surface, Xie Wei hands propped on the chest of Cixi, some embarrassed towards Cixi smile. The water dew dripped down her forehead hair, cheek contour and chin tip, landing on Cixi's chest.

  This was the most satisfying moment in Xie Wei's life. Even if the next moment she will die, she is deeply peaceful and tranquil.

  Cixihang subconsciously caressed Xie Wei's wet eyes - he did not want her to cry. Every time she shed a tear, the teardrop seemed to fall on top of his heart lake, stirring his mind.

  The long eyelashes swept slightly over the thick callus of his thumb, bringing a slight tickling touch. Seeing that Xie Wei was indeed not crying, Cixi was only reassured and at the same time longed for this moment to last longer.

  "We seem to be about to die then."

  Floating above the mirror lake, take the right index finger on the chest of Cihang twisted a strand of red hair, Xie Wei slowly enjoy playing with Cihang's hair.


  Xie Wei's right hand was not available, Cixihang then held Xie Wei's left hand, followed by loosening his palm, his fingers probing into Xie Wei's fingers.

  "Dying here with the poor monk, will Xie master regret it?"

  By the sound "Master Xie" called a little depressed, Xie Wei bristled, returned: "...... master is. According to the original plan, you should not have died here."

  "Oh? According to the 'original plan'?"

  Stung by Cixi's gaze on her conscience, Xie Wei twisted her head and excused herself in a low voice: "I'm not doing this for the good of the master. ...... Since I am going to die and disappear, of course I should make the best use of everything before I die and disappear to help Master wash away the stigma."

  "Make the best use of it? The death vanish?"

  The hand holding Xie Wei tightened.

  "Who are you talking about? Why do you need to lie to the poor monk? You clearly didn't want to live long ago. It's luck to survive, and it doesn't matter if you can't.' Isn't that what you think, Master, that you have the heart to die?"

  Xie Wei's hand hurt a little from the grip. But it was this pain that made her pity.

  She knew she had broken the heart of the person in front of her.

  "I ...... can't say I didn't think about it I died a clean death straight away either."

  Move over and kiss Cixi's lips, Xie Wei sincerely said: "But master, please believe me. This time I really did not think about dying. I want to live. I want to live with Master ...... I want to live with you."

  It is because of this belief of wanting to live that Xie Wei was able to not hesitate out of fear and take out the courage to face her Si-kin who had imprisoned and tortured her for two lifetimes.

  "No matter who you are, what your name is, what kind of origin you are, whether you have only God and Buddha in your heart. I--"

  "All like you and want to be with you."

  "Till death do us part."

  Cihang sighed.

  His long sigh made Xie Wei's heart burst and she began to wonder if she was wrong, or if the word "like" sounded too naive to Cihang.

  ...... but they are going to die. Even if she is naive and what's the harm? She doesn't want to die and still have regrets.

  "The poor monk once thought that the heavenly gods and Buddhas would ferry me, but today I realized that the monk is the other shore."

  "Poor monk..."

  The familiar moistness of Xie Wei's brow, the mouth that had never spoken words of love, was slightly closed and closed. Xie Wei only had time to hear a beginning, followed by having to leave the realm of the sea of knowledge.

  In the second layer of the vajra unbreakable formation shattered this instant, Cixi and Xie Wei cross fingers, the Buddha's smile reflected in the depths of Xie Wei's pupils.

  No regrets, no regrets.

  It is to break in pieces, souls also embrace eternity.

  "Live and let live ...... seems to be catching up ah."


  At the same time following the sound, Xie Wei and Cihang in the same breath.



  Beyond the crowd, by the countless green and white light released by the sky-extinguishing and earth-breaking formation constantly hit the short figure is not the Bodhi and who is it?

  Just that the shorter the silhouette is that the green and white light hit, the more is the posture upright, demeanor - should be the light is exhausted Bodhi double palms together, the circumference of countless cracks, and extinguish the sky breaking formation released by the green and white light has been ejected away, leveled around the Sumeru Mountain but did not kill even just one cultivator.

  Shangqing true man originally thought he would die, did not want him to just close his eyes on a twist, pulled out of the flood of light.

  Previously also protects the sudra as well as the sudra mountain Buddha disciples Hatran night and others stunned speechless, only to see the flame of life as if the wind in the candle sudra flies into the extinction of the sky breaking formation, after the extinction of the sky breaking formation of the green and white light all beaten deflection, a large earlobe, big eyes, big head of the young Buddha cultivator as just bathed general refreshingly appeared in the sudra disappeared location, its words and actions also as if to know the beginning of the source of heaven.

  "Su - bodhi - ti -"

  Beginning of the source of the sky daddy eyes, driving the destruction of heaven and earth breaking formation ready to release the next wave of attacks.

  The big-headed Buddha subconsciously went to touch the beard on his chin, and only when his hand fell empty did he remember that his last physical body had already aged and been destroyed. This time their own form like a cocoon reborn, the flesh once again back to the peak state, no tens of thousands of years of work is difficult to be old again.

  Xie Wei's heart was full of crap. She has realized that this Buddha's big brother is likely to be on the atmosphere of this wave from the beginning - Cihang cultivated the heavenly eye pass, so can see part of the "heavenly dao", the beginning of the source of heaven to cultivate "world-viewing method "can also see part of the "heavenly dao". So, is it possible that Bodhi can also observe the "heavenly path"?

  The Bodhisattva is the highest authority on Mount Sumeru, and the brightest light of the Buddha's kingdom.

  Assuming that Bodhi had been in full bloom, Dao Bugu would not have slandered the thousands of monks killed by Cihang in Zhangzhou. The Buddhist sects outside of Mount Sumeru will definitely not dare to attack Mount Sumeru with Cixihang, considering Mount Sumeru as a piece of fat meat that is about to arrive in the mouth.

  Of course, she Xie Wei will definitely not run to Mount Sumeru to play such a poor forced marriage play. The beginning of the source of heaven will not rashly come to the Sumeru Mountain, but also directly sacrifice the destruction of the sky and break the earth formation.

  Now the first round of the attack of the Heaven-defying Earth-breaking Array completely misses, tens of thousands of cultivators present, including Kunlun's disciples are witnesses who can prove that the Origin Heavenly Father wants to kill.

  Not to mention that the Bodhi is now in full bloom, the Origin Heavenly Father want to kill Bodhi in seconds is impossible. Even if Bodhi's cultivation level is lower than that of Beginning Heavenly Father, Beginning Heavenly Father did not kill so many witnesses and Bodhi, what he did today is paper can't cover the fire, and will soon spread throughout the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud.

  The first source of heaven is not good intentions, virtual realm formation is not really able to stop the "true ancestor" invasion of the thirteen states of the immortal clouds two say, the first source of heaven is indiscriminate killing of innocents, with the soul into a formation will certainly make him a thousand accusations, thousands of scorn.

  What's more...

  Xie Wei's hand was lifted up by someone.

  Xie Wei was startled, one side of his head met the eyes of Cihang.

  No words are needed, just a look like this Xie Wei has understood Cixihang's thoughts.

  Xie Wei cultivation gushed out, all flowing to the soul-stringing bell in his hand. Cichang's Buddha power also poured into the soul-holding bell, and Xie Wei's cultivation into one.

  The golden spirit-holding bell sprouted branches and wrapped around Cixi's wrist, and the thorns pierced into Cixi's flesh and blood.

  Sharing the same pain and suffering with Xie Wei, the two intertwined hands shook the soul-stringing bell in unison.

  This time, Xie Wei's voice finally carried out and fell into the ears of every cultivator present, even the ears of the Beginning Heavenly Father.

  "--The Heavenly Sovereign, even if the Void Realm Grand Formation is successfully formed, the Void Realm Grand Formation will not serve to protect the Thirteen Immortal Cloud States!"

  The sky and the earth changed color, the Origin Heavenly Sovereign's hair flying in the air, and the veins on his hands were pulsating.

  Green and white pale light surged towards Xie Wei and Cixihang, but once again, Shubuti shot across the block.

  The beginning of the source of heaven to see the situation sneer: "as long as you can open the virtual realm formation, with whose soul is the same! Since you are protecting these yellow-haired children, don't blame me for sacrificing you to heaven!"

  He pronounced Buddha and said, "Shiyuan, why do you always take the bull by the horns? Take advantage of their high status, seniority is not listening to people can not."

  Cixi's Buddha power was once again raised, and Xie Wei, with Cixi's support, soon revealed the illusion he had constructed to the eyes of the people.

  The thumbnail model of the thirteen states of the Immortal Cloud along with the Void Sea appeared between Su Bodhi and the Beginning Heavenly Father, and all the cultivators present heard Xie Wei say, "The constant arrival of strangely shaped invaders from the Void Sea side is not essentially because the Void Sea has no ability to defend itself from the enemy, but because the spatial coordinates of the thirteen states of the Immortal Cloud have been exposed. ...... And if I'm right, I'm afraid the spatial coordinates of the Thirteen States of the Immortal Cloud have been widely circulated for a long time."

  A writer once compared the universe to a dark forest in his science fiction work, and every civilization is a hunter stalking with a gun in the dark forest.

  If the thirteen states of Xiangyun are also in this dark forest, obviously, the thirteen states of Xiangyun are the prey that has been marked. ...... No, the Thirteen States of Immortal Cloud might not even be considered prey. In the eyes of the Higher Homo Sapiens, I am afraid that the Thirteen States of Immortal Cloud is just a piece of meat on a slab, first come, first served.

  "A drop of water can penetrate a stone. Even the hardest shell cannot withstand a continuous attack. A Void Realm Formation that consumes hundreds of thousands of lives is not likely to be a once-and-for-all solution either! Heavenly Father, whoever sold the Void Realm Grand Formation to you, that person must be lying!"

  In front of Heavenly Father Beginning, in the illusion of the Black Forest released by Xie Wei, the Thirteen States of Immortal Cloud was a shining red dot.

  It was useless to wrap this red dot in cloth and lock it up with a box. The red dot did not grow legs and would not run away from where it was. As long as they know that the red dot is there, the hunters in the dark forest will not hesitate to move towards the red dot.

  Even if the Heavenly Father did not want to listen to Xie Wei's "nonsense", the soul-sucking bell that swallowed the cultivation of both Cihang and Xie Wei kept sending Xie Wei's voice into his ears.

  "Heavenly Father, please..."

  The word "Ming Jian" was still in Xie Wei's mouth, and Dao Bugu, who was on the left side of the Origin Heavenly Father, had already made a move.

  Although angry at Xie Wei, this yellow-mouthed child dared to instruct himself, but after listening to Xie Wei's words, the Origin Heavenly Father did have a trace of caution against Dao Buguo.

  As soon as Dao Buguo made his move, the duster behind Beginning Heavenly Father shot out, directly splitting Dao Buguo in half and breaking him into dozens of small pieces.

  "Sect Leader!!!"

  When Qu Huan saw Dao Buguo's action, his face was full of worry and he lunged towards the Origin Heavenly Father.

  The first source of heaven only thought Qu Huan was worried about himself, and was about to ask Qu Huan to control the heaven-destroying and earth-breaking formation instead of himself, so that the formation would not dissipate, when a hole was opened in the back of his heart.

  --The day and night defense, the family thief is difficult to prevent. The beginning of the source of heaven can prevent the Dao Buguo outsider, but did not expect from the hanging nursery lineage, will not hesitate to hand stained blood will also be loyal to complete his task entrusted to him Qu Huan will be stabbed in the back of his heart.

  "You ......!!!"

  Blood spilled out of his mouth wildly, and the Beginning Heavenly Father who wanted to curse was stirred up by the original sword he had given to Qu Huan to shatter his entire heart as soon as he opened his mouth.

  Qu Huan, smiling, stretched out one hand from his golden silk sleeve robe to support the body of the Heavenly Sovereign, while the other hand holding the original sword ferociously injected more cultivation, so that the original sword could continue to churn through the flesh of the Heavenly Sovereign like a chainsaw, shattering the new heart of the Heavenly Sovereign's body that had repaired and healed itself.

  The first Origin Heavenly Father is nearly immortal, as long as the cultivation is not exhausted, the flesh will always heal itself. This was originally a great strength of the Origin Heavenly Father, but at this time this strength prolonged the pain of the Origin Heavenly Father without limit.

  "You are right about one thing, Heavenly Father."

  One after another, a small teleportation spell array lit up around the Origin Heavenly Sovereign, should be cut into pieces and fall to nowhere, the Dao Buguo one, two, three or four reappeared at the side of the Origin Heavenly Sovereign.

  """As long as we can open the Void Realm Grand Formation, it's the same to use anyone's soul."""

  The Dao Buguos spoke in unison, their expressions unchanged.

  """Yes, it's the same to use your soul, Heavenly Father."""

  No one had time to stop Dao Bu Liao from killing the Beginning Heavenly Dignity. For no other reason than that all the people who tried to stop Dao Bu Liao had a dozen or two dozen of the same Dao Bu Liao appearing in front of them.

  The densely packed Dao Bu Lone covered the sky and poured out. Xie Wei's scalp numbed, dense phobia almost on the spot.


  Shangqing true man cries blood like a whistle echoes between heaven and earth.

  Poor Beginning Heavenly Father, his proudly extinguished Heaven and Earth Breaking Formation had long since gone out as his heart was churned one at a time. After letting Qu Huan release the Beginning of the Heavenly Father countless Dao Buguo swarmed, actually swallowed alive the Beginning of the Heavenly Father.

  Xie Wei almost did not vomit. Cihang, on the other hand, used a vajra mortar and pestle to protect Xie Wei's surrounding body to be airtight.

  The worst thing that could happen was already happening.

  The soul of the Origin Heavenly Father was injected into the Void Realm Formation by Dao Buguo, and the Void Realm Formation began to operate.

  Above the Void Sea, a black "line" split open from it.

  Coming from the other side of the "line" was a fleet of ships.

  "It's the 'True Ancestor' ......"

  Xie Wei's shoulders shook, muttering to understand what exactly the Void Realm Formation is a thing.

  The Void Realm Grand Formation was not a hard shell that could protect the entire Thirteen Immortal Cloud States as portrayed by Dao Buguang to the Beginning Source Heavenly Father.

  The Void Realm Formation is simply a fast track. This channel that is homogenous and homogeneous with the Void Sea will not be affected by the interference of the Void Sea after it is established. The "True Ancestors" who follow the coordinates of the 13 states of the Immortal Cloud no longer have to worry about the fact that the rift in the Sea of Emptiness is too small to send in several people at a time.

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