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Chapter 1


  Xie Wei cursed in her heart.

  There was no more road ahead. The steep and high... The towering rock cliff was surrounded only by drifting clouds and the peaks of rocks that were vaguely visible in the clouds, and this was a ten-thousand-foot wall that no ordinary bird could get up.

  The sword cultivator behind her is a late Jindan, the other is already a YuanYing middle. Xie Wei but can only fuse the middle cultivation, cultivation or do not take a sword or sword relying on the illusion of sex to mess with the mind, invade the sea of consciousness of the Mei Zong Mei art, to one against two she will be the opponent of these two?

  Xie Wei can be in two realm are several times higher than their own sword cultivation under survived until now, that is really fortunate but also unfortunate.

  The Mei Zong was in chaos at dawn. This time most of the sisters of the Mei clan are still hanging on to men to cultivate. Xie Wei failed to form a dan some days ago, and her cultivation level also fell to the middle of the fusion. She is not interested, really do not have the heart to find a man again, it is nestled in the room to meditate in meditation.

  The female cultivators of the Mei Zong who were immersed in cultivation were having their throats cut by someone covering their mouths, and died without a sound. Meditating in Xie Wei also did not notice anything unusual. Or a greedy sister brought back the YuanYing strong sister listened to the sister room for a long time no sound, quietly push open the door to see if they have the opportunity to go in a threesome, which broke the scene of the sister was killed.

  The result needless to say, this sister only had time to let out a short cry of surprise on the YuanYing strong man a sword sealed throat.

  The visitors are determined to destroy the Mei Sect, see the female cultivators to kill not only, even to the female cultivators to serve tea and cooking grandmother and girls just fished out of the kilns under the mountain by the female cultivators are not given a way to live.

  Xie Wei, of course, was also attacked.

  Her house ban was broken from the outside in a couple of seconds, followed by an appalling sword light sweeping towards Xie Wei.

  Xie Wei in the Mei Sect cultivation for more than two hundred years, although not what charming bones into the beauty, but also always cultivated a living color seducing the soul of the smoldering temperament. The sword repair is about a young child who has not yet opened meat, once you see her body shape blade blunt two points, wielding the sword light followed by a half-second delay.

  The female cultivators of the Mei Zong are rolling out in the men's pile, lightning Xie Wei although she did not think she was angry with which way the gods, so as to be killed at home, but the reaction of the young sword cultivator she was able to see clearly. So when the sword light attacked again, Xie Wei rolled and crawled east to hide without being fatally injured, but deliberately let a few sword light tore their own gauze skirt, pulling out a slightly oozing wound on their smooth and delicate flesh.

  The crimson blood oozed out on the white greasy skin, like a red flower blooming on top of the white snow. The beauty of that brutality can very much satisfy a man's desire to conquer, but also very much evoke the fire in a man's body. The young swordsman unconsciously became louder panting, a wretched face Xie Wei like being scared out of his wits, she gradually approaching their own swordsman kneeling in front of, shivering and biting his lips tears fall like rain.

  The handsome young sword cultivator's throat moved, the hand of the faintly blue glow of the native sword hesitated not directly towards Xie Wei's head. Xie Wei immediately hit the snake, kneeling in front of the sword cultivator, pearly: "This little brother, slave somehow offended little brother, little brother actually want my life! Good brother, let this lowly life of slave please! Whatever you want, I'll grant you! Even if you want to serve water and wipe swords, wash clothes and knead feet, I'm willing to do it!"


  The sword cultivator whose leg was held by Xie Wei The sword cultivator's handsome face reddened, the intense desire for life in Xie Wei's eyes made his heart jump.

  The young swordsman stammered, "You have not offended me, this is not a matter of grudges between you and me ...... but only, only- -"

  Two spots of blood splashed on Xie Wei's face.

  In the moment when the young sword cultivator avoided Xie Wei's sight, a dagger coldly plunged straight into his heart. The young swordsman's face was full of disbelief, because the one who stabbed him was no other than Xie Wei, who looked soft and weak with teary eyes in front of him.

  --How can the prey expect the hunter to drop the knife because of a few pleas for mercy? Xie Wei from the beginning did not hope to convince Jianxiu to let her go. Her knife was accurate and vicious, it was a deadly blow.

  However, her cultivation level is several levels lower than the sword cultivator in front of her, and even when she was unprepared, she was not able to pierce the opponent's protective sword intent to pierce his fiercely beating heart. Her dagger only penetrated less than a third of the young swordsman's chest before it got stuck.


  A laugh came from the darkness outside the room, followed by a sweet, nice voice that sounded like singing, "What a snake scorpion and poisonous woman, truly worthy of being a woman of the Mei Sect."

  A sweet fishy smell was blown into Xie Wei's house by the night wind, it was the smell of human blood. Xie Wei's stomach churned, and through the wavering lights in the room saw a sword-wielding hand.

  The blood-stained gold silk robe can no longer see the original color, only the cuffs on the circle of beautifully embroidered gold silk pattern or yellow clarity. The person did not know how many people he had killed along the way, but even the corners of his robe were still dripping blood.

  Holding the dagger, Xie Wei's heart alarm bells ringing, mobilize the whole body cultivation to run.

  What a joke! A jindan she can not deal with, but also a fucking Texas chainsaw murderer like the yuanying ......! To her cultivation, is to spell the end of the gods to the opposite side to a local self-destruction can not hurt each other a bit!

  The blood-soaked YuanYing stage sword cultivator was not busy chasing Xie Wei. He elegantly paced to the young sword cultivator with Xie Wei's dagger in his chest, hanging on the other side of the shoulder and laughing: "Brother, brother, now you understand why the master said that the women of the Mei Sect are a scourge, right? See, you are full of thoughts of letting her go, but she is the one who wants you dead."

  The thin lips of the upturned hook are mercurial and thin, the appearance is as elegant as a woman, but in reality, the sword cultivator leaves a command in the ears of the senior brother: "Kill her, you do it yourself."

  The young sword cultivator's shoulders moved, the next instant he clenched his silver teeth, towards Xie Wei lightning-like chase.

  She did not expect that she had run so far away from the other side could come first, she once again hated her low level of cultivation, and was instantly cut by the sword light on her body several large slashes. This time the young sword cultivator did not hold back, each sword swing its sword light contains ten percent of the killing energy. But two breaths of work, Xie Wei has been bruised and battered, blood flowing everywhere around his body.

  If it goes on like this, I'm afraid I won't be able to meet the sect leader before I have to hiccup, Xie Wei a ninety-degree turn, without looking back, rushed into the Mei Sect forbidden place.

  Said forbidden land is actually just a barren mountain top, this mountain top deep strewn with Mei Sect female cultivators in order to leave a memorial to the path of immortality, the missing sisters set up the crown mound, in addition to only jagged and strange rocks.

  Xie Wei at this time is repeatedly jumping between life and death, she did not care whether trespassing on the forbidden land will disturb the sisters in the mound. If she is running two steps slower, these mounds are her new grave.

  To be honest, by the sword light lingering so far, Xie Wei also hate to come to a pain. The YuanYing stage of the sword cultivator did not fight, he watched his brother and Xie Wei cat catching mice all the way, from time to time JieJie strange laugh, seems to be this for fun.

  The road will eventually end, the dress has long been red into blood Xie Wei was forced on the wall of ten thousand feet, nowhere to escape.

  "Let's get caught!"

  The sky has long been bright, did not expect the district fusion stage Xie Wei can escape under their own for so long sword cultivator forehead sweat, he with a compassionate look towards Xie Wei said: "If you do not resist, I promise not to let you feel pain."

  In front of her was a cliff that must have turned even her bones into mud, and behind her were two murderous demons who had no grudge against her but had chased her with their native swords from the compartment to the forbidden land. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  The killing of people can still say so fresh and uncomplicated, really good life.

  Unfortunately, she could not be moved.

  Roughly take the back of the hand to wipe their own nose under the corner of the mouth blood, the middle finger of the right hand gestures out of the international universal gesture, Xie Wei a pair of eyes are amazingly bright.

  "If I am not dead today, I will take your heads to sacrifice to my dead sisters of the Mei Clan in the coming day! You, you guys! I will not spare anyone, including those behind you!!!"

  Then she jumped backwards, directly from the wall.

  Instead of dying in the hands of these motherless things, Xie Wei would rather choose to jump off the cliff, at least the latter she still has a chance of survival. ...... words are so said, in fact, Xie Wei is also sure that he is sure to die.

  When escaping she is also observing the surrounding, she saw from the top of the mountain sister closed glazed tower has been turned into a sea of fire, MeiZong other places have smoke and fire, is someone deliberately arson no doubt.

  Xie Wei's mind is clear, she has understood that today's incident is not a personal grudge.

  This is a planned massacre, targeting the Mei clan.

  The all-female Mei Zong is not a prestigious sect, not only is the technique only third-rate, the master is only the peak of the strength of the Yuan Ying. In the past, other sects were willing to give the Mei Zong three thin face, one because the Mei Zong's female cultivators are considerable, and are all in the same sickness, used to helping each other. Which sister in the sect has encountered something, there will be ten, a hundred or even thousands of fellow disciples willing to go to justice for their sisters. The elephant is afraid of ants, ordinary cultivators will not be willing to mess with a few thousand female cultivators on the Mei Zong.

  This two is ...... Mei Zong and the Hap. The same as the Huanhuan Sect, the practice of the Yin and Yang merging techniques. The difference is that the... The merriment sect's gong method can be practiced by both men and women, the sect also has male and female nuns repair. The Mei sect gong method does not stick to spiritual roots, even no spiritual roots can also repair a rough shape, the only restriction is that the practitioner must be a woman, so the door is full of female cultivators.

  On the surface no one will say, privately almost all cultivators are only female cultivators of the Mei Zong as the largest free kiln in the cultivation world. En. The customer will not rush to offend the flower lady, male cultivators will not rush to offend the Mei Zong female cultivators. Not to mention the Mei Zong female cultivator hands more or less pinched a few cultivators of the little secret, the major cultivation families, cultivation sects have Mei Zong female cultivator love head in.

  Ready to put the Mei Zong a pot will never be what small forces. The sword cultivator of the Jindan stage is just that, the sword cultivator of the YuanYing stage can also chase her a nobody this way. I think the next head of the cultivators surrounding the master sister will only be stronger and more. Rather than expecting someone to come to her rescue, it is better to expect the sisters to escape a few more. Even if there really are rescuers appearing in front of Xie Wei, Xie Wei will let the rescuers give up on her as a half-dead burden and hurry to flee down the mountain to find a backer to stand up for the Mei Sect.

  She died to the end and also put vicious words that is purely to diaphragm.

  Even if she Xie Wei is weak, she still want to make those dogs who regard human life as grass to have a nightmare. Otherwise, she will not die meaninglessly, on the fucking again and again for nothing?

  Yes, she has given twice for nothing.

  The first time she was a Dan cultivator, looking to shatter the void and fell to her death from the thunderclouds during the tribulation. The second time she was a social animal in another world, a foot slipped on the stairs, the back of her head landed on the ground with the back of her head, GAMEOVER.

  Xie Wei suffered the shock of the failure of the knot before she remembered that she had two other lives. These days she how can not be quiet mind is also because the heart out of nowhere more points belong to the socialist successor of the moral concept. Now she wants to casually find a man as a practice hang-up point, she really want to cover her face and shout I can not do ah.

  Looking at the scenery around her frantically skimming forward, Xie Wei gloomily thought that if there was another life, she wished she had remembered her first three lives earlier, otherwise she would simply not remember anything, after all, dying of ignorance is sometimes a blessing.

  Waiting for the familiar back of her head to hit the ground, Xie Wei suddenly heard a "click".

  The back of her head did not hit the ground, but was replaced by the feeling of her body being stopped by something.

  Like a comet falling from several thousand meters high in the air. Fell to the ground. The whole person's bones are shattered Xie Wei in the moment of consciousness to see not belong to their own hands and feet scattered.

  --She apparently hit someone and smashed them to pieces.

  In response, Xie Wei only had time to curse one word.


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