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Chapter 1: Looking back again

"Lao Er, resign yourself to fate." Liu Yongzhen with tears in his eyes, still uttered these words.

Lin Qiming lowered his head and did not speak, dim candlelight, can not see the expression, the ground drops of water drops down, dissipated and seeped into the soil.

Outside the window, the cold wind howling, the atmosphere in the house is depressing.

In the corner of the bed, Lin Qifeng wrapped in a quilt, curled into a ball, frozen at this scene, how can not believe that he was actually reborn.

In his previous life, he was a university physics teacher, a lifetime of ordinary, nothing big achievement, teaching for more than thirty years, before retirement finally boiled to associate professor.

After celebrating with his colleagues and being in a good mood, he drank a little too much and woke up to see this scene in front of him.

The indescribable dismay and shock, so he once thought he was dreaming, mou enough strength to fiercely pinch the thigh, the pain coming from the body is so clear, and so intense, the corners of the mouth because of the pain twitch to deformation, no matter how his heart overturned, but regardless of the environment in the house, or the mother's apparently young figure, are clearly telling him that everything in front of him is real.

If memory serves, this would be the first day of winter break of his freshman year when he was 19 years old.

The calendar on the wall also clearly corroborated his memory that it was now January 16, 1981, the eleventh day of the lunar month.

"Lao Er, you must not blame mother, mother is also really no way." Liu Yongzhen said, has become a tearful person, did not stay much longer, turned and walked out.

Lin Qiming stood dumbfounded, tears slipped like threads, fell on the ground, not long after a large area was blotted.

I don't know how long it took before Lin Qiming blew out the candles and climbed into bed to wrap himself up.

The house was pitch black and quiet.

In the darkness, Lin Qifeng lay on the bed with his eyes open, the memory of the old home flashed through his mind one by one, and the memories that had been so distant that they were blurred were now vivid.

The old house is still as cramped as remembered, a room of more than 50 square feet, separated by two walls, the middle acting as a living room, the mother lives in the smaller room on the left, the four brothers Lin Qifeng crowded in the larger room on the right.

Home is a mining area, not a large county, distributed more than a dozen mines, large and small, next to the village there is one.

As the saying goes, rely on mountains to eat mountains, rely on water to eat water, rely on coal mines, of course, can not eat coal, can not eat that can only dig.

Almost all of the strong laborers in eight villages in ten miles went into the coal mine as miners, and so did his father, Lin Shutang.

A monthly salary of 38 yuan, in the countryside is considered a high salary, plus work and mother Liu Yongzhen together to earn points in the field, the days are not bad.

Until some years ago, after the father went down the well, the well sent water, did not have time to come up.

After the incident, the mine gave a pension of 1,000 yuan, and promised to let the elder brother to take over his father's class, treatment and father, but the mother had a shadow in her heart, directly refused.

That was the end of the matter.

One thousand dollars, at that time also considered a large sum of money, but more money, there is always a time to spend.

Mother alone to raise four children, and as a father and mother, just forty-three years old, the head has been crawling with gray hair, because of years of work, the skin withered, showing the age of old.

Four brothers in the family, Lin Qifeng ranked third, played well in the college entrance examination, successfully entered the university, is the village's first and currently the only college student.

Big brother Lin Qirong, 23 years old, poor learning, barely mixed a junior high school graduation, went to the ground to earn points, dry a few years, because of the practical and competent, was the village engineering team fancy, do the mason. Sometimes they go far away and cannot return home for ten days and a half months.

Last year, the older brother was introduced to a marriage, but the old house is already small, can not let the new wife and Lin Qifeng three brothers crowded in a house, can only start a house as a wedding house, plus the bride price and wedding expenses, it is the family's bottom was uncovered a dry.

If the sister-in-law is a good person, it does not matter, but it is a domineering and spirited nature, the good thing is that the two went out to live alone, out of sight, out of mind.

Second brother Lin Qiming is 21 years old, learned carpentry with someone, is still an apprentice, a childhood sweetheart girlfriend, but because the family is poor, can not afford to build a new house to give a bride price, the marriage is so delayed.

The woman is also a sentimental, despite the pressure of the family, did not mention the breakup, the two originally planned to wait for two years to save enough money to get married, but, unfortunately, the sky does not follow the wishes of others.

A few days ago the snow, the woman's father on the roof of the snow, a slip, fell down, sent to the hospital, the person was saved, but the family faced with medical expenses launched a worry.

The woman is the same age as the second brother, both 21 years old, three children at home, she is the eldest, the following a sister, a brother, the age is still young, can not help, her mother is also a no opinion, the first time in his life to meet such a big thing, suddenly panicked.

There is never a shortage of people who take advantage of people's danger and drop stones.

The first thing you need to do is to come to the door and blow the man out of the water, and finally land on the $200 bride price.

This is like a life saver, immediately hit the soft spot of her family, her mother agreed to it.

The woman is stubborn and stubborn, but in the face of her father lying in the hospital waiting for life-saving money, her eyes were red and swollen from crying, and eventually she was not able to say no, so she acquiesced.

The second brother has no reason and can not stop, want to change, unless he can come up with the money, but the family situation he also knows, last year's marriage has been the family's bottom dry, relatives and friends have also borrowed a lot.

These days, no one's family is rich, can borrow once is already benevolent, and then borrow a second time, no one can open this mouth.

But can not get the money, you have to watch their beloved marry someone else, this pain is unspeakable, engraved in the heart.

That's why there is just that scene.

In fact, in a previous life, the second brother did break up, since then, the whole person became silent a lot, until a few years later, the mother asked someone to match, the second brother was a family, how to live after the marriage, the second brother never said, but Lin Qifeng could see that the second brother was not happy.

The fourth Lin Qixin, 15 years old this year, is in the second year of junior high school, is the family's second college student, after graduation into the grain station, I thought it was an iron rice bowl, who thought the grain station and the day of closure, the fourth also followed the loss of employment, and then rely on a little savings in the grain station when the Zan, started a small business, the days are still living.

It was late at night.

Quiet house came a faint low muffled crying, Lin Qifeng from the memory of the pull back to reality, sighed, for the second brother's experience sympathy, while the heart calculations, since reborn in one life, how can not watch the second brother on the old road in the previous life.

Want to change, or have to take the money to talk.

Now it is 1981, if Lin Qifeng remember correctly, this fall, the village has been redistributed land, the beginning of the implementation of the large package.

He remembered reading in the newspaper in his previous life that farmers who were bold enough to grow cash crops such as cotton on the land soon became the first ten thousand yuan households in the new China.

Nowadays, the ten-thousand yuan household is still quite firm.

But the old side of the family, but did not hear anyone who did not plant food, to plant other things, in the end, or by the natural disasters of the previous years, after all, the taste of starvation can be unbearable, there is food in the hand, the heart can not panic.

Although there is land in hand, but Lin Qiming's matter is imminent, now planting what is too late.

Lin Qifeng thought, or have to go into the city to find a way, even if it is to do a second dealer, to earn a quick buck, first to solve the second brother's matter.

It is only a matter of 200 yuan, the second life of Lin Qifeng is full of confidence in this.

Thinking of this, his heart relaxed a lot.

It is strange, just thinking about things, did not feel, now the thoughts back to reality, suddenly feel cold.

Obviously already covered with two quilts, the corners are tightly pressed, but he still feels that there is always an evil wind straight into the body.

Shivering, Lin Qifeng tightened the quilt and prepared to sleep.


A muffled sound, next to the old four turned over, coincidentally a foot directly hit Lin Qifeng buttocks.

Lin Qifeng depressed skimmed his mouth, how can be so accurate, and at the same time a little glad that the good thing is that the back is facing the old four, if face to face, this foot down, simply can not imagine.

In a daze, and I do not know when, Lin Qifeng just fell asleep.