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Chapter 0005 - Golden Immortal Return to Life Needle

"Using Qi to control the needle, a hundred revolutions and a thousand returns!"

After Lin Quanwu, the director of the Chinese Medicine Department, let out a cry of astonishment, Dean Yang Yutian also could not help but brighten up.

At this time, including them, a few bright-eyed people knew that Liu Huaidong's blind confidence was not an empty cave, but that he really had medical skills worthy of this confidence!

Of course, the so-called few clear-eyed people, does not include Chen Jiangping.

The actual fact is that the actual person has a lot of time to get a lot of time to get a lot of money.

As for Liu Huaidong, after using his pure true qi to completely wind up the silver needle, and seeing a wisp of green smoke rise from the silver needle to complete the sterilization procedure, he did not hesitate to strike and drop the silver needle on Luo Gang's human center point.

After that, several times, Liu Huaidong is the same practice, in the blink of an eye will be more than two dozen silver needles in an orderly manner in the body of Luo Gang's major acupuncture points.

The only similarity between the depths of the silver needles is that the tails of the needles are still shaking at a very high frequency after they have been stuck in Luo Gang's body by Liu Huaidong.

These details in the eyes of outsiders, naturally can not see what the door, but in the eyes of Lin Quanwu and others, they are aware of the powerful.

Even on the same acupuncture point, as long as the angle and depth of the needle is different, then the effect of acupuncture, that is also very different.

However, looking at Liu Huaidong's continuous application of acupuncture is like flowing water, in the blink of an eye, more than twenty needles down, not only no shortage of follow-up phenomenon, but more and more smoothly, Lin Quanwu is once again in the heart of amazement.

Finally, under everyone's expectant gaze, Liu Huaidong stuck the last silver needle, the thirty-third needle, on Luo Gang's Guan Yuan acupuncture point, watched the end of the needle shake rapidly, and silently collected all his Qi.

As for Luo Gang, who was lying on the hospital bed, he had fallen into a sound sleep early in the process of receiving Liu Huaidong's acupuncture treatment.

At this time, Lin Quanwu could no longer be patient and took a step forward to curiously look at the thirty-three silver needles stuck in Luo Gang's body.

At first he didn't see anything, but after staring at them carefully for a short while, as long as his eyes weren't blind, he could see the shock all over the face of the head of the Chinese medicine department.

"Golden Immortal Return to Life Needle! It really is the long lost Golden Immortal Returning Life Needle!" At this moment, Lin Quanwu shouted out, that expression was like a child who had found some novel toy.

"Oh, Lin Lao is worthy of being the chief physician, he really has extraordinary insight." Liu Huaidong sat somewhat weakly on the edge of the bed, looked up at the shocked Lin Quanwu, and squeezed out a smile with a grin.

Just don't know if his words are really praising Lin Quanwu, or scolding Lin Quanwu ......

"What extraordinary insight, but was lucky enough to have seen just a few words in a scrap of medical book, boy, no, little brother ...... can tell me who taught you this Golden Immortal Return to Life Needle?"

Lin Quanwu did not care about Liu Huaidong's voice, but turned his head with an expectant face and stared at Liu Huaidong's face, which was somewhat pale because of fatigue.

At this moment, the director of the famous Chinese medicine department of the First People's Hospital was like a student who was vainly seeking advice, looking at his teacher with bated breath, expecting the answer he wanted.

Seeing that his fervor for Chinese medicine did not seem to be fake, Liu Huaidong smiled heartily, "My grandfather is the heir of a Chinese medicine family, and I learned all my medical skills from him since I was young."

"Really? Then your grandfather must be a hidden master! I wonder where he is now? I'll definitely pay him a visit some day!"

"Oh, sorry, Director Lin, grandfather passed away six years ago."

Hearing Liu Huaidong's words, Lin Quanwu couldn't help but show a sorry expression, he reacted only after a long time of being down, and looked at Liu Huaidong somewhat apologetically, "Sorry, it's the old man who was abrupt."

"It's okay." Liu Huaidong just smiled faintly, there was no disgust about it.

Just when Lin Quanwu was sighing quietly on the side because of the news of Liu Huaidong's grandfather's death, Luo Zhenqiang and Qin Susu couple finally couldn't help but come together in front of Liu Huaidong.

"Little divine doctor, how is the injury of my dog son?" Luo Zhenqiang asked just after he came over and took a look at Luo Gang.

"Nothing serious, the treatment process is going smoothly, when the needles are withdrawn in half an hour, your son will be able to be alive and well again as before." Liu Huaidong returned a sentence, at this moment he just say words, there is a weakness everywhere.

Hearing these words, Luo Zhenqiang finally put his heart in his stomach, and also hindsight felt the weakness of Liu Huaidong's body.

Luo Zhenqiang could see that this weakness was definitely not faked by Liu Huaidong, just a few minutes of needle application had turned Liu Huaidong from a state of full of spirit to this current sweaty and weak appearance.

After seeing this scene, Luo Zhenqiang was greatly moved in his heart and said to Liu Huaidong from the bottom of his heart, "It's hard for little brother, little brother is really benevolent!"

To this point, Luo Zhenqiang's address to Liu Huaidong, is also inadvertently some changes.

Those who noticed this detail couldn't help but cast a gaze of envy at Liu Huaidong.

The only exception was Chen Jiangping, the old man who was still looking forward to the result in half an hour, expecting Liu Huaidong to make a fool of himself in public.

While everyone's attention was focused on the sleeping Luo Gang, Dean Yang Yutian walked up to Lin Quanwu without moving his voice and asked cautiously, "Old Lin, is there any problem?"

"Problems? What can be the problem?" Lin Quanwu opened his voice and shouted, "That is the lost centuries of the Golden Immortal return to life needle, the Great Luo Golden Immortal can pull back from the netherworld needle method, you say there can be any problems!"

Lin Quanwu this full voice, no one in the entire ward can not hear.

At that moment, Luo Zhenqiang and Qin Susu couple once again ate a piece of mind, while the eyes burning look at Liu Huaidong.

Several other chief physicians also cast a single admiring glance at Liu Huaidong, after all, in all walks of life, the experts standing at the top of the pyramid in the field are not difficult to win the respect of their peers.

On the contrary, Chen Jiangping, this time completely pulled down an old face, it is clear that only he took Lin Quanwu's words as a bad news.

After all, this old man and Liu Huaidong is not right, but also waiting for Liu Huaidong to make a fool of himself after falling down the well.

But look at the situation now, Chen Jiangping expectation of that day seems not to come, not only that, he also has to worry about his own future.

After all, according to the current trend, Liu Huaidong will eventually gain the goodwill of the dean and the support of Baodong, then with Liu Huaidong have problems Chen Jiangping, in the hospital can still live the good old days?

Just when the people's minds are different to look at Liu Huaidong, each calculating their own heart, Lin Quanwu is suddenly shook his head and let out a sigh.

"Alas, old, not reused ah! The real patriarch is right in front of me, but I just questioned brother Liu's medical skills, really the more I live, the more I go back ah ......"

After a self-pitying sigh, Lin Quanwu then hung his head low and walked towards the door with a dejected face, probably because he felt he had no face to stay here anymore.

Several other chief physicians and the dean also looked at Lin Quanwu's somewhat downcast back with some regret.

No one said anything to keep Lin Quanwu, because they knew that in the same field of Chinese medicine, Lin Quanwu, who had always been pretentious, was completely and utterly beaten by Liu Huaidong today after seeing the legendary Golden Immortal Returning Needle with his own eyes.

The current situation, perhaps not to retain Lin Quanwu, is for him to keep the only remaining dignity.

But just as Lin Quanwu had reached the door and was about to reach out and pull open the door, a weak voice suddenly sounded behind him.

"Old Lin, please stay!"

As the voice sounded, everyone involuntarily looked at Liu Huaidong, and there were even people who were already frowning slightly.

In their opinion, Liu Huaidong called out to Lin Quanwu at this time, he must have wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to beat up the falling dog.

But they could not do anything even if they complained a lot, after all, Liu Huaidong is now the red man beside the dean and Luo Zhenqiang, so what could the other chief physicians do if they beat the face of a chief physician?

However, when everyone was silently feeling sad for Lin Quanwu, Liu Huaidong only smiled slightly, "I think Lin Lao must have also seen, with my current ability, performing the Golden Immortal Returning Needle once is already the limit, so I hope Lin Lao can wait a little longer, half an hour later to help me retrieve the silver needle from Luo Shao."

So it's just asking Lin Quanwu to help retrieve the needles ......

After hearing Liu Huaidong's words, the crowd couldn't help but be relieved, and at the same time gave Liu Huaidong a high regard in their hearts.

This is a very rare state of mind for a person of Liu Huaidong's age.

However, Lin Quanwu, after listening to Liu Huaidong's request, was instantly replaced with a shocked expression, "Little brother, you ......"

"I also hope that Lin Lao help." Liu Huaidong directly interrupted his following, his face overflowed with a smile as warm and balmy as a spring sunrise.

In the next moment, everyone noticed that Lin Quanwu's old face gradually rose up with an unconcealable feeling of joy.

Only to see Lin Quanwu also did not say anything more, just rushed to Liu Huaidong heavy clasp fist made a bow.

This room, only Liu Huaidong and Lin Quanwu two people know, ask someone to help collect needles, then that collector of needles will have the opportunity to observe the angle and depth of each silver needle up close.

In other words, the person who collects the needles, it is possible to learn that set of secret needle technique ah!

Generally speaking, the bottom of the secret needle method for every Chinese doctor, are regarded by them as the lifeblood of the treasure, will never be easy to pass out.

However, today, Liu Huaidong is looking at the sincerity of Lin Quanwu's pursuit of the way of Chinese medicine, gave him this opportunity, just his generosity of heart, is enough to make Lin Quanwu, the director of Chinese medicine deeply convinced.