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Chapter 0004 - Using Qi to Control Needles

Luo Gang's illness, is it better to choose Chen Jiangping and other titans of medical science present here, or Liu Huaidong, a wild Chinese doctor?

This is a question worth thinking about.

When Liu Huaidong asked Luo Zhenqiang, who was a family member of the patient, to make a choice, several chief physicians, led by Chen Jiangping, could not help but make the action of ringing their hands around their chests and cocking their nostrils.

Obviously, in their view Luo Zhenqiang ultimately is sure to choose their own, although Liu Huaidong just showed a hand to ease the pain of Luo Gang, but this is their pride as a medical authority, they will not easily give up.

For this reason, Chen Jiangping did not even bother about Liu Huaidong just scolded himself for living to a dog at an age.

Luo Zhenqiang, the chairman of the titular Baodong Group, was also distressed by this.

But when Luo Zhenqiang was indecisive about which side to choose, he suddenly found that Luo Gang, his son, who was on the hospital bed, was now looking at Liu Huaidong's back with bated breath.

Although Luo Gang was sealed by Liu Huaidong's mute point and could not speak, and he could not move because of the many fractures on his body, his eyes were full of desire when he looked at Liu Huaidong.

What's more, when Luo Zhenqiang discovered this reaction of his son, he also saw Luo Gang eyes, flowing down two lines of tears ......

When he noticed this detail, Luo Zhenqiang could not help but feel astonished, only to see that he hurriedly ran to the side of the hospital bed, carefully pointed to Liu Huaidong, leaned down and spoke to Luo Gang, "Son, do you want this little miracle doctor to be your primary doctor?"

Luo Gang was busy nodding repeatedly, and at the same time, the tears stored in his eyes could not stop sliding down his cheeks.

"Mr. Luo, you should think twice!" Chen Jiangping saw Luo Gang's reaction, before Luo Zhenqiang made a decision, he hurriedly opened his mouth and shouted, "Your son may be delirious due to severe pain, and is not able to make the most rational decision, but you have to be responsible for your son!"

"Yes, Mr. Luo, you must not be fooled by some credulous guys with little tricks!"

"Mr. Luo, this guy is just a trainee doctor, he doesn't even have a medical certificate!"

"Think twice before you act, Mr. Luo ......"

"Mr. Luo ......"

In addition to Wang Guanglin, not only Chen Jiangping, who did not deal with Liu Huaidong, but also several other chief physicians present, all persuaded Luo Zhenqiang one by one.

Even Dean Yang Yutian also followed a few words, after all, Luo Gang's identity is too shocking, if something happens in their hospital, he, the dean, can hardly be blamed ah!

This is not to blame them, after all, this is their dignity as an authority.

If all the medical authorities of the huge First People's Hospital gathered together, only 20% certainty of a case, but the case was cured by a fledgling intern, that is not a nail in their face?

If an old Chinese doctor over the age of standing here, said he had 80% certainty to cure Luo Gang that's fine, the big deal finally a number of authorities said that technology is not as good as others.

But the strange thing is, Liu Huaidong is just a medical university has not yet graduated, the young guy in his early twenties ah!

Let the gang in the medical world for decades, a person old into the old antiques to a young man in his early twenties to bow down, that is definitely harder than killing them.

So these experts, each with the typical sour grapes mentality, I can not cure the patient, you do not want to cure, even if you have excellent medical skills, we have to find a way to trip you up!

But Luo Zhenqiang can sit on such a large family business of the Baodong Group, tens of millions of business seconds to make a decision, willpower is naturally not ordinary firm.

The chairman of the titular Baodong Group to make decisions, and will not be disturbed by the outside world?

At that moment Luo Zhenqiang directly blocked the ears of those bricklayer callers admonition, only after a moment of slight thought, the heart has a plan.

"I decided, or let this little miracle doctor to treat my son!" As he spoke, Luo Zhenqiang also turned to face Liu Huaidong and bowed deeply, "Little brother, my dog son is counting on you!"

In fact, Luo Zhenqiang will eventually make such a decision, it is not surprising, after all, Luo Gang was sent to the hospital has been a few hours, and this group of experts and professors together for most of the day, even their own son's cause of illness has not been found out.

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers, and to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Luo Zhenqiang believed in his own vision and his son's ability to judge, so he only slightly weighed his options and made the most correct choice!

After Liu Huaidong picked up Luo Zhenqiang who saluted him, he gave him a grin full of confidence, "Thank you for Luo's trust, you won't regret this decision."

"You should think carefully Mr. Luo!" After hearing Luo Zhenqiang's decision, Chen Jiangping couldn't help but speak again with a reluctant face, "This is a matter of your son's injury, so you can't be sloppy and careless!"

"Yes, Mr. Luo, your son's injury is too serious, let a kid from an unknown source treat your son, in case something goes wrong, it is likely to lead to lifelong disability!"

After Chen Jiangping, the director of the Chinese medicine department of the First People's Hospital also jumped out and spoke.

In his opinion, even to use Chinese medicine to treat Luo Gang, it must also be their own personal horse, after all, nowadays, reliable old Chinese doctors which is not more than half a hundred years old?

Liu Huaidong a hairless brat, and what experience in the practice of medicine?

Several other chief physicians are also eager to try, organized a stomach of words to pour out, but Luo Zhenqiang directly waved a hand to stop them.

"Since my son wants this little miracle doctor to be his primary physician, I believe in my son's vision!" Luo Zhenqiang spoke with a firm hand.

At this time Qin Susu also followed with a cold snort, her contemptuous gaze sweeping over those medical authorities present one by one.

"Humph, you bunch of corpses and vegetarians, after half a day's effort you didn't even find out the cause of my son's illness, and now you still have the nerve to slander the little divine doctor, I think it's really like what the little divine doctor said, you've all lived to the age of a dog!

"Susu, don't be rude!"

As soon as Qin Susu's words fell, she immediately received a rebuke from Luo Zhenqiang.

However, although Luo Zhenqiang gave Chen Jiangping and his group of experts a little face, but from his expression, it is not difficult to see that in fact, this Baodong boss's innermost thoughts, and his wife is exactly the same.

After reprimanding Qin Susu, Luo Zhenqiang, who was concerned about his son's condition, turned to Liu Huaidao: "This little miracle doctor, do you know if my son's condition can be cured in a month? What equipment do you need during the treatment? If there is anything you need, please feel free to ask!"

Upon hearing Luo Zhenqiang's words, several experts present, including Chen Jiangping, could not help but snicker, waiting to see Liu Huaidong's joke.

After all, they are all insiders, a glance can see, Luo Gang is injured like this, which is a month to recover?

Even if they, the authorities tai dou, together, bet on the slim possibility of curing Luo Gang, to get out of bed still have to use the best imported drugs, good conditioning for three to five months?

But when the old guys with evil intentions were waiting to see Liu Huaidong make a fool of himself, Liu Huaidong directly stretched out three fingers and shook his head slightly at Luo Zhenqiang.

"No need for a month, Mr. Luo, your son's injury is not very serious, after receiving my treatment, he will be able to get off the ground in thirty minutes at most, as for special needs there is nothing, as long as there is this set of silver needles is enough."

"Is this true, little divine doctor?" Once he heard Liu Huaidong's words, even Luo Zhenqiang expressed some shock.

After all, Luo Gang's injury was so serious that it was already a brush with death in the eyes of ordinary people, yet Liu Huaidong said he could get him out of bed in half an hour!

This thing as long as a person with a little common sense, who else would also feel incredulous ah!

However, Liu Huaidong gave Luo Zhenqiang's response, but a heavy nod of the head.

Chen Jiangping saw Liu Huaidong's reaction and hurriedly lost no time in dropping stones: "Haha, what an insulting kid, I'd like to see how you managed to get Luo Shao off the ground in half an hour!"

"Doctors are based on benevolence, if you kid can't do what you promise in the end and just clam up here, then I, as the director of the Chinese medicine department, directly inform you that you don't have to come to the internship tomorrow!"

Liu Huaidong did not say anything about the criticism and suppression of the experts and directors, but slowly walked to Luo Gang's bed, took out the needle bag and then started to close his eyes and silently run his true qi.

Although Luo Zhenqiang and Qin Susu couple did not say anything, but Liu Huaidong also understand, in the process of treating Luo Gang once he made any mistake, then not only the hospital can not tolerate himself, with the powerful strength of the Baodong Group, can definitely make it difficult for him to move in the entire Huadu!

Success or failure in this move, one step forward is heaven, one step back is hell ah!

In a room full of people are looking at Liu Huaidong, expecting the final ending to surface, Liu Huaidong is finally opened his eyes, a cloud of essence in his eyes dense flow, so that his whole aura has undergone a radical change.

The next moment, only to see Liu Huaidong to lightning quickly hand, two fingers twisted a silver needle, then let the true qi in the dantian run a week, all into the silver needle.

After that, the silver needle, which was held by Liu Huaidong at his fingertips, was actually shaking rapidly in the crowd's astonished gaze, although the amplitude was not large, but the frequency was extremely high, and a burst of ear-piercing buzzing was also emitted.

At this time, the director of the Chinese medicine department, Lin Quanwu, with two eyes staring deadly at the silver needle in Liu Huaidong's hand, let out a cry of surprise with an expression like eating flies, "Using Qi to govern the needle, a hundred revolutions and a thousand returns!"