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Chapter 0003 - Living like a dog at an old age

The crowd was shocked at the words, and could not help but remember that some of the patients with multiple fractures that they met in the past did not seem to be the same as this Luo's performance today.

But just when the others are still secretly thinking about the truth of Liu Huaidong's words, Chen Jiangping is an angry face jumped out and pointed at Liu Huaidong and shouted: "Humph, full of nonsense!"

"Who are you to prove that what you say is true? You are just an intern doctor, where do you get the guts to question the authority of our hospital's advanced equipment!"

Once they heard that Liu Huaidong was only an intern doctor, those who did not know Liu Huaidong in this ward could not help but have a few more disappointed in their eyes.

Don't look at Liu Huaidong as an intern doctor of the First People's Hospital, in fact, there are many department leaders who don't often deal with him, as well as the dean and other people who have no half impression of him at all.

The reaction of those people was also taken in by Liu Huaidong, but Liu Huaidong directly ignored the reaction of others, just grinning at Chen Jiangping, "Oh, it's very simple, you will know if you take a CT of the patient's lungs."

The reason why Liu Huaidong would be so confident is not a clamorous and uninformed statement, but after he received the inheritance of the Saint of Medicine, he has completely reached a proficient level in the four essentials of Chinese medicine: looking, smelling, asking, and cutting.

Long before running into ward 203, Liu Huaidong heard Luo Gang's unnatural cough from afar and already judged where Luo Gang's real problem lay.

When the people present heard this, they couldn't help but brighten up.

Yeah, isn't this problem very simple to solve? Just take a CT, all the results will be clear at a glance!

However, just when they were going to use high technology to verify Liu Huaidong's diagnosis, Liu Huaidong spoke again, "But I guess with the patient's current condition, being tossed around by you guys so much, it's almost time to miss the best treatment."

"Hmph, what a sharp-tongued kid, are you justifying yourself?"

When Chen Jiangping heard the second half of Liu Huaidong's sentence, he naturally thought that he was weak-minded and did not dare to let someone go to Luo Gang to shoot ct, and then he spared no effort to mock.

In the face of his ill-intentioned questioning, Liu Huaidong just smiled contemptuously and slowly walked to Luo Gang's side in full view of all eyes.

"Actually, there is another way to make you believe what I say, and that is to directly ask the patient himself."

"Ask him?"

Everyone, including the dean and Luo Zhenqiang and his wife, was staring at Liu Huaidong with jaws dropped and a look of looking at a fool.

Because at this moment, Luo Gang was still lying on the hospital bed, struggling desperately, just like a drowning duck, desperately fluttering in the river to distance himself from death.

Seeing Luo Gang's struggling and delirious appearance, no one thought he would have the heart to answer the doctor's questions, not even his parents.

But just when everyone thought Liu Huaidong's words were a pipe dream, they saw Liu Huaidong suddenly fetch a roll of cotton cloth from his pocket.

After spreading the rolled fabric, everyone saw a small needle of different lengths and thicknesses inside.

In the next moment, Liu Huaidong quickly drew out three of the short needles and stuck them in three acupuncture points on Luo Gang's body in one go.

"What are you using to zap the patient, pull it off quickly!" Although Chen Jiangping was not slow to open his mouth, but compared to the speed of Liu Huaidong's needle zapping, it was still too late.

By the time he reacted and wanted to stop Liu Huaidong, those three silver needles had already been successfully stuck on Luo Gang's body by Liu Huaidong with inching force.

"You bastard, did you sterilize those needles? Who gave you the guts to stick them on the wounded!" When Chen Jiangping saw that Liu Huaidong had already gotten it, he immediately went crazy and pounced on him to pull off the three silver needles on Luo Gang's body.

Before he could get his claws near Luo Gang, Liu Huaidong grabbed his wrist.

In that instant, Chen Jiangping only felt as if his hand had been caught in a vise, and even the bones were about to be crushed by the force of Liu Huaidong's hand.

But Liu Huaidong did not make it too difficult for the old man, just gave him a lesson, then used a deft force to push Chen Jiangping away.

Just when Chen Jiangping was about to launch another difficult task without knowing what to do, Luo Zhenqiang, who had been quiet, suddenly pointed at Luo Gang on the hospital bed in surprise, "My son, he's not struggling!"

These words caused everyone's eyes to fall on Luo Gang, and Chen Jiangping was no exception.

The next moment, only to see everyone's mouth wide open can not hide the shock of looking at the hospital bed Luo Gang.

After being stabbed by Liu Huaidong, Luo Gang was surprisingly calm, not only that, his eyes seemed to have regained some clarity, apparently his mind was already awake.

Liu Huaidong ignored the crowd's reaction, just bent down and put his face in front of Luo Gang, smiling and speaking.

"I stored a breath in your dantian, and at the same time sealed your mute point, so that you can not need to breathe for a short period of time, and can also avoid letting that breath escape because of opening your mouth to speak."

Luo Gang nodded at Liu Huaidong with a grateful face, and only then did Liu Huaidong continue to speak, "Very well, next I ask you to answer, just nod or shake your head like you did just now."

Luo Gang nodded gently again, although the movement was not large, but it was enough to be absorbed by everyone present.

After a few moments of contemplation, Liu Huaidong slowly spoke, "You struggled so violently just now, is it because of the lack of oxygen to the brain due to poor breathing?"

Luo Gang nodded his head excitedly.

Liu Huaidong also followed and nodded, "Before you breathe, especially when inhaling, do not you feel a violent twinge in the lungs, as if someone is using a blade to cut your lungs?"

Luo Gang once again nodded desperately, and this time, two clear teardrops actually rolled down from the corners of his eyes.

At this moment Luo Gang must be thinking, spicy chicken these quacks, almost cured young master me, fortunately there is no end of people in heaven, finally someone can understand my heart ......

See the development to this point, the crowd if they do not understand the truth of the matter, then they really are a bunch of fools.

Liu Huaidong raised his head under the sighing eyes of the crowd, first gave Chen Jiangping a provocative glance, and then turned his gaze to Wang Guanglin without moving his voice, "Director Wang, in all fairness, if you cooperate with the several chief physicians present, how much certainty do you have about this case?"

Wang Guanglin could not help but glance at Chen Jiangping, in this department, Chen Jiangping is the real director, a serious medical authority, while he is only a deputy director.

But when Liu Huaidong asked this question, he was asking Wang Guanglin by name, obviously, he was completely ignoring Chen Jiangping's existence.

This makes Wang Guanglin a time also some down, once he answered the question, then no matter what he gave Liu Huaidong's answer is, after all, is the same as saying wrestling Chen Jiangping's face.

But when Wang Guanglin was torn and Chen Jiangping was burning with anger, Luo Zhenqiang, who was in the same ward, spoke up, "Director Wang, tell me, how many percent sure you are that you can cure my son?"

"This ......"

Even Luo Zhenqiang threw this thunder to himself, now Wang Guanglin even if how difficult, but also had to stiffen his head to deliberate some words, "If your son is only identified at the beginning of multiple fractures, then several of our chief physicians together, the cure of your son should be more than 80% certainty."

"But now there is a possibility that there are bone scraps stuck in the lobe of your son's lung, then our ...... certainty of our joining forces might not be higher than thirty percent."

"What, no more than thirty percent?" Qin Susu heard these words immediately angry, only to see her without regard to image directly broke into a cursing: "You people are all dry rice eaters? I really don't understand how the First People's Hospital has raised a group of quacks like you!"

Faced with Qin Susu's verbal attack, these medical titans, who were usually full of glory outside and topped with authoritative hats, just hung their heads down and dared not speak.

Even the dean does not dare to anger Qin Susu at this juncture, let alone Chen Jiangping, although he has grievances against Liu Huaidong, but in the face of Qin Susu's anger, his head is also lower than anyone else.

But no matter what, Liu Huaidong is also the first people's hospital internship doctor, although he looks at Chen Jiangping displeased, but ask yourself, in this period of their own internship, Director Wang and several other seniors are still good to themselves.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the situation of the First People's Hospital, so he came out and interrupted Qin Su Su's scolding in a deep voice, "Mr. Luo, Mrs. Luo, your son's current situation is not that optimistic."

As expected, once these words came out, Qin Susu immediately stopped.

The eyes of all the medical authorities present followed Luo Zhenqiang and Qin Susu and fell on Liu Huaidong, the intern doctor.

After a moment of hesitation, Luo Zhenqiang finally opened his mouth with some expectation and asked, "This little brother, are you saying that you can cure Xiaogang?"

"Eighty percent sure." Under the eyes of everyone, Liu Huaidong directly gave an answer without fuss, "I am 80% sure that I can make your son heal as before, the remaining 20% well ...... the worst result is just not to be able to exercise strenuously in the future."

"What? Eighty percent sure!"

Luo Zhenqiang did not open his mouth, Chen Jiangping ate shit like a shriek, "You brat, bragging without picking a place first! You have 80% certainty? Do you think we medical authorities have lived to the age of a dog!"

Liu Huaidong heard these words, naturally there is no reason not to fight back after being beaten, only to see him directly turn his head and glance at Chen Jiangping, without hesitation contemptuous smile, "Oh, the other few I do not know, but you Chen Jiangping in my opinion, a handful of years is still living to the dog!

Immediately after ignoring Chen Jiangping's attack, Liu Huaidong again looked at Luo Zhenqiang, "General Luo, your son is to be cured by certain people who live to the dogs at an age, or to be left to me, you make the decision."