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Chapter 0002 - The Mantle of the Saint of Medicine

"Born with many illnesses, long illnesses naturally become a doctor, taking a hundred flavors of medicine and stones, only to know the benefits of a hundred herbs, personally experienced life and death, only to know that life is valuable ......"

In Liu Huaidong jaws staggered looking at the illusory blurred figure in front of him, that a Confucian green shirt, face like hidden in a thick fog can not see the bright clear person but suddenly opened his mouth.

Although his voice is not loud, but it seems to be issued directly to Liu Huaidong's soul in general, so Liu Huaidong can not help but hear the heart shake, the brain is also buzzing.

At the same time, the figure's voice continues to ring in Liu Huaidong's mind, "After my generation, from today you are the heir of the Saint of Medicine, my medical dao and art mantle, remember, later you should hang pots to help the world, universal beings, only then can you enter the dao with medicine, cultivate the right fruit!

Unable to see the face of the man in green finished, before Liu Huaidong reaction, his figure turned into a little luminescence, re-drilled into Liu Huaidong chest of the jade pendant.

At the same time, a huge stream of information was forced into Liu Huaidong's head by a nameless force.

The Taoism of the world is the same, divided into five arts: mountain, medicine, fortune, phrenology, divination, and medicine contains medicine and stones, prescriptions, and acupuncture, also known as the art of Xuanhuang ......

Countless complex and complicated information inexplicably flooded into Liu Huaidong's mind, and invariably branded in the deepest part of his subconscious, which made Liu Huaidong feel as if his head was about to explode.

Covering his head and rolling around on the ground, Liu Huaidong finally could no longer withstand the huge flow of information filling his head, and after letting out a miserable scream, he once again passed out magnificently.

Time thus passed little by little without Liu Huaidong's awareness.

I don't know how long it took, Liu Huaidong's consciousness finally gradually regained a few points, this time his head still hurts, he some effort to reach out and rub his temples, slowly open his eyes.

After taking a look at his surroundings, Liu Huaidong realized that he was in a hospital room, lying on a hospital bed.

After a few moments of wakefulness, Liu Huaidong got out of bed in a hurry, he was worried about the safety of the patient in ward 203, after all, when he went to shout at Chen Jiangping, he was delayed for so long, and he didn't know if the patient had missed the best treatment period because of it.

Liu Huaidong was concerned about the patient's safety, while opening the door to the room, when a female nurse intern from the same class as him pushed the cart past the ward.

When she saw Liu Huaidong, the female nurse couldn't help but open her eyes wide, the expression was like seeing a ghost, "Liu Huaidong! You ...... you are not a heart attack has been the emergency department issued a notice of death? How could ......"

Hearing the words of the female nurse, Liu Huaidong heart could not help but be astonished, only now he remembered that he just had an attack in Chen Jiangping's office, it seems that he did not have time to take the medicine.

It is not because the jade pendant's heritage saved his life and brought him back from the dead?

Liu Huaidong suddenly had such a thought in his head, and at the same time, the information that he had inherited in the dream world was once again clearly visible in his mind.

Not only that, now Liu Huaidong, as long as a little attentive feeling, you can feel a warm flow in a constant stream from his Dantian, flowing through his limbs and bones.

The body but all the places washed by the warmth of this flow, feel extraordinarily comfortable, can be described as the body relaxation, can not this is the legendary Qi!

Until this moment, Liu Huaidong realized that everything just now is not a dream!

"Nothing, the old problem, the emergency department misjudged very normal." Liu Huaidong naturally would not tell outsiders the truth, just a hurried explanation to the nurse, then spoke again and asked, "How is the patient in ward 203?"

"Oh, Director Chen is helping him with the diagnosis, I'm not sure about the details." The little nurse half believed Liu Huaidong's explanation, but still answered Liu Huaidong's question subconsciously after blinking her eyes.


Liu Huaidong dropped two words, and then, under the slightly shocked gaze of the little nurse, he drew his legs and ran wildly towards ward 203.

The patient in ward 203 was brought in from a car accident early this morning, and the situation was very serious, with two arms and a right leg with crushed fractures, and two broken ribs.

When he was brought to the hospital, the patient fell into a deep coma because of hemorrhaging, and in such a situation, the person's consciousness is very weak, and if the operation is performed at this time, it is likely that the patient's life will be in danger.

So the hospital had no choice but to take various imported drugs to hang on to the patient's life until he came to his senses and then operate on him.

However, not long ago, the patient just came to his senses and kept convulsing and making a fuss because of the severe pain in his body.

Director Wang couldn't handle this unexpected situation alone, which led to a scene where Liu Huaidong went to call Chen Jiangping.

When he ran to the door of ward 203, Liu Huaidong couldn't help but hear a violent coughing sound coming from the ward, and when he heard the frequency of this sound, he unconsciously frowned.

Closer, he heard a woman's hoarse voice ringing out in ward 203, "You quacks, my son has been in the hospital for so long, why isn't he operated on yet!"

"Do you know who my husband is? My husband is Luo Zhenqiang of the Baodong Group! This is Luo Zhenqiang's son, Luo Gang!"

Luo Zhenqiang of the Baodong Group!

Upon hearing these words, several attending physicians in the ward, including Director Wang and Director Chen, as well as several other small nurses were all trembling, looking at the middle-aged man with a rigid face beside the woman with a shocked expression.

Only then did they suddenly wake up and realize who the middle-aged man who always looked familiar really was.

Even Liu Huaidong, who was about to run to the ward, was involuntarily shocked in his heart, the famous Bao Dong Group Luo Zhenqiang, that is hiding a hide feet, the entire Huadu business circle to shake three vicious goods ah!

The large city of flowers, this loud name who does not know who does not know?

"So it's Chairman Luo and Mrs. Luo, I'm honored." Chen Jiangping's complimentary voice came from afar.

"Please don't worry, although your son has many fractures, but with our advanced medical equipment and high medical technology, it's not a problem at all to deal with such injuries, I promise to make sure that your son will definitely be able to get out of bed within three months!"

"Humph, this is the best, if anything happens to my precious son, I will make sure that all of you will not be able to escape!" Luo Zhenqiang's wife Qin Susu spoke with an arrogant face, not taking the famous doctors present, including the dean, into consideration in the slightest.

And because of her frightening identity, these doctors were threatened by someone pointing at their noses, but they still could only carefully compensate with smiling faces, not daring to have half a complaint.

"Yes, yes, please rest assured, Mrs. Luo, we will definitely use the most advanced medical technology and the best medicine for your son!"

Chen Jiangping once again swore and assured that although Qin Susu did not put him in her eyes at all, the military order of an attending physician still made Qin Susu's face softened a lot.

Just then, a not-so-harmonious voice suddenly sounded at the door of ward 203.

"What's the use of using the most advanced medical technology and the best medicine when you can't even figure out where the problem is most serious in the patient? And guarantee that he can get out of bed in three months? If you continue to treat him like this, the patient's family will receive a death notice in less than three days!"

"Who's talking!" Chen Jiangping, who had just finished bragging, couldn't help but turn his head with an angry face when he heard the voice at the door, and when he saw Liu Huaidong standing at the door, he immediately changed his expression to a look of having seen a ghost.

"You, you you ...... didn't you die of a heart attack?"

"Who are you?"

Unlike Director Chen and others who were shocked when they saw Liu Huaidong, Luo Zhenqiang and Qin Susu were just frowning with dissatisfaction because Liu Huaidong cursed their son Luo Gang to die.

Liu Huaidong did not pay attention to the interrogation of Luo Zhenqiang and his wife, but just stared at Chen Jiangping with a playful face, and said sarcastically with a smile at the corner of his mouth, "Oh, I am a big living person standing here for a good reason, but I can be diagnosed as having a sudden and violent death of heart disease by you, is this what you call advanced equipment and high technology?"

Hearing these words, Chen Jiangping was instantly slapped as if he had been slapped hard, and his face hurt hotly.

After all, he had just bragged with the chairman of the Baodong Group, but in the blink of an eye, such a big oops, a good living person was diagnosed with a heart attack and given a death notice.

Although Liu Huaidong's condition was diagnosed by the emergency department, and Chen Jiangping had nothing to do with it, but when he thought of his own boast just now, Chen Jiangping still felt a hot pain on his old face.

This time, Luo Zhenqiang and Qin Susu are also looking at Chen Jiangping with a questioning gaze, after noticing this, Chen Jiangping is a ball of anger inexplicably surged to his heart.

"You say I'm not sure what the patient's problem is? Well, then you say, Luo Shao in the end what is the problem, I would like to see what you say is different from our diagnosis!"

At that moment, in order to change the topic, Chen Jiangping subtly turned the spearhead to Liu Huaidong.

As expected, after Chen Jiangping threw out this question, all the eyes in the room fell on Liu Huaidong.

Even Luo Zhenqiang and his wife were no exception. After all, in their minds, despising a chief physician is far less important than figuring out the condition of their son.

And after Liu Huaidong suddenly became the focus of attention, is not the slightest bit of stage fright, just a look of success in the chest slowly speak, "Generally speaking, the body of patients with multiple fractures, after the sedative is not so violent struggle, because the pain has consumed most of their physical strength."

"And the essential reason why this patient is now so agitated is not that he has multiple fractures on his body, but that on his broken ribs, some of the bone fragments are stuck into the lobe of his lungs, causing him to have trouble breathing!"