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Chapter 0001 - Growing through trials and tribulations

"It's not good! The patient in room 203 is sick again!"

"Did you give him a sedative?"

"Yes, it's useless!"

"Someone go and call Director Chen, Xiao Liu, Xiao Liu you go and call Director Chen to come here!"

"Okay, Director Wang, I'm on my way!" Liu Huaidong answered, pulled his legs and rushed out of the ward.

The patient was convulsing, the situation was dangerous, and time was life.

Although he was only an intern in the First People's Hospital of Huadu, even an intern had to be responsible for the patient and do his best.

Chen Jiangping's office arrived.

Liu Huaidong reached out and was about to knock on the door, but a familiar voice suddenly came to his ears.

"Uncle, I heard that the hospital will only leave three good performers from this batch of interns, so I'll have to trouble you to help Li Tao more when the time comes."

Liu Huaidong's hand froze in front of the room door.

Isn't this Cao Xuelong's voice?

The reason why this voice was so familiar to him was because he had been with Cao Xuelong for three years.

During that time, Liu Huaidong always thought that Cao Xuelong was the woman he was destined to be with for the rest of his life.

However, three months ago, when he was on his way to pick up his graduation thesis, he happened to see Cao Xuelong and Li Tao hugging each other tightly and tasting each other's passionate kiss.

At that moment, Liu Huaidong's heart was broken.

But Cao Xuelong also sprinkled a salt on his heart.

"Huaidong, let's break up."

It was this voice.

How could he forget?

She came here to pull strings for Li Tao?

He took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Wait a minute!"

Chen Jiangping shouted at the door, then immediately went on to speak, "Okay, okay, Xue Rong, just don't grind uncle, promise you will always be okay, right?"

While speaking, Chen Jiangping directly in front of Cao Xuelong, took out a list from the drawer, erased a name on it, and wrote 'Li Tao' two big words on the side.

Cao Xuelong grinned when she saw this, and petulantly hugged one of Chen Jiangping's arms, "Hee hee, uncle is really the best, I knew uncle loved me the most ......"

Chen Jiangping looked at his niece with a doting face, and at the same time helplessly laughed bitterly, "ouch, I can't help you, you are spoiled by your mother."

There's no end to it!

Listening to the disgusting conversation in the room, Liu Huaidong's heart could not help but rise up with a nameless anger.

He can wait, but the patient can not wait ah!

Finally, Liu Huaidong still reached out and pushed open the door of the room.

"Director Chen, the patient in room 203 has deteriorated again, Director Wang asked me to call you over." After entering the door, Liu Huaidong just coldly glanced at Chen Jiangping and Cao Xuelong, and then spoke in a hard tone to give his instructions.

"Got it, I'll go over right away."

Originally, Chen Jiangping still wanted to get angry because Liu Huaidong suddenly barged in, but after hearing Liu Huaidong's words, he forced his anger to be suppressed in his heart and returned a perfunctory sentence.

But this old man although the mouth promised, but the action is slow and leisurely, as if not the patient's life in the slightest.

Seeing this scene, Liu Huaidong couldn't help but take a step forward in anger and slap on Chen Jiangping's desk, "Director Chen, the patient's situation is critical and can't be delayed, so please follow me there immediately!"

"What are you shouting for? Are you the director or am I the director?" When Chen Jiangping heard that Liu Huaidong had the guts to urge himself, the anger that had just been suppressed in his heart couldn't help but rise up again.

However, just when he was about to scold Liu Huaidong, who was below the law, he found that Liu Huaidong's eyes were staring straight at the list on the table that he had just changed.

The one that was crossed out and replaced with Li Tao's name was Liu Huaidong's name!

At this moment, Liu Huaidong came to his senses, the original was replaced by Li Tao's unlucky ghost, is the childhood has never been lucky himself ah ......

Originally, Chen Jiangping didn't quite understand why Liu Huaidong was staring at that list with that resentment-filled gaze, until he saw the name on Liu Huaidong's badge, which dawned on him.

"Director Chen, why was my name changed to Li Tao on the list of interns' transfer?" After a moment of contemplation, Liu Huaidong still looked at Chen Jiangping with a sad and angry face and asked.

"Why? Oh, Liu Huaidong, just have some self-knowledge."

Before Chen Jiangping could open his mouth, Cao Xuelong on the side had an arrogant face and wrapped her arms around her chest, staring at Liu Huaidong playfully, "You should also understand the situation of Li Tao's family, so you can compete with him? You can't compete with others!"

"Bitch!" Liu Huaidong gritted his teeth and cursed, no longer paying attention to Cao Xuelong, but turned his gaze to Chen Jiangping beside him, "Director Chen, aren't you going to give me an explanation?"

"Huh, an explanation?"

A snicker escaped Chen Jiangping's mouth, as if he had heard a cold joke that insulted his intelligence, "I am a department director, why should I give you an explanation to a small intern? What qualifications do you have to ask me for this explanation?"

When faced with the angry Liu Huaidong, Chen Jiangping still had his usual condescending look, without the slightest awareness that he had just done something heartless.

Seeing his uncle's tough and domineering attitude, Cao Xuelong can't help but follow a complementary sentence, "Humph, really take themselves as a dish, guys who don't know the sky is high, also don't take a piss and look at themselves!"

Hearing Cao Xuelong's unadulterated sarcasm, Liu Huaidong couldn't help but feel a surge of unprecedented anger.

His heart was beating violently because of the rising anger, and he was on the verge of exploding or collapsing all the time.

Chen Jiangping and Cao Xuelong, two people, until now did not find anything wrong with Liu Huaidong, only as a momentary anger attack, no one took it seriously.

Not only that, Cao Xuelong is even at this time, but also at Liu Huaidong sneer, "Liu Huaidong, I advise you to look away, this world is so cruel, people always have to grow in the ordeal."

"Just like when I dumped you, just like today when your name was erased from the list, these are actually valuable growth experiences on your life path, aren't they? Speaking of which, you should also thank me as a life coach."

At this moment, looking at Cao Xuelong's ice-cold gaze that did not contain the slightest bit of emotion, Liu Huaidong instantly felt his whole heart fell to the bottom of a dark and deep valley.

Even after Cao Xuelong sneered, she even picked up the list on the table full of malice and gently waved it in front of Liu Huaidong's eyes.

However, at this moment, Liu Huaidong could no longer see the few names written on the list that was close at hand.

At this time Liu Huaidong's eyes are blurred and everything he sees is a series of residual shadows, as for his ears, he can't hear anything else except the sound of his heart beating faster every second.

After feeling his body discomfort, Liu Huaidong hurriedly eyelids jumped, the hand into the white coat pocket, but before he could feel anything, he suddenly felt a black eye, the whole person just fell straight to the ground.

A bottle of heart-saving pills rolled out of Liu Huaidong's clothes pocket and rolled to Chen Jiangping's feet.

Before the last trace of consciousness died out, Liu Huaidong just heard Chen Jiangping and Cao Xuelong both let out a shriek at the same time.


"Liu Huaidong, Liu Huaidong what happened to you?" Chen Jiangping because of this sudden change in his office, first followed his niece together with a cry of alarm, immediately reacted, squatting down to give Liu Huaidong lying on the ground to do a physical examination.

"Not good, there is no heartbeat!"

Hearing the diagnosis of her uncle, Cao Xuelong was immediately frightened, shocked for a moment before suddenly remembering what slowly spoke, "I remember, he ...... he seems to have congenital heart disease!"

"Then what are you waiting for, quickly notify the emergency department ah!" When Chen Jiangping heard this, his heart could not help but stutter.

The old man is not really worried about the safety of Liu Huaidong, but only afraid that Liu Huaidong in case something happens, die in his office he is not good to account for it.

In the two wicked guys are busy doing emergency resuscitation work on Liu Huaidong, by the way notify the emergency department, no one noticed, Liu Huaidong chest a pendant, through the fabric of his jacket emitted a faint green light.

After Liu Huaidong fainted from cardiac arrest, he only felt his consciousness plunged into an endless darkness, a darkness that he could not resist with his strength.

Just like the cruel reality, so he felt powerless to resist ......

"Am I going to die here?"

Liu Huaidong asked himself with a bitter smile, while his heart inexplicably some sadness, because he remembered the woman who brought himself up alone, and hope that he can get ahead after graduating from college.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're going to get.

But this life but no chance, no chance to repay their mother ......

When I think of this, Liu Huaidong, who has always been stubborn, couldn't help but shed two lines of hot tears in his eyes.

However, when Liu Huaidong was crying in despair, he suddenly saw the jade pendant on his chest that his grandfather had left behind before he died, and it suddenly shone brightly.

Liu Huaidong has been weak and sick since childhood, and even has a congenital heart disease, but fortunately his grandfather, who is a Chinese medicine doctor, has been helping him to adjust, so many years has not been anything.

However, six years ago, his grandfather passed away, before leaving, the old man just left this jade pendant, urged Liu Huaidong must be worn close to the body, said the jade nourishes people, as long as it has been wearing it, Liu Huaidong will not be in trouble.

However, today, under the pressure of many negative emotions such as sorrow, anger, and despair, Liu Huaidong's heart finally stopped beating ......

In the endless darkness, just when Liu Huaidong felt that he should have reached another world, he suddenly looked at the jade pendant that suddenly shone brightly, the jade pendant, there was a somewhat illusory figure!