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Chapter 2: The gap between people and people

"Help you?"

Looking at the beautiful woman in front of him with a look of dying, Yang Yunfan not only did not have any pity for her, but instead had some contempt in his eyes.

Is it just menstrual pain? As for making such a look of dying? It's like being stabbed by someone. I've never seen a woman since I was a kid, which woman has menstrual cramps like this?

This woman, a little pretentious.

"Little brother, help me call my friend. My stomach hurts, I'm going to die ......" The big beauty was in tears and sweating, covering her stomach and shivering all over. She raised her pearly face and looked at Yang Yunfan pleadingly.

Who knows that Yang Yunfan did not care at all, brushed aside his mouth and said: "Is it just menstrual pain? This is a little thing, what else do you call it? You give me your hand."

After saying that, Yang Yunfan directly grabbed one of the catkin of that big beautiful woman, then, put her hand on his own palm, gestured, and found a location of her tiger mouth.

"You, what are you going to do?"

The big beauty realized that something was wrong.

This "migrant worker" next to her not only did not help her call someone, but also took advantage of her, touching her small hand!

This is not good enough!

She was immediately frightened and panicked.

But right now, she couldn't even speak, let alone pull her hand out of Yang Yunfan's clutches.

"Little brother, please, don't do this ......"

In an instant, her eyes were teary, her mouth deflated, and she looked at Yang Yunfan with a million pleading eyes, hoping he would let her go.

"You funny? In public, what can I do? It's just to help you out. Hey, just now, you asked me to help you, right?"

Yang Yunfan heatedly smiled.

However, the beautiful woman next to him took a look at this "migrant worker" so treacherous smile, immediately felt a thunderstorm.

At this moment, she has seen countless movies, countless TV series inside the rogue rebellious soul, all together possessed in Yang Yunfan body. Yang Yunfan was like a full-blown villain, a hungry man in lust, who was so hungry that he couldn't choose his food from the ground!

"Please, don't do this ......"

Her body kept cowering backwards.

However, she was sitting by the window, blocked by Yang Yunfan's full figure, could not see the outside. The people outside, presumably, could not see her inside either. This is really a call to heaven and earth!

In an instant, her mind flashed through countless images, her face also became even whiter, and the sweat on her forehead was gushing out like crazy. The waterfall sweat like the qq emoticon inside.

"Isn't it just menstrual cramps? Sweating so much."

Yang Yunfan looked up at the beauty, and was speechless. He didn't know what was going on in the mind of this big beauty in front of him.

"Ah! It hurts! You stinking rascal, why are you pinching me?"

At this moment, Yang Yunfan's hand force, the beauty suddenly light cry, simply give up, about to scream.

"What are you screaming for? Scare me! I'm treating your menstrual cramps!" Which knows, Yang Yunfan voice than her louder, yelled at her.

That beautiful woman was instantly like a frightened rabbit, shrinking there and not daring to move, looking at Yang Yunfan in fear.

"I, I didn't scream blindly ...... you pinch people's pain." The beauty deflated her mouth, aggrieved. But did not dare to shout, afraid to offend the "migrant workers" in front of him.

As the saying goes, the ruthless are afraid of the ruthless, the rich are afraid of the poor. This "migrant worker" in front of her, in her opinion, that is rash and poor, may do something unjustifiable. This little lamb can only be a cowardly plea.

I beg the Bodhisattva to bless, the steward hurrying pro-inspection it. When the time comes, they will report him to play a rogue on themselves!

"Pain? That means it's working!"

Yang Yunfan did not even look at the beauty, grabbed her hand and squeezed up hard on the tiger's mouth: "See, this point is called the Hegu point, which is the tiger's mouth. When menstrual pain, you can also pinch yourself. The approximate location, just between the first and second metacarpal bones on the back of the hand."

While saying that, Yang Yunfan heavily kneaded a few times on this location.

"Huh, after being pinched a few times by this rogue, my stomach really doesn't seem to hurt anymore." It was only at this moment that that beautiful woman realized that she seemed to have misunderstood this stinky rascal in front of her. He really seemed to be treating his own menstrual pain.

Luckily, I didn't shout just now, otherwise I would have been embarrassed.

The first thing you need to do is to think about it and feel your hand being rubbed by a strange man, her face is slightly red. In the eyes, a trace of embarrassment danced.

About ten minutes pinching, Yang Yunfan see this beauty in front of him blush a lot, and do not say pain. On the contrary, he kept his head down, as if he was very comfortable.


He grunted and couldn't help but stop moving.

In fact, the painful menstruation pinch a five minutes is about the same, but rare big beautiful women let themselves take advantage of, Yang Yunfan of course to take full advantage of the bright and square.

But now, he found that he seems to have done a stupid thing.

This big beauty looks like she is enjoying herself. And he was similar to those hair washing girls in town who give the rich people a foot rub and a back knock. At once, Yang Yunfan felt that just giving the beautiful woman a hand squeeze, it seems to have no great meaning, so he simply put down that beautiful woman's hand.

"Hey, why don't you pinch?"

As soon as Yang Yunfan's hand stopped, that big beautiful woman raised her head in a strange way instead.

Her tiger's mouth was kneaded by Yang Yunfan, and her painful menstruation soon ended. With that, a warm air current rose out in her abdomen, and then this air current began to travel throughout her body, making her 100,000 pores all over her body soothed beyond measure.

"Then let me ask you, are you feeling good being kneaded by me like this?" Yang Yunfan did not answer her words, but asked back.

Yang Yunfan said this in a louder voice.

In an instant, the young man who was reading a novel with his cell phone in front of him, and the middle-aged uncle who had been watching the soccer game behind him, straightened their backs and put their heads slightly over.

The two people's gossip heart burns.

"I think it's pretty cool. Thank you." That big beauty thanked heartily.

Just now, she really had the heart to die from the pain. Originally, she wanted Yang Yunfan to call someone. Because she has a classmate who happens to be in the back of that carriage. Who knew that this little brother in front of her was quite resourceful. I can't believe I cured myself of menstrual cramps.


Just when the beauty finished this sentence, the young man who was reading the novel in front of him, his phone fell to the ground hard. And the uncle watching the soccer game behind, his head was directly hit his tablet computer.

"Holy shit!"

Hearing the conversation between Yang Yunfan and that beautiful woman, the two people's hearts really 10,000 head of grass mud horse running wildly past.

Yang Yunfan next to that beautiful woman, the two people in the car when they were glimpsed to see. Although the posture can not be described with the country to describe the city, but pour this section of the train, that is absolutely no problem. The whole train above, also belong to her most beautiful. Youthful and beautiful, sexy and charming.

But now, this big beauty was kneaded for half a day, but still feel quite cool, and thank people!

"Heaven, earth, what kind of world is this? Why haven't I encountered such good things!"

Two people to Yang Yunfan this turd, that really envy jealous hate ah!