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Chapter 1 Little Brother, Help Me

"Old man, check me out again. I think I have an incurable disease."

"No need to check, brat, you're not sick at all. Don't worry. You just cut your foot on the glass, it's nothing serious."

"Is that so? But I still feel dizzy and my head is buzzing. There's always someone saying something strange next to my ear."

Recently, Yang Yunfan was really depressed to the core.

Ever since he stepped on a broken glass bead next to the dilapidated Medicine King Temple on the mountain, he started having bad luck. At night, he could always hear an old man saying something strange. This situation lasted for a week, and he felt like he was going crazy. He could only ask for help from his divine master.

"There's nothing but! I'm sure, you're fine! Brat, did you deliberately find an excuse not to return to Xiangtan City? I can tell you ah, your father entrusted you to me, let me teach you martial arts, and teach you medicine, I can do it all. As for you ...... hurry up and go back to your Yang family, you have a beautiful fiancée waiting for you at home."

What beautiful fiancée? You do not just want to wait for me to leave, a person can not be disturbed to watch porn.

Yang Yunfan couldn't help but spit in his heart.

But this, Yang Yunfan is absolutely will not say out.

The old man in front of you, others do not know, Yang Yunfan can be very clear. I do not know what this old man, kung fu is ridiculously high, and a miraculous medical skills. If he did not say that his dead father and his son is a sworn brother, he did not care about his own life, let himself in the Yang family family infighting to be killed.

At this time, the old man was eating the roast chicken that Yang Yunfan had just bought back with one hand, while the other hand was probing Yang Yunfan's pulse with a hitch. It didn't take long to declare that Yang Yunfan was not sick. He also told him to hurry up and go back to his old home in Zhonghai City if he was fine.

"Old man, no matter what, I have to thank you for teaching me so many things. By the way, what do you think of the taste of this roast chicken?" Yang Yunfan suddenly changed his tone and became somewhat ingratiating.

"The taste of the roast chicken, well, it's sloppy, it's okay ......"

Speaking of which, suddenly the old man sensed something was wrong.

"Aigoo, you brat, even poisoned the old man!" After saying that, the old man lifted his pants, wiggled his butt, and quickly ran wildly towards the toilet.

Watching the old man seize the door and go out, Yang Yunfan couldn't help but laugh out loud: "God, it finally worked once ......"

Counting this time, Yang Yunfan had put poison inside the old man's food more than eighty times in total. Each time, the old man recognized it and then beat himself up violently. Unexpectedly, he finally succeeded today.

The old man covered his stomach and splintered in the toilet while hissing loudly, "Yang Yunfan, you brat, wait for me ......"

"I wait? I'm not stupid!"

When Yang Yunfan heard this, where would he dare to wait, he quickly gathered his clothes and ran down the mountain while saying, "Master, our master and disciple's destiny is over. The disciple found his dusty destiny is not finished, first go down the mountain ......"

When Yang Yunfan left, the old man did not see anything at all came out of the toilet, hehe smiled.

"If I hadn't deliberately fallen for it, you brat, could have gone down the mountain so painfully?"


A silver-white moving train traveled fast on the tracks through a lush green flat field, like a silver eel swimming in a quiet sea.

"Train tickets have also gone up in price. A second-class hard seat, surprisingly, also costs 300 yuan!" Although the tickets were expensive, Yang Yunfan didn't complain much. Because, this time his luck was surprisingly good. Next to him, there was actually a beautiful woman sitting next to him.

No way, men are all visual animals, and Yang Yunfan is no exception.

Yang Yunfan took advantage of the time to drink water and secretly glanced at the beautiful woman on the right. Who let this beauty from time to time waft a trace of fragrance, so that Yang Yunfan heart a little itchy.

That beauty looks twenty years old, about the same age as Yang Yunfan, is estimated to be a female college student.

Just see her long hair slightly curly, face exquisite, with the TV stars, Gao Yuanyuan a little like. She was wearing a set of light blue silk dress, revealing the skin of the arms with a ceramic-like luster, as if the gel snow cream is generally silky. A head down, long hair will be like silk jumped a little, the Jiangnan woman graceful and elegant, watery and clean qualities revealed.

Such exquisite girls, not to mention in the Yang family village kind of ravine inside, even if it is placed in the southeast coastal cities, it is also one in a hundred goddess.

Most impressive to Yang Yunfan is this beauty's eyes, hazy, as if covered with a layer of water mist, smoke and rain, extremely aura. Looking forward to flowing, like a pear with dew, fresh and beautiful, but also a few delicate.


However, at this time, the beauty suddenly frowned slightly, twisted her eyebrows into a Chuan character.

This time, Yang Yunfan was suddenly shocked. Because the original appearance of this beauty is very good, can be said to be very rich and noble face. However, this frown condensed, surprisingly Yang Yunfan saw that her face actually has a tendency of the white tiger out of the cage.

This means that she will have a bloodbath today ah.

"Beauty, I think you will have a bloodbath today, you have to pay more attention to ah!" After holding back, Yang Yunfan still felt like telling the truth.

Who knows that once the words came out, the beauty's face became red, turned her head, glared at Yang Yunfan viciously, opened her mouth and pooh-poohed, saying, "Rascal!"

Her voice is very clear, there is a kind of Wu Nong soft language sweet silk taste, even if it is a scolding words, fall in the ears is very comfortable.


What does that mean? Where did I go rogue?

Yang Yunfan is simply a bit speechless. He was kind enough to remind her, how can he still swear at people?

No wonder the old saying "rather offend the gentleman, do not offend the little man", if this little man or a woman. Then hurry as far as possible to hide as far as possible.

Can't afford to mess with ah!

"Forget it! Since you treat my good intentions as a donkey's liver and lungs! I don't care about this kind of nonsense!" Yang Yunfan is also not a good person, finished directly to sleep.

But, just a moment after closing his eyes, he suddenly heard someone exclaim mournfully.

Yang Yunfan looked at the sound, only to see that beautiful woman suddenly stumbled towards the bathroom. And the moment she got up, Yang Yunfan seemed to see inside her skirt, down the inside of her thigh, flowing a trail of blood.

This this this ......

Seeing this scene, where Yang Yunfan still does not understand.

"Holy shit. No wonder she called me a rascal! So, today is her great aunt's big visit!" Yang Yunfan suddenly felt greatly embarrassed. It seems that he is sitting on this rogue title. This road, it is estimated that there is no opportunity to explain the clear.

After about ten minutes, the beautiful woman returned to her seat with a head full of sweat. Yang Yunfan to avoid embarrassment, simply closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

However, from time to time, he heard a shallow singing and whispering "mmm, ah" voice, but also a gentle and tender voice with the Jiangnan humming out.

It's really evocative to hear it.

"Ah! Who grabbed me!"

At this moment, suddenly, Yang Yunfan felt his arm was grabbed by someone.

He opened his eyes, only to see the beautiful woman next to him, with a face brushed white, grabbing his hand, his forehead covered with sweat. Sweat mixed to her perfume, emitting a refreshing body fragrance, so that Yang Yunfan understood what it means to be drenched in fragrant sweat.

Only to see her look at Yang Yunfan with the kind of eyes that make people's hearts ache beyond measure: "Little brother, I, I'm so hard, help me ......"