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Chapter 724: Conquest: Scorpion Beauty and Deadly Beast

It was already dawn as Velas Tyrell stood on the mountain ridge behind the city of Highgarden.

Highgarden was still burning, and the fires were not abating at all.

The flames of life raged everywhere, burning to every tower.

This is really a prosperous city destroyed by war.

The devil mountain rode a huge dragon, hovering over the mountain range.

The fire in the high court looked like it would burn for at least another day.

The fire was spreading everywhere, flames were burning everywhere. Inside and outside the city walls, flames were all over the place and white smoke rolled.

The smoky soldiers and fire-roasted generals of Dorne were all over the back hills and mountains.

The nobles and sons of Highgarden had tripped out a rugged mountain path down the ridge, and the people wound their way down, looking numb, sorrow for the loss of their homes welling up in their hearts after the sack. The High Court people descended the mountain in silence.

Without the Magic Mountain, they would not have been saved, perhaps they would have been slaughtered by the Dornishmen and everyone would have died; but without the Magic Mountain, Highgarden would not have been burned so thoroughly. There were several old and famous towers in Highgarden, elaborate and intricate, with high artistic value, which have never existed since.

With her deep facial contours and bright, captivating eyes, Ariane Martel is a girl of classical beauty, twenty-four years old, who was thrust into the throne of the Prince of Dorne by the coup d'état, and whose feminine beauty holds a viper-like danger.

In Dorne, Ariane Martell is the dream girl of many great noble teenagers.

Suddenly, the sky darkened, and the dragon swept by, blotting out the light of the sky, as fast as an arrow, that was a moving mountain, and in the stretch of the dragon's claws, the crowd watched dumbfounded as Yalienne Martell and Velas Tyrell were caught, and the dragon swept down the mountain with the two of them, flying towards the white sands of the Mander River.

Highgarden was built along the Mander River. The western, northern and eastern sides of the High Court hills are endless plains of wealth, beauty, birdsong and roses everywhere.

The sheep thief released his dragon claws and Alaine Martell and Velas Tyrell fell together, bang bang, both of them fell on the snowy white sand. The sheep thief gathered his wings and landed, and the wind swept through, stirring up the white sand flying a man high.


A big bang, the devil mountain jumped off the back of the dragon, as if a huge stone smashed down the beach.

His legs sank into the white sand.

Heavy plate armor, terrifyingly wide two-handed sword, a body like a giant, a huge flat-topped helmet, a steel mask, except for breathing orifices, only a thin narrow slit for viewing the outside.

Magic Mountain is fully armed, which makes Ariane Martell a little surprised. Magic Mountain is in the sky, who can hurt him? He even wore a helmet, covering himself up tightly. The Magic Mountain she thought, should not have been so cautious, she had always thought that the Magic Mountain was a reckless villain.

Magic Mountain removed his helmet, his face was like a rock, his look was formidable, his gaze was sullen, and there was no coarse fierceness that Alaine thought.

Vilas Tyrell and Ariane Martell heard the evil reputation of the magic mountain for many years, this is the first time to see the real person.

The sheep thief dragon is behind the magic mountain, the hideous dragon's head just above the magic mountain spewing dragon breath. The dragon's eyes are bigger than an adult's fist, such as two golden-red jewels, a golden-red scales and armor is reflected in the sun's light, like the glow of fire. Returning to the sky and fighting sheep thieves, the life force exploded with surging brilliance.

"I am Devil Mountain." Devil Mountain said, "I'm sorry."

"I am Alaine Martell." Yalienne Martell stared at Magic Mountain with unblinking eyes. Although she was only twenty-four years old, she had matured and seasoned under the influence of the Red Viper and looked at people with venomous eyes. Magic Mountain's opening statement surprised her greatly, in her impression, Magic Mountain certainly can not say 'I'm sorry' words to.

This is not a magic mountain at all, not at all in line with the impression of the magic mountain of the Dragon Flame Massacre.

Many of the rumors were indeed false rumors.

"Arianne, Aegon VI is still alive and well, right here in Wind Breath Castle." The implication is that he did not kill Aegon back then.

"But you raped and killed Elia Martell."

"You saw it with your own eyes?"

"............" Arianne breathed.

"Hm. Naturally, I did not see it with my own eyes, but everyone knows it. "

"Rumors are rumors, and when a person has a bad reputation, any rumor will appear out of thin air. No matter what you say about me, I won't admit to something I didn't do."

"Do you dare to swear?"

"In the name of the old and new gods." Devil Mountain raised his hand with a solemn look.

Velas was learned and a 'scholar', and Magic Mountain's words and actions revealed the cultivation of a nobleman. When Magic Mountain announced Ariane as his lover in public, he thought that Magic Mountain was a man who was as eagerly caesium and full of filthy words as Captain Aegon, but it seemed that he was not. Magic Mountain spoke to Ariane Martell without a trace of frivolity and eye contact.

Ariane Martell had sworn in front of the generals of Dorne and the people of Highgarden, on the honor of the gods and the family, that Magic Mountain was the only man for her in the future. This is not a political alliance, for there will be no legal marriage between the two, but such a relationship is, in fact, a political alliance. This form, however, itself carries with it the humiliation and condescending overbearing of Aryan's honor, but Magic Mountain's first words are I'm sorry.

Magic Mountain does not have the slightest conqueror's pomp and circumstance, and the one that Dragon Flame slaughtered the city is almost like two people.

Magic Mountain took the initiative of everything, but did not condescend to the unbridled hasty cesium. If it was his good friend Captain Aegon, he might have been up and down on a beauty like Ariane. At least, the eyes flirtatious and ambiguous is certainly.

Ariane's beauty carries with it the awe of a superior and the blade of an iron-blooded warrior. It was an aura that Vilas Tyrell had never seen on any other woman.

"I will not believe your oath, Magic Mountain." Alaine said coldly, "You can't wash away Ilya's blood."

"Why should I wash it? I have already all carried the infamy for seventeen years. Regarding Princess Ilya's misfortune, I can only say that it was war, and I am a warrior, and warriors follow orders, it is a natural duty, there is no choice, just like them." Magic Mountain's hand waved backwards, including all the Dornish generals on the hill behind Highgarden City, "How many women are raped and killed in every war that breaks the city? Countless. After Dorn broke Gaoting, how many Gaoting women would have been raped and killed by Dornish warriors if the dragon and I did not appear? Back then, I was just a junior soldier under Duke Tywin. When the Duke gave an order, who dared to disobey it? The Duke ordered to treat the captives well and treat Ilya with courtesy, who dared to disobey?"

Vilas looked at Yalienn, the magic mountain words logical and clear, removed his own responsibility cleanly, which made his heart alien. He believed that Yalienn also had the same feeling, the impression given by the magic mountain, and the rumors of his bullying and ferocious, reckless and savage, full of foul language, rude and rude, a far cry.

But why did he want Dragon Flame to slaughter High Court?

Is he deliberately weakening High Court's strength? High Court supplies have been shipped out in a steady stream, he is crossing the river to tear down the bridge?! Or is Dorn more what the Devil Mountain wants?! Yes, High Court belonged to the king and would not be loyal to the Magic Mountain, but Dorn had submitted to the Magic Mountain, not the royal family.

Vilas Tyrell's heart suddenly got a little cold.

Devil Mountain ambition, it seems not small, but I hope it's just my own paranoia!

'Vilas Tyrell, for the sake of saving you and your people, I need a return from you." Devil Mountain said.

"A reward?" Vilas Tyrell asked in an astringent voice. His gaze went to Highgarden City, which was still burning, and the fire was still raging in the sky. This was exactly the evidence and masterpiece of Devil Mountain's rescue. Vilas felt there was bitterness.

"Yes, return. I want you to immediately send an order to send out scouts and gather the bannermen to gather at the Bitter Bridge to prepare for an attack on Aegon Targaryen VI of the Stormlands."

"Magic Mountain, is this your official order or is this a personal reward you want to save your life?" Velas Tyrell was wary and deeply guarded of the Magic Mountain.

"It is both my order and the reward I personally want." Devil Mountain's tone became harsh, "Vilas, if you are a foolish pig, I will not explain to you why you should immediately call up the army of the Riverlands, because if I tell you, you will not understand; if you are not a foolish pig, then I do not need to explain to you."

Vilas Tyrell turned blue and white, for the first time in his life he had been insulted in such a manner, and in such a stern voice.

Ariane Martell's big amber eyes lit up, the magic mountain is the magic mountain, really evil and strong, can not be refuted. To be honest, Ariane is a very strong person, her father Dao Lang Martell did not listen to her admonition, she launched a coup and imprisoned her father in the flowing water garden.

The strength of the magic mountain makes the mouth of a 'maester' like Vilas Tyrell open, he is not dry force of brutality, but first-class eloquence of the dilemma of argument. No matter how Vilas Tyrell retorted, Magic Mountain occupied the irrefutable height: Vilas Tyrell was a stupid pig!

Vilas Tyrell froze for a while before saying: "Magic Mountain, my supervisor, maester, captain and head instructor are not around, the supervisor from the beginning of the Dornish night attack until now, I have not seen the appearance of him and his two bastards, Maester Lomis was thrown down from the maester tower by the Dornish, the captain Aegon who is in charge of the guard legion and the head instructor Vortimer who is in charge of the guard legion I do not know until now Up to now I do not know whether they are alive or dead, and none of the soldiers around me have seen them."

"You have no more trustworthy bannermen around you?"

"Yes, Magic Mountain!"

"I can tell you a very simple way to spot loyal subjects."

"...... I'd love to know your way ......," said Vilas Tyrell in a sibilant voice. Letting someone like Magic Mountain teach himself, Vilas felt his face heat up a little.

Yalienne's pair of wonderful eyes flashing, staring at the face of the magic mountain, and moved away to the dragon behind the magic mountain, the magic mountain this person's words and actions, so that her heart greatly surprised and unexpected. Magic Mountain said to teach Vilas the way to choose loyal subjects, this is not force, this is political talent and wisdom. Vilas Tyrell is known for his erudition.

In a short time, Magic Mountain's words once and for all make Ariane 'look at you differently', she gradually somehow understand: Magic Mountain can be Minister of War, can tame the dragon, can kill Randall Tully, can capture Tywin Lannister alive, can make her have to kneel to submit, these are obviously not by luck and force of strength, this actually contains This actually contains the magic mountain of military talent, political talent and life wisdom.

But all the rumors about the magic mountain, in addition to the evil cruelty, there is nothing else.

"Vilas ......" said Magic Mountain - Aryan eyes on the dragon, the ears can be all the voice of Magic Mountain, Magic Mountain has what method can help Vilas find a new director, the captain, head instructor, these people preferred conditions, the first is loyalty, she was very concerned about this - "my gargoyle to bring you here, the first person who runs to you, if it is a soldier, let him be your personal guard; if it is a knight, let him be your captain; if it is a general, let him be your coach; their loyalty must be more credible than other soldiers, knights, and generals."

Vilas opened his mouth wide to look at the magic mountain, this law, which contains the truth, in fact, is very simple, who cares most about the lord, who will be the first to come to his side, this is the most simple law, but also the best way to test a person's loyalty and love for the lord.

Ariane did not look at the magic mountain's gaze immediately turned to the magic mountain's face, the magic mountain said the method, she never thought, but the magic mountain once said, she thought this simple method is wonderful, and practical.

Simple, direct, no subtlety, like a straight punch.

Ariane's amber eyes were beautiful, and she looked at Magic Mountain for a moment. This man had dragons, he was tall and powerful, he was wise and strong, he was notorious, the complexity of this man was like nothing she had ever seen. She was originally a woman who liked to conquer men, strong as a mountain, and this time she found someone even stronger, strong, with a perfect combination of force and wisdom.

Yalienne likes a very powerful man, a man with very high martial arts, a man who is very intelligent and wise, and moreover a man who is decisive in killing, whether the man is an enemy or an ally, it doesn't hurt that she likes the man,.

This is how Ariane's character is.

All of Oberon Martell's illegitimate daughters are also such women: like men who are capable, regardless of whether the man is an enemy or an ally. Before Treny poisoned Aegon, she and Aegon delighted to the fullest, as if they were the sweetest of lovers.

Magic Mountain felt the strange gaze of Ariane, he met this gaze, Ariane looked at Magic Mountain, his gaze did not escape in the slightest. Aryan never avoids the gaze of a man, it is the man who avoids her gaze.

Magic Mountain could see that Ariane wanted to sleep with him!

"Ariane Martell." Magic Mountain said faintly.

"Magic Mountain!" Aryann's gaze burned like a flame.

She wanted to fuck him, without hiding it.

The Martell family, starting with Oberon, had a bad head, regardless of men and women, for the matter of men and women, as long as they saw the right appetite, were enthusiastic as fire. Wild and unrestrained, bold and bold to the extent that the world's population to punish the bachelor pen.

"Yalienn, you have sworn allegiance, and your people kneel in submission, in return, I promise you that I will ensure that the national power and financial strength of Dorn will be doubled within two years, the army will be strong, the people will live in peace and prosperity, and the country will be rich and strong."

"Humph!" Alaine hummed softly, "Do you know how to change magic? Magic Mountain? " Her large eyes shone, not sure if it was out of desire or out of an empty promise to the Magic Mountain.

"I can't do magic, but I have more money-making ability, trade ability, war ability than magic. I am the only one who can trade the wine of Qingting Island. The best snow salt in the seven kingdoms, the mountains with the most iron ore in the seven kingdoms, are all under my control, that's ability. Of course, the real money-making is not even these."

"Oh, you are so good, then can you marry me to Aegon Targaryen VI? The person I want to marry is him, he is the true dragon bloodline, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, he is the true dragon seed, the king."

For Arianne, marrying Aegon VI and becoming a lover of the Magic Mountain, which does not conflict at all, of course, only with the requirements of the Magic Mountain, which requires Arianne to have only one man in her life, him, in exchange for the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers in Dorne. This is actually kidnapped Dorn on the chariot of the magic mountain.

Because, if they do get together, they will definitely have children. There are two kinds of children between two people, one is a legitimate illegitimate child, with the right to inherit; one is not legitimate illegitimate child, as if the blacksmith knight Gendry Clegane, as if once Jon Snow, everything in the family has nothing to do with him.

Magic Mountain and Ariane's illegitimate