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Chapter 722 - High Court Falls

Aegon was on cloud nine as Treny let out a loud scream, which pushed his excitement to an even higher peak.

But a rainstorm cannot last forever!

Aegon soon slipped from the very top of the clouds, the weakness came suddenly and overwhelmed him, but he instinctively still held strong in his reluctance, and suddenly a hot stream surged out of his nostrils, and then, to his surprise, he saw a rose appear on Treene's body, and he instinctively subconsciously wiped his nose, and his hands were full of bloody blood.

His nasal passages suddenly went out of control and spurted out hot blood, staining Treny red.

Those initial roses were splashed with his nosebleed dripping down into.

Aegon couldn't believe it ......

Treny reached out and pushed him away, she stood up with a sweet smile on her face, but Aegon felt hot stuff flowing out of his eyes, ears, and his abdomen very abruptly, as if there was a sharp knife in a vicious and violent twist, and it hurt so badly that he screamed loudly.

But his screams did not get out.

Sarella, who had been helping him enjoy the pleasure, held his mouth down with a pillow in vain.

Aegon was the captain of Velas' guards, and he had almost no flaws except his good cesium. He was also a good martial artist, a good swordsman, a good body, and a good strength, but he was powerless to resist.

Sarella stood on the ground and stretched out a hand, the soft pillow in her hand vainly covering Aegon's mouth, one to keep his screams from getting out, and the other to keep the blood from spurting out of his mouth and splattering on her body.

She is very clean!

Aegon's screams were not loud and lacked power. He weakened too quickly, as if some invisible hand had drained the strength of life from him at once.

Soon, blood spurted from Aegon's mouth, black blood. The black blood was blocked by Sarella's soft pillow and could not be sprayed out, so it had to be poured back in.

Aegon's throat hissed as his arms and legs twitched and spasmed, and his eyes bulged out of their sockets as he stared, and Treny looked on and felt indecent, and the short knife in his hand stabbed down and stuck in Aegon's eye sockets.

Soon, Aegon's body stopped moving, and for a time, the room was full of blood.

The blood flowing from Aegon also changed color and became black blood.

Treny and Sarella looked at each other and smiled, and the two cleaned themselves up very neatly. Treny, who was taller, wore Aegon's clothes, surrounded Aegon's sword belt, and put on Aegon's helmet, and the two pulled open the door and went out.

Outside, several women and men fell to the ground, bleeding from the corners of their mouths, their faces blue and black, already dead.

Sarella frowned: "Trenyi, you poisoned these people too?"

Treny smiled: "I have poisoned the water and the wine, anyone who drinks the water and the wine tonight will die."

"You're too presumptuous, in case the toxicity kicks in early, we'll be easily discovered."

"No, all those who deserve to die should die, and those who don't deserve to die, also sleep." Treny giggled.

The two sisters walked through a room that was supposed to be a pleasure room, some with intermittent grunts, Sarella pushed open one of the doors, she saw a man struggling on the floor, help me, the man reached out to Sarella for help, help me, the man's face was contorted and in pain, and the woman who had accompanied him on his pleasure quest, half her body drooped over the bed, her mouth and nose were bleeding, she was out of breath.

Sarella's good-looking brow furrowed deeper, revealing a disgusted look: "Tereni, you clean up, this is all because you caused."

Treny laughed heatedly, "Come on, Sarella, he'll be dead soon."

The two walked briskly through the hall, out of Milly's women's courtyard and into the street.

Outside, several men dressed as Tyrell family soldiers were waiting, and together they all headed for a high, pure white wall in the castle. Trene, in the costume and helmet of Captain Aegon, passed through the gate of the wall without any problem, and they came to a forest full of flowers between the innermost and the highest and thickest wall of the castle and the second wall: the Forest of the Divine Wood.

In the forest are three heart trees, collectively known as the "Three Winged Ones", which are said to be ancient trees that have existed since the Heroic Era and are now about 8,000 years old. These three heart trees around a pool of water, the branches intertwined, looks like a giant heart tree with three trunks.

Treny and Sarella came to the sacred woods and lit the famous 'Three Wingers'.

Thousands of years old tree has many dry branches, autumn days, the leaves also withered and yellowed, the ground was covered with a thick bed of dried leaves, the flames together, the three chanters quickly burned into a sky-rocketing fire.

At the same time, between the second wall and the outermost one at the foot of the mountain, a fire also burned in the plant maze.

Highgarden Castle was protected by a ring of three walls built of white boulders. The lowest wall surrounded the entire foot of the mountain, and between it and the second wall there was an elaborate plant labyrinth, which was used for entertaining guests and for fun. In addition, it has a defensive purpose. Invaders unfamiliar with the labyrinth could easily get lost and come to a dead end or be hurt by the traps inside.

Setting fire to the plant maze is the best way to deal with the plant maze. Once the fire burns, what maze and organs are reduced to nothing.

Although the Dornish army had just arrived in Highgarden not long ago, Dornish spies and scouts, however, had entered Highgarden early.

The fires of the sacred woods and the plant maze were signals, and the city of Highgarden was originally on a high hill, and when the fires came together, they could be seen from a long distance. Immediately outside the gates on all sides of High Court, the shouts of the siege rang out, countless enemies burst out of the night, shouting madly, waving their weapons, the foremost warriors carrying siege ladders, and battering rams appearing one by one, being pushed by warriors rushing towards the gates with a roar. The lazy man listened to the book .lanren9.

The first wall has two teams of 100 men, the second wall has a team of 100 men, the third wall has no team of 100 men, there are only a few soldiers of the lord to stand guard under the city gate.

Many consider Highgarden to be the most beautiful castle in all of Westeros, and only the people of the Vale believe that Eagle's Nest, also built of white stone, is comparable to Highgarden.

Inside the walls, Highgarden looks like a green paradise, with flowers blooming everywhere and gardens, ponds and man-made waterfalls decorating the entire castle. The castle is filled with stone sculptures, fountains and marble corridors, grapes and roses decorate the walls and sculptures, and the old buildings are covered with vines.

It is the richest and most beautiful place in the Seven Kingdoms, and tonight, it is the day of its end of life.

When the chief steward, Garth Tyrell, was awakened from his collapse and his hands supported his fat body to see the roaring fire outside through the window, the first defense of the walls had been taken by the Dornishmen, led by the teenage general Sir Penrose Bremont, the heir from the city of Bremont. He became the heir apparent to the city of Bremont after his sister, Jonessa Bremont, married Big Head Chiswick, a bruiser under the Magic Mountain.

Penrose's mother, Countess Laura Bremont, stayed in the city of Bremont and did not accompany the army this time.

Immediately following Penrose into the city was the teenage general of King's Mound, Count Dicken Manwoodie. After his family was all killed by Janine Westerling, he inherited the territory and title of Wangzuka City in turn, and became the Count of Wangzuka City, the second line of defense city of Dorn on the way to Prince Pass.

The Dornish army poured out this time to invade the river and bay land. Tens of thousands of troops were like ants, densely climbing up the walls and pouring down from the walls densely, crossing the plant maze in the rushing fire and coming to the second city wall.

The second wall was taller and thicker than the first wall at the foot of the hill, easy to defend and difficult to attack.

But one of the small side gates had been opened, and Penrose Bremont and Dicken Manwoodie both entered. The second wall was quickly taken, and all three hundred of the defending generals of the Tyrell family who had risen hastily from the camp to meet the battle were killed.

The plant maze failed to hold off the Dornish invasion.

Five hundred of the 1,000 men of the Highgarden Legion left behind were concentrated in the barracks inside the third wall. The godfather, Vortimer Klienen, was awakened from his sleep by the shouting, and he rolled over, not even having time to put on his armor, and reached for the sword on the wall, but with a jerk, it was empty. The sword had already been taken away, and a hissing sound was heard as several rattlesnakes sprang from the corners of the house and quickly left several bite marks on the backs of the feet and calves of Vortimer Klien.

When he heard Lord Vilas Tyrell shouting his name from outside, he collapsed, his body paralyzed, his arms and legs spasming, and his mouth foaming... ...

The third wall of Highgarden was high and thick, but still could not stop the arson everywhere and the combined attack of more than 30,000 Ents. 500 warriors were quickly routed under the attacking frenzy of 30,000 people, the gates were opened, and Vilas Tyrell's falcons and hounds could not hold off the attack for long. When Maester Lomis was thrown down from the high tower, and then the Maester's tower was set on fire, Vilas Tyrell dropped the sword in his hand and he led the few knights and soldiers around him and chose to abandon his arms and surrender.

The three walls of Highgarden were originally one higher than the other, one thicker than the other, and the last wall, where it was almost impossible to erect siege stairs, could have lasted longer as long as there were hundreds of men guarding the gates. However, can defend the outside, but can not defend the inside was set on fire to do the inside.

Soon, Alaine Martell, the lord of Dorne, and her second-in-command, Ellaria Shade, led four Shades, Treni, Sarella, Ilya, and Obena, to Velas Tyrell. Behind this group of women were followed by dozens of Dorn's brawny generals. Among them were Yalienn's beloved Sylva Santaga and Sir Jello Dane. Jello Dane, known as the Heart of Darkness, a branch of the Dane family, and the lord of High Cain City.

All of them rode Dorn's famous sand horses.

The sand horses are not tall, but have good endurance, fast, humane, road-savvy and heat-resistant.

And there was no longer a single important bannerman by Vilas Tyrell's side: the captain of the guard, Sir Aegon Levell, and the fierce general, Vortimer Clennen, two capable generals Vilas had not seen a single one of. Maester Lomis he witnessed being thrown from the maester's tower, which was then set on fire. Finally there was an important bannerman his uncle Giles Tyrell, who did not see the obese supervisor until Vilas laid down his arms and declared his surrender.

Perhaps both Giles Tyrell and his two illegitimate sons, Giles Flowers and Gaylord Flowers, had been killed in the confusion.

"Vilas Tyrell, this is Ariane Martell."

Crisp and beautiful voice, young and beautiful face, slender and athletic body, face with a flower-like smile - Yalienne Martell was very beautiful, and against the five women with different charm, Elalia, Treny, Sarella, Ilya and Obena, she became the brightest star.

"Alaineen, Dorn and the Riverland have been at peace for seventeen years, are you going to bury this peace with your own hands?"

Yalienn has not yet answered, suddenly a war horse around the unprovoked frightened, jumped up and threw the knight on the horse off, the crowd has not yet returned to their senses, the second third sand horse are frightened and scared neighing, jumped up and knocked down several of their fellow soldiers.

Yalienne and Ellaria are alert as a snake eyes to look around, but there is nothing unusual on all sides.

A very brief calm, as if only a heartbeat of time, suddenly, many war horses are jumping and neighing together, struggling to escape, Alaiaen's own mount also stood up, but Alaiaen riding skills, hand-held lance she jumped off the frightened horse, people landed firmly, did not fall.

In the Dornish army, thousands of horses fled in fear, uncontrolled by their masters, as if something terrible and irresistible was approaching.

The 30,000 winning Dornish troops were in turmoil.

Vilas face look surprised and uncertain, although the enemy is in great disorder, the army is unstable, but he only has less than a hundred swords around him, he dare not act rashly.

In the night sky, a huge black shadow was approaching, and the sand horses neighing and jumping wildly in fright, fleeing ......

Ariane felt the invisible pressure overhead, she looked up and saw the huge black shadow under the night sky, stretching its wingspan as if it could cover the entire castle.

"Dragon, giant dragon." I don't know who shouted out.

More than tens of thousands of benefactors exploded, like ants on a hot pot in all directions have fled, looking for a place to hide, cavalry infantry are rumbling chaos. Faced with the flying behemoth in the sky, no one thought of fighting, their first thought was to hide.

The Dornishmen had a history of fighting dragons, but that could not be said to be a real battle. When the dragons came, they all hid in the tunnels they had dug beforehand, and when the dragons passed, they emerged from underground again. As long as any enemy soldiers dared to enter Dorn, they dared to siege and fight, but as long as the dragon flew in the air, they would burrow into the ground.

Historically, the Dornishmen relied on the tactic of drilling into the ground and managed to drag down and defeat the dragon riders sent by the Targaryen family, and eventually, the Targaryen family had to make the Martell family submit through a marriage of alliance.

However, the magic mountain and the dragon came out of nowhere, and the Dornishmen were in Highgarden, but did not dig a tunnel that could be drilled into the ground.