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Chapter 721 - Death Reaping Opens

Benedict Berrein's fierce expression finally turned into horror.

Three swords penetrated his head, throat and chest without mercy.

"Cersei, you promised me in the name of the Seven Gods and the glory of the royal family that you would not harm me or my retinue."

"In the name of the Seven Gods? I never believed in the Seven Gods." The corners of Cersei's mouth rose with a faint mockery.

"You have sent ...... in the name of the House of Lannister, in the glory of the Crown."

"The glory of the crown means nothing in my eyes, and the Lannister family oath is worth even less." Cersei interrupted Jon, "From the beginning to the end, you'd better not believe a word I say. Because I don't know which one is true and which one is not, and I'm forgetful at the same time. Even after signing the agreement, maybe I'll forget it all in the next heartbeat."

Jon's mouth was open in disbelief ...... ...... What kind of person was he facing? What kind of opponent? He looked at Cersei, mouth open, eyes round ...... How could a man, a royal noble, be so utterly shameless?

Three swords were slowly withdrawn from Benedict Berean's body so that blood would not spurt out.

The Queen Mother and the Minister of Justice, Janine, were elegant and refined women, and could not let the blood spill on their expensive and elegant gowns.

Benedict Berean collapsed and fell in a pool of blood.

His body fell together with the body of the black Baqu.

The smell of blood filled the hall, the blood on the two bodies flowed silently, Black Baqu and Benedict stared round and dead.

"Name exit, Deathfall." Cersei's face was as cold as ice.

"I have released more than six hundred hostages, and you promised to suspend the Faceless Men program."

"Jon Clinton, you are a decent man, I hope you never trust a woman's word from now on, and never trust Cersei Lannister." Cersei gently shook the red wine glass in her hand, the red wine swirled in the glass as if it were blood, "Aegon Targaryen VI will be killed by you, and the news will soon spread throughout the Seven Kingdoms, causing a sensation. Of course it will also soon reach Daenerys Targaryen's ears. Aegon and Daenerys united in marriage? The nephew marries his aunt, and the groom that can only be a corpse."

"Cersei, you are a demon, you have no honor, you degrade the thousand-year glory of the Lannisters, and the gods, old and new, will never spare you."

"I have never had any fear of death, Jon, and all mortals die." Cersei put down her wine glass. And a short dagger appeared in Brienne's hand, and in the blink of an eye, the dagger was at Jon Clinton's throat.

"Jon, you don't write the dodo letter releasing Count Selwyn Tarth, I'll write it." Janey picked up a pen and paper and wrote a dodo letter for Jon to read, and Jon was dumbfounded that Lady Janey's handwriting was identical to his.

"I learned your handwriting from your correspondence with Queen Cersei." Janey said, "This afternoon, this letter from your dodo will be delivered to Aegon Targaryen VI."

Jon's breath caught in his throat, unable to believe that the two women before him were as evil as ghosts. One treated the oath and the official letters like child's play, tricked him into coming to King's Landing and fooled him like a three-year-old child; the other was able to imitate his handwriting, faking it flawlessly.

Jon's face was ashen ...... he had worked hard for seventeen years, finally waiting for the opportunity to counter-attack and restore the country, however, he was defeated like a joke in the hands of two women with no credibility and no honor to take pride in meanness and lies, life and death were controlled by others, moreover, the other party threatened to kill him in his face to raise 17 years of 'Little Griffin' ...... Jon kept the diplomatic promise, but the other side did not suspend the 'faceless' plan ...... They break their word is like eating and drinking, spontaneous and unashamed ...... Jon suddenly struck out, grabbed Brienne's wrist and pressed down hard towards the throat ...... Brienne's hand held a sharp dagger, which was pressed against his throat ......

There is no greater sorrow than death!


In the afternoon, the bronze gates of the Red Fort clicked open, and two horses and one person slowly walked out of the Red Fort.

The walls of the redoubt were filled with soldiers of the royal guard, who looked with cold eyes at this poor man who was alone in form, and this man was none other than Jon Clinton, the famous general of the Prime Minister of the Seven Kingdoms. He came with more than a hundred men, but could only return alone. His retinue and soldiers were cut off with a total of twenty-eight heads, a number that was the number of Roland Clinton's family, household servants, and retinue that were cut off by Aegon Targaryen VI.

As many men as Aegon VI killed Roland Clinton, Cersei killed just as many in return to Aegon VI. The rest of the soldiers were cast into the underground black cells of the Red Keep, and not one was released.

Jon Clinton alone had two horses, and another horse carried two large sacks containing twenty-eight heads. The horses' hooves got, blood dripping on the road, pulling out a blood-red trace.

Jon Clinton rode on his horse, out of the King's Gate, toward the Blackwater River crossing. On the way, his eyes were unfocused, he was lax, as if he were a living dead man. The Royal Guards who followed him were four horsemen, and the four horsemen accompanied the disoriented Jon Clinton onto the Blackwater River ferry, crossed the Blackwater River together, and watched him walk up the King's Road, finally disappearing slowly into the depths of the royal forest before the four horsemen returned on their horses.

They want to make sure that Jon out of King's Landing, not by the storm land of a certain nobleman for the release of personal anger to kill.


Jon Clinton rode down the King's Road in the royal forest, and in the sky, in the clouds, a giant golden-red dragon flew above the blue sky, because it flew so high that when you looked up from the ground, you could only vaguely see a little trance-like shadow.

The giant dragon was a sheep thief, and on his back, rode his comrade in arms, Magic Mountain.

Returning from the North to the warm South, both the sheep thief and the magic mountain were in a happy mood and felt comfortable.

Bran Stark was sure that the Night King would launch the war against Winterfell at the beginning of the fourth month of the 301st year of Aegon's calendar, and that left two months to prepare for the war. In these two months, the Magic Mountain developed a new battle plan. For the dragon sheep thieves, a journey of 5,000 or 6,000 miles from the North to the southernmost Dorne was just a matter of a few easy days.

Stormlands in the south was occupied by the Golden Regiment raid, Wind Breath Fortress became the main camp of the Golden Regiment, Aegon Targaryen VI officially claimed the king, the famous minister Jon Clinton came back from the dead to assist Aegon VI sword pointing to the Iron Throne, this news made Aegon VI and other older nobles very surprised. But Magic Mountain is not worried about Aegon VI launching a surprise war against King's Landing ......

Arya Stark is not going to allow Aegon and Jon to disrupt the basic line of resistance against the Fae and the route of material support, Cersei's open threat of the Faceless One's plan, that is not a threat, that is real, because Cersei is Arya herself.

The Devil's Mountain is worried about Dorne.

He killed the absolute hero in the hearts of the people of Dorne: Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper; Janine Westerling killed almost all of Dorne's great lords or their heirs, and Dorne's blood feud against Magic Mountain can only be cleansed with blood.

If the Magic Mountain wants the south to be stable, then Dorn must want the south to be in turmoil.

If the Magic Mountain needs a constant flow of supplies from the south to Winterfell, then Dorn must want the southern transport of supplies to be completely interrupted.

And the mother of Aegon Targaryen VI, who succeeded in the raid on the Stormlands, was Arya Martell, who was Prince Dawnguard's own sister, and half of the bloodline in his body belonged to Dorn's Martell family.

Magic Mountain, thinking with his toes, would know that before Aegon VI claimed the throne, he must have already made relevant contact with Dorn, Aegon VI needed to pull in the Dornish, and he needed to get the support of the Dornish. The Martell family, the lord of Dorne, was his mother's family. This layer of relationship, Aegon VI over Daenerys Targaryen. He has the advantage of being half a Dornishman.

Magic Mountain rode the dragon sheep thief in the sky, and on the ground, Arya Stark disguised as Jon Clinton running in the imperial forest.

Magic Mountain sword pointed at the capital of Dorne, the city of the Yang Halberd, while Arya's destination is the wind breath Castle.

Two forgetful friends a sky and a ground, they almost travel together, just do not know each other.


Magic Mountain's dragon was fast, and he came over the Red Red Mountain Range.

The Crimson Mountains, also known as the Frontier Land, is a buffer zone, a middle ground between Dorn, Stormlands, and Riverbend. It is also because of this buffer zone that the armed conflicts between the three lands have been reduced a lot.

There are two roads connecting the three places in the Crimson Mountains, one road is the Prince's Pass and one road is the Bone Road.

The Prince's Pass, originally called the Great Mountain Pass, is the closest and most convenient passage between the Riverlands and Dorne. There are three passes on this road, the first being the Sky and City closest to Dorne, and then in order, the King's Mound City and the Tower of Ultimate Bliss where Jon Targaryen was born.

If Dorn were to send troops to echo Aegon VI of the Stormlands, the army would take the Prince's Pass.

Magic Mountain made the sheep thief fly low, and he flew above the road to Prince's Pass.

The gargoyle flew high, but it did not prevent Magic Mountain from seeing the army below.

If there was only a small number of people, or a few scouts, because of the distance, it was still difficult for Magic Mountain to see; but once the legion exceeded 10,000 people, looking down from the sky, although the distance was extremely far, you could see the six people writhing like ants.

Devil Mountain saw a long line of human six, that is naturally a large army, at least more than 10,000 people. Their rear army had already crossed the Tower of Ultimate Bliss, and the front army had long since entered the territory of the River and Baylands. On the borderline, the River and Baylands did not have defensive men and horses. The Highlanders had no knowledge of the coming war.

Prime Minister Jon Clinton told the Dornish legions to stay put at the borderline and wait for orders, but the Dornish legions apparently did not heed Jon's orders at all. The army entered the Riverlands in a steady stream, and looking at the route of the march, the place they were running to was the capital of the Riverlands: Highgarden.

Gauteng is the granary of the Seven Kingdoms, and although it is already autumn, autumn in Gauteng is still warm and bountiful. Birds are singing and flowers are blooming in the distant plains, and people are living and working in peace and happiness.


The acting lord of the River and Baylands, the heir in line is Veras Tyrell, the eldest son of Mace Tyrell, the crippled son. When he was a teenager, he had a fight with the Red Viper and had his leg broken by the Red Viper, leaving him with a lifelong disability and becoming a cripple.

After breaking his leg, Vilas Tyrell stopped practicing martial arts and learned farming instead, and soon showed his talent by going to the old town to study and turn himself into a farming expert. He even raised a large number of flying falcons and hounds to serve as pets, but he was clearly not sensitive to the political and military changes in the kingdom.

Riding a giant dragon in the sky, Devil Mountain watched the Dornishmen enter the territory of Riverland smoothly without any hindrance or scout warning.

The Dornish army entered the Riverlands territory unnoticed, and they chose to camp in the forest to cover their tracks.


Night, High Court.

The owner of Milly's house, Milly, informed Sir Aegon Levell, the captain of the guards, who liked new things, of the arrival of two new women with beautiful bodies. Sir Aegon Levell is the captain of the guard of Vilas Tyrell, his favorite two places, one place is the bar in the women's home, a place is the women's home of the VIP room.

At the peak of every pleasure in his life, Aegon spent it in the Ladies' Courtyard.

Tonight was no exception.

Aegon came alone to the Milly Women's Home, he likes to come here alone to enjoy life and does not like to bring his soldiers along. The ultimate pleasure of this life is more enjoyable alone.

At the first sight of Treny Shade, Aegon was conquered by Treny's beauty. Other men only saw Treny's beauty, but Aegon also saw something else, he saw Treny Shade's wildness.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed Treny Shade has a famous father: Oberon Martell, the Red Viper.

But neither Aegon nor Millie, the owner of the women's home, knew this.

Trenée Schade is the illegitimate daughter of Prince Oberyn Martell and a nun. She was one of the Sand Snakes, who were known for their cruelty.

Of Oberon's eight illegitimate daughters, Treny ranked third. The oldest, Obaya Shade, and the second, Namelia Shade, had both been killed by Janine leading her men on the border of the king's domain in King's Landing, leaving Treny Shade as the head of the five remaining sisters.

Trenyi is quite dangerous, with her sweet appearance, blonde hair and blue eyes, and pure and pious eyes. Her real weapon, apart from her long whip, is poison. Her ability with poisons rivals that of her father, Oberyn Martell, and it is her favorite weapon.

When Captain Aegon fell inexorably into the sweetness of Treny at first sight, the woman next to Treny, Sarella Shade, knew that Aegon would die a horrible death.

Among the eight most famous sand snakes in Dorne, Sarella Shade is known for her greed and erudition, and her usual weapon is a lance, but she is now in a maester's robe, snow-white and barefoot, showing her two snow-white ankles.

In Dorne, the mention of Treny and Sarella, both well-known and thunderous sand snakes known for their cruelty and venom, but it was clear that Captain Aegon was not alert to this.

Sarella's mother is a merchant captain from the Sengoku Islands, she is not yet 20 years old. The Dornish were originally rough and dark skinned, but Sarella was as white as snow, like a fair-skinned beauty from Rhys.

Captain Aegon was also a jazzman who liked to cheer up with wine, but after seeing Trine and Sarella dressed as a maester, he forgot all about it: "I'll take them both." Captain Aegon shouted, and he heartily swept Treny and Sarella into his arms and kicked open the door of a large room with a ping: "Get out of here." Aegon bellowed.

The women and men in the room who were having fun immediately did a bird and beast scatter.