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Chapter 720 - Two Women Like Knives

"Where is Cersei?"

"Cersei is Arya Stark, really Cersei became a maid by her side, Maester Cobain's drug controlled Cersei. Magic Mountain, it was your help that made Arya who finally became the person she most wanted to be."

Cersei really is Arya!

This was expected by Magic Mountain.

When the news of 'Name Exit, Deathfall' reached the North, Magic Mountain guessed that Cersei was actually no longer Cersei, but Arya Stark.

The Faceless One has the ability to turn into anyone. Arya Stark she has finally returned from her studies!

Arya in the name of Cersei, the Lannister family heroes in the temple of a hundred golden statues to let father-in-law Count Gavin transport the news to the Braavoslei God Island, so that the magic mountain are shaken rather than believe. She ordered Earl Gavin to take over the gold of Craggy City, which is actually deliberately making a big fortune for Magic Mountain, perhaps she is repaying Magic Mountain for taking care of her back in Heron Castle.

Arya is a loving and righteous kid, she is a faceless person, but has a name and a face.

This caused a suppressed feeling of affection to well up in Magic Mountain's heart, like a heartfelt smile from hearing the good news of an old friend who has been a god friend for many years.

He and Arya, in Herrenberg, made a forgotten friendship.

Both had fond memories of that side of their life experiences.

"Bran, I didn't help Arya." Magic Mountain shrugged his shoulders, "She got where she is today because she paid for it with her own life and pain."

"Magic Mountain, in 298 Aegonian calendar, in Helensburgh, it was you who recognized Arya's identity and brought Arya to your side to take care of her, and after the appearance of the Faceless One, it was also you who suggested Arya to go to the Salt Flats, where she successfully took a boat to Braavos. All mortals must die, and all mortals must make offerings."

Magic Mountain stared at Bran Stark in silence: these details Bran knew, which made Magic Mountain's heart strange. Despite the mental preparation of Magic Mountain.

Bran Stark, however, was looking at the sky of the sacred woods. He was sitting in a wheelchair, looking up at the sky somewhere, his expression calm, like the silent ice and snow on the earth.

"Bran, have you ever had the experience of walking down the street without clothes?"

Bran Stark looked to the sky to withdraw his gaze, fell on the face of the magic mountain.

"Standing in front of you, that's how I feel right now." Magic Mountain exhaled a breath, "What's the point of life if you know all the secrets? If it were me, I would feel tasteless. And, I might not feel very safe. Knowing someone else's secrets would make that person feel uneasy."

"No one can know all the secrets, not even God. I am not a god, I am just a green prophet. Magic Mountain, you are not an ordinary person either, would you be uneasy in the face of me?"

Will Devil Mountain be uneasy?

Yes, and no!

He shrugged his shoulders and changed the sharp topic: "So are you Brynden Riverman, or Bran Stark?"

Bran's gaze moved away from the face of the magic mountain: "I am the three-eyed raven. I am most of the memories of this world."

He did not answer Magic Mountain's words, but it can also be said to have answered Magic Mountain's words.

"Oh, Bran, then please tell me, what will the future of the world be like? Who will eventually sit on the Iron Throne?" Magic Mountain did not hide his feelings of wanting to know. The trajectory of the world had changed too much, and many things in the future had become no longer certain.

Bran's gaze moved from the sky to Magic Mountain's face, and then slowly looked from Magic Mountain's face to the depths of the woods: "Dief!" He shouted.

The sound of an answer came from the depths of the sacred woods, and a tall Dief ran out of the woods with a silly smile on his face. Dives was an old dog worker of House Stark, and after Mera Liddell left Winterfell, Dives took over the job of pushing Mera's wheelchair.

Soon after, Bran Stark left the magic mountain a back.

"Bran, the duel at Winterfell, can we win?" Magic Mountain's voice chased after him.

Bran did not even head back, Dief but a simple smile back. The two master and servant went deep into the woods and disappeared.

There were three fish beam trees in front of the magic mountain, and behind them were three eyes bubbling hot spring pools. The people of the North called the fish beam trees "heart trees". The bark of the three fish beam trees is as white as bone, the leaves are deep red, and the leaves are shaped like the palm of a human hand. The leaves of the three trees are so dense that they look like a thousand bloodstained palms stretched out in the air. The trunk of each fish-beam tree is carved with a human face, full of dried red sap in the deep sunken eye hollows of grotesque description, full of warning and sadness. The faces on the trees are older than Winterfell itself. Eddard Stark once told Magic Mountain that the faces on these heart trees were carved in the Dawn Age, before the "First People" came across the Narrow Sea, by the native people of the continent, the Children of the Forest.

If Winterfell is 8,000 years old, then these three heart trees are about 10,000 years old.

Magic Mountain looked to the end of the path where Bran disappeared. He knew that the Children of the Forest could observe themselves through the eyes of the people on the fish-beam wood, and likewise, Bran could see all his actions in front of the trees through any of the three pairs of eyes on the fish-beam wood.

Bran can see the secrets, but not the hearts. This is one of Bran's weaknesses that Magic Mountain thought of after facing Bran.

Magic Mountain if you want, can say something in front of the fish beam wood Bran like to hear, do some of the Stark family close to the demeanor, Bran will see all this in the eyes, thus forming a memory of the Magic Mountain. Faced with the Green Prophet who can spy on what you are doing, you can actually do something completely opposite to deceive his eyes.

Faced with three ten thousand years of fish beam wood, the magic mountain heart some emotions.

Several children of the Stark family are good, Robb is a military genius, the Civil War he commanded the battle invincible.

The naive and innocent Sansa as soon as she has experienced the hardships of rapid growth, her intelligence and potential is immeasurable, fully capable of taking charge of a territory, she is a piece of light at any time, her unfortunate experience is just a pearl of dust.

Arya is even a member of the most powerful assassin organization in the world, the title of the Faceless One has said it all, Bran's words are well said, Arya became the one she most wanted to be.

Bran Stark's achievement is more a perfect combination of destiny and talent, he became the Green Prophet, inherited all the memories and skills of Blood Raven Brynden Riverman, he is no longer simply a man, he is still a three-eyed raven that can fly anywhere to gain insight into the truth.

The only unfortunate is Ed's fifth child Rickon Stark, in his and Bran was chased by Ramsay Bolton, in order not to be Ramsay a net, the two brothers split up, Ado, Bran and Summer go all the way, the spear wild man Amu, ice wolf caterpillar protection Rickon take another path, and eventually fled to the Great Wall of Despair direction of Bran met Jiujian and Mera and safe, and fled in the opposite direction of Rickon was caught by Ramsay, brought to the Fortress of Terror, and eventually died.

It was the beginning of the second month of the 301st year of the Aegon calendar, and at the beginning of the fourth month, the short transition to autumn had passed, winter had come, the demons had attacked, and Devil Mountain was ready for anything.

Magic Mountain walked quickly out of the sacred woods and returned to his guest room. Lady Melisandre was waiting for him, she was his attendant priestess.

"Bran Stark came by just now, and he has something for me to convey to you."

"Oh?" Magic Mountain said casually. But he clearly perceived a warning rising in his heart. This little feeling made him understand that he was actually scorning Bran.

"He suggested that you personally fly to Dragonstone to negotiate with Daenerys Targaryen and not send Jon Snow."

"Oh?!" Magic Mountain was greatly surprised, "Bran did not say why?"

"No, if you want to know why, he said you can ask to find him."

"Oh!" Magic Mountain settled down, the meeting contact with Daenerys was in progress, he was waiting for the message to come back, "I have more important things to do first."

He issued an order and soon four godly crab-clawed peninsula thoroughbreds galloped out of Winterfell and south to King's Landing. On the horses were four dead soldiers of the Magic Mountain, and the rider at the head was Podrick Pine of the Westlands. On his back was a gift that the Magic Mountain had carefully prepared for Arya: a Valyrian narrow sword suitable for women: the Empty Lady of Silence.

Magic Mountain replaced the hilt and scabbard, and had Master Tob Mott infiltrate the sword with a tannish pigment so that no one would ever again recognize the sword as the heirloom sword of the Cobry family of the Heart of the Vale.

The mastery of infiltrating pigment into a sword is something that only Master Tob Mott alone can do in the entire continent. Oh, no, now there are already two people who can do it: Sir Gendry Clegane, the adopted son of Magic Mountain.

The sword is given to the hero, and the flowers are given to the beauty.

In the heart of Magic Mountain, Arya is both a hero who can receive a sword and a beauty who can receive flowers.

He knew that Arya would strike the Stormlands, killing Aegon VI, Jon Clinton, Sister Lemur, the homeless Chief Harry Strickland, Sai Maester Hallo, and the duck knight Rory Duffy.

Names exit, death comes, irrevocably!

But Arya is not really a pure faceless person in the true sense of the word.

Magic Mountain knows that if it is the original trajectory of the world, Sister Lemuel, Sai Maester Hallo are really good people, and Jon Clinton never kill the innocent, although he became cruel after five years as a mercenary. But killing enemy troops and killing innocents, those are two different things.


King's Landing, Megal House.

Wearing the insignia of the King's Hand on his chest, Jon Clinton Prime led a squad of a hundred men into the Red Keep, while only two of his accompanying knights entered the Maege House with him.

One of the knights was named Black Baqu, from the Centurion Islands, with a head full of black hair and skin like pitch black night. The Centurion Islands are the southernmost known archipelago, and the skin of the people on the islands is uniformly black as night. Black Battler is an archer and the archer commander of Aegon's Golden Order.

The other knight is named Sir Benedict Berean, a sergeant, who makes a long sword and is a skilled swordsman. He had a large beard and a fierce face. He was an exile from the Riverlands.

Blackbarch and Benedur Berayne stand behind Jon, who is seated with the Dowager Queen Cersei sitting across the table in front of him. Jon, as the great man sent by Aegon to negotiate at the Red Keep, entered the Red Keep without seeing either Chancellor Mace Tyrell or Tommen Baratheon I and Queen Margaery Tyrell.

Behind Empress Cersei stood two white-robed and white-armored imperial guards: two triplet brothers from the Gubler family of the Warhammerhorn of the Iron Islands: Germond Gubler and Gerran Gubler.

Next to Empress Cersei, also sat the kingdom's Minister of Law, Janine Westerling. Behind Janie stood two unusually tall and powerful female generals: Bull Zeligalda, and Brienne of Tarth.

It was only after Jon Clinton freed more than six hundred hostages in Stormlands that he was given the opportunity to negotiate with Queen Cersei.

After the news spread that Empress Cersei had 'poured out her family' to pay gold to hire the Faceless Ones, Aegon Targaryen and Jon Clinton did not dare to take it lightly, and they made great efforts to finally get a chance to negotiate.

"Jon, you killed Roland Clinton's mother, wife, son and daughter, who are also your family, and you still dare to step into the Red Keep?" Cersei said coldly.

"Your Majesty, we have already released over six hundred hostages."

"There is one more person you must release, or we cannot negotiate today." Janine Westerling said indifferently.

"Release who?"

"Count Selwyn Tas, the Twilight Star of Twilight Hall."

"Lady Janine, I am now in the Red Keep, to release Lord Selwyn, I also need to wait until I return."

Brienne behind Janine came up, she took out a paper and pen and gently placed it in front of Jon: "Lord Jon, please write a dodo letter to let Aegon VI release Count Selwyn Tas first."

Jon looked at Brienne: "You are Brienne Tas?"

"She is!" Lady Janine said lightly, "Jon, you write your letter, and in an hour, Aegon VI will receive your letter at Wind's Breath Castle."

Jon looked to Cersei: "Empress, I have come to negotiate with you to suspend the declaration of war."

"Without first releasing the Earl of Selwyn, the negotiations are cancelled." Cersei's voice was soft, but incomparably firm, not allowing for bargaining at all.

"The Empress wants to declare war?" Jon sneered, "Before I came, Dorne's legions were already cantoned in the frontier lands, ready to attack the emptied Riverlands; our emissaries also made contact with Daenerys Targaryen a few days ago, Daenerys will marry Aegon VI, and her dragons will fly to King's Landing at any time. Her 100,000 Dothraki cavalry and tens of thousands of naval forces, 8,000 Unsullied, are coming across the Narrow Sea at any moment. Your Majesty, when Roland came to Wind Breath Castle, he brought your letter, you wanted us to make a temporary truce, you said that the human race could not be in civil war at the critical moment when the Fey attacked the North, and we accepted your proposal after consideration - with the greater good of the life and death of the human race in mind, now you are going to backtrack?"

"No backtracking, just a small request: first release Count Selwyn Tars." The Dowager Empress Cersei forced her eyes on Jon who had a very murderous aura. Few people can look at Jon with such a majestic temperament, many warriors do not dare, however, Cersei's sharpness Jon's aura simply can not be suppressed, Cersei is surprisingly a sword of the sharpest.

Seventeen years ago, Jon had seen Cersei, when Cersei was still a sixteen-year-old girl, beautiful as a round of sun.

"Sign the truce first, then release the people, I promise you in the name of the Seven Gods and in the honor of Jon Clinton, the truce is signed and I will release Count Selwyn Tars immediately."

Cersei and Janine glanced at each other, Janine glanced at Brienne, Brienne's longsword choked out its sheath, and with a cold flash, the longsword penetrated the body of Black Baxter, stabbing in the front chest and penetrating the back.

Benedict Berayne's sword just half drawn, the two Gubler brothers' sword, the bull Zelie's sword, has been pointed at his head, chest, throat three places.

"Jon, release Count Selwyn Tarth first, then sign the truce." Cersei lifted her glass of wine and took a gentle sip.

Jon snorted coldly, "Cersei, you don't want a truce? If I cannot return, the Stormlands will become hell on earth. Aegon VI will set fire to slaughter cities one by one. While the Fey attack Winterfell in the North, Daenerys' army, the Golden Regiment, and the Dornish Legion, will attack the Riverlands, the King's Domain, and King's Landing at the same time."

Janine glanced at Benedict Berean, who still had a fierce face despite being held back by three swords, and she nodded gently as the swords of the two brothers, Bull Zeri and Gubler, stabbed down together.