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Chapter 719 - Cersei who is bent on killing herself stupidly

"Your Majesty, Aegon threatens that if anything happens to him, all of the thousand or so hostages in Stormlands will die." Roland Clinton was calm and grieving.

The gold-robed and red-robed men who guarded the hall picked up the two dozen heads on the floor and laid them out in place one by one. A maid brought a brocade box, and the silent sisters of the royal palace came to hear the news and put the heads into the box one by one.

"Sir Roland Clinton, we will defeat Jon Clinton, kill Aegon, and rescue the hostages." Prime Minister Mace Tyrell said decisively.

"Your Majesty the Queen Mother, please give me a force to attack the Stormlands." Imperial Iron Guard Brave Garland Tyrell was the first to ask for war.

"Your Majesty, the navy can land from Shipbreaker Bay, take the islands in Shipbreaker Bay first, and block off the sea route for the retreat of the Warriors." Royal Navy Commander-in-Chief Wagner Garr stood out of line and said.

"Kerrigan Admiral Rover Spicer requests to go to war and attack Fort Wind Breath." Heavy Axe Rover Spicer stepped out of line. He was Janine Westerling's own uncle and the uncle of Magic Mountain. He is a simple and brave man, the many battles of the Magic Mountain are not his part, and the battle of the North against the fey has nothing to do with him, he suffocated his internal injuries.

The Empress Cersei and the past judge like two people, the North and the Magic Mountain military supplies of support spare no effort, this point is stationed in King's Landing sea generals have a consensus.

The Empress Cersei came to her senses and realized that the demons were the greatest and most feared danger to the human race, and she was like a new person. The voices of the military and people embraced her more than ever.

"Geodh Gubbler, governor of the Iron Islands, requests to go to war. Your Majesty, we can land in the Stormlands by sea and attack the castles of the Stormlands in multiple ways, making Aegon and Jon Clinton unable to take care of each other." The governor of the Iron Islands, Geordie, grew up as a professional pirate, and it has been a tradition for the Iron Breeds to fight and sack cities to get rich. They are afraid that there is no affluent castle attack, as long as there is a war, it is a great good thing: iron seeds get rich good opportunities, all start with the siege of the city.

Baron Swann, the Imperial Forest Iron Guard in charge of King's Landing's defense, also stepped forward: "Your Majesty, allow me to lead 10,000 land soldiers to cross the Blackwater River and attack the Stormlands from the direction of the Imperial Forest, taking the Stormlands territory one by one." His brother and father were captured by Jon in Stone Helm City, and all the family warriors and soldiers were in King's Landing.

"Your Majesty the Empress, I request to be the spearhead of the land army." Count Ismond of Greystone Castle stepped forward and said with emotion. His family and territory were taken down by Jon leading the Golden Regiment on the first day.

"I also wish to be the vanguard." Sir Wilde of Rainhouse City stepped out of line, stood in front of the seven steps of the Iron Throne and loudly declared war.

The lords of Misty Forest City, Harvest Hall, Hay Hall, Copper Gate City, Faywood Castle, Crow's Nest Castle, Night Song City, Long Supply Castle and other Stormlands came out of line and called out to lead their armies to fight back.

The throne hall was filled with anger and wariness. Both sea and land armies were eager to fight.

I wrote a letter to Jon Clinton, telling him about the emergency situation of the attack of the foreign ghosts in the North, requesting them to suspend the declaration of war and let us put aside the civil war within the human race to fight the foreign ghosts together. Since they refused, indifferent and cold-blooded to the general situation of the survival of the human race, and must declare war at the critical moment of life and death of the human race suffering from the attack of the foreign ghosts, I had no choice but to start the emergency plan.

"Lannister rich and powerful, in the receipt of Daenerys Targaryen will come to attack the news of King's Landing, I have secretly sent people to hire the faceless, as long as the name out, death is bound to come, just now, Roland Clinton has said the names of those culprits. None of them will escape death, and I assure you of this, my lords, in the name of the gods old and new. Death is coming, and Aegon VI and Jon Clinton cannot escape."

The hall fell silent for a moment.

Her Majesty the Empress had long ago made an emergency plan to hire the Faceless One!

The crowd was in shock!

The Faceless One is the world's top assassin, the name exits, death comes, no one can be spared.

Just, assassinate an ordinary noble, the money to hire the Faceless can hire an ordinary army, assassinate a king, that is an unimaginable astronomical figure. And Roland just named at least five or six people, that amount of money, isn't it able to buy the whole King's Landing?!

From 298 Aegonian calendar years, consecutive years of civil war, the royal treasury is empty, this is a fact that everyone knows. King's Landing is now completely supported by the Tyrell family.

But, Lannister, rich as a nation, in the Western Realm of Craggy Rock, the Lannister family as a lord for a thousand years, its accumulation of gold in the end how much, outsiders simply can not know.

The Queen Mother Cersei's words, fully proved that the Lannister family's wealth base is still amazingly strong, ordinary people can not estimate.

Empress Dowager Cersei calm and bland: "Please rest assured, my lords, Lannister, rich as a nation, the treasury is in deficit, but the Lannister family has never been in deficit. The one hundred hero statues in the Hall of Heroes in Craggy City are all made of pure gold and life-size. That fortune is but a fraction of our family's gold." Empress Cersei looked to the line of naval warriors, "Count Gavin Westerling."

Gavin Westerling answered and stepped out of the queue. He was the father-in-law of Magic Mountain, the supreme officer of the Kerrigan naval land forces in Dragonstone.

"Lord Earl, you are from the West, I want you to return to the West, take over the gold of the Lannister family in Crag Rock City instead of me, and transport those one hundred gold statues from the Hall of Heroes safely to the island of the gods of Levi in Braavos to donate to the monks of the House of Black and White. Can you accomplish the task without being plundered by pirates?"


The Hall of Heroes in Craggy City, the statue of the hundred most famous heroes in the thousand-year history of the Lannister family, made of pure gold and known overseas, is a symbol of the Lannister family's wealth and strength, as well as a peak of honor.

Cersei suddenly wants to transport all those one hundred gold statues to the Black and White House, which is an absolute masterstroke, not only the amount of gold, but also the respect expressed by the Lannister family to the Black and White House. From now on, the one hundred golden hero statues, which are famous overseas, will no longer be kept in Craggy Rock City, but in the Black and White House in Braavos.

It was a crazy decision and a dizzying payment. The Lannister family paid for the family's history and dignity and glory, which cannot be bought by gold. The lifelike gold statues are each a masterpiece, and the added value on them, the meaning, honor and symbols they represent, are priceless.

However, it also seems like the only way to pay the Faceless One is to pay such a price. The names of the people Roland just named are several. One of them is still a dragon seed: Aegon Targaryen VI.

In fact, this is the only way to invite the Faceless One to take out Aegon and his party!

It feels like Queen Cersei has no choice!

But this is too crazy and too determined!

It's so crazy and determined that you can't believe it! Unbelievable!

In the throne room, Prime Minister Mace is stunned!


"Your Majesty, I'm just afraid the pirates won't come." Gavin Westerling said solemnly. He was very, very, very surprised: Her Majesty the Empress was very scornful and wary of Magic Mountain and him, and there were many accumulated blood feuds between the families, how could she possibly give the gold of Craggy City to herself to take over? The Lannister family's family fortune is no longer a secret to the Magic Mountain and the Westerling family, and the oil and water and the relationship between the two families are difficult to explain.

Cersei is determined to make a big plan to destroy the family business ah!

The decision to destroy the family!

Is she determined to get herself killed stupidly?

Gavin Westerling's eyes glanced at Grand Maester Korben, the Grand Maester is from the Magic Mountain, doesn't he have any message to deliver to himself? Why would the Empress Cersei do such a mind-boggling thing?

Gavin's corner of the eye only saw the Grand Master Cobain's smirk, the old fox's gaze is a bit meaningful ah!

Gavin remembered that Janine would soon come to King's Landing to serve as Queen Cersei's Minister of Justice, and this order, which had dazzled many nobles in the West and the King's domain, had been issued by Queen Cersei herself.


Cersei is determined to become the closest allies with the Magic Mountain family? Alliance, shared power, because of Magic Mountain's military strength and dragons?

In an instant, Gavin Westerling thought of so many ...... Moreover, a hundred master-class gold statues, each worth a great deal of money, such amazing news, shouldn't it be quiet? Queen Cersei but announced in public, she is afraid that the world does not know?

No matter what Cersei's purpose, and no matter whether Cersei is insane or other reasons, Gavin Westerling decided to complete the task given by the Queen Cersei, since Cersei of the Lannisters is determined to put herself and her family together with stupid death, Gavin Westerling decided to do his best to make it happen.


On the road to bringing about her own stupidity, Cersei rode the road so far that the Earl of Gavin had to surge with admiration from the bottom of his heart!


In the first month of the 301st year of the Aegon calendar, several shocking events occurred on the continent of Westeros, changing the trajectory of this world, causing a profound impact on the history of this world, and changing the fate of countless people ......

Event 1: At the beginning of the month, on the Mordecai River in the North, late at night, a bizarre and peculiar fire broke out, the arsonist was Queen Celis Florent, a believer in the Red God, she set fire with her followers and burned down the entire Shireen army, Her Majesty Shireen was killed in the fire, Robert's only recognized legitimate illegitimate son Edric Storm was also killed in the fire, the dynasty founded by Stannis I briefly existed for three years The dynasty, founded by Stannis I, existed for a brief period of three years, when the dynasty collapsed and the next heirs to Windhelm Castle, Shireen and Edric Storm, died, leaving Tommen Baratheon as the heir to Windhelm Castle.

Event 2: In the first half of the month, Jon Clinton led the Golden Regiment to secretly land in Stormlands, and in just a few days, swept through Stormlands and took down Wind's Rest Castle. Aegon Targaryen bloodily killed the family and accompanying knights and soldiers of the messenger Roland Clinton at Wind Breath Fortress, rewarded the courtiers and military generals, officially claimed the title of King in Wind Breath Fortress to the outside world, proclaimed himself the eldest son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Ilya Martell, the heir apparent to the Iron Throne, and erected the red flag of the Three Dragons of Wrath on a black background - the One Dragon three-headed banner.

Event 3: In the middle of the month, Queen Cersei announced the delivery of one hundred golden hero statues of incalculable value to the Black and White House on the Isle of Gods in Braavosle as a commission. According to rumors, this is still part of the additional commission from Queen Cersei, who claimed to have launched an emergency plan to hire the Faceless One to assassinate Aegon Targaryen VI, Jon Clinton, Sister Lemur, Headmaster Harry, Ser Rory Duckfield, and Sai Maester Hallo for a total of six people. She openly declared to the public: name out, death comes! The news shook the continent of Westeros, and everyone feared Cersei's murderous determination.

The news came out, the morale of the Golden Regiment of Windstorm Fortress was depressed, Jon Clinton made an emergency deployment, released a large number of hostages in the Stormlands to ease tensions, and urgently started negotiations with the Queen Cersei.

Event 4: Late in the month, Janine Westerling led three thousand Kregonian troops into King's Landing Redoubt. At the council of the imperial dignitaries, she was successfully elected Minister of Law, becoming the first female Minister of Law in the history of the kingdom. She was appointed as the kingdom's chancellor, and acted swiftly to amend the law, and even issued strict orders, just a few days, the city of King's Landing rogues and thieves are extinct, the city's security unprecedentedly clean and safe, there are rumors that the road is not scavenged, the night is not closed. It was a miracle.

Since then, Cersei and Janine, became the two major women in power in King's Landing, daring to do, hold the power, love to break the right and wrong, the statement is growing.

Event 5: In the North, what surprised Devil Mountain and the generals was that after the Night King had entered the Fireplace, he had not moved on to Winterfell, and the daily sentry news came that the ghoul warriors outside the Fireplace were standing still on the snow with their blue pupils open, as if they were human puppets.

The devil mountain several times to harness the dragon to investigate, foreign ghosts riding rotten horses in the surrounding vigilance, each ghoul gathering place, there is a tall shaped like the night king of the foreign ghosts holding a lance stand still, the devil mountain refused to take the risk, not and sheep thieves to rashly attack.

The night king actually sulked!

This makes the northern allied forces unbelievable!

Is the Night King waiting for winter to come? Is he going to launch an attack on Winterfell in the winter?


No one knew the real reason why the Night King suddenly stopped, but Magic Mountain thought there was one person who might know, and that person was Bran Stark, who had a three-eyed raven resting on his shoulder from time to time.

So, at the bottom of the Stark family's sacred woods, Magic Mountain came face to face with Bran Stark in his wheelchair.

Mera Liddell, who was responsible for pushing Bran's wheelchair, had already left Winterfell and returned to Greywater Watch, Neckze's domain. His father, Earl Holland Liddell, wrote to her to return to inherit the territory and title of Greywater Lookout. Greywater Lookout was built on a floating island in the swamp, and even the dodo couldn't find the exact location. No one has ever been able to find out where Greywater Lookout is, except for the locals. After Mera left, no one will be able to find her again unless she herself wants to.

Magic Mountain look at Bran Stark's look, there is no emotional reluctance to Mera's departure.

"Bran, Mera likes you. If you ask, Mera will stay." This is the first thing Magic Mountain said.

"Magic Mountain, you want to ask me why the Night King didn't attack?"

"Well, yes. When he doesn't launch an attack, our morale is dropping day by day, and the supplies consumed make me worry that it will be difficult to sustain."

"The Night King will attack in the winter, and the winter will increase his strength."

"Did he anticipate my plan to attack by fire?"

"He can't. The Night King is the Night King, he's not the Green Prophet." Bran looked at the human face on the sacred woods, a pair of eyes on that face was looking at him as if it were the eyes of a living person, "The sorcerer of the Children of the Forest can see around the sacred woods through the eyes on the sacred woods, I can see through the three-eyed raven some things that have happened in the past, certain things that are happening now, fragments of some things in the future. The night king will pray to the cold god to get some revelation. But the territory of the cold god is in the land of eternal winter, Winterfell believes in but the old gods, because you are careful, the Night King can not attack your dragon, when winter comes, his power will be strengthened. This is beneficial to the Night King and the ghouls."

"Well, then how much do you know about me?"

"I know that you control Littlefinger, and in the meeting, Littlefinger always says something snarky and to the point, which you actually allow."

"Huh! "Magic Mountain laughed dryly twice, and evil thoughts flashed through his mind: does Bran know everything? Will threaten me? Do I need to kill him? A dead soldier, a knife, or a fist. There is no shortage of dead soldiers, no shortage of knives, and no shortage of fists in Magic Mountain.

"Where's Cersei?"