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Chapter 717: The Real Threat: Name Exit, Death Comes!

Dorn has secretly raised a big army, cooperating with Aegon VI, gathering the entire territory's troops and actively preparing for a sneak attack on Highgarden, the capital of the River and Baylands, which is empty of troops.

Meanwhile, within King's Landing, the Dowager Queen Cersei and the Tyrell family have not yet had any news in this regard, they are still only focused on the Stormlands being occupied by the Golden Regiment raid.

King's Landing, Hook Lane. Women's Courtyard.

Several gold-robed men entered with swords and cold faces. The general at the head was the Imperial Iron Guard Osmond Kettleblack, who was white robed and white armored, two meters tall, sturdy and majestic, and known as Little Devil Mountain.

The leader of the soldiers kicked open a room door, the door panel was kicked open a large gap, the room, is tossing and turning men and women are greatly ate a fright, the man who is fast and furious rolled down, reached out and drew a long sword hanging on the wall, the woman is shrunken in a corner, with a quilt to block the chest.

A well-dressed, thin man heard the sound and quickly came over, he was the owner of the women's home, facing the aggressive golden robe, the owner of the women's home is not afraid, coldly said: "Sir Osmond, this women's home is owned by Lord Magic Mountain. "

"Moll Willy, I have come to invite Sir Roland Clinton by order of the Empress Dowager." Osmond said indifferently, "Brothers, please ask Sir Roland to go out."

Clank clank clank!

Three longswords were sheathed and formed a fan around Roland Clinton.

Roland Clinton was a knight, although he was the lord of Vulture's Nest Castle, but in fact many of the fiefs under his banner had been rewarded by Robert to the surrounding nobles, and he was an ordinary prolific knight.

"Osmond, what have I committed?" Roland lowered the tip of his sword. With one sword, he could not outwit four swords including Osmond. Even if it was Osmond alone, he was no match.

"Sir Roland, I am following orders." Osmond said indifferently, "Drop your sword and come with me, or we shoot down your sword and tie you up and take you away, your choice."


Roland sheathed his long sword: "You guys go out first, let me get dressed first."

Osmond stood in the doorway and looked at Sir Roland without moving.

Roland had to put on his clothes under the watchful eyes of the three gold-robed men and Osmond, and for the first time he felt the loss of his knightly dignity.


Red Castle. Throne Hall.

Roland was brought in by Osmond.

Inside the hall, it was already filled with courtiers and military generals, and the atmosphere was gloomy. Her Majesty the Queen Mother and King Tommen were sitting high on the Iron Throne, and the imperial dignitaries were sitting behind their exclusive long tables.

The eyes of the people fell on Roland, which caused a cold sweat to break out all over his body.

Empress Cersei stared at Roland Clinton: "Sir Roland, your cousin Jon Clinton led the Golden Regiment to attack Stormlands, occupied Wind Breath Castle, and took control of all the important castles in Stormlands in just a few days, and you did not warn us beforehand."

"Your Majesty, I did not know about it beforehand."

"Jon Clinton is your cousin, he raided Stormlands without contacting you beforehand?"

"Your Majesty, since Jon was banished across the Narrow Sea by the Mad King, we have had no further contact. I only know that he fell into the sea and died drunk in the city-state of Rhys, and I did not know that he was still alive."

"The Golden Regiment's raid on Wind Breath Fortress is such a big event, and Jon didn't reveal anything to you beforehand? He has no siblings, and you are his only cousin." Prime Minister Mace questioned heavily.

"Absolutely not, I swear on the name of the old and new gods. I have always been loyal to the Baratheon family of Windbreak, and I have not changed my loyalty since the civil war in the time of the Mad King."

"Roland, I am willing to believe your oath, but I need you to prove yourself."

"What does Her Majesty the Empress want me to do?" Roland said in a deep voice.

"Take my letter to Jon Clinton, with whom I wish to negotiate. You go and find out exactly what he wants. We have received information that Aegon Targaryen VI is their king, we all know that Aegon Targaryen VI has been dead for seventeen years, Jon has committed a capital crime by launching a false puppet as an excuse to attack the continent of Westeros, if Jon Clinton can fix his mistake, I will forgive him. If he persists, tell him that he and his puppet Aegon will surely die, I have already made plans to kill them, tell him that this is in no way a warning or a threat, I am saying nothing but a fact."

"As ordered, Your Majesty the Empress."

"Lord State Master, give Sir Roland my epistle."

Grand Master Coburn stood up from among the imperial dignitaries and handed Roland Clinton the epistle that had been written long ago.

"Roland Clinton, go back quickly and pack, take your family retainers with you, do not delay, and depart today."

"I am going alone?!"

"Take your family guards with you!"

"...... obey, Your Majesty the Empress ......"

Roland Clinton walked out of the throne hall with great strides. Empress Cersei did not send the golden robe or the court maester with him to the Stormlands, did the Empress trust him by doing so? Roland's mind doubted that if he was Jon Clinton's spy, this was letting the tiger go; if not, would the Dowager Empress Cersei trust his ability so much? So much trust that he would not betray?

Roland's heart was quite disturbed!

He and Jon had different political stances, and he knew that he could not convince Jon with his eloquence; only Jon could convince him; he needed help, but the Dowager Empress did not give him help!


"Master of State, has the news of the Golden Regiment's raid on the Stormlands been sent to the North?"

"A letter has been sent to the Minister of Military Affairs, Devil Mountain, and Lord Devil Mountain will receive the Dodo Letter today."

Queen Cersei gaze swept the hall of courtiers and military generals: "My lords, Daenerys will harness the dragon to attack King's Landing, the Golden Regiment under the leadership of Jon Clinton took a large part of the territory of Wind Breath Fortress and Stormlands, and in the North, Magic Mountain and Stark face to face with the attack of the foreign ghosts, the kingdom's internal and external problems, the situation is difficult, who has good advice, tell us. "


Roland out of the throne hall, the imperial iron guard Ge Lan Gubler white robe and white armor standing in the road: "Roland Knight, the Queen Mother secret order, you come with me."

"Yes, my lord." Roland breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, so Her Majesty the Empress had other arrangements, she just did not want others to know about it. Roland found that he liked the feeling of being secretly valued by Her Majesty the Empress Dowager.

Ge Lan led Roland into the Meiguo Building.


A few days later. Wind Breath Fortress. The main castle hall.

Roland Clinton stood in the middle of the hall, and in front of him sat the rumored Aegon Targaryen VI. The teenage king was handsome, the only thing missing was the majesty was on the feminine side. Beside the teenage king stood Jon Clinton, who had become famous seventeen years ago, Sister Lemore, Maester Halton, and the head of the faculty, Rory Duffy.

"Roland, why do you not kneel when you see the king?" Jon's steely face was not angry.

"Jon, from what I know, Aegon Targaryen was dropped dead in the royal nursery by the Magic Mountain seventeen years ago, although that is a rumor and perhaps not credible, but the teenager in front of me, I think it is even less credible."

"The child who was dropped dead by the Magic Mountain that year was the son of a farmer, and Varys switched out the real Aegon when King Aerys decided to open the gates to welcome Duke Tywin into the city. For the past seventeen years, it was I who raised Aegon under the alias of Griffin. He is none other than the sole heir to the Iron Throne, the only legitimate monarch."

"No, Jon, the Targaryen dynasty has been overthrown by Robert, and the king I serve is Tommen Baratheon I, not this Aegon in front of me who doesn't know the real from the fake."

"Tommen Baratheon I? Hmph, that's just Tommen Lannister I."

"Oh?! Until there is conclusive evidence, my allegiance remains to His Majesty Tommen, not to the young man in front of me."

"Roland, with those words you just said, I could kill you."

"You won't, Jon, you are Jon of integrity and honor, and I am the Red Keep messenger, you won't kill the messenger who came to deliver the message."

Roland Clinton took out Queen Cersei's letter from his arms: "Jon, this letter is from the Queen Mother."

Rory Duckfield stepped forward to take the letter, and he handed it to Jon instead of Aegon Targaryen VI.

It was a practice they had developed before, anything, had to go through Jon Clinton's hands first.

Jon took the letter, crushed the wax seal, read the letter, he handed it to Sister Lemore, Sister Lemore read it, handed it to Maester Halton, Halton read it, handed it to Raleigh, Raleigh read it, before handing it to Aegon Targaryen VI.

This is a practice developed by the four for more than ten years. Any matter, are four people first discussed, after obtaining a consensus, before deciding whether to let the 'little Griffin' know. In the past, 'Little Griffin' was 'Little Griffin', he would not raise objections, but now, Little Griffin is no longer Little Griffin, but Aegon Targaryen VI, he is the head of the Golden Regiment and five hundred knights ten thousand warriors kneel down and swear allegiance to the king .

Today, he is also the king to whom all the nobles and subjects of the Stormlands kneel and swear their allegiance.

He is also the king to whom Jon, Lemur, Maester Halton, and Rory Duckfield knelt and swore their allegiance.

Aegon Targaryen VI was still reading the letter when Jon had spoken: "Roland, tell Cersei that the purpose of our visit is to take back the Iron Throne. If she submits and surrenders, the Lannisters will still be Lord of the West, and we will pardon her and her children, otherwise, after we take King's Landing, the Lord of the West will no longer be a Lannister."

"No, Roland. You go back and tell Cersei Lannister to surrender and Cersei and her children will be banished to the Southern Isles of Bloom; if you don't surrender, the Lannisters will all be exterminated. My only condition for accepting Cersei Lannister's surrender is that Cersei personally offer up the heads of Jaime Lannister, Gregor Clegane, and Amory Lorch, one without the other."

Jon Clinton's steely steel-like face stiffened.

Sister Lemuel, Maester Halton, and Duck Knight Rory Duckfield all looked at each other.

"Your Majesty." Maester Sai's gray eyes were emotionless, "Intelligence indicates that Amory Lorch has been executed by the Brotherhood Without Banners. Cersei is unable to offer you Amory Lorch's head."

"That's Cersei's problem, she can send someone to dig up Amory Lorch's grave." The young king said coldly, "In 283 Aegon, Jaime Lannister killed King Aerys Targaryen, to whom he had sworn allegiance, in the back with a golden sword, and he was a regicide, unpardonable; Magic Mountain dropped a child in the royal nursery, and if Varys had not done something, that child would have been me; Amory Lorch killed my sister, Renes, and he stabbed Renes more than fifty times until she was dead. He stabbed Renice more than fifty times until Renice stopped moving, and Renice was just a few years old. Every one of these three men, Jaime, Magic Mountain, and Amory, must die; and the one who is already dead, his bones will be found, and I will bury them in dust."

The young king said the end, his face has been twisted, as if a different person.

Sister Lemore could not believe that the one who spoke these words was the well-behaved, obedient, filial, generous, kind, benevolent and people-loving 'Little Griffin' whom she had taught for more than ten years, and this was the first time that Little Griffin expressed the hatred hidden inside him.

Little Griffin expressed his independent opinion. He is the king, he should have had his own opinion, which is also Jon, Lemore, Halton, Raleigh four teachers bent on cultivating his kingly majesty. But all four of them had a slight discomfort. For more than a decade, they had become accustomed to the good-natured obedience for young Griffin, and they were used to making any decision for him, and not to be refuted.

The teenage king stood up and walked over to Roland Clinton: "Roland, get down on your knees and I won't gouge out your eyes."

Roland Clinton slowly got down on one knee, and he could see that the young king was telling the truth.

Between his dignity and his eyes, he chose his eyes.

"I'll fuck you! One day, I'll cut off a few of your hands and shove it hard down your throat again." Roland cursed in his heart.

In the hall, Harry Strickland, the head of the Golden Regiment, hundreds of generals were standing at attention!

The atmosphere instantly became grave and solemn.

Aegon Targaryen VI slowly returned to his throne, he looked at Jon and said, "Father, you see, for the enemy, there is no need to talk about honor and morality, threats are the most useful means. If the dog doesn't listen, kill him!"

Roland Clinton knelt down on one knee and bowed his head. He felt that this Aegon and the Mad King Aerys had similar traits.

"Your honorable Majesty Aegon. " Roland spoke, "Her Majesty Queen Cersei asked me to bring a message to you, but I am not sure if I should say it, so I would like to ask Your Majesty to make it clear."


"Her Majesty the Dowager Empress said that in three months, the transitional autumn will pass, the bitter winter will come, and the Fey will attack Winterfell in the North in a big way during this time, and she hopes that Your Majesty will not declare war on King's Landing before the Fey come. King's Landing is currently the main rearguard to guarantee the replenishment of supplies and troops for the 100,000-strong army of Winterfell in the North. The foreign ghosts threaten the life and death of the entire human race."

"What if I don't agree? "

"Her Majesty the Empress said that if Your Majesty insists on going to war at the same time the foreign devils come, a Faceless One from the Black and White House of Braavoslei God Island will come to meet Your Majesty."

The Faceless One?!

Jon, Raleigh, Lemur, Halton, Harry and others did not change color.

Hundreds of golden regiment generals in the hall all paled!

Everyone was terrified at the sound of these words!

"Oh, Cersei can still invite the Faceless One?" Aegon, fearless, sneered.

"The Lannisters, rich and powerful." Roland Clinton said in a low but very clear voice, "The royal family owed a lot of money during the time of the late King Robert, but the Lannisters of the Western Realm have always retained a staggering wealth of gold. The Queen Mother's money was already in place, and all that was needed was to name one person to the Faceless One. Your Majesty, when the name is spoken, death comes, please think twice!"

Aegon Targaryen VI's face finally changed. There was fear in his violet eyes!

There was no one who did not fear the Faceless One!

Name out, death comes.

There is never an exception!

This is the real threat!