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Chapter 715 - Golden Regiment - King's Hand - Aegon V

Littlefinger Petyr Baelish had his trademark wry smile on his face, "Lord Magic Mountain, if Daenerys were to attack the Iron Islands or King's Landing City, could the King's Landing Redoubt be the one to face and resolve it? King's Landing City, already has the most powerful navy and nearly 100,000 defenders."

"This lord is right, Magic Mountain, we should concentrate our efforts on the foreign devils." Tinkershirt said.

Tinkershirt's words were unanimously echoed by the Free Folk and the Night's Watch.

The Free Folk and the Night's Watch basically did not feel deeply about the trouble of the Southerners. The threat in their minds was always the Fey.

"We can suggest that Cersei send an emissary to make peace with Daenerys." Robb Stark also said, "The Fae army is at the Citadel, and they may start marching on Winterfell now."

"Your Majesty, now that Empress Cersei has sincerely and fully supported our Northern Alliance forces in their fight against the Fey, if King's Landing suffers an attack, the support of our follow-on supplies and the replenishment of our troops will be hit hard." Devil Mountain looked to Eddard Stark, "Lord Eddard, I know that we have a most suitable negotiator here, the Queen Mother Cersei does not have such a person in her hands. That is why I want the Coalition to send an emissary to meet Daenerys, if Queen Cersei has a suitable person in her hands, I will not interfere in the negotiation of peace with Daenerys."

"Who?" Ed sounded cautious.

"Commander-in-Chief Jon Snow." Magic Mountain said slowly.

Ed's gaze and Magic Mountain's gaze collided, and Ed's heart shook, Magic Mountain actually knew the secret of Jon's birth. This secret, he did not even Robb and Lady Caitlin told. But the magic mountain surprisingly knew, how did he know? Unless there was a prophecy from a god! Which god is it? The Seven Gods or the Red God?

Jon Snow's gaze flicked over Ed's and Magic Mountain's faces, and he saw Ed's surprise and Magic Mountain's certainty. Magic Mountain's gaze carried a clear hint that he was equally shocked that Magic Mountain understood his true identity. Magic Mountain's gaze is the language that tells Jon that he knows he is a Targaryen, only, how is this possible?

There is no doubt that Magic Mountain is the true Chosen One of God, the Son of the Divine Destiny. Melisandre asserted that he was the reincarnation of Yassor Yahay, so it seems that he could know some hidden secrets as if it should have been. Jon Snow's true identity should be Jon Targaryen, Daenerys Targaryen is his own aunt whom he has never met.

"Lord Magic Mountain, where is Daenerys Targaryen currently?"

"She is on Valyrian Avenue."

"Not yet in Pantos City?"

"She can arrive at Pantos City whenever she wishes."

Jon understood the words of Magic Mountain, Daenerys had three dragons, she could fly to Pantos on her dragons at any time and then command the army to cross the Narrow Sea. She could also fly across the Narrow Sea at any time to anywhere in the continent of Westeros.

"Where can I go to negotiate with Daenerys?"

"Dragonstone Island. I will send an emissary to get in touch with her."

"I am willing to go and negotiate with Daenerys." Jon Snow said. He suddenly found his heart longing to meet with his own family, after the calamity of the Targaryen family, at present only he and Daenerys two are left blood relatives.

Melisandre said: "Your Majesty Robb, the Commander of Magic Mountain, all the lords, Daenerys surrounded by many talents, courtiers and military generals are not to be underestimated. If she has her sights set on the Iron Throne, I'm afraid she won't just launch a surprise attack on the Iron Islands, we need to alert the Red Keep and get it ready for battle. Daenerys' Hand of the King is Tyrion Lannister, Tyrion is familiar with King's Landing, he has long led the Unsullied and Asha's navy to Pantos City, if they were to attack King's Landing, Asha's fleet might have already crossed the Narrow Sea and be hiding somewhere in the bays of the Westeros continent."

Littlefinger Petyr Baelish laughed lightly: "Lady Melisandre, we have to trust the hand of Queen Cersei and the King in the Red Keep, and the courtiers and military generals in the Red Keep that are also talented - Minister of Intelligence Bernie Clegane, Grand Master of Coburn, Earl of Rosby, Janine Westerling who rushed to King's Landing Duchess ...... Guard Commander Benlunt Blume, Imperial Guard Baron Swann, Navy Commander Wagner Garr ...... and your father, Earl Gavin, none of them are incompetent."

"Littlefinger, Daenerys has dragons, three of them!" Jaime bellowed in a deep voice. He was so worried about Cersei that he spoke to Littlefinger not at all politely, calling him by his nickname.

"Lady Janey has brought along Master Tob Mott, who can make a dragon hunting crossbow, Lord Jaime. "Littlefinger Petyr Baelish right mouth with a faint protesting smile, as if he had deep contempt for the world.


Night, Windy Rest Castle.

The gale lifted the waves and fell on the rocks with a boom.

The garrison and the people of Fort Windward have become accustomed to the sound of the wind and waves that roar until dawn.

The water conditions in the bay of Fort Windward are complex, and it is common for the wind and waves to rage.

On the walls, there were almost no soldiers on patrol.

The wind was so strong that everyone hunkered down under the walls.

Windy Fortress walls are strong, the walls made of giant rocks are easy to defend and difficult to attack. The upper part of the wall, there is a sunken white dots, that is more than ten years ago, Lord Mace Tyrell with a large number of stone throwing machines to attack the city left traces - stone throwing machines throw round stones, stones smashed on the walls left a sunken shallow white dots.

Beneath the north gate of Wind Breath Fortress, four guards were warming themselves under the fire. Once the long summer passed and autumn arrived, the temperature dropped to a particularly strong level, especially at night, when it became unusually cold after midnight. After the centurion on duty went back to sleep, the four soldiers on duty lit a bonfire, and they sat around it to take a collective nap.


A short black arrow broke through the air and nailed a soldier's neck with a poof, the left side of the neck shot in and the bloodied tip penetrated out from the other side.

The soldier fell crookedly and flung himself into the fire, waking up three other fellow soldiers. Before the three fellow soldiers could get up to react, three sharp short knives strangled their throats, and with a pull of the short knives, their throats were severed and blood gushed out.

The large Wind Breath Fort, the garrison is only a hundred-man team of two knights. The rest of the warriors, all responding to the royal order, went to garrison King's Landing City.

The four soldiers at the north gate were all killed and fell in a pool of blood. A few black shadows scurried cat-like to the city gate, and more black shadows emerged from everywhere. Looking at their dress, some were foreign merchants, some were sailors on foreign merchant ships anchored in the harbor of Windhaven, and some were dressed as local vegetable farmers and fishermen.

These people entered the city of Fort Windhaven during the day, and about thirty of them, working in unison, opened the gates of the city.

The clicking sound of the gates opening was perfectly drowned out by the sound of the wind and waves of the sea, and one by one, dark shadows flashed in, a steady stream of ten hundred men in all.

These warriors, dressed in fine armor and well-trained, quickly entered each of the main strongholds of Wind Breath Fortress, and the centurion in the barracks by the city walls was but just grabbed the hilt of his sword before his head was cut off.

In just half an hour, the impenetrable Wind Breath Fortress was taken, and the hundred soldiers defending the fortress, along with their officers, were all beheaded, and their heads were hung on the four sides of the fortress.

Early the next morning, the banner of the Wind's Breath Castle was replaced with seven gold-plated skulls.

Gilded skulls, which is the military flag of the most famous mercenary corps across the Narrow Sea, the Golden Regiment.


The Golden Regiment, a mercenary regiment established by the noble bastard "Bitter Steel" Igor Riverman more than a hundred years ago.

Igor Riverman, the three-eyed raven Brindon Riverman half-brother, known as Bitter Steel. He is the illegitimate son of King Aegon Targaryen IV and his fifth mistress, Lady Barbara Bracken.

Aegon carries half of the Targaryen blood, so he has purple eyes, but his hair is black. As an adult, he has a short beard and looks like a natural warrior. He is lean in appearance, agile and tall in stature.

He was particularly disgusted with his half-brother, Brynden Riverman (later Duke Bloodraven, now Three-Eyed Raven), and his mother, Mirissa.

As a young man, he and Brynden-Haven both fell in love with his half-sister, Ceri-Young-Sing, but Ceri-Young-Sing chose Bloodraven over him emotionally, which turned his dislike for Bloodraven into hatred.

In 196 Aegon, Damon Blackfire, a legitimate illegitimate son recognized by the king, rebelled for the Iron Throne, and Igor sided with his half-brother Damon Blackfire against Daeron Targaryen II and Blood Raven Brynden Riverrun.

In the Battle of the Red Steppes, Igus commanded Daemon's right wing army. After Daemon's death in battle, Igor, armed with Blackfire, the family sword of House Targaryen, rallied his own army to charge Bloodraven's archers, and he took away one of the eyes of his half-brother Bloodraven.

The rebellion was eventually suppressed by Blood Raven, and Igge the Bitter Steel took Damon's heirs, his widow, and the old Blackfire men who had lost their territories into exile across the Narrow Sea to the free city-state of Telosi.

In order to survive, Igge joined the second son of the mercenary regiment, and the following year, he gathered all of Blackfire's old men in exile on the other side of the Narrow Sea and created the Golden Regiment, a mercenary organization.

Although mercenary organizations are mostly notorious and extremely unreliable, but the Golden Corps has a good reputation. Bitter Steel Iggy never broke a contract and put his own name in the slogan: Gold at the top, Bitter Steel at the bottom.

In less than a year, the Golden Regiment had a great reputation in the free trade city-state. As the free trade city-state Kohol refused to fulfill the contract, Igor commanded the Golden Corps to take the free trade city-state in only three days, and thus the Golden Corps became the most powerful mercenary corps in the free trade city-state, and no employer dared to renege on the contract.

In 236 Aegon, Aegor led the Golden Regiment and Daemon III to land in Westeros at Marseilles Point to launch the fourth Blackfire Rebellion, but by this time Blackfire had few allies in Westeros and the rebellion failed at a faster pace than the previous three.

The rebels were completely defeated at the Battle of the Wend River Bridge, and the rebel king, Daemon Blackfire III, was killed in battle. Bittersteel escaped again, and he returned to Telosi. During his deathbed, Bittersteel had the flesh and blood on his skull boiled away and plated with gold and hung on the flagpole of his army when he recaptured Westeros across the sea in the future, and he wanted to see the Golden Regiment return to the continent of Westeros and witness the heir reclaim the Iron Throne.

What Igor did not expect was that his move formed a tradition of the Golden Regiment: before the death of the successive chiefs, they instructed their men to gild their skulls and hang them on the tall flagpole. Later, the gold skull became the flag of the Golden Regiment.

Since the beginning of Igor, the Golden Regiment has passed through seven chiefs, so the Golden Regiment's military flag became seven gold-plated skulls.


Early in the morning, all the nobles and subjects in Wind Breath Castle were driven to the martial arts arena.

Around the martial arts arena, a thousand warriors and fifty knights stood in unison.

An obese man was surrounded by tough knights standing on the viewing platform of the martial arts arena. He is the current head of the Golden Regiment Harry Strickland, alias "homeless" Harry.

Harry does not look like a warrior at all, but rather like a rich merchant with a big heart. He has a large round head, light gray eyes, and thinning hair that he combs horizontally to hide his bald head.

Harry Strickland's great-grandfather lost his family fief due to his support of Damon Blackfire's rebellion, so three generations from Harry's grandfather down were born across the Narrow Sea and raised in the Golden Regiment. He likes to boast that his family is "four generations of loyalty to the Golden Corps" family of mercenaries.

Before the death of the last black-hearted 'Mith Toyin' leader, Harry served as the treasurer of the regiment.

"My lords and sons, do not be afraid, my name is Harry Strickland, the head of the Golden Regiment. You may not be familiar with me personally, and that's okay, I will introduce you to a great man you are all familiar with, the former Prime Minister of King Aerys Targaryen: Jon Clinton."

The nobles and subjects in the arena were indeed looking different, and those who were a little older knew the great name of Jon Clinton.


Mad King Aerys? Targaryen era, after Duke Tywin, the Hand of the King, left King Aerys to return to the West, the Hand of the King has been served by three people, the most famous of which is Jon Clinton, the Hand of the King.

Jon Clinton, a bannerman of House Baratheon, Earl of Vulture's Nest Castle in Stormlands and Clinton family patriarch, served as Hand of the King to Aerys II. He was one of the close friends who followed Rhaegar Targaryen. He has no brothers. He was banished for losing the Battle of the Chimes, and after the war, he went into exile in Ursus, joined the Golden Order under the name of "Griffin", served in the Golden Order for five years, and became the most trusted right hand of Blackheart Mith-Toin, who would have been the new head of the Golden Order if he had not left later.

Clinton was expelled for stealing gold from the Golden Corps, and later there were rumors that he fell into the sea drunk and died.

But both the dismissal for stealing gold and the drunken fall into the sea were false rumors, and these rumors were deliberately spread by the Minister of Intelligence, Varys the Octopus Spider, to deceive the entire continent of Westeros.

Jon Clinton is Ed Stark, Robert Baratheon, Jon Arryn, Horst Tully and other people are very scary enemies.

When the Battle of the Chimes, Jon Clinton besieged Robert Baratheon, in order not to hurt the innocent, he surrounded the town of Stone Hall, chiming the bell to let the innocent people close the doors and windows to hide, and then only to attack, so that the battle of Stone Hall is also known as the Battle of the Chimes.

Sounding the bell to tell the people to hide the benevolent act delayed precious time, by Ed Stark and Jon Arryn and Horst Apprentice rate reinforcements came, Ed, Arryn, Horst and Robert four-way men out together, defeating Jon Clinton. Jon Clinton lost his only chance to kill Robert, and because of this battle, he was spared the Hand of the King by King Aerys and banished across the Narrow Sea.

Harry Strickland snapped and clapped, thousands of generals clapped together, and in the square, the nobles and subjects stiffened and clapped together.

A tall man with wrinkles at the corners of his eyes but an unusually steely face appeared on the high platform, with long gray and red hair. He looked very sophisticated but favored cautious eyes, but when he gazed at you, a suffocating sense of danger lingered.

Life in exile overseas has made Jon more sophisticated and cruel.

Jon Clinton was both civil and military, and because of his loyalty to the crown and because he was an outstanding warrior, Aerys Targaryen II appointed him Hand of the King after he abolished Owen Mareweis.

At the Battle of the Tolling Bell that year, Clinton could have easily surrounded the town of Stone Hall and ordered the burning of the entire town and the Robert hidden in it to end the rebellion before Eddard Stark and Hoster Tully and Jon Arryn led rebel reinforcements to arrive, as Tywin