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Chapter 714: Taking Control - The Mandate of Heaven

Two days later, the Amber Army and the Free People's Alliance arrived at Winterfell, and on the same day, the Northern Army and the Night's Watch also arrived at Winterfell.

The morale in Winterfell was soaring with the best soldiers and generals!

King Robb of the North sent out the best scouts in the North to spy on the movement of the foreign ghosts. The army of foreign ghosts occupied the fireplace city but did not follow the southward, they concentrated on the fireplace city inside and outside without any movement. For the first time, the army of ghouls that would not stop advancing stopped.

In the main hall of Winterfell, Magic Mountain and Robb held the first real meeting of the allied forces.

Magic Mountain, Robb, Jon, Ed, Jaime, and Tinkershirt represented the supreme commander of the allied forces.

Among them, Jaime was the assistant of Magic Mountain, Ed was the assistant of Robb, and Jon and Tinkershirt each represented their own independent corps.

On both sides of the hall, standing full of hefty generals. Among them, the most generals from Magic Mountain, they are from the Crab Claw Peninsula tribal chiefs, but also from the Magic Mountain full line of cavalry generals, including bow-riding general Angai in the 298th year of the Aegon calendar in the Grand Tournament of the Prime Minister of King's Landing won the national archery championship, almost everyone in the seven countries of the great nobles have seen his great archery style, he is therefore the Magic Mountain legion in the nobles of the most well-known general.

Angai Clegane married Yilanor Mouton, the heiress of the town of Lady Spring, and has been ranked among the true nobility. His father-in-law, Earl William Mouton, is a great noble who has sworn allegiance to the Magic Mountain.

Angai is also the most decorated warrior among all the adopted sons of Magic Mountain! He was invincible with his divine arrows, always able to shoot the enemy's most important generals first, thus taking the top honors. The famous general of the Seven Kingdoms, Randall Tully, died under Angai's arrows.

But it was the cavalry general Polypho Clegane who was the most striking.

The right side of his face twitched and his right eye blinked from time to time, as if he had the talent of a comedian. He also likes to stare straight at people, maybe your eyes, maybe your nose, or one of your hands, this fetish of his does not distinguish between men and women, with a maniacal desire in his eyes at all times, and whispers abruptly in your ear, with wild eyes and a humble tone: "You have a beautiful pair of eyes, perfect, would you like to sell me ten gold dragons for a work of art? You don't have to worry, my skill in digging out eyes is skilled and unmatched, and will never cause you any extra pain."

Different from the evil temperament of the bandits and shrews of the Magic Mountain is the seriousness and antiquity of the generals of the North, in addition the calmness and introspection of the generals of the Valley is also different, and the person standing at the forefront of the generals of the Valley is Littlefinger Petyr Baelish.

Petyr Baelish talented, both the general affairs officer of the coalition army, in charge of all logistics, but also the guardian of the valley, in addition to the magic mountain of the eastern border guardian is his top boss, the valley generals after the loss of Lysa Tully and Robert Erin Duke, the law requires all to listen to the orders of the guardian of the canyon.

Jon did not move to stare at Littlefinger Petyr Baelish after sitting at the long table of the commanders, the words of his father and uncle Eddard Stark echoed in Jon's ears: the most untrustworthy person in the Seven Kingdoms, is Littlefinger Petyr Baelish. He was a key figure in the King's Landing coup in 298 Aegonian calendar, and he betrayed Eddard Stark, which caused all of Eddard Stark's followers in King's Landing to be killed.

The Night's Watch generals gathered together for the first time with the Southerners for a large military meeting. Tinkershirt did not behave like a reckless savage, he sat at Jon's side, the very edge of the long table commander-in-chief position, but his temperament was not suppressed by the five of Magic Mountain, Robb, Eddard, Jon and Jaime.

Shireen army position, just two people standing: Davos Silvos and Melisandre.

Magic Mountain raised his hand and swept his gaze, and the rowdy hall was immediately quiet.

Among the many generals, the Vale and Kregonians made up the majority. The Krygonians were loyal to Magic Mountain, while the Vale people were conquered and governed by Magic Mountain: he was the guardian of the Eastern Realm.

Magic Mountain said in a deep voice: "First of all, I would like to tell your lordships the unfortunate news that the entire Shireen army was wiped out and the Fire Gothic, the arsonist was the Empress Selis Florent. Her Majesty Shireen was also killed in the fire. The Shireen Dynasty, which was founded on Dragonstone Island, no longer exists."

There were no whispers or commotion in the hall, everyone kept absolute silence. This news, everyone had already heard, many people's hearts were different, they instinctively thought that the moon was dark and windy, maybe it was the devil mountain harnessed dragon burned those big ships or not.

Magic Mountain gaze swept the whole room: "I know you all have a lot of doubts in your hearts, I will not explain to you in detail, we have more important things need to make decisions, it is about the survival of all of us, I will only say one thing, Cerys Florent has always believed that the Lord of Light is the only true God, and her husband Stannis is the only true king. But someone told her the truth, and if Stannis was the One True King, he would not have been killed by me. "

Many eyes fell on Davos Silvos and Melisandre, the two Prime Ministers and Grand Masters of the Shireen Dynasty were the only two surviving from the Fire Gothic, what secrets did they know?

Davos' face twisted with a pained look, while Melisandre was beautiful and seductive, with bright eyes and white teeth and lips like blood.

"Well, now I would like to announce an appointment, I propose to appoint Lord Davos Silvos as the commander of the Allied Navy, in charge of the fleet of the North and the Vale, responsible for the transportation of Dragonstone's Dragon Crystal weapons, and to guarantee the safety and smoothness of the sea transportation of all supplies from the South to our Allied Forces in the North. The army of soldiers and affairs officers in Winterfell, and the army of militia have added up to more than 100,000, and these people cannot be fed, clothed, maintained with weapons and horses for war horses without the support of the Southerners, and it is the quickest to transport supplies by water." Magic Mountain looked over to the several commanders around him, "My lords, who has a different opinion?"

Magic Mountain raised his hand! Jaime, who was the second-in-command, raised his hand!

Robb raised his hand! His second-in-command, Eddard Stark, also raised his hand!

Jon and Tinkershirt raised their hands together!

No one in the hall has any objections!

A unanimous vote!

Magic Mountain looks to Davos Seaworth!

Davos Seaworth stepped forward: "Commander-in-Chief, I need a fast horse and an escort of at least twelve men."

"I will give you two fast horses, and I will give you five escorts." Magic Mountain said, "Colm Warner. "

Kom Warner stepped forward, "Lord Father, I will stay by your side."

Last night, Magic Mountain held a simple formal adoption ceremony under the auspices of Melisandre, and Kom Warner, like Landon Garr, was already an adopted son of Magic Mountain.

"Kom, you are the fiancé of Rosamund Lannister of Lannisport, I can not allow you to die in battle before you are married, you take your own four family guards to protect Lord Davos Silvos, responsible for the safety of the transport of supplies by sea, and the war with the foreign devils is over, I want you to marry Rosamund Lannister." Devil Mountain unapologetically said in front of the generals.

Hair has grown beard messy vicissitudes Jaime Lannister face expressionless!

"Father, I want to be by your side to guard your safety in the foreign ghost war."

"Colm, after you leave, there is me and General Angai!" Landon Garr, also an adopted son from the Crabapple Peninsula, laughed. Landon Garr, married to Count Royce, the most powerful and strongest man in the valley.

"Kom, this is a military order." Magic Mountain frowned slightly.

"Yes, Lord Father." Kom knelt down on one knee and pounded his right fist three times on his left chest with a pinging sound.

King of the North Robb Stark immediately hand-written an order to the Earl of Whitehaven Mandalay, stamped on the spot with the seal of the King of the North, and then signed the wax seal. Magic Mountain also hand-written an order, signed and stamped with the seal of the Guardian of the East, the Lord of the Valley Seagull town, Earl Graveson came forward, also signed and stamped his family seal on the order of Magic Mountain. The two orders were handed over to Davos Silvos together.

From then on, the naval jurisdiction of White Harbor in the North and Seagull Town in the Valley all fell into Davos Seaworth's hands.

Soon, Colm Warner, with four of the Warner tribe's bravest warriors, flanked Davos Seaworth and walked out of the hall. They were going to ride to White Harbor in the North and take over the naval military power of White Harbor first, and then go to Seagull Town to take over the naval military power of Seagull Town.

Davos was well versed in every water condition of the Narrow Sea, he was the best smuggler in these waters, and Magic Mountain knew he was also the best sea commander. Blackwater River war, Stannis if you use Davos command of the navy, would not have been a defeat.

"The second piece of military information, Lady Melisandre saw from the flames that Daenerys Targaryen will ride a dragon to raid the Iron Islands." This is a falsehood, Melisandre only saw the Iron Islands from the flames, and did not see Daenerys riding a dragon to raid the Iron Islands.

But Magic Mountain took the revelation of the Red God for self-interpretation, and he drew a positive conclusion, and then announced it in public. If he had misjudged - as Melisandre always does - there would have been serious consequences.

The military briefing from Magic Mountain caused a stir in the room, and everyone thought that the discussion was going to be about military deployment and tactics for the war with the Fey, but instead Magic Mountain suddenly turned to Daenerys Targaryen.


Devil Mountain noticed an uneasy commotion among the generals of the Crab Claw Peninsula. The Crab Claw Peninsula was the most loyal tribesmen of the Seven Kingdoms to the Dragons, who presented themselves as dragon warriors and were loyal to the Targaryens. They would not like to go to war with Daenerys Targaryen.

However, Magic Mountain is now also a Dragonborn, just with a different surname, and he owns the giant dragon sheep thief. Magic Mountain also conquered the peninsula's sacred beast, Red Smoke, and became the recognized king of the peninsula.


"Daenerys does not raid King's Landing, to raid the Iron Islands?" Jaime was the first to speak, in a deeply questioning tone.

"Feint attack on King's Landing, the actual raid on the Iron Islands, she has two benefits, first, to help the Baratheon family regain the Iron Islands, using the influence of the Baratheon family to gain the support of the Iron Islanders, to strengthen the navy, but also to build momentum for their own seizure of the Iron Throne; second, iron ore."

"Lord Magic Mountain, if Daenerys really attack the Iron Islands, do you have any response?" Eddard Stark said slowly.

Although he was not the main person in charge, no one dared to ignore his presence. In fact, in the hearts of the nobles of the North, Eddard's weight was far above King Robb of the North. In the hearts of the nation's great nobles, Ed's weight was also stronger than Robb's.

"I am worried that Daenerys is attacking the continent of Westeros in full force at a crucial time in our battle with the Fey. We need the full support of the Southerners now, and her attack will cause disruptions in our supplies and help to the Fey defeat us." Lady Melisandre opened her mouth and said. This was what Devil Mountain wanted her to say, and she said it, and the timing was spot on.

Devil Mountain wanted to make sure that the Crabapple Peninsula people continued to be loyal and would not be swayed by Daenerys' arrival. Then, it would be necessary to place all the blame for stirring up trouble on Daenerys' shoulders. Convince the dragon warriors that it is Daenerys Targaryen who deserves to be spurned. Magic Mountain did not want a split in the ministry of the Crabapple Peninsula.

"Daenerys Targaryen has always been the most willing friend in my heart to go to alliance." Magic Mountain began to move to reason, these words, he mainly said to the Crab Claw Peninsula ministers, the Crab Claw Peninsula ministers have been very loyal, the most loyal - the Warner tribe's chief is his adopted son, the Gar tribe's chief is his naval commander, the chief cousin is his adopted son, the Fuka tribe's chief is his close guard battalion three One of the captains, the spiritual leader of the peninsula, Lady Daugherty and Janine were both blood witches, sisters and close friends whose loyalty to him was unshakable - but it was never wrong to take precautions, "The day I became Duke of Dragonstone, I sent someone to meet Daenerys, and when she came to fight for the Iron Throne I will not go to war with her, I will give her Dragonstone Island, and my territory is in the Western Realm."

In the hall, the crab claw peninsula ministers eyes flashing heart comfort, they know that Lord Magic Mountain will not lie to them. However, the aftermath of these words was very serious - the northern nobles valley nobles southern nobles all looked at each other, Magic Mountain was ready to surrender before Daenerys had even fought?! He was going to betray the current king?! Loyalty to the Targaryen?

The crowd's eyes gathered on Magic Mountain, many blood courageous generals are glazed over.

Devil Mountain said indifferently: "I am willing to give up Dragonstone Island to Daenerys because I want to ally with Daenerys, the goal of the alliance is to fight against our biggest threat, the foreign devils, as if we have now put aside our hatred for each other and are all united and united."

"Magic Mountain, you knew years ago that the North would be attacked by the fey?" Jaime sneered.

"I knew!" Devil Mountain said calmly.

"Who can prove it?" Jaime pressed.

"I can prove it!' Eddard Stark said in a deep voice. His honor and integrity, Jaime was convinced. The nobles of the Seven Kingdoms were not used to the antiquity and seriousness of the Northerners, House Stark, but the integrity and honor of House Stark was believed by everyone and could not be desecrated.

"In 298 years of the Aegon calendar, the late King Robert held a national tournament to celebrate my becoming Prime Minister. At that time, Devil Mountain came to the Prime Minister's Tower and advised me to focus all my energies on the North. At that time, he warned me of the incoming foreign spirits, but I never believed a word of his words. I was imprisoned in the Black Prison by Cersei, and it was Magic Mountain who risked his life to save me from it, and he hoped I could return to the North to gather the forces of the North ready to fight against the merits of the foreign ghosts before the coming of winter."

Instantly, the hall was quiet as if empty.

Eddard Stark was surprisingly saved by the Magic Mountain, the Magic Mountain was surprisingly alerted to Eddard in 298 years of the Aegon calendar, the Magic Mountain at that time, but a loyal dog of the Lannister family.

"In order to fight against the foreign devils, I saved Lord Eddard Stark. In order to unite the power of Daenerys, I sent an emissary to ally with her early on. As long as Daenerys joins us to fight against the Fae, or at least does not help the Fae to attack us, I am willing to give up my territory, Dragonstone Island, for her to live temporarily. As for who the Iron Throne will belong to in the future, I don't know, all I know is that if the Fey slaughter the North, the entire continent of Westeros will be wiped out, and no one will be spared, including our families, relatives, friends and ministers, including ourselves."

Melisandre's clear and moving voice rang out: "The long night is long and dangerous, when the comet cries for blood, there will be a hero who will rise up with his sword and lead us to fight against the demons, kill the Night King and protect the survival of the human race. This hero is the reincarnation of Yassor Yahay. Eight thousand years ago in the Heroic Era, the great hero who made the Lightbringer Sword and drove the demons into the Land of Eternal Winter was Yasor Yahweh." Melisandre's voice was so good that it sounded like the voice of a hymn being sung at a prayer service, "My lords, Devil Mountain is the reincarnation of Yassor Yahweh!"

The devil mountain stood up, man like a giant god, voice like spring thunder: "I don't know if I am the reincarnation of Yassor Yahweh, I can't testify or confirm it. But I know that we should send an emissary, and