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Chapter 713: Red God Prophecy: Dragon War

While the Night King was praying to the Cold God at the Fireplace, Davos Seaworth and Melisandre rode into Winterfell with the Red Smoke Beast.

Magic Mountain Dragon just returned to Winterfell shortly after Davos and Melisandre also arrived.

The night is late, except for the patrol of the Kerrigan army and Winterfell sentries, the rest of the people have rested.

Magic Mountain stayed in a tall, comfortable guest room in the main Stark family fortress.

He flew from the fireplace to Winterfell harnessing the dragon took an hour, the cold night air in the North like a sword, so that the dragon and he felt the power of cold invasion. Soon after his return, the goat thieves were feeding on goats in large numbers in the winter sheltered market town, and a scorched man section of a hundred warriors was dedicated to providing refined and delicious food for the goat thieves. The financial resources are not strong enough to feed adult gargoyles like the goat thieves. And Magic Mountain had not yet fallen asleep even after entering the comfortable and warm guest room after dinner.

"Father, Lord Davos Silvos requests an audience." Adopted son Kom Warner said at the door. Magic Mountain hadn't actually performed an official adopted son ceremony for Colm Warner.

"Let him in." Magic Mountain's recognizable voice rang out.

Davos Seaworth came in, looking bad, as if he was recovering from a serious illness. The clothes were also dirty and torn, as if he had been on the run for months.

"What has happened?" Devil Mountain asked in a deep voice, "Did Shireen's army come back safely?" Devil Mountain did not ask Her Majesty Shireen Baratheon, there were some kings within a kingdom now, and he was concerned about the legions that could fight.

Davos Silvos had not answered, but, very promptly, there was a knock at the door, just a knock, and then the voice of his adopted son, Colm Warner: "Father, Lady Melisandre requests an audience." .

Magic Mountain glanced at Davos and turned his head to the door, "Invite her in." He used the word let for Davos, and the word please for Melisandre.

The door opened and Lady Melisandre stood at the front door. She was different from Davos, who was as gloomy and desolate as a refugee. She still had her big red robe and sleeves, her skin was glowing, her eyes were moving, her figure was still the same, her beauty was still the same, and she was as clean and neat as a noblewoman.

Melisandre walked in, and Davos's lost soul clothes dirty tattered formed a stark contrast.

Davos said in an astringent voice: "Her Majesty Shireen, Empress Selyse, Shireen's army, my family guards, have all been destroyed." Davos said in an astringent voice. His gaze was full of hostility, looking directly at Melisandre.

"Then what the hell happened? I broke the back at the fireplace city and burned the ghouls, to escort you to a safe retreat." Devil Mountain's voice became coarse and he slowly stood up, intimidating, his gaze sweeping around Davos and Melisandre's faces. Although the Shireen army was small in number, they were all veterans who had been through many battles, and for war, veterans were too precious.

"Great fire, Fire Gothic." Melisandre's voice was clear and nice, as if a bird was singing, "Report to Lord Devil Mountain, only Lord Davos and I escaped, the rest, all of them were killed by the fire. Those who jumped into the Mordecai River died from freezing even if they could water."

The cold of the night in the North was like a knife, and the cold damage to those who fell into the water was even sharper than the knife.

Melisandre spoke as she walked to walked to the fire pit as if she was at ease in her own home. Her beautiful white palm brushed against the fire pit, and the coals in the fire pit swooshed to life.

Davos Seaworth's gaze was firmly fixed on Melisandre's body, his gaze was like a sword, not a moment too soon, full of hatred.

"Lord Devil Mountain, three large ships are on fire at the same time, the fire is so fierce and unstoppable that it is obvious that it is man-made arson." Davos stared at Melisandre, but his words were addressed to Magic Mountain. His voice was filled with anger.

"Davos, why don't you just say to Chief Commander Magic Mountain that the fire was set by Melisandre?"

"If not you, who else could it be?" Davos's voice became hoarse.

"You saw me set the fire with your own eyes?" Melisandre downplayed it.

"Two days ago, on the dock, what did you say to Her Majesty Queen Selyse? When the Empress Dowager came on board, it was as if she was seriously injured and in great pain. What did you talk to Her Majesty Queen Selyse? You were bent on sacrificing Her Majesty Shireen to the Red God, because Her Majesty Shireen has the royal bloodline, which can make you see future prophecies and increase your magical power; your snake heart, I have long been well aware of it. Who else but you could cause three large ships to catch fire at the same time and with such fierce intensity that even on the water, the ships were quickly burned."

"I sacrificed His Majesty Shireen without having to burn the entire Shireen army. Lord Davos Silvos." Melisandre grunted. She stretched out her hands and caged them over the flames, her eyes narrowed slightly, "Cerys Florent is more eager to sacrifice Shireen, burn Shireen, and she will make herself king."

Magic Mountain's face turned ugly, he needed the truth and didn't want to hear the two accusing each other.

Davos sneered, "Evil sorcerers raise evil believers, and Cyrus is evil, thanks to you. This fire burned ......"

Magic Mountain waved a hand out to Davos, interrupting his words, signaling him to shut up first, Davos Silvos closed his mouth, but his eyes were still fixed on Melisandre's face, and Magic Mountain looked at Davos' meaning, the Lord Prime Minister was eager to draw his sword and cut on Melisandre's stunning face.

"Melisandre, did you set the fire?" Magic Mountain cut to the chase and opened the door.

"It wasn't me, Magic Mountain." Melisandre turned her head to look at Magic Mountain, and the pupils of her eyes turned the color of flames, pulsating with an eerie firelight.

"Then who is it?" Magic Mountain's voice was full of threats and warnings.

"Cerys Florent."

"Selyse can make three big ships catch fire at the same time?"

"She can!"

"She has the power of flame magic?"

"She does not possess it, but possesses the ability to make the rear party pour kerosene all over the big ships. She is the Empress Dowager and the leader of the Hou Party, she is also the leader of the faithful people, who will not obey the Hou Party people when Sairis gives an order?"

Devil Mountain was silent for a moment and slowly said, "Melisandre, why did Selyse burn the three ships."

"Sacrificing herself to the Red God is the highest honor of the Red God's faithful."

"Sacrifice everyone in a safe retreat back to Winterfell? You are lying." Devil Mountain's voice raised slightly. He hated to hear such vague words.

Lady Melisandre stood up, walked to the corner, and poured herself a glass of red wine, she gently shook the glass: "Selyse understood that the Red God is the One True God, but Stannis Baratheon is not the One True King."

"How did she suddenly understand?"

"Lord Magic Mountain, you killed Stannis with your own hands, and the One True King will not be killed by you. The moment the Blackwater River battle ended, I already knew that the person I followed was wrong and Stannis was the false king. I also did not know that Stannis was the False King until you killed him."

"Stannis is the false king, then the red god is the false god. "Davos Silvos couldn't help himself and said in a stern voice.

"That's why Cerys Florent set fire to the three ships. Stannis was not the true king who fought against the demons, and she could not accept this reality. She began to doubt the authenticity of the Red God, but the revelations the Red God gave us were never the slightest bit wrong, only that we interpreted them wrongly ourselves." Melisandre calmly looked at Davos. The whole Shireen arms Gotham, Shireen Baratheon did not escape, many people are innocent, but she did not look the slightest bit guilty and sad, this woman's heart is cast in black iron!

"The long night is long, everywhere is dangerous, only the King of Light is the only true God." Melisandre said as if singing.


Davos could not bear it, he drew his sword, but his hand was shaking.

Melisandre turned around, walked to the fire pit and sat down: "Davos, you want to kill me, there will be plenty of opportunities when you ride with me on the red smoke." This is a false statement, she has a shadow killer to protect her, Silvos dare to do it, would have been dead. She had no shortage of royal blood, and Mance Rayder was her secret blood bank.

"I want Lord Magic Mountain to bring you to justice, you deserve to be hanged."

"Davos, I did not set the fire, and certainly you did not set it. You are not guilty, and neither am I."

"They died because of your belief in the Red God." Davos pointed his sword at Melisandre, "Lord Devil Mountain, if you don't kill Melisandre, please allow me to leave."

"It takes everyone to fight against the foreign devils." Devil Mountain said coldly, "Davos, if you dare to disobey the order and leave without permission, the Cape of Wind Fury will cease to exist."

Cape Windfury was Davos' territory, where he still had his wife, his fifth child, his family, his relatives and his bannermen.

If he leaves against his orders, the Devil's Mountain will slaughter Cape Windfury.

Damn it, all the people of Cape Windfury are innocent!

Davos stared indignantly at Devil Mountain, who was also looking at him, and he could see that what Devil Mountain said was true.

A man like Devil Mountain, who he said he would slaughter, don't doubt him.


Davos sheathed his sword and turned around to walk out, his back and footsteps were full of anger.


He slammed the door fiercely.

But Magic Mountain's voice chased him: "Davos, Lady Melisandre didn't set the fire, I believe her, and although only two of you survived, I also believe you didn't set it."

Davos choked!

He walked faster!

* *

"I need the truth of the matter. Melisandre." Devil Mountain said in a deep voice.

"Selyse wanted me to step in and convince you to serve Her Majesty Shireen, help them reclaim the Iron Throne, and then kill you to avenge Stannis Baratheon. I told Selyse that you are the reincarnation of Yasor Yahay, the Son of God, the one true king who fights against the demons. She could not accept the truth that the Lord of Light was the one true king and that Stannis, who believed in the Lord of Light, was a false king. She has always been paranoid, my lord." Melisandre handed the goblet to Magic Mountain, who ignored it.

"You didn't see the prophecy?"

"The Red God gave me no revelation before Cerys set the fire. I cannot ask the Red God to give me the timely revelation I want. When the Red God gives me a prophecy, gives me a hint, is in the hands of the Red God, and the God does not change by the will of his servants."

"Davos will not believe that you had nothing to do with this fire!"

"Selyse was born by faith and died by faith."

"Shireen Baratheon and many others are innocent." Magic Mountain said in a deep voice. He forced his eyes on Melisandre: "Your lack of reverence for life makes me feel that you are not alone."

"Devil Mountain, I am not from the continent of Westeros, and I came here from 20,000 miles to fight against the foreign spirits with all my might, not to fight for power and golden dragons. The Red God lives in the sky, and I am the instrument for the embodiment of the Red God's will. When the fight against the demons is over, if you want me to leave, I will leave immediately. You will execute me, and I will accept the noose." Melisandre looked at Devil Mountain and once again handed the glass with wine poured to Devil Mountain.

Magic Mountain still ignored it.

"Magic Mountain, your navy needs Lord Davos Silvos, I suggest you send him to Whitehaven, Seagull Town, and have him organize a fleet for the North and the Vale to take care of the delivery of Dragon Crystal weapons and ores from Dragonstone, as well as the sea transport of supplies from the South. I'm a little surprised. The current Queen Cersei seems to have changed her hostile strategy towards the North, I wonder why? Duchess Janine should be arriving in King's Landing shortly, and we need Janine's dodo letter."

Melisandre handed the wine glass to Magic Mountain once again.

Magic Mountain stared at Melisandre, and after a while, he took the glass.

"Melisandre, I need you to look at the flames and see how far Daenerys Targaryen has gone on the continent of Ursus. I don't want Daenerys attacking King's Landing when the Night King attacks Winterfell at the same time."

"Good! If the Red God responds to my request, we will be able to see what happens to Daenerys." Melisandre gently put down her wine glass, and Magic Mountain drank the red wine in her own glass in one go.

The two came to the fire bowl, Melisandre pulled out the multicolored powder from her pocket and sprinkled it into the fire bowl, her lips opened and closed slightly without a sound, the flames began to surge and swirl like a wave, and soon, a vision appeared.

To the surprise of the two, what they saw was the Iron Islands.

"That's Pike Island." Magic Mountain's voice was different.

They wanted to see Daenerys Targaryen, they wanted to see her legions and dragons, they wanted to see her naval fleet and Dothraki cavalry, but, in the flames, only the Iron Islands showed up.

"What kind of revelation is this?" Melisandre was puzzled in her mind, and she looked at Magic Mountain, "The first place Daenerys attacked was not King's Landing, but the Iron Islands?"

Devil Mountain was silent.

This is too strange, Melisandre asked for a revelation from Daenerys, the Red God responded, and it was the Iron Islands that appeared in the flames.


What is the symbolism of this?

Melisandre always misinterpreted, but the Red God's revelation was accurate, and for that, Magic Mountain did not doubt.

"Daenerys is going to attack the Iron Islands, but her legions are on the continent of Ursus."

"She has dragons." Magic Mountain said in a deep voice.

With the sheep thief he knew how easy it was to get from one place to another. It would only take him a day to get from the North to Dorne, while it would take the soldiers two months.

"Daenerys will harness the dragon to attack the Iron Islands first?" Melisandre couldn't believe it.

"The Iron Islands have iron ore, they have iron folk, they have a fleet, and Daenerys' naval chiefs are Asha Greyjoy and Theon Greyjoy. The Greyjoys have been the lords of the Iron Islands, and the current governor of the Iron Islands, Count Gubler, is a former bannerman of the Greyjoys."

"She first helped the Greyjoys to take back the Iron Islands to establish their authority?"

"Very likely, the main fleet of the Iron Islands has already departed for the port of the Blackwater River in King's Landing, the fleet left in the Iron Islands is weak, once Asha and Daenerys arrive, the iron people of the Iron Islands will definitely rise up to respond, we cannot lose control of the Iron Islands."

"Daenerys will send out the dragon." Melisandre understood.

"We also have dragons." Magic Mountain's face was gloomy.

But in fact, Magic Mountain did not want to fight with Daenerys dragons, because the Night King was in the Fireplace City and came to attack Winterfell at any time. With the dragon in, it is the biggest threat and constraint to the Night King. The Night King's army of ghouls is the greatest danger to the human race, but in the face of the dragon flame, unbearable, the number of more useless, are human candles.

"Daenerys' three young dragons will not be a match for the sheep thief, the sheep thief is two hundred and fifty-one years old, Daenerys' young dragons are only four years old." Melisandre said.

"Dragon warfare, you can not avoid being injured. Daenerys has the numerical advantage, she is also a real dragon knight, while I am a pseudo-dragon knight, the most secure way at present, is to negotiate peace. Otherwise, we are prone to get hit in the back."

"Negotiate peace? Devil Mountain, send me to see Daenerys, I will try my best to convince her to come together to fight against the foreign devils."