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Chapter 710 - Allegiance and Resurrection

"As ordered, my lord." Valamir was undaunted, "As long as the dragon's master lets me follow, I will immediately go out of the city and lure the appearance of that ice spider."

The generals in the hall were all in disbelief.

Valamir, as a northern free people, and the devil mountain is only the first meeting, and he is willing to be used by the devil mountain? War dead without fear?

Devil Mountain stared at Valamir, the best of the free folk who was really willing to follow him with all his heart? To be loyal to him? To fight and die for him?

"Valamir, if you dare to go out of the city to lure the ice spiders to appear, I will let you join my close guard cavalry battalion and be my personal guard."

"Lord Devil Mountain, I will go out of the city immediately." Valamir said with great joy.

His ideal of becoming a southerner had been realized at this moment - by joining Devil Mountain's close guard battalion and becoming one of Devil Mountain's personal guards, he could truly stay in the south. At the age of ten, under the leadership of his master, Valamir came to the East Sea Watch of the Great Wall of the Jedi after his first smuggling deal with the Night's Watch, he had the dream that he must live in the South of the Great Wall of the Jedi.

A word from Magic Mountain made his decades-long longing come true!

Valamir saluted Magic Mountain and Lord Eddard, which made him quite uncomfortable. The northern free folk would not have so much courtesy even in the face of their king, but the southerners were different, and Valamir was ready and willing to act as the southerners did with all the red tape.

Valamir strides out, there is a terrible ice spider outside the city, but he is really fearless. The snow bears he controls, the three ice field wolves, the snow eagle and the shadow bobcat, are all naturally sensitive to fey ghouls and such foreign objects, and can alert him when these things are near or are close to them.

Animals have a natural sense of danger approaching, and Valamir has been one with animals for decades, and his own senses have become unusually sensitive.

"Valamir, take me out of the city, and the ice spiders will surely appear." Bran Stark said faintly, "The ice spider's target is me, as long as I do go out of the city, it will definitely appear." Bran Stark looked to Eddard, "Father, the Fey army is still two days away from this city, and now that Lord Devil Mountain has arrived with the dragon and we have the strongest escort, I suggest that we should retreat from the whole city. "

Valamir stood still and eyed Devil Mountain.

"No harm, first kill the ice spiders, then retreat the whole city." Devil Mountain said.

"Lord Devil Mountain, the army of foreign ghosts is already very close to us, I am afraid there is not enough time to kill the ice spiders first." Onion Prime Minister Davos Silvos stepped forward and said.

"Lord Davos Silvos, I have my own arrangements, you don't have to worry." Devil Mountain said in a deep voice, "I came here to kill the army of foreign ghosts first."

"My lord alone?"

"No, there is also my dragon."

My dragon?

But the rider sheep thief was not Magic Mountain's dragon, but that did not prevent Magic Mountain from identifying himself as the master of the sheep thief. The crowd also saw with their own eyes that Magic Mountain came riding the dragon, which acted on his orders. No one knows that the dragon's heart, the real master only one: castor dragon rider. The sheep thief and the magic mountain, but is a comrade in arms and a fellow soldier relationship, there is no master-slave relationship. If the magic mountain lost castor's dragon knight robes and heritage axe, the sheep thief will only be left with good feelings for him.

Because of the magic mountain's sentence my dragon, the generals are all in high spirits.

Devil Mountain will be one man and one dragon to break the back and slaughter the ghoul army. Everyone knows that ghouls are kerosene general things, just a little spark will burn violently into ashes, not to mention the indestructible dragon flame.

Caged in the hearts of the crowd that heavy gloom because of the magic mountain of a word and dissipated most of it.

Eddard Stark said: "Bran, you should not personally go out of the city, since the Night King's ice spider target is you alone, you should all the more stay in the city and have someone disguise you out of the city."

"The ice spider has already killed three fake Brans, it is a magical creature with a spiritual nature and will not fall for it again. Valamir, you escort me and we will leave the city together."

Valamir didn't move, his gaze looked towards the magic mountain. Obviously, this guy has already identified himself as a soldier of Magic Mountain, and he won't follow orders from anyone else except Magic Mountain. This is also one of the ways that Valamir, who is bent on staying in the south, shows his loyalty to Magic Mountain.

Magic Mountain said: "Valamir, before you protect Bran out of the city, we have one more thing that needs to be done first. "Magic Mountain looked to Eddard Stark, "Lord Eddard, Jon Snow can not be cremated, please give Lady Melisandre a chance to try to bring him back to life."

"The long night is long and dangerous everywhere, and the only true God is the Lord of Light." The Dowager Empress Cerys Florent stood up and sang in a loud voice.

Her singing was embraced by the faithful, and among the Night's Watch, echoing voices rose, the voices of the 'Brotherhood Without Banners' who had joined the Night's Watch Legion. The hundreds of brothers of the Brotherhood without Banners have only fifty left, all of whom are devout believers in the Red God. They formed their own army among the Night's Watch, and the leaders are still the Lightning Lord Berry Tondrion and the red-robed monk Soros of Myr.

Berry and Thoros were among the brothers of the Night's Watch at the time of the arrival of the Magic Mountain on his dragon. They and the magic mountain is an old friend, also know the magic mountain killed the secret of Tywin Lannister, they did not go up and the magic mountain to catch up. Standing with them is another old acquaintance of Magic Mountain: Loyalty to the High Sparrow's Lancel Lannister.

Eddard looked to Melisandre: "My Lady, are you sure of resurrecting Jon?"

"I am not certain, my lord." Melisandre came to the fireplace city because the magic mountain asked her to come. She had prophesied Jon's death from the flames, and the Magic Mountain thought she could resurrect Jon.

Ed looks to the Magic Mountain, he is not convinced that people can come back from the dead. The Lightning King, Berry Tondrion, was said to have been resurrected several times by the red-robed monk Soros, but Ed had not seen it with his own eyes, and he preferred to believe that perhaps it was a trick of the red-robed monk Soros. Some comedians and clowns from the other side of the Narrow Sea and magic performers will have some fake blinders, and monks and wizards will also use those tricks in order to win people's trust and establish the prestige of their faith.

Magic Mountain looked at Ed, with his own insistence in his eyes.

Melisandre said: "Lord Aide, whether Jon can be resurrected or not is the decision of the Lord of Light, I am only making a request to the Lord of Light Rahlo, whether I can get a response from the Lord of Light, I do not know."

"Let her try." The red-haired Yegorite stepped out of line and said in a loud voice.

Samwell and other brothers of the Night's Watch were looking at Eddard Stark with expectant eyes. They were half-hearted, but still wanted to try.

Onion Prime Davos Silvos had seen what Melisandre could do with his own eyes; he had worked with Melisandre twice and had seen Melisandre give birth to the Shadow Slayer, kill Renly Baratheon and the acting Lord of the City, Cortanae Pangloss, and help Stannis gain the lordship of the Stormlands and control of Wind Breath Keep.

"Lord Eddard, let Lady Melisandre try, it's not like sacrificing a living person, it's saving a life." Onion Prime Davos said.


Jon Snow carried off from the fire altar and placed it on a tablet, and in full view of the crowd, Melisandre lit the fire bowl and recited the incantation with peculiar syllables, a Valyrian High Language that the crowd had not heard before, and she began her plea to the Lord of Light.

Half an hour passed, and Jon Snow did not move.

Melisandre stood up: "Let's go out and send the other warriors on their way first. I have sent a request to the Lord of Light, I can not know whether the Lord of Light will respond to my request or not, and I do not know when the Lord of Light will respond, next, we can only wait."

"I'll stay with Jon." The red-haired Ygritte said.

"I also request to stay with him. "Samwell's eyes flashed and the bottom of his tone was weak. He is a righteous and intelligent, but timid.

Magic Mountain said: "Yegorui Te, Samwell, you stay with Jon, he will wake up, believe me." Magic Mountain said with unshakable certainty. Bran Stark on the shoulders of the three-eyed raven eyes shining at the magic mountain, the magic mountain why would be so sure? How can he assert that Jon can be resurrected? Lady Melisandre herself could not be sure.

The crowd then went to the courtyard outside the hall, and Ed and Magic Mountain threw the torches into the kerosene under the altar, and the fire blazed up.

In the room, Ygritte and Samwell, who were guarding Jon, heard a strange 'oh' sound, as if in extreme pain, a sound that was made by Jon, and even those who listened felt the pain.

Ygritte and Samwell rejoiced, they rose together and leaned down in front of Jon's face, Jon opened his eyes and saw the surprised and happy eyes of his old friend Samwell, and then Ygritte's lips covered up, bright red lips tattooed on Jon's lips.

"Mmm!" Jon made a weak and painful sound.

His whole body was baby state, all natural primitive, the wound on his chest was shocking, stitched scar ugly, like a horrible black centipede.

Samwell said sharply, "Ygritte, don't let Jon suffocate, he needs to rest first."

Ygritte did not care, a long, long kiss, she suddenly got up, turned back and walked out quickly, her face overflowing with flowing light, red hair pulsing like fire. Jon's pained expression made Samwell grip his heart, and Jon said, "Sam, help me up." His voice was weak and feeble.

Samwell was busy helping Jon Snow up.

"My clothes?!"

"I'll get them right away." Samwell scrambled to get Jon's clothes, his eyes welling up in the corners with excitement.

Jon came back from the dead, ecstasy stuffed Samwell's chest.

In the courtyard, Ygritte's voice rang through the air: "Jon is awake!" She almost shouted, her voice was full of excitement, ecstasy could not be suppressed, Ygritte's eyes were instantly filled with tears.

Crackling flames burning sound, the crowd's faces are all surprised and happy, Bran Stark's eyes also slightly jumped, the magic mountain came, the Lord of the force to resurrect Jon, he asserted that Jon will definitely be resurrected, his prophecy came true!

Three-eyed raven also stared at the magic mountain, inclined his head, showing a scrutinizing meaning.

The members of the Brotherhood Without Banners and the After Party all let out a cheer.

Empress Celis Florent sang loudly: "The long night is long and dangerous everywhere, only the King of Light is the only true God, join us, all the lords, all the soldiers, join us, let the King of Light lead us to defeat the foreign devils, let the King of Light lead us to regain the Iron Throne. Long live the King of Light-"

"Long live the King of Light!" The Hind Party members and the brothers of the Brotherhood Without Banners shouted together.

The faithful are always easily excited!

Eddard Stark walked up to Magic Mountain, and he shook his giant hand hard, his eyes excited, but did not say a word. Magic Mountain nodded: "Lord Eddard, Jon has a special mission."

"The North will follow the Lord from now on." Ed said in a deep voice, "You saved Jon's life again, my lord."

"Lord Aide, resurrecting Jon is one of the reasons I rushed here. When the foreign devils attacked and the human race was in peril, it was my honor to fight alongside you and the warriors of the North." Devil Mountain responded literally. This sentence gave Ed and the Northlanders the affirmation that it was a decent sentence. Ed found that Magic Mountain was not the reckless, brave and clumsy person that people had been talking about. He was a completely different person now.

The crowd came to the hall, Jon Snow in his tight black leather is sitting in a chair, his eyes sunken, his lips blue, as if frozen people. His face was also pale, but his chest was rising and falling, he was breathing, and that was all that mattered.

"I saw the White Spirit, and it was alive." Those were the first words Jon spoke. His ice field wolf, White Spirit, had disappeared during the great battle in which the fey attacked Castle Black, and Jon had searched for it in his dreams, and he could only sense that White Spirit was somewhere in the Forest of Ghosts and Shadows. After being taken over and controlled by the Fae on the Great Wall of Despair, the White Spirit would have a hard time getting back through the Great Wall tunnel.

"What else did you see?" Ed squatted down and took Jon's hand in his.

They are not father and son but the bond is better than father and son!

"Darkness, infinite darkness, nothingness, no people, nothing else. Only darkness ......" Jon's tone began to grow rapid, he was too weak and had trouble breathing when he spoke with emotion.

"He needs to get some rest." Magic Mountain said.

"It was Lord Magic Mountain who saved you, he came from Winterfell and joined Lady Melisandre. He was convinced you would come back to life." Eddard said softly.

Jon Snow looked at the Magic Mountain, the first time he saw the Magic Mountain himself.

"Lord Magic Mountain." He said, "Why me?" He did not say the words of thanks that people expected, in fact he felt the exhaustion and weakness of the resurrection, he just wanted to sleep long and did not want to be resurrected. He already knew his birth, he knew who his mother was, his heart's desire was fulfilled, and according to tradition and the law, he was the rightful prince of the Targaryen family with the right of succession to the Iron Throne, though he had no desire to covet it. He only felt so tired of living, and the duel at Winterfell, the Magic Mountain with legions and dragons came to Winterfell, with him a not more, less him a not less.

Devil Mountain stared at Jon Snow, he did not answer Jon's question: "Jon, you need to get some rest."


At noon, Mera Liddell pushed Bran Stark out of the south gate, and Valamir with his snow bear, three ice direwolves, a shadow bobcat, a snow eagle in the sky, and a small escort protected Bran Stark up the King's Road. This time, it was the real Bran!