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Chapter 709 - The Devil Mountain is Mighty and Unbeatable


A golden jade sound that the crowd had never heard before resounded through the heavens and the earth, echoing far and wide, spreading to the sky, everyone was shocked. That sound seems to penetrate every person's soul, people can not help but be in awe of the center of fear.

The crowd looked up, only to see a huge black cloud flying in the dark cyan sky, the black cloud closer, only to find that it was not a black cloud, but the giant outline of a golden-red flying beast.

"Dragon!" Many people subconsciously exclaimed out loud.

The news of the dragon's arrival in Winterfell had long been spread throughout the North, and the generals of Fireplace City had naturally heard about it. Although they had not seen it with their own eyes, the sound and the huge flying beast made them naturally associate it with the dragon from the South - the dragon of the Magic Mountain!

Nearer, closer, the whole fireplace city is under an invisible pressure, the air freezes, everyone freezes, thousands of soldiers - the North, the Night's Watch, the Shireen army, the free folk warriors - no one makes a sound. Many people's breathing stopped, and a sense of suffocation pervaded the city.

The dragon's one-sided wingspan of a hundred meters, with two wings spread, was unbelievably huge. Together with the hideous dragon's head, long neck, longer tail, sinking majestic lofty like a mountain-like torso, the entire fireplace city seems to be completely covered by his wingspan, the pressure is overwhelming, so that people can not help but have a strong desire to kneel down.

"Lord Eddard Stark, I am Magic Mountain." The voice of the Devil Mountain rumbled down like a mountain peak, powerful and overwhelming.

The city full of generals all shake!

The devil mountain sound like a huge thunder, with dragon might, such as a giant god in the air, such as the king of light appeared, a kind of heaven and earth only I reign in the awe of rushing out, unbeatable.

"Lord Devil Mountain, I am Eddard Stark." Eddard shouted. His heart has long identified the devil mountain as the son of God, he has also long decided to follow the devil mountain. Following is not following, following has the meaning of recognizing the master, following is the meaning of ally, just to the magic mountain as the head of the horse.

Ed would have to respectfully address Magic Mountain as Lord Duke Gregor Clegane, Ed is a cultured great nobleman, but Magic Mountain calls himself Magic Mountain, is a reckless martial artist, not used to the etiquette of the nobility, he is not bound by the red tape etiquette of the nobility.

Since Magic Mountain does not mind his indecent nickname at all, it will be better to get along with him instead.

In the square, the giant chief Marg is more than two stories tall, he looked up at the dragon and the magic mountain on the dragon's back, small eyes shining, the dragon and the magic mountain of the fierce and powerful, so the giant chief Marg instant heart.

Giants have large noses and a keen sense of smell, but their eyes are so small that they are almost invisible. Giants' eyesight is weaker compared to that of the human race.

The most humongous and cruel dog-headed Hamar among the free folk lifted the dog-headed leather cap worn on his head, revealing a thick sallow face like a city wall, his eyes full of shock ...... from the unconvincing, for the first time she thought she had seen a truly great warrior ...... Magic Mountain Lingering of Brave and majestic ...... wild man king Mance Rayder's temperament and he compared, instantly became rough stone rubble general ......

Tinker Shirt, six-shaped man Valamir, red-haired Yegorui Te, Samwell Tully, Mera Ryder, Her Majesty Shireen, Onion Prime Minister Davos, Thunder Fist Tormund ...... many fierce and brave people, all of them are convinced by the dragon overhead, the magic mountain a roar.

Hexagonal man Valamir bent on staying in the south, refused to return to the north of the Great Wall of Jedi, he killed many Night's Watch, but also many times over the Great Wall of Jedi, robbing and killing southerners. He knew that after the battle with the devils, he was afraid that it would be difficult to find a foothold in the south. Before he saw the Devil's Mountain, he had heard of its evil deeds and was eager to follow it, and he had the intention of recognizing his master. To serve the devil mountain, but also for their own life to find a place to live.

When Valamir was ten years old, he aspired to become a southerner and live in the Green Land.

Queen Mother Cerys Florent heart shock but deep hatred, the Magic Mountain killed her husband, forcing her and Shireen to flee at night, and finally came to the Great Wall of Despair to live a very hard life ...... Magic Mountain is her mouth painful hatred of the enemy ...... In addition to her husband's old hatred Magic Mountain also stole her worship as a god of the state teacher: Lady Melisandre. This is a new enemy.

The dragon circled and swept, the wings brought up the wind blew the crowd's hair in disarray, cloak rolled around, issued a snapping sound.

All of the crowd, only Bran Stark face remained indifferent, his shoulders on the three-eyed raven gaze flash, which shows that his heart is not calm. About the magic mountain and the dragon, he has more unknown. If God is the sun, then the devil mountain is the shadow land where the sun does not shine.

The sun is overhead and everything is bathed in sunlight, but there are still many places where the sun cannot shine. The appearance of the magic mountain, he did all kinds of things, all show that he is a human alien, a miracle beyond the oracle of God.

Bran Stark knew many secrets, but all the mysteries of the Magic Mountain, he could not glimpse. Magic Mountain has a kindness to the North, to the Stark family, this kindness has been as big as the sky, father Ed Stark was then completely convinced by the Magic Mountain, but the Magic Mountain is strongly support Littlefinger Petyr Baelish married Lysa Tully, and secretly help to make Littlefinger become a canyon guardian. And Littlefinger, is betraying his father Ed's enemies. The lives of hundreds of people in the North, are related to Littlefinger.


In the sky, the dragon is too big, the square outside the main fortress of the fireplace city set up a fire altar, thousands of people gathered, the rest of the space for the dragon is very confined, the dragon finally flew down the south gate wall, the moment he landed, the soldiers on the walls are clearly felt a slight trembling of the walls, as if a small mountain fell caused a slight tremor of the ground of the walls.

Devil Mountain rolled over and jumped off the dragon's back, the dragon let out a light roar, and the soldiers on the south gate wall were breathless, their eyes rounded, looking at the behemoth near at hand in disbelief.

"Open the city gates." Magic Mountain said to the centurion who came up to salute with trepidation, "Lady Melisandre is outside the city."

The centurion looked outside the city, but the city was silent, the snow was white, where was Lady Melisandre's shadow?

Suddenly the sound of hooves shattered the early morning silence. The sound came from far away, on the snowy ground, only the sound of hooves could be heard but not the shadow of a horse, but in the time of a heartbeat, a red shadow like a burning flame appeared in the distance, the mass of flame like a shadow of light, as fast as a meteor, came galloping at a shocking speed.

"Open the city gates and welcome Lady Melisandre back!" The centurion ordered loudly.

The voice drifted in the cold air of the early morning, and before the words died down, Melisandre arrived under the city gates riding a flame-like beast with a long, sharp horn in the middle of its head.

The magic creature unicorn of the magic mountain - the name of the red smoke.

Ka ka ka ka ka ka!

The city gates opened and Lady Melisandre rode into the city. Magic Mountain had descended from the city walls and greeted her just behind the gates. When the red smoke beast saw its master, it came forward to be rubbed, its long sharp horns picking at Magic Mountain's arm, a slight hissing sound coming from its mouth.

The devil's mountain palm patted the red smoke beast's head, and whispered to him, the guy only quiet down.

The soldiers at the city gate all looked astonished, they had never seen such a tall and majestic horse-shaped beast, nor had they ever seen a horse-shaped beast with a sharp horn on the top of its head. The unicorn was taller than all the strongest and bravest war horses they had ever seen, and its body was blood red like fire.

When the red smoke beast look at the living is the magic mountain on the back of the cold ice sword has been sheathed!

Dense footsteps sounded, Ed Stark led all the generals of the coalition army have arrived, they came to meet the magic mountain, but suddenly saw Lady Melisandre and an unusual appearance extremely tall and majestic horse-shaped beast.

The Queen Selyse is surprised and happy, jogging to greet Melisandre; while Her Majesty Shireen's gaze is clearly fearful; Onion Prime Minister's gaze is very complicated, he looked at Melisandre's gaze is not good, wariness is thick.

*The Prime Minister's eyes were complicated.

A little more than half an hour later, the fireplace city hall, Ed invited Magic Mountain to sit on his right side of the seat of honor, Melisandre sat on his left side of the seat of honor, the three sat together on the high platform. This caused indignation in the hearts of the knights of the Shireen army. Her Majesty Shireen, who was only seated at the side of Magic Mountain, and the Queen Mother, Selyse Florent, who was of the highest royal status, were only seated at the side of Melisandre.

However, in the face of the Devil Mountain, the knights of the Shireen army dared not speak out in anger.

After the Great Wall of Despair of the foreign ghosts battle, the Shireen army has less than eight hundred people, this is a dynasty ready to collapse. If it weren't for Ed's old ways, integrity and selflessness, this dynasty would have been annexed by the North. Ed gave the Shireen army dignity and status, as well as supplies, and the sleepwalking confidence of the strangely high morale of the Shireen army came from faith in Rahlo, the Red King of Light.

The night was long and treacherous, and the only true god was the Lord of Light.

Whenever morale was low, Queen Celis Florent would loudly proclaim the faith of the Red God, and the generals who followed her and joined the 'Back Party Organization' were self-deceived and addicted to the glory of the One True God, the King of Light, expecting the King of Light to send out miracles to help them regain the Iron Throne and recreate the great glory of the Shunyata True King.

Eddard Stark said: "Your Majesty Shireen, Empress Dowager, all the lords and ladies, Lord Devil Mountain has led 100,000 troops from the south to garrison Winterfell, and supplies and food are countless to support us in the fight against the foreign devils. The King of the North, Robb Stark, is Lord Devil Mountain's second-in-command, and the entire allied army of the North against the Fae respects Lord Devil Mountain's orders." Aide's gaze swept the room and said in a deep voice: "Devil Mountain is the commander-in-chief of the Southern Army, the Northern Army, the Shireen Army, the Night's Watch, and the Free People's Army, which lord has a different opinion?"

"The Free People of the Thane Mountains Valamir supports Lord Devil Mountain as the commander-in-chief of the allied forces. Lord Devil Mountain, you are a dragon in the air, your voice is like a giant thunder, your body is like a giant, the moment you speak, you have convinced the hearts of my people. To be able to follow your lordship to fight against the foreign devils, Valamir will not be afraid of a hundred deaths." The thin Varamir was the first to stand out of line, his right fist on his left chest over his heart, bowing to the devil mountain in homage, his words flattering.

He was rash to stand out and declare himself, which hid his selfishness. He hoped to first pass in front of the devil mountain, deepen the impression, and lay the foundation for the subsequent defection to follow.


Magic Mountain looked at Valamir, he knew this guy, before crossing over, he was impressed with Valamir, this is the most powerful shape-shifter among the free people, gifted with the ability to control a snow bear, three ice field wolves, a shadow bobcat, and a snow eagle at the same time. He was also a man of fortune, unable to grow as tall as a physical disability from a young age, and was the least popular dwarf with his family before he showed his talent as a shape-shifter.

Before the appearance of the fey, Valamir's name was hated by the Night's Watch of the Great Wall of Despair, but feared by all.

The Devil's Mountain likes people with unique skills, and he also likes people who are convinced by his majesty and willingness to follow him at the first meeting.

Whatever you cattle, ghosts, snakes and gods sincere or not, listen to the words is a brother. If you are also a cunning and treacherous, cruel and cold-blooded people, it would be better. In the army of Devil Mountain, there is no shortage of evil people ruthless people outlaws poisonous people, there is no shortage of treacherous and cunning, slavish people, but the lack of alien.

As long as Valamir does not violate military orders, to obey as the vocation, that is a good warrior.

Other good generals and wise rulers have to kiss the wise and far from the villain, to select people of good character to do bannermen or followers, the devil mountain is not, bad guys and bad guys, fierce and vicious, cold-blooded and cruel ...... as long as there are unique skills, good battle, dare to show good followers, that will keep you trained to obey.


"Valamir, I know you." Devil Mountain's voice boomed and echoed in the hall, "You are the most powerful shape-shifter among the free people, overly talented, able to control snow bear, ice field wolf, shadow bobcat and snow eagle at the same time, I have heard of your great name."

This caused many people's hearts to be peculiar. Magic Mountain was in the south and had never even set foot in the North, so how could he know about Valamir?

Devil Mountain continued, "Valamir, you have killed many brothers of the Night's Watch, and have also gone over the Great Wall, come to the south to plunder and kill, and committed a lot of deadly crimes ......"

Valamir's face was at first relaxed and at ease, but as Devil Mountain's tone became stern, his eyes like a knife, his face began to change, the might of Devil Mountain, making him fearful and timid, cowardly and humble, which had never been before.

Valamir face gradually stiffened, his lips became blue and white, he had many reasons to retort, his eloquence is also very good, but in front of the magic mountain, he found that any retort seems pale and weak. Becoming cowardly and timid, he looked to Tinker Shirt for help. Tinkershirt was wise and courageous, and he was close friends with him, so he should come forward and say a few words for him to turn the tide, but Tinkershirt was expressionless and did not meet Valamir's gaze.

"Valamir, this is an extraordinary time, the foreign ghosts are our common enemy, I will not kill you, you said you are willing to follow me to fight the foreign ghosts Bastille is not afraid, I wonder if it is true?!"

"A thousand times true, my lord!"

"Then good, I want you to do something."

"Please, my lord, give the order, Valamir has no disobedience."

"Go outside the city and be the bait, I want to kill that ice spider."