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Chapter 708 - Ice Spider Invincible - Three Teams All Wiped Out

An ice cold instantly froze Jon Snow, and the long claws of Valyrian steel sword in his hand made a blocking action, but it was already too late.

Jon kept the blocking posture, the hand holding the sword just raised the long claw, his person froze on the ground, his heart had been pierced, the body's protective leather in the ice spider's attack as fragile as parchment, the ice spider's leg blade pulled out, blood spurted out, such as blood arrows, but others did not fall.

The shadow of the ice spider in the pupils of Jon's horrified eyes had disappeared.

Translucent ice spider, the head of the eight blue eye pupils pulled out a blue light shadow, poof, poof, leg knife sharp and hard as the cold ice sword of the foreign ghost, in the blink of an eye, the snow was littered with blood stains, the Ranger brothers screamed.

In an instant, the brothers fell seven!

No one could block the Ice Spider's blow. It moved in and out with the speed of the wind, and each strike of its leg blade was incredibly precise. The one who was stabbed let out a scream before he had time to fall, the ice spider was already gone, and the leg knife had already pierced the second one's body.

"Close the circle!" Chief Ranger Boswell gave the order, his voice shaking, too scary magical creature, too big ice spider, too terrifying speed and kill, those eight blue eyes, one's heart can't help but panic, but he drew his dragon crystal dagger and instead of retreating, he advanced, "Close in, close in, close in to kill it."

More than forty brothers drew their dragon crystal weapons: dragon crystal daggers and dragon crystal short knives.

Dragon crystal weapons, the nemesis of the ice spider. It only needed to touch the ice spider's body a little bit, and the ice spider would explode into a pile of ice chips.

This is a battle-hardened Ranger elite, their first time facing this fearsome magic ice spider, the brothers forced down the urge to turn and flee, surrounded on all sides. With the ice spider's speed, fleeing would kill them faster. The only chance they had was to close ranks and kill the ice spider by sheer numbers.



Three more brothers fell down with swords, blood spurting out, the snow was already speckled with blood, shocking to the eyes.

The ice spiders were so fast that three more fell before the Rangers finished closing in.

"Close in, form up!" Boswell shouted. He was so desperate that he waved his dagger at the ice spider, and the ice spider's leg blade came at his forehead. A cold like a needle into Boswell's forehead, Boswell heart a cold, "Long live the Night's Watch!" He shouted, his hands suddenly empty, in front of the ice spider disappeared, the forehead of the needle-like cold also disappeared instantly.

In the nick of time, Boswell's dragon crystal dagger forced back the ice spider.

The ice spider was able to pierce his skull, but Boswell's forward inertia would slam the dagger into the ice spider's leg blade. Anywhere on the ice spider's body that receives a blow from a dragonglass weapon is certain to die.

"It fears Dragon Crystal!" Boswell came back from the dead, scared and frightened, covered in cold sweat, hissing and shouting.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Several dragonglass daggers shot towards the retreating ice spider.

Plop, plop, plop!

The daggers plunged into the snow, each time so close to the ice spider.

"Use arrows on the outside, and attack in close quarters on the inside. If it doesn't die, we'll die! Don't block and dodge, die with it." Boswell ordered again.

Just now he had forced back the ice spider by fighting to the death, giving him the confidence to kill it.

Faced with the array of attacks that surrounded it, the ice spider did not attack head-on. It kept retreating, alternating its eight leg blades in a dazzling manner. It made a squeaking sound and its eight blue eyes blinked and glittered in a bizarre manner.

The brothers outside had opened their bows and arrows, swoosh, swoosh, obsidian arrows were shot to it, the ice spider was so agile that the arrows always landed in front and to the side of it, unable to hit it. More brothers removed their bows and arrows, and the ice spider let out a haunting sound, and after a loud squeak, it fled horizontally, quickly walking away without a trace, out of sight.

The brothers stood frozen in disbelief, disbelieving that they had just forced back the terrible monster they had never seen before.

Boswell gasped and walked towards Jon Snow, the Commander-in-Chief still frozen in place, white frost appearing on his face, hair and clothes. The blood on his breastplate had congealed and was even more shockingly red under the white frost.

A brother blew a lilting iron whistle - a new military technique invented by Magic Mountain and then brought to the Jedi Wall by the captive Jaime - replacing the human cry with an iron whistle. In the woods, two well-trained pack horses galloped out, pulling a black wagon.

There was no Bran Stark inside the wagon, and the wagon was pulling bundles and bundles of dragon crystal arrows. In order to confuse the foreign ghosts, Jon Snow led his troops out of the city, no one brought a bow, and no one brought a dragon crystal arrow. They all had black cloaks and ordinary long swords. The dragonglass arrows and bows were hidden inside the wagon. When they arrived at the ambush site, the brothers took out their bows and arrows, set up an ambush on three sides, and fought a beautiful ambush battle.

The brothers put the commander-in-chief Jon Snow on the wagon, put the other ten brothers on it as well, and Boswell gave the order to return to the fireplace city together.


It was late at night at the south gate of Fireplace City.

Watchtower, a soldier saw a wagon slowly coming in the night to the east, and the front and rear of the wagon, a person did not. The soldier's heart was in doubt, and he was busy reporting this situation to the centurion, who was equally in doubt, and he quickly came to the city wall, only to see the carriage coming slowly, and the curtain of the carriage had been hung up, revealing the black figures lying in a car. The carriage finally stopped at the entrance of the city. The two pack horses let out a low whinny.

"Open the gates, it's the carriage of Commander-in-Chief Jon's squad." The centurion ordered. His heart was cold.

The wagons returned carrying the motionless brothers of the Night's Watch, and there was not a single living person accompanying the wagons, front or back.

All of Commander-in-Chief Jon Snow's party was gone?

The foreign ghosts are precisely the team of Rangers led by Jon Snow who went in pursuit!

The city gates slowly opened, the centurion led the troops out, a bloody smell came out, two pack horses were bathed in blood, the blood had dried up, but the bloody smell still hit the nose. Look at the two pack horses, there is no sign of injury. It was bizarre, as if someone had deliberately painted the horses with blood.

The generals were stunned, and the centurion raised his torch to get a closer look, and he saw Jon Snow's already frost-covered face, along with the bodies of ten other brothers covered in a layer of white frost.

A total of eleven bodies were lined up on the wagon, the blood dried on the bodies, and some of the brothers had huge wounds on their bodies that were unbearable to look at, not unlike death by sword.

So, what about the forty other Ranger brothers? Did they all die in battle?

"Commander-in-Chief Jon is dead, go report to Lord Eddard Stark." The centurion was surprised and drank to a soldier. His voice seemed to be shaking from the night wind.

Eddard Stark was the commander-in-chief of the allied forces, in charge of the Night's Watch Legion, the Northern Army, the Shireen Army, and the Free People warriors.

Yes, my lord. "The soldier turned and darted away.


In the early morning of the next day, in the hall of the Fireplace City, Eddard Stark, Her Majesty Shireen, Queen Selyse Florent, Onion Prime Davos Seaworth, Bran Stark, Tinkershirt, Valamir the Alien, Tormund the Thunderfist, Hamar the Dog, Margo the Giant Chief, and others gathered, all with cold faces and a heavy atmosphere.

In the hall, there were corpses all over the place.

Some of the corpses were already broken pieces, and bodies with broken arms and legs and open bellies were everywhere.

A total of two hundred and fifty corpses.

The first road to take the direction of the Mordecai River, Jon Snow led by fifty of the elite Rangers all killed, the second road mixed legion generals all killed, the third road led by the Great Jon to the Northland Army mainly of a hundred men all killed.

The third road pretending to escort Bran Stark to Winterfell was killed by an ice spider from the land of eternal winter.

There are more than thirty bodies were cut off by the ice spider's leg blade, and many people's faces were gnawed by the ice spider to reveal the white facial bones.

The bodies of Jon Snow and Big Jon Amber were lined up in front of them.

Tinkershirt said in a deep voice: "Bran Stark, you are the Green Prophet, you designed a three-way feint plan to escape all failed, before this, you could not see such an outcome?"

Bran Stark did not say a word.

His side of Mera Liddell clinging to Bran's wheelchair, a pair of wonderful eyes are on Bran's stoic face. She and Bran thousands of miles to escape, and her brother Jiujian-LiDe escort Bran to find the blood raven Brinden-Heaven, who met many times in the dream world, and finally helped Bran become the green prophet of the people as he had hoped.

Mera Liddell and Jiujian Liddell are both shape-shifters, and they were invited by the Three-Eyed Raven many times in the dream world, and finally accepted the task that the Three-Eyed Raven wanted them to accomplish - escorting Bran Stark to meet the Blood Raven Brynden Riverman, so that Bran could inherit all the skills of the Blood Raven and finally transform into a new generation of Green Prophet.

The mission of the young girl Mera and her brother Nine Kin has been completed.

The young girl has developed a love for Bran, only Bran indifferent to her, no longer shush, and no longer care about her everything. When Bran escaped from the tree cave where the blood raven Brindon Riverman lived, he seemed to be a different person. Today's Bran, to Mera Liddell's feeling is a piece of human-shaped cold ice. He is no longer the sentimental, kind-hearted teenager who first fled from Winterfell and cried over the departure of Hodor; he is already a three-eyed raven, a Brynden Riverman, the latest generation of human green prophets.

"Tinkershirt, Bran is a Green Prophet, but not a god." Onion Prime Davos Silvos said. He was a man of humble origins but with an upright heart, and spoke from the heart.

"The long night is long and dangerous, but the Red God is the only true God in the world. The ice spider of the foreign devil cannot be defeated by human hands, but only by the power of the Lord of Light." Cerys Florent stood up and said as if singing, "My lords, we only need to sacrifice twelve lives to the Lord of Light ......"

"I will not allow you to burn any more of them. Lady Cyrus Florent." Eddard Stark coldly interrupted Selyse's words. He stared at Selyse, his face cold and hard as frozen earth. Selyse's dry mouth opened, but in the end she didn't speak again, and she brushed herself off indignantly.

"I didn't get to leave, and that ice spider will come back." Bran Stark said, staring somewhere on the ceiling, "The ice spider was not invincible; it killed three teams, but it did not attack any of them head-on. It appeared out of nowhere, and by the time the warriors found it out hunting with swords drawn, it had already killed several and fled far away. It was so good at hiding in the snow that neither the warriors nor the war horses could detect it until it attacked."

"How are we going to deal with it?"

"The whole city is on alert, deploy more men, I don't think it will attack the patrol actively, its sneak attack target is me. Dragon crystal weapons are its nemesis. I have made a new plan, as long as several dead soldiers close the circle and use the same battle method, we can kill it with the Dragon Crystal weapon. Any blocking and dodging will not help and will only cost its life in vain."

"Only an ad hominem attack?" Dog-headed Hamar said in an evil voice.

"Yes, I've watched the fight over Jon's team, and I believe this is the only way. Who is willing to escort me, I need seven dead soldiers!" Bran Stark said in a raised voice.

"I'm willing to be your dead soldier." A woman's voice said from the outside of the hallway.

Red-haired Ygritte appeared in the hall doorway with a bow and arrow: "Bran, please allow me to be your dead soldier." When the body of her lover Jon Snow returned, Yegorite heard the news and flew in, hugging Jon's body and not letting go.

"Count me in." Thunderfist Tormund said.

"I'll come too." Dog-headed Hamar said viciously. She was a woman, but stronger than a man, and looked at people like an ice pick.

"Will seven be too few?" Eddard Stark said slowly.

"Father, seven is the most appropriate, ambush around me can be, too many people, the ice spiders do not have the opportunity to sneak attack, most likely will attack other places, thus causing chaos throughout the city."

"Lord Aide." Red-haired Ygritte said, "I ask you, can you let me stay with Jon Snow more, every other day, and then burn him."

"Yegorite, if you don't burn all the bodies in time, I'm afraid they'll turn into ghouls by tomorrow night." Tinkershirt said.

"It's already early in the morning." Ygritte said coldly, "If Jon Snow becomes a ghoul, I will burn him with my own hands."

"Girl, the altar has been set up, now, all the remains of the warriors will be burned." Eddard Stark said slowly, "Girl, let Jon Snow rest in peace."

Ygritte and Eddard looked at each other for a moment, and she decided to step back from her insistence, "Lord Eddard, I wish to see Jon off myself."

Eddard Stark looked at the red-haired Ygritte, and he nodded.

Ygritte saluted Eddard with his right fist on his left chest, then bent down to pick up Jon Snow's remains and strode out. Outside in the courtyard, the seven-story fire altar had been erected, and the altar was filled with kerosene underneath and the wood was drenched with kerosene.

Ed ordered that the remains of the one hundred and fifty bodies in the hall be carried out and placed on the fire altar.

The crowd and the guards together, a little half an hour, one hundred and fifty bodies all placed, Yegorui Te, holding a torch, standing in front of Jon Snow, her eyes fell on Jon's face, after freshening and changing Jon's face is peaceful, as if asleep.