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Chapter 706 - The Chosen One - Ice Spider - World Memory

"Father, I apologize for the brutal and bloody crime that Aerys Targaryen committed against House Stark. " Jon said. He was moved, as if that historical bloodshed had something to do with him.

"Jon, you do not have to have any guilt, this matter has nothing to do with you personally."

"But it has to do with my bloodline, Father."

"Jon, you are a Targaryen, but at the same time, you are also a Stark, and the bloodline of the Stark family flows in your body. The past has passed, let us face the present together." Ed's palm on Jon's broad shoulder, gently patted.

It was the caress of a father to his own child.

"Yes, father." Jon's complicated and arduous inner emotions were well relieved.

Ed Stark's character had a very powerful guiding and authoritative effect on his children.

"Jon, there are some very important things I need you to know."

"Yes, Father."

"In 298 Aegon, the late King Robert was hunting in the royal forest and was seriously injured by a wild boar when he drank a lot of wine, and the man who handed him the wine was Lancel Lannister, the Night's Watch, who is now under your command. He was under Cersei's orders and kept taking wine to Robert, causing him to be in a drunken state."

Jon looked at his father and gave his full attention.

"After the late King Robert was rescued by his knights back to the Red Keep, he eventually died of his wounds, and on his deathbed, he appointed me regent, Hand of the King, to assist Joffrey until he came of age and then return the throne to him. But I already knew that Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella were all children born of incest between Cersei and Jaime, and that the rightful heir to the throne was Stannis Baratheon."

"The children were innocent, and I then persuaded Cersei to take her children out of the Red Keep and peacefully place Stannis on the Iron Throne, which led to a coup at court, and ultimately, I was betrayed by Littlefinger Petyr Baelish, who lured me to the Throne Hall of the Red Keep and, along with the Commander of the Guard, suddenly killed all of my entourage. Littlefinger strangled me from behind with a short knife, rendering me immobile, and I was cast into the underground black cell of the Red Keep. All my followers who followed me north were killed, Sansa was put under house arrest as a hostage, and Arya's whereabouts are still unknown."

Jon Snow's right hand subconsciously pressed on the hilt of his sword: "Littlefinger Petyr Baelish."

"Yes, Jon. Petyr Baelish is the most untrustworthy person in the continent of Westeros."

"I remember his name, Father."

"I was suddenly rescued from the underground black prison of the Red Keep, and at that time I did not know who the person who rescued me was. Later, when I reached the sea and was safe, I learned that the person who planned my rescue was Gregor Clegane, the Magic Mountain of the Western Realm."

"The most evil of the seven kingdoms, the evil mountain!" Jon's voice was dissimilar. He didn't quite want to believe it was true!

Ed said in a deep voice: "Magic Mountain is one of the most evil dogs raised by the Lannister family. The Lannisters wanted to control me to force me to submit, but Magic Mountain saved me out privately, a matter I could not believe at first. I thought of many things on my way north to Whitehaven by ship, and I thought of the fact that before the Great Tournament of King's Landing Magic Mountain had come to see me at the Prime Tower, and he had advised me not to pursue Jon Arryn's death, or else he would invite death for himself."

"He came to warn Father?"

"Yes, but that was not the most surprising part. He had told me that the real threat was in the north, and he wanted me to gather my forces early to deal with the threat coming from the north."

"He predicted the coming of the Fey?" Jon almost screamed.

Ed's sunken eyes looked at Jon: "Jon, unfortunately, I was deeply wary of the Magic Mountain at that time, and did not take his words seriously, but only guarded against his other malicious intentions. I did not believe a single word he said."

"Magic Mountain knew about the incoming foreign spirits in 298 years of the Aegon calendar? Could he be the Chosen One?!" Jon Snow said in surprise.

"Now it seems that most likely yes."

"No wonder Melisandre made a special trip south to find the Magic Mountain and to be his attendant priest. It must have been Melisandre who saw some divine prophecy in the flames."

Eddard nodded: "Jon, 298 years of the Aegon calendar, when we went north from Winterfell to King's Landing, there was an incident on Ruby Beach, Arya and Joffrey got into a fight, Arya's ice wolf Namelia bit Joffrey's wrist, when Cersei insisted on killing the wolf and the butcher's little brother Mikey, also a small man from the Magic Mountain called Bernie came out to testify, saying saw the situation with his own eyes and saved Robert's life. "

"So early on the magic mountain is secretly helping us?" Jon was incredulous.

"I naturally felt nothing at the time, but when I was fighting the demons at the Great Wall of Despair, I thought back on the bits and pieces that Magic Mountain had done for us and found that everything Magic Mountain had done for us could be linked together. One of the captains of his current battalion of dead soldiers is my former captain of the guards, Erin."

"Erin made the captain of the guard of the magic mountain?" Jon was taken aback again.

"Yes, I have gotten a secret letter from Erin, and know that Erin and the other twenty of my guards all swore to follow the Magic Mountain, and one of the conditions for them to swear to follow the Magic Mountain at that time was that the Magic Mountain promised them that they would try to get me out of the Red Keep dungeon."

Jon listened, a moment of silence.

"After Magic Mountain rescued me from the Red Keep dungeon, he still kept secret contact with me Dodo. In Tywin collusion with the North's Luce Bolton, the Riverlands Wade-Frey family, in Roselyn Frey and Robb's wedding to ambush a heavy army to massacre us before, the Magic Mountain gave me a warning, he asked Robb and I to prepare in advance, I believed the Magic Mountain's warning, we made a well-thought-out response plan, in the Scarlet Wedding counter-killed Wade-Frey, defeated the Frey and Bolton allied forces, the North's army won the victory after returned to the North without incident, and Ramsay Bolton, who had occupied our Winterfell, fled on the wind. "

Jon's eyes went straight, he opened his mouth wide, breathing heavily, he was shocked.

The great victory of the Scarlet Wedding turned out to be a secret warning from the Magic Mountain as well.

"Jon, the Magic Mountain didn't just save me alone, he saved our entire North. Later, when the Fae did attack, I came to the Great Wall of Despair, and in order to get assistance, I let Jaime go back to King's Landing, and I was counting on Jaime to convince Cersei to lead an army to help fight against the Fae together, but in the end, it wasn't Jaime who really led the army, but Magic Mountain. This time, it's him again, and it's Devil Mountain again."

"Father, Devil Mountain may be the God's chosen one who fights against the foreign devils." Jon Snow said with a deep thoughtful expression.

In the fireplace, the coals of the fire burned very brightly, giving off a red-hot glow.

Ed was silent for a moment, as if taking a breather, then he said, "Jon, when Magic Mountain shipped a large number of obsidian daggers from Dragonstone Island. When the arrows, dragon crystal ore, I was firmly convinced that he is the son of God. Think about it, how was he able to know the real threat came from north of the Great Wall of the Jedi in 298 years of the Aegon calendar? How did he know that there were dragon crystals under Dragonstone Island? Later, when the news came that Devil Mountain had tamed a giant dragon in the Bright Moon Mountains, I was not as shocked as the others. "

"Father, Lady Melisandre said that the Long Night is long and dangerous everywhere, and when the foreign spirits come, there will definitely be a divine Chosen One who is the reincarnation of Yassor Yahay. "

"Whether the devil mountain is the reincarnation of Yassor Yahweh or not, he is a divine chosen one no different. He has come on a special mission, Jon! You are the Commander-in-Chief of the Night's Watch and you need to fight alongside him at Winterfell. He is notorious, but the gods have chosen him and we need to be ready to follow him."


"Yes. The fight against the demons is a matter of great importance to the survival of the human race, and the Magic Mountain is the God-chosen one to fight against the demons. It took me a long time to get rid of my prejudice against Devil Mountain, and I hope you can do that soon."

"I will do that, Father."

"Also, I have good news for you, Sansa Stark was not forced to marry the imp Tyrion Lannister, and on the night of her wedding, Sansa was secretly rescued from the House of Maegor."

"Who was it that rescued Sansa?" Jon was surprised and delighted. He and Sansa's relationship was not good, but the two lived together as brother and sister for more than ten years, the time of great tribulation, kinship ties have long since overcome the little bit of suspicion.

"Magic Mountain! Magic Mountain again!"

"I guessed it was him too."

"When Magic Mountain saved me, he asked me to promise two things in exchange, the first thing was a marriage - Magic Mountain wanted one of our family's children to marry a certain nobleman's child proposed by Magic Mountain; the second quid pro quo was that if Tywin knew about Magic Mountain's rescue and he was forced to flee for his life, he hoped that the North would take him in and give him a place to stand. I promised the Magic Mountain."

Jon immediately understood: "Father, Magic Mountain wants Sansa to marry someone close to him? "

"Yes, Sir Reynard Westerling of House Westerling, heir to Craggy Rock, an old and noble family, known for their manners and honor. Reynard's own sister, Janine Westerling, is the Duchess of Magic Mountain."

"I see, I hope Sansa will fancy Sir Reynard. "For the first time, Jon's tone showed a rare relief.

The corners of Eddard's eyes, however, rose a little mist, which was not worried about Sansa, the letter from Magic Mountain mentioned Sansa's fancy for Ser Reynard, who was a teenage nobleman, a future earl, loyal and warlike, and whose status could match Sansa Stark's. He thought of his other daughter, Arya, whose whereabouts are still unknown: "Jon, since Magic Mountain is the Chosen One, I think he may know some news about Arya. "

"Magic Mountain has not said anything to father about Arya?"

"No. I've always wanted to ask him, but finally resisted the urge to do so. Maybe there are certain things that he actually knows in his heart, but just hindered for some reason and didn't take the initiative to say it to me."

Ed's words are euphemistic, which contains an ominous atmosphere, Ed usually refuses to face this problem, but Jon thinks that it should not be avoided: "Father, we should take the initiative to ask the magic mountain, even if Arya is no longer there, we can get a quasi-trust."

"Arya will be fine." Ed said bottomlessly. This is a strong as a rock iron man, but the mention of his youngest daughter, his inner vulnerability can not be concealed.

Coco Coco!

There was a sharp knock on the door.

"What is it?"

"Lord Eddard, Bran Stark asks to see you."

"Send him in."

The door to the room opened and Bran Stark was in a wheelchair, and pushing it was the young girl, Mera Liddell. Her father, Holland Liddell, was the only survivor of the Battle of Elysium Tower other than Eddard Stark, and a close personal friend of Eddard's, the most trusted bannerman among old friends, stationed at Neckze for House Eddard.

Mera Liddell pushed a wheelchair in, sitting in a wheelchair Bran Stark face like the frozen tundra of the North, without a bit of earthly warmth and atmosphere.

A three-eyed raven parked on Bran's shoulder, head tilted to and fro, eyes soulful turn.

The black raven with three eyes, no matter how you look at it, reveals a faintly eerie.

"Father, Jon, the foreign ghosts will attack the fireplace city this night, we have to leave now."

Jon looked at Bran, at the moment he and Bran met, he rushed up to hug Bran with excitement, but Bran did not respond to his enthusiasm. Jon felt the rustiness of Bran and him at that moment, and it made him uncomfortable.

Eddard likewise had the same strange sense of detachment from Bran Stark, as if the boy was no longer Bran, but another person.

"Bran, Jon scouted the foreign ghosts, they are still a day's ride away from here, the ghoul army does not march fast, on foot they need three days to get here." Ed said.

"Father, the target of their visit is me, all the fey and ghouls coming are on horseback, only eleven riders, and one other magical creature: the ice spider." (In the original, Old Nanny tells the story of the fey, and she says that in the bitter winter, the fey will come riding on ice spiders.)

Ed and Jon have only heard of the ice spider in the legendary stories about the fey.

"We didn't find any ice spiders at the Great Wall of Despair." Jon said.

"Jon, the human race has revived the gargoyles, the red smoke beasts, all top magical creatures. The magic spells of the fire warlocks of King's Landing have all revived as well, and in the Land of Eternal Winter, the top magical creatures of the Fey have appeared, the ice spiders. They travel in the ice and snow like galloping horses. Ice spiders are the size of ponies, and dragon crystal weapons are their nemesis. There were three ice spiders that had been trailing the Night King, who never used them. When Devil Mountain came to the North with the dragon, the Night King sent one ice spider and eleven foreign ghosts to raid the fireplace city, and their goal was to kill me."

"Why do they keep targeting you?" Jon asked.

"I am a three-eyed raven, inherited all the powers of the Green Seer Brynden Riverman, I know the secret of the fey, I am also able to go back in time, but also able to travel to the future, the fey want to slaughter this world, rule this world, turn the world into only one winter, the Night King will need to kill the memories about this world, and more importantly, to kill people who know the secret of the fey. Father, Jon, we are running out of time, please send the fastest cavalry to escort us out of the fireplace city together. "