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Chapter 705 - Battle of the Tower of Ultimate Bliss - Jon's life

Jaime returned to the camp, sullen, just drinking.

"Sir Jaime, Demon Mountain is arrogant and has sole power, going north to fight against the foreign devils is not a must for us, since he despises us, we might as well go back." The maester accompanying the army entered.

"To fight against the foreign devils is a great matter for the people, I will not break my oath and leave Winterfell because of personal grudges."

"Yes, Sir." The maester bowed his head and retreated.

Jaime's face appeared in front of him, not Cersei, not Magic Mountain, but Eddard Stark.

Between House Stark and House Clegane, Jaime preferred to trust House Stark. Between Magic Mountain and Eddard, Jaime would prefer Eddard as commander-in-chief and Magic Mountain as second-in-command.

But now the situation is the opposite, the Magic Mountain as the commander-in-chief, the King of the North Robb as his deputy, and Eddard has become a pawn to attract the Fey to Winterfell.

Will Eddard Stark be killed by the Fey in the fireplace city?

In another ten days or so is the year 301 of the Aegon calendar, and the duel with the ghosts will come in the next year.

To say who Jaime trusts most in the character and commitment of the Northern Alliance, it is only Eddard Stark. It was because of Eddard Stark that Jaime, who was captured by the North and eventually escorted to the Great Wall of the Jedi to be a night watchman, had the opportunity to return to King's Landing, and Eddard Stark had the strength to release Jaime, who he hoped would lead the army to rescue the Great Wall of the Jedi, but Jaime broke his word. Finally led the army to the North, is the Magic Mountain!

I don't know what happened to Lord Eddard at the Citadel, but Jaime wanted to kill the demons at Winterfell side by side with Eddard, a feeling of guilt or a desire to prove he hadn't broken his word? Jaime didn't know, he couldn't say, he only knew that he wanted to kill the demons side by side with Eddard on the walls of Winterfell. Although he did not personally lead the army to arrive, he finally came.

In Jaime's heart, the North and the South to the noble warriors like a forest, but really can make him trust and admire, there is only Ed Stark. In the current situation, he is the only decent man in Jaime's heart.

And at this moment, the only decent man in Jaime's heart Ed Stark is sitting in front of the fireplace in the fireplace city roasting a fire. The more geographic location northward, the colder the climate, the fireplace city is the closest to the northern city.

This is a modest bedroom, the bedroom has a fireplace, the fireplace charcoal burning. Outside is already freezing, and this small bedroom as in the warm spring.

There is another person in the room: Jon Snow.

Snow's black cloak still has snowflakes on it, and he has just returned from scouting out the ghosts.

"How far away are the xenos from here?" Eddard Stark looked at Jon Snow. Jon had a black beard growing out of his lips, thick black curls on his head, a black coat and black robe, and black eyes.

"Father, the fey are a day's ride from here."

"How many ghouls?"

"The ghouls are black as far as the eye can see in the wind and snow, about 200,000 or more. They are not marching fast, but they will never stop."

Eddard Stark turned his head to look at the fire in the fireplace and looked sullen, a day's ride, and the ghouls on foot, to get here, it would take at least three more days.

Ed Stark thought for a long time and decided that he would tell Jon the big secret that was buried in his heart, and he changed the subject: "Jon, your hair is black. "

"Yes, Father."

"Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon all have date red hair."

"Yes, Father."

"Do you know why?"

"Robb, Sansa and their mother is Mrs. Caitlin Tully. The Tullys all have date hair, and Robb and the others inherited Lady Caitlin's blue eyes."

"You're right, Robb and the others inherited their mother's hair and eyes, and you don't have the same mother as them. "

"......" Jon looked at his father and his breath became short, his father was about to tell him his mother's secret?!

"Jon, three years ago when I went to King's Road Cross in King's Landing, I promised you who came to see me off to tell you who your mother was when I returned to the North. "

"Yes, Father, I always remembered your promise. When you came to Northland, you told me that you would tell the truth at the right time and let me know who my mother was. "

"Now that the foreign spirits are attacking at every step, I will stay in the fireplace city, and you will have to take the soldiers of the fireplace city and evacuate today."

"No, Father, I'll stay, and you lead the soldiers to retreat."

Eddard Stark looked at Jon Snow: "Jon, Robb and Magic Mountain have made all the preparations in Winterfell, you have to return to Winterfell and fight alongside them. "

"Father, you also have to return to Winterfell, we can go together."

"Someone has to stay behind to break the back."

"I'll stay." Jon said flatly.

""You go first for a day, I will catch up with you later. "Eddard Stark slightly aggravated tone, "Jon, I do not want to order you to lead the army to leave first, you listen to my arrangements, first lead the army to retreat, I will break the back, we must lead the foreign ghosts to Winterfell step by step to the duel. "

Jon Snow looked at his father, his father's eyes have said everything, he made a decision, it can not be changed. Jon had to say, "Okay, father, I will lead the army to retreat today, but you must retreat tomorrow."

"Hm!" Ed nodded and looked at Jon, "Jon, now I'm going to tell you who your mother really is?"

"...... who ......?" Jon's breathing became ragged, he looked forward to more than ten years of the secret ah! This is the thing that his heart is most looking forward to know.

Eddard Stark glanced at the door, the door of the room was tightly closed, outside was the Stark family guards guarded, there will not be any idle people close.

"Your mother is Lyanna Stark." Eddard said softly.

"My aunt." Jon Snow lost his voice.

"Lyanna Stark is not your aunt, she is your real mother. "I'm sorry," Ed said in a deep voice.

"......" Jon stared straight at his father, his eyes round.

"I'm not your father either, I'm your uncle, Lady Caitlin Tully is your aunt. Your father is the Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen."

"The son of the Mad King, the great enemy who forcibly kidnapped my aunt." Jon heard his own voice echoing in the room in a void. He could not believe that the Targaryen family, the one he hated most in his heart, was his own family. Mad King Aerys Targaryen's hands were stained with the blood of House Stark. But suddenly, he himself was a Targaryen.

"Jon!" Eddard's broad palm placed on Jon's shoulder, "you first calm down, get ready, listen to me slowly. "

"...... father, I'm ready ......" Jon Snow's chest rose and fell with a gasping urgency.

Eddard Stark up to look at the fire in the fireplace: "Jon, 283 years of the Aegon calendar, under a round tower in the Dornish Mountains, for your mother Lyanna Stark, my bannermen and I fought a duel to the death with the Mad King's Imperial Iron Guard."

"There were seven on our side and three on the other. I led Horan Liddell of House Liddell of the North, William Dustin of House Dustin, Ethan Glover of House Glover, Martin Kessel of House Kessel, Theo Worl of House Worl, and Mark Leswell of House Leswell; the other three were led by Captain Hathal of the Kingswood Iron Guard, whose two Kingswood brothers were Sir Arthur Dane of the Kingswood Iron Guard and Sir Oswald Riveran. "

"Sir Arthur, Dawn Excalibur." Jon had heard of Arthur's great name. Arthur was a legend of his generation, and the feats he had built and the battles that had made him famous were countless. He did many legendary deeds for his country and people in the era of the Mad King. He was once beloved by the people of King's Landing for destroying the bandit Brotherhood of the Forest. Arthur's sword was named Dawn, which was made of meteorite iron for casting, and it was a huge two-handed sword of luminous white color. The name of Dawn Excalibur also came because of this sword.

"Jon, we dueled with Hathal, Arthur, and Oswald under the Tower of Ultimate Bliss at the border of Dorne, all with the goal of your mother. We went to save your mother, who is my own sister, and was kidnapped by Prince Rhaegar into this Tower of Ultimate Bliss in the south, and the Usurper War started because of that."

Jon knew the cause of the Usurper War, Robert hammered Rhaegar in the Battle of the Trident River, the rebels won a comprehensive victory, when Eddard Stark and Stannis Baratheon night attack on Dragonstone but encountered a storm, only the two children of the Mad King Viserys and Daenerys escaped in the storm under the escort of William Dare.

"After the war was fully over, I got the news that your mother was at the Tower of Ultimate Bliss in Dorne and led six brothers to the Round Tower, while Hathal, Arthur, and Oswald were charged with protecting your mother on Prince Rhaegar's orders. In that duel, we had an absolute numerical advantage, seven against three."

"......" Jon Snow had a thousand words in his heart, but was silent.

"That was a duel that I will never forget, and in the end we won, Dawn Excalibur Arthur was seriously injured by a sneak attack on the fallen Holland Liddell, who also had the upper hand at that time one-on-three. He killed my companion and slashed my arm despite being impaled in the calf by Holland Liddell, who had knocked down my sword twice before that. "

"He didn't take the opportunity to kill you?" Jon Snow could not figure out why Arthur would spare his father twice in a duel to the death.

"Arthur stopped attacking when he shot down my sword, and he gave me the chance to pick up my longsword to continue the fight. He is the best knight I have ever seen, not only because of his crowning sword skill, which is unmatched, but also because of his kindness, integrity and nobility."

Jon Snow heard his father speak so highly of Arthur Dayne, the Dawn Excalibur, for the first time.

"Arthur Dayne was the knight Jaime most wanted to be, and the man Barristan most respected. In the end I had to kill him because Arthur, who had a bad leg, refused to surrender. It was a sad moment, seven of us, five dead, Holland Liddell badly wounded, me slightly wounded, and all three of the other side killed in battle."

Jon Snow heard his father talk about the battle for the first time, and he could see the heaviness of his father's heart. Even after more than a decade had passed, his father mentioned that battle with a sullen face and eyes that hid his sadness.

Was his father feeling sad for Arthur Dayne? Or was he grieving for the misfortune of his mother, Lyanna Stark? Or both.

"I held Holland Liddell together into the Tower of Elysium, we saw your mother, she was lying in a pool of blood, you were lying in the crook of her arm, you did not understand anything at that time, open a pair of black eyes looking at me. At that time, your mother had a high fever hemorrhaging, I could only hold her hand ...... Jon ...... "Ed's eyes were full of sadness," please forgive me, at that time I could not do anything. I could only watch your mother leave ......"

Ed's eyes turned red, while the corners of Jon's eyes fluttered slightly.

Both men were silent for a few moments.

"Jon, you are not a bastard." Ed said softly.

"I'm not?" Jon looked up, his eyes falling on his father's face. Even though he now knew that Ed was his uncle, in his heart, Ed was his father.

"Before your mother died, she asked me to raise you and protect you from harm. She told me that Prince Rhaegar had secretly divorced Elia Martell, and that he had brought your mother to the Tower of Ultimate Bliss in Dorne in order to get the High Priest of the Citadel to witness your marriage. Prince Rhaegar and Princess Elia chose not to announce their divorce to the public in order that the political alliance between House Targaryen and House Martell would not be broken. "

Jon Snow looked at Eddard Stark dumbfounded, he could not believe it. He was despised for more than a decade, and was called a feral by his training officers while training at the Great Wall of Despair, all because he was an illegitimate child.

But in fact, he was not a bastard.

"Rhaegar and Lyanna were legally married, and the High Priest of the Citadel kept the legal documents of their marriage in his hands. At that time, Robert Baratheon had already ascended to the Iron Throne, and in order to protect your safety, I brought you back to the North and declared you as my illegitimate son to the public."

"Father!" Jon said, moved in his heart.

Ed had also taken the blame for his sake. For Ed, who regarded honor above life, he had endured too much criticism. Caitlin Tully once asked Ed to drive Jon away, and as long as Ed drove Jon away, Caitlin was willing to pay for it, but was sternly refused by Ed, and the quarrels and heartaches between the two couples all stemmed from the existence of Jon Snow.

Jon bears the name of illegitimate son, and his father, Ed, bears the infidelity of betraying his marriage.

"Father, my father, what kind of a man is he, really?" Jon asked in a sibilant voice.

"Rhaegar is uncommonly handsome, he is recognized as the best future monarch we have, he is literary and martial, and loves poetry. Arthur Dane is invincible in swordplay, but not a match for your father in marksmanship. In a tournament, Arthur broke twelve lances, but ultimately lost to your father; in the Herrenberg tournament, Arthur was again defeated by your father."

Jon grew up seeing Ed's father as his idol, and Ed's words, he never doubted.

Jon Snow's face glowed.

"Your grandfather, Aerys Targaryen, had suffered a betrayal and was held in the dungeons of the castle for six months by the Lord of Twilight Vale, Count Dennis Duckling, who refused to pay taxes, when Twilight Vale had been besieged by Tywin Lannister, but did not dare to attack, because if he did, Dennis would kill Aerys. "

Jon listened intently, for these things, he did not know.

"It was six months later that Barristan Selmy found the opportunity to infiltrate Twilight Vale and rescue your grandfather. Twilight Valley City was then slaughtered, and only one person, Dantos Horad, whom Sir Barristan interceded for, survived. After that, your grandfather's character changed greatly, no longer trusting anyone, he was brutal and bloody, erratic, and killed many loyal subjects. He heard about a eunuch called Varys across the Narrow Sea who was proficient in spying, and hired him into the palace as his minister of intelligence."

Jon Snow knew for the first time how Varys, the eunuch across the Narrow Sea, had entered the Red Keep.

"In contrast to your grandfather, Prince Rhaegar was the complete opposite; he was pro-people, loving and martial, and loyal men such as Arthur Dayne, William Dare and the fearless Barristan were his personal confidants. He fell in love at first sight with Lyanna Stark at the Harrenhal tournament, and at that time, your mother Lyanna Stark was already engaged to Robert Baratheon. Robert Baratheon is also deeply in love with her. Rhaegar secretly took Lyanna Stark elope, no one knows the inside story, my brother Brandon Stark naturally disobeyed and went to the Red Keep to ask for someone ...... behind the things that you