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Chapter 704 - Magic Mountain Sets Itself on Fire - Jaime's Ten Thousand Arrows

At the beginning of 301 Aegonian calendar, Wagner Garr, commander of Dragonstone's navy, received a transfer order from the royal regent Cersei Lannister to lead more than three hundred warships of Magic Mountain's navy into the royal naval port of King's Landing and regain control of the royal naval fleet, and appointed him as the commander-in-chief of the royal navy and the royal minister - the Minister of Maritime Affairs.

At the same time, Her Majesty the Empress appointed Royal Forest Iron Guard Grimond Gubler as the Captain of the Royal Guard of Megalou, Gram Gubler as the Captain of the Empress Dowager's Guard, and Royal Forest Iron Guard Baron Swann as the Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces of King's Landing, in charge of a total of one hundred thousand soldiers from the three allied forces of the River and Baylands, the Stormlands and the King's Domain.

Benlunt Blume was the Commander-in-Chief of the 6,000-strong garrison in King's Landing.

In normal times, the garrison of King's Landing consisted of only two thousand men, but in times of war, it was expanded to six thousand men.

The Minister of Intelligence, Bernie Clegane, was reappointed as the Deputy Commander of the Allied Forces, in charge of royal military affairs and intelligence.

At the same time, Her Majesty the Queen Mother issued the Dodo Order, ordering Lord Governor Geordie of the Iron Islands - Gubler to be the Vice Admiral of the Royal Navy, leading the speed of the Iron Islands fleet stationed in King's Landing. She also mobilized more than two hundred warships of the Redwine family of Qingting Island to station at the port of Blackwater River in King's Landing.

At this point, the Royal Navy coalition in King's Landing reached an unprecedented number, with a total of about one thousand warships gathered at the Blackwater River port in King's Landing, creating a miracle in naval history.

In Robert's time, Joffrey's time, the Royal Navy fleet was only a few dozen ships!

By now, the civil ministers around the Empress Cersei were Grand Maester Cobain and Minister of Intelligence Bernie Clegane; the captains of the guards around them were the two Gubler brothers; the military generals were Baron Swann and Benlunt Blume; the admirals were Wagner Garr, Gavin Westerling, and Governor Geordie Gubler.

At one time, the military might of King's Landing was strong, and the naval battle power reached an unprecedented peak unmatched by past kings.


In the North, the first batch of military supplies came by sea, taking the Sea of Setting Sun in the West, crossing the bay of the Iron Islands and arriving at the docks of the fishing village of Torrhen's Fang, then abandoning their boats and disembarking, wagons and ox carts brought armor, cloaks, kerosene, weapons, and food into Winterfell.

With the arrival of the southern support supplies, the morale of the coalition army in Winterfell was consolidated.

The day after the arrival of the coalition supplies, Her Majesty's Dodo also flew to Winterfell. The Dodo letter passed through the hands of the Maester of Winterfell and was transferred to the hands of the Demon Mountain, and Her Majesty promised that when the Demon Mountain returned to King's Landing with his army, Count Rosamund Lannister, Lord of Lannisport, would be united in marriage with the Demon Mountain's adopted son, Colm Warner.

The news of the Empress Cersei's reappointment of Bernie Clegane, Grand Maester Coburn, and the two brothers of the Imperial Iron Guard Gubler in King's Landing; and the re-instatement of Wagner Garr as Minister of the Sea and Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Navy also reached Winterfell early on, which came as quite a surprise to both the Magic Mountain and his attendant priest Melisandre. Nowadays, all of the cronies surrounding Her Majesty the Empress are loyal to the Magic Mountain's men.

As if all of a sudden, the Empress Dowager Cersei seems to have changed, vigorously employing the people of the Magic Mountain, entrusting them with important responsibilities, and even entrusting their lives to the two imperial iron guards that the Magic Mountain had arranged to come in: the two brothers Grimond and Gram. The power of the Megatron Guard and the Queen Mother's Guard is firmly in the hands of these two brothers.

Winterfell, the news of Cersei's series of personnel changes made Jaime very uneasy, the Magic Mountain troops are too powerful, the dragon and invincible, Cersei and reuse the Magic Mountain people to control the military and political affairs of King's Landing Redoubt, what does she want to do? The Lannister family's power is completely weakened?

However, these changes are not the most disturbing, followed by another important event.

* The last of the Lannister clan

Shortly after Janine Westerling returned to the Westlands from the Bright Moon Mountains with the last of the Hill Tribe warriors and their people, she received a secret letter from the Queen Mother, forwarded from the acting Lord of the City, Grand Maester Bancroft, at the Clegane Bank in Lannisport.

Janine crushed the wax seal, poured out the parchment scroll, unfolded it, read it, and was completely stunned.

The letter was a secret letter from the Queen Mother, and its contents were unbelievable to Janine Westling. The Queen Mother of Cersei wanted her to go to King's Landing, and she asked Janine Westling to be the Minister of Law, the royal minister of the kingdom.

It was unbelievable.

The Minister of Law of the realm was Renly Baratheon, King Robert's favorite brother, in Robert's time; Mace Tyrell in Joffrey's time; and the Minister of Law had been vacant since Lord Mace was promoted to Hand of the King in Tommen's time.

Minister of Justice position is very important, in charge of the country's justice and trial, the royal trial chancellor is generally by the Minister of Justice also or appointed, this position, has always been the control of the royal family.

The letter from Cersei was read several times, and she couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe it. Cersei wanted to use the position to swindle herself into King's Landing and then use it as a hostage to blackmail the Magic Mountain.

This is entirely possible!

When the Magic Mountain is powerful, Cersei can restrain the Magic Mountain if she controls Janine Westerling.

Only, can Cersei control Janine Westling?

In King's Landing, the little bird organization to cultivate a flourishing red-hot intelligence minister is Sir Bernie Clegane, in charge of the royal navy commander-in-chief is Wagner-Gal, responsible for the protection of the royal family members of the two captains, a Grimond a Gram, are close friends of the Magic Mountain, in addition to the Queen Mother's words and obedience of the Grand Master, is also the Magic Mountain arrangements before entering the palace to achieve success.

The Queen Cersei suddenly sent a secret letter to let Janine Westerling to be the kingdom's Minister of Justice, and she together with the power, what exactly does this mean?

After a brief faze, Janine Westerling came to the sanctuary, she entered the secret letter, took out the silver needle, took out a silver vial in dozens of silver vials containing blood, opened the lid, the silver needle reached into the vial, dipped the blood out, and licked it on the tip of her tongue ...... This is Cersei's blood, Janine had secretly, through Maester Cobain, when she was in King's Landing obtained.

In her secret room, there are nearly a hundred silver vials hidden, each one containing the blood of a certain person inside.

The revelation that the blood brought to Janine was clear: Queen Cersei was in trouble!

Since the prophecy shows that something is wrong with Queen Cersei ......

However could the prophecy be interpreted incorrectly?

Janine decided to be more cautious. She tasted the blood of several other people again and finally decided, to release several dodoes and go south to King's Landing.


A few days later, a mixed army of three thousand men on horse and foot was assembled in the new village of Clegane in the Western Realm, led by none other than Duchess Janie Westerling, accompanied by two female generals stronger and taller than men: Brienne of Tarth, Bernie Clegane's wife Bull Zeligalda, Centurion Luke of the Guard, Master Armsman Tob Mott, Master Armsman Gendry Clegane, Countess Saliott of Silver Hall, the Dona Shriver, Acting Lord of Casterly Rock ...... and more than thirty* knights from the three great houses of Clegane, Saliott and Shriver accompanying them ......


Two days later late at night, the land was silent, and the Magic Mountain of Winterfell was riding the Red Smoke Beast with Melisandre, the Great Wise One of the Fire Warlock Guild, and King Robb Stark of the North with dozens of fire warlocks under the walls of Winterfell, when Maester Harry brought a secret message that had just arrived from Lady Janine's dodo in the West.

Magic Mountain took the secret letter and read it right under the torch, his face clouded and his eyes flickered.

King Robb Stark of the North and the Great Wise Men were oblivious to the fact that no one asked what tricky things Magic Mountain had encountered. This is not a tricky thing, but a thing that makes the Magic Mountain feel strange.

Queen Cersei secretly ordered Janine Westerling to go to the Red Keep in King's Landing, where she would vote Janine Westerling as the kingdom's Minister of Law through a meeting of the royal dignitaries.

The Minister of Law, who is not a close noble of the King, or an ally of interest, will not be appointed. When Mace Tyrell was promoted to Prime Minister, the position of Minister of Law has been vacant.

What is wrong with Queen Cersei? Determined to be firmly tied to the Cleganes? Her wariness, vigilance, fear and hostility towards the Cleganes have all disappeared, in a complete reversal?

Something is wrong!

Magic Mountain's face shifted in the light of the torch, and after a while, he handed the letter to Melisandre at his side. When using reason and wisdom can not understand the anomaly, the magic mountain think it is time to turn to the prophecy of God.

Melisandre's flame did not foresee this series of perversions of Her Majesty the Queen, Cersei is not stupid, she did so, there must be her internal logic and reason.

Melisandre read the letter is also slightly stunned, Cersei Queen Mother this is what happened, the recent series of actions, not only is the magic mountain unexpected, but also the royal courtiers meet privately to discuss the political affairs are finally 'face to face'.

"Lord Devil Mountain, long night, everywhere dangerous, I hope tonight I can see the revelation of God from the flame."

"En." The devil mountain nostrils grunted.

The Great Wise Man and King Robb of the North were keeping their poise, and if the Devil Mountain didn't say anything, they would never ask. Dealing with smart people just burns off a lot of embarrassment.

"Continue!" Magic Mountain said.

So dozens of fire magicians did it together, and jar after jar of wildfire was buried under the city walls, which was used to detonate the wildfire, similar to the big bang as understood in Magic Mountain's Earth civilization. And at various points in the city, the key castle, wildfire was also quietly buried.

Wildfire burning city, unless the wildfire material burned out, can not be extinguished. Wild storms could not douse the wildfire; the wind and snow could not diminish the power of the wildfire.

This is a secret military operation, because by the magic mountain, the great wise man, the king of the north and Melisandre in charge, the news did not leak at all. Everywhere to carry out a secret buried wildfire, the first is late at night, the second nearby soldiers and patrol generals were all transferred away beforehand. As long as the war horse of the king of the north and the red smoke beast of the magic mountain were present, far and near, no one else would be seen.

This is a secret operation in the dead of night, the goal of one, to ensure that the whole of Winterfell burned into a white land. Among them Robb Stark is the only person who personally wants to destroy his family's 8,000-year-old castle. He is young, but a truly ruthless man.

Dozens of fire magicians together, according to the magic mountain, Melisandre, the great wise man and the King of the North Robb designed a secret map, a point by point to bury the wildfire. Nine tenths of the wildfire points on the secret map had been completed, and it would take a few more nights of hard work before the entire Winterfell would be completely surrounded by wildfire material.

Set fire to yourself! Suicide attack!

After the wildfire material is buried, and then the soil is restored to its original state, although it is still hot weather in the south, but in Winterfell has been flying snow every day, as if a bitter winter has come, as long as the dawn, the flying snow will erase all traces.


Early the next morning, Jaime Lannister rode his war horse to patrol the entire allied camp, the 15,000 Kerrigan legions of the Magic Mountain were drilling, sword and shield soldiers, lancers, archers, and cavalry were each training outside their own camp, shouting, they were the fastest southern soldiers to adapt to the northern weather.

Bound by the Magic Mountain military order, the Valley Legion and King's Landing soldiers also got up early in the morning to run and exercise against the cold. Many of the noble knights and soldiers of King's Landing were weak and infected with wind chill because of the intense cold; the noble soldiers of the Valley Legion fell ill in part, and the soldiers of the Magic Mountain Legion, only a hundred veteran senshi caught wind chill, but even so, as long as they were not immobilized, the soldiers with minor injuries and cold had to get up early in the morning to run and train.

Jaime had never seen a legion with such iron discipline, the soldiers under the banner of the magic mountain as if they were all desperados.

The sound of hoof beats, a group of cavalry to meet the face, a flame-like beast at the head, sitting on top of a mountain like the Magic Mountain. Magic Mountain and his battalion of mounted guards arrived by the dozens, they had just gone to inspect the training of the Kerrigan Legion and were returning to the main fortress of Winterfell.

"Sir Jaime." Magic Mountain called out to Jaime.

Jaime stood still and stood at attention.

He was the deputy, and Magic Mountain was his top boss.

"Sir Jaime, I have a letter here that I think you need to see." Magic Mountain gestured, and Sir Greed Gubler beside him immediately stepped forward and handed Jaime a paper parchment scroll.

Jaime did not take the letter and said indifferently, "Lord Devil Mountain, I am not interested in knowing anything other than fighting against the foreign devils."

Jaime was proud, and he tried his best to maintain his dignity in front of the devil mountain.

"Wow, Jaime, Cersei sent a letter to marry Rosamund Lannister, the Lord of Lannisport, to my adopted son, Colm Warner. Colm Warner, come out."

The sound of horses' hooves, Colm Warner longitudinal horse out of the line, teenage warriors, running constantly, in a group of tigers and wolves of the Magic Mountain dip, hammered in the fire of war, has come out swarthy and sharp, far beyond the age of maturity and competence, heroic and extraordinary.

" "This is my adopted son, the chief of the Warner tribe, Sir Jaime, do you think he can be worthy of Rosamund? "

The corners of Jaime's eyes danced slightly, he tried his best to prevent Rosamund from marrying someone from the Magic Mountain, however, in the big backyard, Cersei made a note to marry Rosamund to Colm Warner.

It's not that Colm Warner is worthy of Rosamund, it's that the Magic Mountain wants to annex Lannisport, the biggest piece of fat in the West.

Jaime felt a knife stuck in his heart by the Magic Mountain.

Magic Mountain looked at Jaime from above and smiled: "Lady Janine Westerling has already departed for King's Landing. Her Majesty the Queen Mother has ordered her to go to King's Landing as Minister of Law of the Kingdom, and by the way, Rosamund and Colm Warner entered into a marriage contract. Sir Jaime, from now on, we are already a family." Magic Mountain bent down and extended his hand to Jaime.

Jaime lifted the reins of his horse, the war horse staggered, he did not shake hands with Devil Mountain: "Lord Devil Mountain, I only care about when Lord Eddard Stark draws in the army of foreign ghosts, the rest of the matters, please forgive me for not being interested in paying attention. In the future, if there is anything like this, please do not need to speak to me, I am not interested."

The sound of horses' hooves, Jaime led a group of followers whistling away.

In front of him, Cersei's face superimposed on the face of the magic mountain, lingering.

Jaime's face was blue and his heart ached like a crack!