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Chapter 703 - Cersei loses her voice - The Red Keep changes hands to the Faceless One

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When the Queen Mother Cersei said that she wanted Meme to go along and watch Connie drink the dumb medicine, Cobain had the judgment that this was not the Queen Mother Cersei. If it was Queen Cersei, she would not have asked Memmi to go with Cobain, Cersei trusts Cobain. But this Cersei Empress Dowager, does not trust Coburn.

To be on the safe side, when Coburn was leaving, he turned naturally, smiled, and was cordial and harmonious: "Your Majesty, please reward me with Connie, who is no longer able to serve Your Majesty, I have learned an occult of necromancy in the academy city, and I need someone to do the test."

"Necromancy? The name sounds too evil, Maester Korben, I do not allow you to study necromancy."

"As you command, Your Majesty the Empress." Cobain thus confirmed that the Cersei in front of him was indeed not the real Cersei, she was Arya Stark. Her ability to change her appearance was wonderfully good, something that was not in the occult of the Citadel. According to the occult books of the Citadel, the only occult that can change its form so perfectly is the Faceless One in the Island of the Gods of Braavosleth who can do this.

Maester Coburn's heart chilled, could it be that Arya Stark was from the Black and White House of Braavos? Could she be a fearsome Faceless One? Faceless people do not have their own surname, do not have their own national hatred, they call themselves nameless. But Arya Stark, she would be going against her own teachings if she wasn't hired to come and take revenge.


In this world, the most mysterious and unpredictable top assassin is the Faceless One from the House of Black and White. Anyone who is targeted by the Faceless One, no matter if they are a king or a duke, will eventually escape death, without exception.

The Faceless believe in the God of a Thousand Faces, the God of Death. They see death as liberation and return. The history of the Faceless is longer than the history of the city-state of Braavos. A legend has been passed down about the origin of the Faceless.

The sect of the God of a Thousand Faces was first born among the miserable slaves in the mines of Valyria, where the slaves often revolted, and the first Faceless One was one of those who rebelled. But in fact, no one really knows for sure where he came from; all that is known is that he moved among the slaves and listened to their prayers.

The sons of hundreds of nations were taken to labor in the mines of Valyria, each praying to his god in his own language, and they all prayed for the same thing - relief, an end to suffering, but without exception, no one received an answer from the gods. The torment continued endlessly every day.

Until one night, in the reddening darkness, the Faceless Founder understood - all gods and goddesses have their own tools, and the good men and women who serve them carry out their will in the world. On the surface, the slaves from different countries here were crying out to hundreds of different gods, but in fact it was the same god with hundreds of different faces - and he himself was convinced that he had been chosen by Death, and he became the instrument of Death to perform miracles in this world: he would act on behalf of Death!

Because of this, the first Faceless One began to give the "gift of death" to those desperate slaves, a cup of black water of the night shadow, which, when drunk, would leave the world without pain. Later, the founder of the Faceless One's Water of Nightshade was not only given to slaves who prayed in misery, but he also gave the gift to slavers, governors, counts and even kings who wished to be freed. It was given to anyone who wished for deliverance: all mortals die once. And because death is a difficult gift to obtain, a second aphorism is given: All mortals must serve!

In the view of the Faceless Founder, death is a merciful deliverance. By paying the price, he would agree to take the life of one person in the world, a sacrifice to the god of death. Thousands of years later, the followers of the God of a Thousand Faces grew in number, and only the most elite of them were qualified to be called Faceless.

Each Faceless must complete a very demanding training: these trainings contain very mysterious and complicated rituals, including swordplay, sneaking, a thousand faces, illusion, medicine and toxicology as mandatory subjects.

When a faceless person completes all of the required training, they have magical abilities that are unmatched by ordinary people. Every one of them is a master swordsman with a narrow sword, and any one of them can change their appearance at will. They are also top experts in various poisons.

As part of their training, the faceless need to abandon their true identities and see themselves as "nobodies". They use swords, poisons, ropes, sticks, knives and forks, daggers, unarmed ...... and countless other ways to kill their targets. If you hire a faceless person to assassinate an ordinary businessman, just half the price is enough to hire a whole army of ordinary mercenaries; if you hire a faceless person to assassinate a king, the cost will be unimaginable.

The Faceless are the most expensive assassins in the world, their fees are incredibly high, but as long as once they are hired, the name comes out, death comes, and no one can escape.

As a Grand Maester, Coburn could not be said to be ignorant of the Faceless. Inside the Citadel, there are special records about all the unusual organizations in this world. The mystical and medical sciences of the academy were obsessed with the study of the academy, and Coburn knew that if Arya was a Faceless One, and if she chose someone, it was only a matter of time before someone was destined to escape, and there was no possibility of a miracle of survival.

Only, according to the training of the faceless, Arya should have believed in the God of a thousand faces, abandoned the feud of the Stark family, and become a true nameless person. She has no more family, no more family name, no more friends, no more personal grudges of her own. Unless someone hires her specifically to assassinate Cersei, Arya will not strike out of personal hatred, according to the Faceless One's teachings.

But apparently, from what we've seen so far, Arya Stark is an exception in the House of Black and White!

There are exceptions to everything!


Cobain and Memmie came to the back of the group, and in Cobain's mind, the sharpness of Arya's last glance at him was always there - he saw through Arya's true colors, and Arya seemed to see through him to see through Arya to this point - the meaning in that look was full of There is a threat - about the faceless person's ability to see into the heart, Arya is outstanding, when she was not yet a faceless person, dance teacher Celio Freire told her, do not see the world with your eyes, but with your heart. When one looks with one's heart, one can gain insight into the reality of the opponent's sword moves, no matter how elaborate they are.

Arya, who had been trained by the Faceless One, was even more transformed, and that invisible acuity was her gift, like that innate instinct of animals.

"Connie, this is the medicine for your throat, drink it, the wound on your throat will heal faster." Cobain's smile is pleasant, the grandfather-next-door smile is still as kind as ever, but Cersei senses danger, she sees the smile in Memmie's eyes, it is an unkind smile, a gloating, an impatient ...... She just wants to reach out and gouge out those eyes of Memmie, but she is physically weak and is no longer a match for Memmie.

"Cobain, you swore an oath!" Cersei said hoarsely and lowly. Time is the best doctor, it let Cersei gradually recover some sense from the extreme fear, the glory and pride of the Lannister family also instinctively recovered some, like a compressed spring, under the effect of time, the pressure gradually released, the spring slowly recovered.

"Connie, trust me." Cobain's encouraging eyes, kind smile, Cersei is still hesitant, Cobain has reached out and cupped her chin, Cobain's hand like a steel hook, cupped Cersei's chin and forced her to open her mouth, the black liquid poured into Cersei's mouth, Cobain moved skillfully to close Cersei's mouth, the fishy smell of the liquid filled Cersei's mouth and chest and abdomen, causing her to almost vomit out.

A wide smile appeared on Memmie's face: "Grand Master, how long does it take for the potion for the throat wound to take effect?"

"Very soon!"

"How long is soon?"

"For a stronger body, more than ten breaths of time, for a weaker body, a few heartbeats of time."

"Uh huh, so now there's a heartbeat time, right?" Memmie laughed lightly.

Coburn smiled and looked at Mei Mei: "Mei Mei, what kind of medicinal liquid do you like, I have it all here." The little maid actually asked after the titular Grand Master, which made Koben's heart uncomfortable. While Cobain was smiling, Memmie suddenly winced, her face changed slightly and she immediately shut her mouth tight.

Cersei looked at Cobain looked at Memmie with a look of disbelief, the conversation between Cobain and Memmie scared her and deeply disturbed her, what exactly was Cobain giving her to drink?

"Cobain." She said subconsciously, but found a hard lump in her throat, squeezing her voice, "What did you give me to drink?" By the end, the words were slurred, as if the channel of sound was narrowing, so narrow that the sound could not pass through.

Coburn looked at Cersei, smile kind, but Cersei is already creepy: "Coburn, you broke your oath, you will ......" the last voice, completely inaudible, all turned into a hissing sound. Cobain's medical level is indeed very high, but a few heartbeats time, the drug power to take effect, Cersei's throat as if a lock was put on, mute! Tears appeared in her eyes, at the corners of her eyes. She suddenly stormed up and stretched out her hands to choke Cobain, who grabbed Cersei's arms with both hands and wrenched her hands away so hard that several bloodstains had been left on her neck.

"Connie, there is a shortage of Necromancy experimenters in my underground laboratory, you disrespect me, I will apply to Her Majesty the Queen Mother and ask her to grant you to me for medical research."

Cersei's heart and guts split in disbelief, Cobain was her most trusted courtier, he already knew the truth, why didn't he save himself? : "You are a demon, you will be sent to hell by the Stranger." Cersei suddenly had the courage to curse, only, she found that she could no longer make a sound, she heard herself hoarse, but all that came out was ahhhhhhh.


A few days later, Empress Cersei led the Iron Guard and courtiers back to the Red Keep of King's Landing. She hosted a meeting of the imperial dignitaries and announced that she would go to the North to treat the army and help the Magic Mountain alliance to destroy the Fey as soon as possible, and then return together to King's Landing to fight Daenerys Targaryen. Targaryen has three dragons, she believes that stationed in King's Landing, can not be separated from Jaime's command, not to mention the absence of Magic Mountain and his dragons.

In order to allow Magic Mountain and Jaime to return to King's Landing as soon as possible, Her Majesty the Empress decided to lead three thousand legions to the north.

This was a surprising decision for all the ministers, and in the end, Her Majesty decided to go north to Winterfell in two days.

The King, the Queen, the Prime Minister and the courtiers thought it was a joke, but it turned out to be true, and all of them looked at each other in the royal council chamber.


Night, Meigurou House.

The Empress Dowager's bedchamber.

Mei Mei came to report, "Your Majesty the Empress Dowager, Grand Master Koben requests an audience. "

Empress Dowager Cersei nodded slightly.

Meme exited and Korben arrived.

With his trademark gracious smile, Coben said humbly, "Your Majesty, King Tommen is still young, Sir Jaime has already gone north to Rindon, and after you leave, Megal House will be held by Queen Margaery Tyrell, and the Council of Imperial Ministers, will be in the hands of Prime Minister Mace Tyrell, which is not wise for the future of King Tommen."

Empress Cersei looked at Cobain, her face expressionless: "What should I do, in your opinion, Master of State?"

"Your Majesty, what Winterfell needs to fight against the foreign devils is iron-blooded warriors, and Your Majesty is not a warrior. The best way to help Winterfell is not to go north, but to preside over the general situation in the royal palace and deliver a constant flow of military supplies to Winterfell. If Your Majesty the Empress Dowager wants to strengthen the allied forces to the north, send one of the generals to lead the army north."

Empress Cersei stared at the humbly smiling Grand Master: "Master, according to the letters from the dodo in recent days, Winterfell will be the first to be attacked by the Fey, while Daenerys Targaryen's 100,000 horsemen have only come out of the steppes, and it will take another month to go from the Valyrian Way to Pentos City. Tyrion Lannister's navy and Unsullied have arrived in Pentos, but their numbers are limited and not enough to be feared. Before Daenerys' army has converged, I judge that Tyrion does not dare to be the first to attack across the sea."

"Your Majesty, if you insist on going north, in case there are any delays and failures, and in case the battle with the foreign devils is stuck in a stalemate, into whose hands will the Red Keep fall? If Tyrion suddenly launches a secret attack, or if someone among the courtiers collaborates with Varys, Tyrion, and Barristan, and the Red Keep is under the control of Lord Inflatable Fish, the consequences would be unthinkable. Your Highness, Lord Inflatable Fish is not a general, nor does he have the guts. He is a good strategist and fearful of war, so if there is a change, he will not be able to hold King's Landing."

"You are worried that the Iron King is in Daenerys Targaryen's hands!"

"Your Majesty, I am loyal, please think twice and do not go north so easily."

Although Cersei is foolish, but the Lannister in King's Landing Palace for a full twenty years, the pro-Lannister forces cultivated should not be underestimated. Once the Empress moves north, the hearts of the people are restless, Tyrion, Varys, fearless Barristan are old courtiers of the palace, know all the courtiers in this, clear about the loyalty and talent of each courtier, some private relations are even more ambiguous, to say that there are no Imps and Varys spies in the Red Keep, that is simply impossible.

The Empress Dowager sulked, and when State Master Korben knew that the Empress Dowager had been persuaded by him, he took the opportunity to speak: "Your Majesty, at this extraordinary time, I am willing to recommend a few loyal courtiers to assist Your Majesty to govern the dynasty, to defend against strong enemies externally, and to eliminate traitors internally."

"Who are the loyal courtiers?"

"The Minister of Intelligence, Bernie Clegane, has a lot of information in his hands, but he has not been used by Her Majesty the Empress. If Bernie Clegane is used again, we will have a good idea of the enemy situation in Pantos, and there are many courtiers who collude with Tyrion and Varys. Sir Bernie has been pressured by Her Majesty the Empress, and he has not reported some key information."

"Among the military generals, who can be reused?"

"The Royal Iron Guard Baron Swann."

"What about the Royal Navy?"

"Recall the former Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Wagner Garr, who is currently stationed on Dragonstone Island, only two days away, he and Count Gavin Westerling are in charge of hundreds of naval warships in Magic Mountain, powerful and unmatched in naval battles. "

"En, apart from these, what else do you have to offer in terms of good government affairs?"

"Your Majesty, Count Gavin Westerling is the father-in-law of Magic Mountain, he has a son named Renard Westerling, Your Majesty's princess Myrcella Baratheon has reached marriage age, I suggest Myrcella and Renard's marriage union, which can unite Magic Mountain around. The Magic Mountain has elite troops and the only dragon on the continent. In the future, the duel in King's Landing, to deal with Daenerys' three dragons, cannot be separated from the Magic Mountain's giant dragon."

The Empress Dowager nodded: "State Master Korben, continue."

Coburn observed the Empress Dowager's face, seemingly casually but cautiously: "Your Majesty, the Magic Mountain actually hopes most