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Chapter 702 - National Hatred - Blood Debt Without Solution

Cobain listened to the husky, low voice and looked at the woman's figure; no matter how he looked at it, the woman in front of him could not be Cersei Lannister.

"Connie, do you know how you got hurt?" Cobain reached out and took Connie's hand, which was cold. While Cersei's fingers were long and slender, Connie's were significantly shorter. This hand, of course, was Connie's hand.

"Arya Stark knocked me out with the hilt of her short sword."

"How did Arya appear in the royal palace? She's been missing for almost four years."

"Korben, Arya became a wizard, she knows dark magic. She came back to take revenge through the secret underground passages."

Korben was smiling, affable and close. He looked at Connie's hands, Connie's figure, Connie's eyes, and recalled Connie's voice; in no way could the woman be Cersei Lannister, no matter which way he looked at it.

Connie and the Queen Mother's Head Steward Oswald Kettleblack through the tip, the Head Steward has been beheaded. The Queen Mother punished Connie severely for her years of service to the Queen Mother, but left Connie alive. Connie was deeply stimulated, people go crazy?

"Connie, how do you feel about the injury on your face?"

"No feeling."

"Does it itch?"

Cersei shook her head, she didn't care about that: "Cobain, Necromancy."

The gentle and kind smile on Cobain's face faded away!

Necromancy was a secret art that Cobain was working on in secret, with the approval of Her Majesty Cersei, the Queen Mother. It was a secret that only Cersei and Korben knew. Cobain's Necromancy has been successfully researched with the Empress Dowager's support, only Cobain hasn't found anyone strong enough to be made into a Necromancer. He had already tried multiple people who were unable to withstand the pain caused by his secret technique and died.

Necromancy requires a person with a particularly strong body and a particularly fierce will to withstand the great pain that the secret technique initially brings: currently Coburn has his eye on one person - Osmond Kettleblack, the Imperial Iron Guard known as Little Devil Mountain.

Listening to Connie whisper the words of Necromancy, Coburn's heart began to come alive. He looked closely at Connie's eyes, which showed that she was not crazy, her eyes were not crazy or confused, and thinking about what she said, it was shockingly unbelievable but clear and without self-contradictory confusion, and the secret Connie uttered was a secret that only the Empress and Coburn both knew.

"The Tears of Reese." Coburn whispered.

"Three hundred golden dragons." Cersei's gaze flashed to interface.

Reese's Tears is a secret poison from the Reese wizards - colorless and tasteless, extremely poisonous, expensive and no antidote. Not the royal family of the great nobility can not afford to buy. Reese's Tears is more advanced than the strangler that poisoned Joffrey and the Queen of Thorns, making death invisible, as if it were a purely natural death. The strangler allows the hand to grasp their throat and die, and after death, the face and neck expose the terrible red meridians, so that people can know at first glance that they were poisoned.

Cersei took three hundred gold dragons to Cobain, let him go to the relevant people instead of himself to buy the Tears of Rhys, the two conspired to poison Margaery Tyrell at Tommen's wedding, and later the plot was destroyed by Jaime Lannister. The poisoning did not work, Jaime saved Margaery Tyrell's life, but also managed to save the alliance between the Lannisters and the Tyrells, and protect the stability of the royal family, only to break Cersei's heart that loved him. A rift in the intimate relationship between the two, which is one of the reasons that led Jaime to become a beard pulling bad uncle, since then Jaime more and more a sense of vicissitudes.

'Tears of Reese' is more top secret between Cersei and Cobain, ordinary Connie maids will certainly not know this secret.

Cobain stared at Connie's eyes, from these eyes, he read the content and saw Cersei. He had met these eyes too many times.

Cobain looked around, Connie's carriage was at the end, an old horse pulling the carriage followed the end of the group, no horseman. Korben took out a scalpel, the curved blade of the scalpel gleaming with sharpness: "I'm going to cut the bandages off your face first." Coburn said. Coburn wanted to see what the face looked like first, whether it was in shreds or a different face altogether.

If what this Connie said is true - as 'obsessed' with medical and occult studies of the Grand Maester, Cobain has a stronger urge to study and learn about the change in Cersei's voice and the change in Arya Stark's appearance, and unquenchable.

The Cersei Dowager at the front of the line, voice appearance, speech and behavior, and the real Cersei is not different - if what Connie said here is true, she is the Cersei Dowager - then how did Arya manage to turn herself into the exact same Cersei? By what power did she change her physical appearance? If this Connie is a liar, how does she know secrets that only the Dowager Empress and Cobain can know?

"Help me, Cobain!" Cersei's voice was hoarse and low, completely devoid of any semblance of Cersei's voice.

Cobain was silent, the scalpel in his hand gently slashed, the bandage wrapped around Cersei's face separated from it, Cobain was slightly stunned, it was a Connie's face, smooth and round, there were no scratches. Since there are no scratches, why do you want to wrap all the bandages? No wonder Cersei's face was asked if it itched, and Cersei said she didn't feel it. The face is fine and there are no scratches, so of course it can't be itchy.

Cersei was stunned by Cobain's expression: "Who have I become?" She asks in a shaky voice. She looked at her hands, a strange pair of hands, skin and bones, neither of which was her own exquisite whiteness. She was living inside a body that was not her own at all? She had become someone else? Cersei's eyes revealed crumbling despair.

"Korben!" Mame's voice came from up ahead, "Bring Connie here, the Queen wants to see her."

"No, Cobain help me." Cersei was horrified.

Cobain looked at Connie who was shrinking into a ball, the woman was indeed fearful, she was scared to death. If it were the real Cersei, she wouldn't be so scared, would she. Nor would her pride and family glory allow her to appear so vulnerable. -- Or, was Arya Stark's tactics so terrifying that they had scared Cersei's guts out?

"Save me, Korben!"

Cobain stared deeply at Connie, who called herself Cersei, and without a word or any inclination on his face, he turned to leave.

Cobain did not take Connie with him to meet Queen Cersei.

"Korben ......" Connie's hoarse voice with helplessness and despair chased after the departing Korben, her voice was very small, if she vocalized vigorously, her throat wound would tear painfully, and even if she vocalized vigorously, her voice was still very small and hoarse, as if she was imprisoned by some force .

At the end of the 300th year of the Aegon calendar, Queen Cersei led the Kingsguard and the King's Landing Guard on a tour of the king's domain, cheering on the nobles and the people of the king's domain and encouraging them to unite and prepare to fight Daenerys Targaryen from the other side of the Narrow Sea. Daenerys Targaryen's father, and the current dynasty's ruler, were enemies to the death. Jaime Lannister killed the mad king Aerys Targaryen, Jaime and Cersei promiscuous theory, gave birth to a son sitting on the Iron Throne, the daughter of the mad king came to retake the Iron Throne, it is all about family feud.

And the Stark family in the North, and the Targaryen family is a blood feud. Arya to the Targaryen family, but also only hatred.


In 281 Aegonian calendar, the Heronburg Tournament - the lance champion Prince Rhaegar put the crown, a symbol of love and beauty, on Lyanna Stark's head in public, while ignoring his own wife, Princess Elia Martell. At the time, Lyanna was already engaged to Robert Baratheon, the fiancée whom Robert loved with all his heart.

Shortly afterwards, Prince Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna Stark, who was out for a walk in the Riverlands. Upon learning the news, Lyanna's older brother, Coyote Brandon Stark, was furious, and he immediately led his companions - all sons of the great nobles of the North, among them the young men of the Vale and the Riverlands - all of whom were the sons of the great nobles, and these young men were good friends of Wild Wolf Brandon. These young men made common cause and regarded Lyanna as their sister, and scores of brothers rushed together to King's Landing.

They broke into the Red Keep under the leadership of Coyote Brandon, who was as hot as fire and roared at the Red Keep square for Rhaegar to come out and die, while Rhaegar was not in the city at this time. He took Lyanna Stark into hiding in a stone tower in the border mountains of Dorne two love, tossing and turning, forgetting everything, the stone tower later known as the Tower of Bliss.

The Mad King Aerys immediately ordered the Kingsguard to arrest Brandon and all his companions and attendants on charges of treason and conspiracy to kill the Crown Prince. And took them as hostages. The Mad King ordered the Dodo to send a message to summon Brandon's father, Rickard Stark, to come to King's Landing, or else Brandon and all his companions and followers would be executed.

Rickard Stark, in order to save his eldest son, immediately led some of his bannermen and retainers to King's Landing. The Mad King had long since arranged for soldiers to wipe out Rickard and his party at the Red Keep, and declared them all guilty of treason and all to be executed.

In a matter of life and death, Duke Rickard Stark asked the king for a trial by combat, which he was granted. When he was fully armed in armor and thought he would face a Kingsguard, he was taken to the throne room and hung in the rafters. Two fire magicians under Iris raised a fireplace below him. The king told him: "Fire is the fighter of the Targaryen family. Duke Rickard must not be set on fire if he is to prove innocence."

Aerys has Brandon Stark stand by to watch Rickard and the fire duel - Brandon is tied atop a special-order torture device with a noose around his neck, so that if he can reach out and pull on a rope, he can lower his father, who is hanging from the fire. Witnessing his father being roasted in the fire. Brandon struggled to reach a rope in front of him to save his father, but his neck noose has long been a calculated distance, no matter how hard he struggled, hand distance to save his father's rope is always a little distance. Restless and so on the more force, the rope around the neck will be tighter, and finally in full view of the public, Brandon strangled himself to death. And Rickard witnessed his eldest son was strangled to death in order to save himself, angry, biting his tongue, and was finally burned to ashes.

Aerys did not stop after killing the Stark father and son, he ordered all Brandon and Rickard's companions and followers to be beheaded, leaving only a young Sir of the Vale back to the Vale to the Lord of the Vale Jon Arryn message, he asked the Lord of the Vale Jon Arryn to hand over Rickard's second son Eddard Stark and Lyanna Stark's fiancé Robert Baratheon's head, or he would slaughter the Vale Arryn The family.

Jon Arryn was the adoptive father of Eddard and Robert, who were both in the Vale learning political, military and combat skills from their adoptive father, and upon the return of the only surviving young Ser of the Vale, Jon Arryn flatly refused the orders of the mad king Aerys Targaryen, who raised the banner of rebellion on the same day. Soon, the Stark family in the North, the stormlands Baratheon family also raised the banner of rebellion, in order to obtain the support of the Tully family in the Riverlands, Eddard Stark and adopted father Jon Arryn married the Tully family's two daughters - the sister is Brandon Stark's fiancée - - she was named Catelyn Tully. -her name is Catelyn Tully-she married Ed Stark, while the sister Lysa Tully married Jon Arryn.

Ed Stark and Catelyn Tully married and gave birth to Robb Stark, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, and Rickon Stark.

The wolves of the North, the eagles of the Vale, the fish of the Riverlands, and the stags of the Stormlands raised the banner of rebellion together, and the famous War of the Usurpers broke out in full force. In 283 Aegon, the war ended with the fall of the Targaryen Dynasty, and Robert, who hammered Crown Prince Rhaegar to death in the duel at Ruby Beach, sat on the Iron Throne.

This history of hatred about the Stark family by the Mad King's bloody massacre, every child of the Stark family was taught to know and engraved in their hearts. Now, the Mad King's daughter Daenerys Targaryen came back, Arya Stark grew up learning the family hatred was ignited, in her decision to leave King's Landing to return to Winterfell, she decided to the face of the Queen Cersei to the garrison and the king's territory military and civilian cheer to encourage them to pluck up the courage to hit the remnants of the Targaryen family.

Once the remnants of the Targaryen family attacked King's Landing and won, Arya knew very well that Daenerys Targaryen would definitely launch a war to conquer the North, there was no doubt about it.


Cobain went to the Queen Mother's carriage, he looked at the Queen Mother in front of him, could not see any breakthrough, only that the eyes some some strange feeling. But if not for the preconception, with the reminder of Connie's words, Cobain would not have noticed the rustiness in Her Majesty's eyes.

This Empress Dowager is Arya Stark? How did she manage to look exactly like Dowager Empress Cersei? How did the height and size change when the face could be disguised?

"Your Majesty, Connie's mental state is very poor, babbling and insane, I'm afraid she'll disturb the Empress, I didn't bring her here, I'll bring her over to meet the Empress after she's quieter."

"Coburn, what has Connie been babbling about?"

"Crazy talk, Her Majesty the Queen Mother still doesn't need to know about it."

"She and Oswald supervisor through the tip, violated the royal law, Oswald shame and guilt, fear of suicide, still have the fear of the royal law, for this, I will bury him generously. For Connie, she dared to deny, I remembered her old love, just cut her throat with a knife, and did not hurt her face, but she wrapped her face and neck together. Coburn, if Connie has indeed gone mad, I put her at your disposal. If she is crazy and talking crazy, then shut her up."

"Yes, Your Majesty the Queen Mother."

"How are you going to shut her up?"

"Your Majesty, make her drink dumb medicine, and she will never speak again."

"Very well, where is your dumb medicine?"

"It's on me with me?"

The Grand Maester of Coburn was dressed in a bachelor's robe, and in the bachelor's robe were sewn many pockets, each of which contained something that only they knew to be secret.

The bachelors all wore robes with many pockets sewn into them, and Melisandre did likewise.

"Take them out!" Her Majesty the Empress commanded in a tone of voice.

Korben took out a bottle of black medicinal liquid.

Her Majesty the Empress took it, unscrewed the lid and sniffed it, she was sure it was a real dumb medicine. Grand Master Korben did not lie to her.

The Empress Dowager said indifferently, "Meme, you go with Grand Master Korben and watch Connie drink the dumb medicine."

"As you command, Your Majesty the Empress Dowager." Meimei was trembling on the surface, but she could not suppress the faint smile in her eyes.